2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Children & Teenagers

So, listen – this group of peeps [Children & Teens] can really be one of the hardest groups to buy for. They’re fickle. They’re opinionated…or not opinionated – with zero middle ground. They think they know what’s best. They have short attention spans. They have little life experience from  which to make solid decisions. All of this makes gift giving a real mess for the giver.

Now obviously, if you have one of these special creatures in your life on the regular you probably know some real specific things they are desiring. For instance, Cooper (4yr old) is dying to get his hands on a street sweeper. Yup. He’s watched a million YouTube videos about them, seen several in person, and is ready to have one in his little hands with which he can enact some sweet street sweeping scenarios. Ashley  knows this because she lives with the dude, and he basically tells her every thought that he has.

BUT if you have a child or teen to buy for and you have no clue what they want and THEY have no clue what they want. Well, this list is for you. So let’s dig in, shall we?

  1. Big Book of How – $13.51
  2. The Land of Stories Hardcover Gift Set – $62.88
  3. Game of Phones – $20.00
  4. Echo Dot – $49.99
  5. Headphones (w/ Bluetooth) – $34.99
  6. Cashflow for Kids (board game about learning financial skills – ages 14 and up) – $65.90
  7. Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition – $14.99
  8. Dream Tent – $21.48
  9. Thumbs Up Phone Holder (2pk) – $8.99
  10. Children’s Chair – $79.88
  11. My First Trampoline – $127.04
  12. Spooner Boards –  $44.95
  13. Magformers – $33.74
  14. Marble Run – $22.99
  15. Space Hopper – $10.75
  16. Netflix Subscription – $7.99-$13.99 per month

That’s it you guys… 16 carefully selected gifts for that kid or teenager in your life. What do y’all think: any of these going to be added to your gift list??

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