About Us

We are so glad you stopped by our little corner of the internet. 😉 Our very first blog post is another great place to get to know us, but we’ve also written a little synopsis about our individual stories and the story of us right here! So, grab a cup of coffee … or wine.. or whatever floats your boat, and relax a little while we introduce ourselves to you.

Hey y’all! I am Rhonda, known by some as my full and proper Southern name, Rhonda Gail. I am a 36-year-old makeup, fashion, coffee, wine, graphic tee, country music, and journaling enthusiast. I have four children – Nicholas, 10; Harper, 7; Quentin, 5; and Claudia, 2. When I am not homeschooling, feeding, and playing Minecraft with them, I am running a couple of small businesses, writing, journaling, and dancing in the kitchen (with a drink in hand). I am divorced and recently engaged to a workaholic Chemist. I grew up in small-town Mississippi, where I went to school at the University of Southern Mississippi. I went on to live in Maryland, Florida, Mississippi again, and now in Texas with my big little family. I am nearly finished with a degree from Arizona State University. I left a 10-year retail career to stay home with my kids and work for myself. So far, I find I am mostly working for those kids – and the pay sucks. I have found that people are often surprised to find that I have zero fox to give about what others think of me… and also, my filter is broken. Sorry not sorry.

Hey hey! I’m Ashley, and also Mommy to Cooper Grice and Sophie Grace. Those two little munchkins pretty much rule my world…you know, from the time they entered it. 😉 But as for me- Just Ashley – well I love books and reading in general. I am ever curious…and nosey. Haha I’m 31 years old and have worn makeup my entire adult life, but I’ve just lately become engrossed in the world and really started learning about and trying new products and techniques. I have a deep seeded love for clothes and all things fashion related. Reality TV and weekday evening TV drama series are my kryptonite. Thank the seven (kudos to you if you know who they are) for Netflix and Hulu. Can we just all agree that binge watching television shows is really just the norm?? I spend an inordinate amount of time shopping and day dreaming about shopping. Which really, should go without saying considering the whole love of clothes comment. 😉 I drink coffee daily – and often express my love for this magical elixir. However, I’m a creature of habit. I order the same damn drink everyday, and all the local Starbucks know my face…and some of the baristas know my drink. I studied English Education at Mississippi University for Women in Columbus, MS. And although I hail from a conservative red state – I am far from that stereotype.

About Rage Against the MOMachine:

We’re not here to get all political all the time, but sometimes we might.
We’re not here to talk about religion, but sometimes we might.
We’re not here to bitch, but sometimes we might.
We’re not here to go on nonstop about how damn cool our kids are, but sometimes we might.
We’re not here to judge, but sometimes we might.

If you don’t like it? Might I suggest you avert your eyes? Close your browser window. Do what you gotta do.

We are here to talk about being moms. And the real shit that goes down when you are busy mommying. We’re here to talk about the pretty, the messy, and the pretty messes that make up this gig called Motherhood. And hey, Daddies are welcome too. Because, honestly? Gender roles shouldn’t define you and your relationship with your children. We’re also here to talk about the woman behind that Mom title. The me. The you. Who we are beyond just Mom. We’re going to talk about silly stuff like makeup and clothing. We’re going to talk about serious stuff like postpartum depression – and questioning this entire lifestyle. We’re going to talk about our amazing children and the crazy, beautiful, inspiring, and surprising things they do and say.

We are so glad and honored that you are here. That you are checking us out. Because we have a lot to say. And we can’t wait to share it with you. To share in this life with you. Thanks for stopping by. We hope you stay a while.


email – rageagainstthemomachine@gmail.com