Crafting Toddler Friendly Valentine’s Day Cards


Hey Guys! Ashley here. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up NEXT week, I wanted to show some of the special people in my kids’ lives that we are thinking of them. The first thing that came to mind was to make some Vday cards to mail out. Yeah, I could have easily bought some pre-made Vday cards to give out – but the kids are so small that they can’t really sign their name. I felt like a little crafting of personalized cards was in order.

Obviously, the first step in this whole process was to browse Pinterest for a little inspiration. I wanted to find something that would be easy for Cooper and Sophie to add their input to, and something that wasn’t so complicated that it left me pulling my hair out in frustration and stress after it was all said and done. Crafting with kids is always so much prettier in your head. 😉 I found this cute ‘I Love you To Pieces‘ Vday card idea from the blog Solis Plus One.  I thought it would be perfect AND easy. A win win!

Cooper was super excited to glue down his pieces of paper, and Sophie helped add some stickers. They actually both did really well during the whole thing. I think that going in with realistic expectations of how it would turn out is key – and not stress that he started gluing pieces of paper outside of the heart. 😉

I also did some hand prints of each of their hands to add to the cards that would be going to their grandparents. Grandparents love hand prints…right? 😉 I later cut out the hand prints and glued them to the inside of the cards with their names and the year written on their respective hands. Doing the painted hand prints was a surprisingly not messy experience. I used a foam brush to apply the paint to their hands and then just pressed their hands down on the paper. Once I had all the prints I needed, we rushed to the sink. No articles of clothing or pieces of furniture were ruined in the process!

After they went to bed, I finished up the cards. I added some washi tape decorations to the envelopes, glued their hand prints, and wrote the words on the cards. I am really pleased with how they turned out, and I know their loved ones will be excited to receive them.

Thankfully, I am a craft supplies hoarder – so the only things I had to buy for this project were the stickers and envelopes. I got both of those at Target. This turned out to be a fairly simple and super cute project. 🙂

What are you guys doing for Valentine’s Day Cards? Do you make your own? Please, leave a comment and let us know!

Until next time guys!

What We Wore

Hey Guys! So Wednesdays around here will be known as ‘What We Wore Wednesdays’ …. and Winesday, obviously. Haha BUT what we are going to share here on the blog every week are the outfits that we put together. Why? To hold ourselves accountable to make the most use out of our wardrobe. To maybe inspire someone else to try a combination or style they may have not thought of. And mainly, well we love clothes. Talking about clothes. Looking at clothes. Shopping for clothes. Taking selfies of ourselves in clothes. 🙂 Sooo anyway, enough with the chit chat! Please, scroll on down and take a look at what each of us wore this past week:

Ashley –


Top: Forever 21 Pants: I honestly can’t remember (probably my LiverPool jeans that I got from StitchFix) Scarf: Gift from my sister, but here’s a similar one Earrings: Nickel and Suede’s Black Leather Earrings

Tops: Buffalo Check / Striped Long Sleeve T from Old Navy, but it’s old and I can’t find it on the site anymore. Here’s an Amazon replica. Pants: Black Jeggings from Walmart Earrings: Nickel and Suede Select Red Leather Earrings

Top: Black Long Peplum from Kohls Pants: Plum Walmart Jeggings Earrings: Nickel and Suede Gold Leaf Leather Earrings Necklace: Premier Jewelry (this is a direct sales company)

Top: Recent clearance shirt from Target Pants: Denizen Jeggings from Targe Earrings: You can’t see them, but they are the same N&S Gold Leaf Leather Earrings as above

Blazer: CATO (no longer available) Top: Tank from Target (no longer available) Pants: Jeggings from Wal Mart

Rhonda –

Turns out I didn’t take many outfit pictures this week, but I will have plenty to share next week!

Dress: TJ Maxx last year – brand is beach lunch lounge.  Sandals: Old Navy girls’ department last year.  Earrings: Nickel & Suede Matte Gold in Large

Sweater tunic: Amazon. Earrings: Same N&S matte gold in large. Ring: Helzberg Diamonds.  SWOON.  (Not pictured: LulaRoe black leggings and black booties.)

Tunic/dress:  Z Supply on Amazon.  Leggings: LulaRoe. Sandals: Target girls’ department last year.  Earrings:  Yep, same N&S pair in matte gold.

Week In Review: Ashley

Hey guys, and welcome to the first installments of our Week In Review posts! Each week we plan on giving you guys a little insight into exactly what we’ve been up to. Thanks for stopping by and checking us out.

Most week days are pretty much the same around here. I work, pick up the kids, spend a chaotic 3 hours trying to get stuff done around the house, feed said kids, play, and count down the minutes to bath and bed time….. (juuust kidding, maybe 😉 ) However, I do get one glorious day out of the week that I am off. This week, that day was Thursday. By Wednesday night – This Mommy was ready for a relaxing night and carefree/work free day.

So, Wednesday night we celebrated Winesday, due to some major whining going on around our parts. As you can see, Sophie was thrilled.

Thursday the three of us visited our favorite park, and of course made our rounds to Target and Chick-Fil-A. It’s just what we do. 😉


How cute is that Dr. Suess dress that Sophie is wearing?? We’re obsessed. It’s from Target.

Friday, I had a doctor appointment at the eye doctor. I needed my prescription updated to get new contacts and glasses.

This weekend was pretty chill. We hung out at the house most of the day on Saturday.

This girl. She loves taking selfies…and napping. Pretty much my Mini, and my shadow. 🙂 Coop does his own thing a lot. He also cannot usually be bothered to sit still long enough to take a picture… UNLESS he’s sending a video or picture to his beloved Ppop. Who’s Ppop? That’s my dad, and Cooper’s BFF. Haha

Sunday, we chilled at my parents’ house. My dad cooked some amazing food, including a Superbowl Sunday necessity: wings.

Not pictured: some amazingly delicious stuffed banana peppers. He just halved and cleaned out raw banana peppers. Then he stuffed them with italian sausage, cream cheese, and wrapped them in bacon. Popped them in the oven…. Is your mouth watering yet? Because, I mean. YUM. I think I ate about four of those.

Sunday night I watched the Superbowl…well sort of. Because. You know, kids. I did get to actually sit down and watch the last quarter, because the babies were sleeping. And, from what I could tell, that last quarter (and overtime) was the best of the game. So happy for the Patriots and Tom Brady. The man just won his FIFTH Superbowl championship title, and he was super emotional as if it was his first. It was so cute. I’m not a regular Patriots fan…just not a Falcons fan. At all. So. Yay Patriots! 🙂 I haven’t watched Lady Gaga’s concert…I mean halftime show….yet. We were in the middle of bath/bedtime routines during that. BUT it is recorded on the DVR. So, I’ll watch that tonight.

Okay, so that was my Week in Review! Thanks for making it all the way to the end with me. Make sure you click on over and check out what Rhonda was up to as well.

What were you guys up to this past week? Leave a comment and let us know!




Valentine’s Gift Guide: For him, for her, and for the littles

Since February 14 will be here before you know it, we thought it’d be a great idea to put together a little Valentine’s Day gift guide for you guys. We’ve kept it short and sweet, and tried to think of some non-traditional things. Anyone can go grab a bunch of flowers and a box of candy! We wanted to suggest some gifts that your loved one can enjoy year round, and maybe some things that he or she wouldn’t have thought to invest in for themselves.

Nickel & Suede Starter Pack Gift Sets – N&S’s leather earrings make a bold statement, while being lightweight and comfortable.

Sweet Pea – $75.00

Azalea – $75.00

Pretty Drink Cups – If your lady is anything like us, she wouldn’t turn away a pretty SB cup/mug/tumbler. Obviously, it wouldn’t have to be SB, but they sure have some lovely options. You can shop online or in store,you know, if you happen to be doing your VDay shopping last minute. 😉

Pink Hot Cup (10 floz) – $18.95

Personalized Jewelry – One of Ashley’s really good friends from college owns and operates an Etsy shop (Mississippi Mayhem) wherein she makes the cutest stuff including a ton of hand stamped metal jewelry, key chains, etc that are all completely handmade and most are customizable. She also has some really other great pieces of handmade jewelry for sale. We think this Dopamine Necklace would be a great VDay gift for any lady in your life. The dopamine molecule is central to the rewards systems in our brain, and it has become a modern symbol of love and pleasure. So why not gift your valentine some literal love? 😉

Dopamine Necklace – $8.99 plus shipping

Dollar Shave Club Subscription – Your first month of a 2, 4, or 6-blade razor is just $1, with free shipping. Then, they will ship a full cassette of cartridges every month for as little as $3. Cancel anytime with a few clicks.  We use Dollar Shave Club ourselves and can vouch for the quality and service!

Dollar Shave Club Products – If you just want to get him some extra goodies, DSC also offers the option to just purchase their products. Maybe he already has a subscription? Maybe you don’t want to invest in the subscription? Either way, these luxurious products are things he would probably never buy for himself, but he most probably desperately needs them and deserves some pampering!

Easy Shave Butter (6oz) – $8
Disappearing Post Shave Dew (3.4oz) – $9
Mandatory Prep Scrub (3oz) – $9
Vital Pre Shave Oil (1oz) – $9

His Favorite Drinks – The simple gesture of a bottle of good whiskey or a case of craft beer goes a long way!  Rhonda recommends beer from a local brewery and Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Bottle Opener – And speaking of dranks…what beer (or rootbeer?) loving guy couldn’t use a handy dandy portable and fashionable bottle opener?? This is another product from the Etsy Shop Mississippi Mayhem. Her credit card sized personalizable bottle opener would make such a cute gift for that guy in your life.
Credit Card Bottle Opener – $8.99 plus shipping

Books – Giving any kid, of any age, a book for any occasion is never the wrong choice. We found some really cute Love Inspired/Themed books from Target.
Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! by Laura Joffe Numeroff– $5.69

Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle – $6.94

Arts and Crafts – Encouraging your children (or someone else’s child) to invest time in arts and crafts is a genuine act of love. Why? Because there are so many benefits that a child can reap from active involvement in various types of arts and crafts activities such as developing fine motor and bilateral coordination, increased imaginations, self regulation, self esteem booster, and bonding. Not to mention, arts and crafts are just a really fun way to spend your time!
Hand Made Modern – Stitch Kit – Heart Ornaments – $7.99

Kid Made Modern Driveway Party Outdoor Kit – $19.99

Hand Made Modern – Wood Grid Top Box – $5.99

We hope that our little list has inspired you, or possibly made your VDay gift a million times easier – because you just clicked one of our handy dandy links that we gathered. 😉 Either way we are wishing for a love-filled February 14th for all of you guys and your loved ones. And truth be told, Valentine’s Day should be about just that. A day that you set aside to show some extra love to all those you hold dear in your life. No presents required. 😉

Let us know if our guide helped you choose or think of a gift, and fill us in on your Valentine’s Day plans!

What is Rage Against the MOMachine, anyway?

Well hello ladies and gents! Welcome to our very first post. 🙂 We do have an About Page where you can read about us some more, but we wanted our first post to be a more in-depth look at who we are and what this brand of ours is going to be all about.

Ok, ladies give us the kid run down:

Ashley: I have two little babies whose names are Cooper Grice and Sophie Grace. Coop is three (well he turns four in April…..whaaaat???) and Soso is sixteen months. Cooper is promised to Rhonda’s youngest (Claudia). Haha We are crazy. As you will soon see. Anyway, we routinely discuss their future engagement and wedding. I mean. Kidding of course. Maybe. 😉 But yeah, those are my sweet little ones. They are, hands down, always the best part of my day. They are the people I look forward to seeing the most. They can cure any bad mood with those tiny little hugs and kisses. They are the reason I wake up in the morning. They are the little loves of my life.

Rhonda: Nicholas was born in 2006, making me a single mother. I loved my time alone with him, but soon met someone who took over as his Dad. We went on to have Harper in 2009, then got married and had Quentin in 2011 and Claudia in 2014. We are now divorced and share custody of the children. They are lucky to have a bunch of adults who think they are everything. Nicholas and Harper are in full-on homeschool (they were previously in public schools), Quentin is slowly easing in, and Claudia is still at the scribbling-on-things-she-is-not-supposed-to stage of her education.

What is Rage Against the MOMachine, and what can we expect to get when we stop by?:

Rage Against the MOMachine is a brand that we wanted to create – the idea came first…name later. We wanted to create a place where we can talk about being moms and not being moms. We wanted a place to talk about being the kind of mom we want to be and not the kind of mom that is expected. We’re really not the type of people to adhere to any set of ‘rules’ or ‘guidelines’ when it comes to most every aspect of parenting. Why? Well, mainly because we want to do this the way we want to do it. These are our kids. Why should we let someone else tell us how to raise them, teach them, guide them, and love them? And also, if we are being completely honest, we don’t forget to remember ourselves. Sometimes we do what we want, in spite of what our kids want. That’s life. We’re the adults. We truly believe that our kids quality of life is better, because we remember to take care of ourselves too.

We don’t want RATMM to just be a place for moms to go. We want this to be an environment wherein dads, stepdads, stepmoms, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, godparents, your best friend who loves your kids but doesn’t have any of her own – feel completely welcome and connected. Mommying is a fucking hard job, and we know that we couldn’t do it without all the other amazing adults who play a part in our kids lives. In our lives. As they say, it takes a village.

Tell us about your Day Job(s):

So, Ashley here: My current day job is at a local Shipping and Moving company. Basically, I work in the office. I answer phones, process job paperwork, do billing, and whatever else comes up. It’s a pretty chill job and completely different from my previous jobs. Previously, I’ve worked in management at a women’s clothing store and for a few brief years – I was in restaurant management. So, I come to you with tons of customer service and leadership experience. The job I have now is great because like I said it is chill, and it allows me to have more time with my two babies. I only work part-time and I’m always off by five and on Saturdays and Sundays. However, I was itching for something creative to get my hands in. Thankfully, my best betch approached me with this little nugget of an idea, and well….we ran with it. Speaking of my best betch…

Rhonda: I do a lot. Some paid, some not. After 10 years in retail management, I decided to give it all up to stay home with my kids and put more energy into homeschooling them and working on my businesses. I have a graphic tee shop and a resale shop currently. I am forever running to the post office with a chubby wrist in one hand my phone in the other.

We hope you have enjoyed a peek into our lives. Be sure to click the buttons to the right to find us on social media. We look forward to seeing you around and learning more about you!