A Hair Challenge

I am have always been bad about being stuck in hair ruts.  Yes, I change color pretty often and used to switch up my cuts a lot.  However, for years, I have always just straightened it or put it in a ponytail…neither being particularly healthy for my hair or flattering.  I look best when my hair is at least mostly down and with some wave/curls/body.

With my hair needing a cut and color, I knew I needed to do something to look and feel better, so I issued myself a challenge to help pass the time until I can get a hair appointment.  I decided that for 7 days, I would do a different style each day.  Admittedly, some of these will look the same to you, but trust me, they are different.

Super not fancy, just pinned on the sides because the front of my hair looked weird.

This day, I TWISTED the sides before pinning.

My go-to style the day before I wash, messy waves.

Hair washing day called for a blow-out.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, pinned back.  So innovative.”  Guys, this one is different.  I teased the crown before pinning back the sides!  I also pulled the sides all the way back so that the pins cross in the back.  I know!  I am so creative and WILD.

My daughter had her hair in pigtails so I just ran with it for myself. My hair was damaged and stringy at the ends.  This ended up being a good way to mask that.

Well, I had enough.  I ended the challenge by cutting my own hair.  Yep, I’m more than a little crazy.  But now my damage is gone and I will see a professional in a few weeks!

I felt like pushing myself to try something different really made me feel put together every day.  Do you ever feel like you get stuck in a rut, whether it’s with your makeup, clothes, hair, diet, or daily routine?  Try issuing yourself a challenge and see how you do!


How Dry Shampoo Changed My Life

Hey y’all hey! Ashley here today – What’s up? I so hope you’re having a good day – or at least a tolerable one…and if not? Well, I’m pretty sure being here is going to make it better…or EVEN better. 😉

Anyhow – today I wanted to tell you guys the ways that using dry shampoo has changed.my.life – for the better.

Let me start by explaining that until about a month and a half ago I never used dry shampoo on the regular. I’d only used it maybe two or three times to freshen up my hair before a night of going out. Hair that I’d just washed that morning. Yeah. I was that person. I washed my hair every single day. I washed it every single morning to be exact. I washed and blow dried my hair on the daily.

Why did I decide to venture from that routine? I wanted to start taking better care of my hair. I’d noticed some recent damage (from all that heat styling) starting to show. I don’t know if it’s my age… or some product I used – but all of a sudden my once fine and smooth hair was frizzy. It freaked me the fuck out to be honest. I knew some things had to change.

I consulted my nearest and dearest about a high end dry shampoo to try. Living Proof was the first brand I used. I grabbed that at Ulta. I set a goal to go at least three days without washing. And when I did wash – I washed in cold water. I also used a conditioning mask on my hair on the nights I washed it.

How did those first three days go? Well. Let me just say that hair cleaned by dry shampoo is NOTHING like hair cleaned by water and shampoo. Are you laughing? I’m laughing at myself for even having that expectation. However, that was my expectation. That first week. Of no wash for three days – then wash – then no wash for four days….that was rough. On that fourth day of the second cycle, man .. I felt gross.

I persevered though. I pressed on. I continued with my little schedule I’d set for myself.

You see. I have greasy hair. I have the driest of dry skin everywhere else on my body. My scalp? It gets so so so greasy, and because of that I always felt like I HAD to wash my hair every day. I always felt like I HAD to style it using the blow dryer. I didn’t feel “ready” for my day unless I had showered, washed my hair, and blow dried my hair. I have literally taken a shower before heading out for a beach day. Why? Because I could not go without it. I needed that shower for mental reasons more so than for physical ones. That’s dumb. That’s too much.

So how did learning what to expect from hair cleaned with dry shampoo should feel like? What did learning to use dry shampoo on the regular teach me? How did this seemingly shallow thing change my life??

Well. I’m no longer chained to that routine. I don’t have to get up every day and take a shower that morning. I can take a shower at night. I can wake up the next morning – spray some dry shampoo in my hair – and move on with my life. I can get to spending time with my kids faster. I can sleep a few extra minutes in the morning. I can be me without that ball and chain of a routine. Does that sound crazy? Are you a spontaneous person? Ok, if so that probably does sound crazy.

I’m not spontaneous. I get bogged down in a routine. Sometimes that routine begins to define me. Sometimes that routine starts to control my life without me even noticing.

So, dry shampoo did not save my life. It did, however, CHANGE my life. This may sound silly. And hopefully I’m getting my point across that it makes me feel more free. It’s pretty revolutionary that after spending my entire adult life taking a shower and then washing/blow drying my hair every single morning – that I no longer have to do that. I still feel like myself. I can still carry on with my day.

But yeah. I heart dry shampoo. I think it’s great. I haven’t used a blow dryer in over a month. I wash my hair at night and let it air dry. I usually do use the straightener the next morning after washing my hair – because along with frizz I’ve also developed some kinks and waves. All new things.

But yeah. That’ show dry shampoo changed my life. 🙂 What are my favorite brands?

  1.  Amazing Grace Dry Shampoo from Philosophy $24.00 at Ulta

This dry shampoo is expensive, but I absolutely love it. The smell is amazing. It literally makes my hair smell clean. I don’t get any white flakes on the third or fourth day. ( I got that bad with Living Proof) It soaks up the grease amazing and my hair doesn’t feel heavy with product.

2. Batiste ‘Bare’ Dry Shampoo $7.99 at Ulta

This is hands down the best affordable dry shampoo. It works almost as good as the Philosophy one. I do prefer the philosophy smell and the way my hair still feels light after several days. BUT this brand is a great option if you can’t afford to invest 20+ dollars each time you buy dry shampoo.


Do you guys use dry shampoo on the regular? What brands are YOUR favorites??

Week In Review: Rhonda

Thanks for stopping by again!  I swear, I feel like I was JUST writing last week’s review.  Time really does go by so quickly, as evidenced by the fact that yesterday marked ELEVEN MONTHS away from my wedding.  Didn’t I get engaged yesterday?  I should probably plan something for the wedding.  Anyway, on to the week…

Monday and Tuesday were full of work and just Momming and I didn’t take many pictures or do anything noteworthy.  I can’t really tell you where the time went.

I wasted a lot of Wednesday playing in makeup, but eventually got down to business and got some blogging and and work done.  Then we went to dinner with Stuart’s coworkers at Rio Mambo, which was nice.  The food was amazing.

I did a lot of housework Thursday, including taking all my Mother’s Day flowers and rearranging them into more vases so that I could have them in different areas of the house.  I also had some product come in for my amazing lipstick business, Purple Pucker.

I decided Friday to put on some sexy makeup and lingerie and do a little bedroom shoot.  I intended to just get a couple of okay shots for some upcoming blog posts I have planned, but was pleasantly surprised that it was a lot of fun and I ended up with a lot of really good images.  In the evening, Claudia and I did our evening routine of waiting outside for Stuart to drive up.  It was a pretty typical Friday evening.

Saturday, after our morning brunch routine, we went to the store and upgraded from a tiny hibachi grill to a regular charcoal grill.  While Stuart and Claudia grilled steaks and veggies, I read and sipped wine.  I finally finished Evelyn, After. That’s a damn good book, y’all.

As always, Sunday was a day for mimosas, nails, doing Claudia’s makeup, and just lots of relaxing.  Stuart cleaned the motorcycle and grilled again.  After the kids were in bed, we jumped into ours and watched the Billboard Music Awards.  I am such an awards show junkie!

Are you into awards shows?  What did you do over the week?

May Ipsy Reveal

Thanks for coming back to see what we got in our bags this month.  We described Ipsy to you last month:

What is ipsy? It is a monthly subscription service. You pay ten dollars a month and get a cute bag and five makeup/beauty related products. They are usually deluxe sample sized – sometimes you get a full sized product. When you sign up you do a little ‘get to know you’ type of survey that the ipsy peeps use to determine what types of products to send you. Also, as you receive the products each month you get to review each one individually. If ipsy sends you something you absolutely hate…all you have to do is let them know in the review and they won’t send it again. For instance, say you get some nail polish in your first bag, and you don’t really care for nail polish. Let them know in the review that you’d like to not receive it again. And voila! They won’t send it in your bag anymore!

We both look forward, with great anticipation, each month to receiving our ipsy bags. Ipsy is a great way to try out all kinds of different beauty brands and products without investing in the full size version – not knowing if you will like it or not. You don’t get to hand pick what comes in your bag, but we are pretty sure that there won’t be many times that you regret trying what they send you. 😉

Ipsy rewards you points for referrals, purchasing through their website, and reviewing.  The points can be redeemed in the rewards shop toward products.

You can sign up to receive Ipsy by clicking here (we may receive credit if you sign up). Ok ! On to this month’s goodies:


Ashley –

Soooo the eye shadow below didn’t make the group shot. She was running late because she had too much wine the night before. Lateness is not tolerated around these parts – so we took the group shot without her. 😉 JK I’m actually a space cadet and forgot I’d gotten an extra item in my bag this time.

Jelly Pong Pong Super Intense Super Charged Eye Shadow – I got this extra item in my bag because I redeemed my points to get it. I’ve tested out these shadows and have no complaints. I’m not super wowed by them or anything – but they have a good pigment quality and are lasted all day on my eyes. They’re definitely very me shades. I mean. I’m just glad they weren’t loose pigments.

Hey Honey Besemame Mucho –  I always love a new moisturizer or lip moisturizing product. Because : Dry AF skin over here. I liked this product. I stuck it in my purse and it has become my go to thirsty lip quincher. It works well. Keeps my lips hydrated and very kissable, which is apparently a claim. I agree with that.

Briogeo Rosarco (heat proctectant) – TBH I haven’t had the chance to try this yet. I’ll update you guys on snapchap though. 🙂 🙂

Luxie Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation Brush – I’m never disappointed by the Luxie brushes I receive in my Ipsy bags. This one was no exception. The bristles are super soft. And per Rhonda’s suggestion, I used this brush to highlight with (instead of for foundation – because I think it’s too small for that) and it worked like a charm!

Pixie by Petra Endless Silky Eye Pen in Black Noir –  I was happy to get this in my bag, because I had recently contemplated trying a Pixie eyeliner. I was prepared to not be impressed by it BUT I was so wrong. It’s genuinely very silky. One swipe and it’s intense on your water line. It also help up really well throughout the day. Dare I say  – even better than my holy grail IT Cosmetics liner. We shall see though. Sometimes first impressions are wrong. 😉

Urban Decay Afterglow in Sin – Love the name of this highlighter. Do I love the highlighter? Noooot really. I wasn’t super impressed. It’s not really intense at all on the face..and when you swipe it with your finger to swatch..it feels very chalky.

Rhonda –


Let me start by saying, the ice cream design on this bag is so cute and I love the splash-proof factor, making it great for dropping into my water park tote.  However, mine seems to have a faulty zipper and while I don’t expect much for the price, that was disappointing and first for me with ipsy.  Anyway, on to the products.

Royal & Langnickel Precision Angled Brush – I am always beyond tickled to get a brush in my bag, since I am a bit of a collector.  I used this brush to contour my nose and it did not disappoint.  The (100% vegan!) bristles are super soft and it blended so well.  The construction is of the best quality and so I clicked over to their website through ipsy to see how much these cost.  I was so shocked to see they are totally affordable!  I will definitely be buying some of their brushes.  And just a hot tip for you – when you sign up with ipsy, you get access to coupon codes for the brands they feature!

Mellow Cosmetics Creamy Matte Lipstick in Nude– Dang, this one shocked me.  The shade “nude” always turns me off because with someone with darker lips I don’t wear typical nudes well.  This nude though was a little darker and had a rosy tone to it that is just beautiful!  It swatched super creamy and I look forward to trying it on my lips.  It feels like it is moisturizing and not at all drying.

Urban Decay Afterglow in Sin – This wasn’t my first time trying this product.  As a former Ulta employee, I have used just about every product in the store.  It has never been my favorite.  It’s fine for a more subtle highlight, but I like to be LIT UP.  The texture is a little chalky too, which I’m not a fan of.  I do sometimes like it set bolder, creamier highlight with it.

City Color Bold Brow Eyebrow Powder in Medium – I was not excited to receive this, because I am happy with my brow routine and have never liked the idea of powders.  Well, I was wrong to not be excited.  I love my brow mousse that I use daily, but it does take a little time to get my brow perfectly defined and sometimes I wish I had something to quickly do a natural brow, for when I’m not doing much makeup.  Oh, well here it is.  Thanks, ipsy.  I used the two shades together and my brow was filled in, literally, a minute.  The look was natural and the included brush means I may just pop this into my purse and leave it there for when I am out without makeup and have a moment to do my brow.

VASANTI Cosmetics Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face RejuvenatorExfoliating Cleanser – I was happy to receive this, but to be honest, it was only because I had just run out of the cleanser for my old skincare routine and had not purchased anything new.  I had been digging around in my sample and travel size basket, using what I could find.  I just needed a cleanser.  But BOOM!  I used this one and loved it.  The super fine exfoliating particles didn’t scratch my face and I could seriously tell a difference after just two uses.  My face definitely is less dull with this product and it didn’t dry my skin. I just might purchase when I run out!

Do you subscribe to ipsy or any other beauty subs?  Tell us what you do!


What We Wore

Welcome back to another week’s worth of straight-off-the-runway fashion.  😉  We are so glad that you are either back for more or stopping by for the first time!  There are fewer stripes this week, but some of the standards remain – graphic tees, leather earrings, converse, and denim.  We are both working on getting out of style ruts and realize we need to do some shopping for sure!

Rhonda –

Tank: Old Navy, not available. Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: Target. Earrings: BaubleBar (referral link), this pair not currently available. Bag: Betsey Johnson.

Tee: Gas Station Disco merchandise (yep, Ashley wore this last week!). Leggings: Lularoe. Fancy Ass Flip Flops: Old Navy. Earrings: Nickel and Suede (it’s ok, I didn’t leave the house.  just keeping it real here.)

Romper: Old Navy (exact one not available, but similar here). Chambray: Thrifted Arizona. Shoes: Converse. Earrings: Nickel and Suede.

Tank: Old Navy, not available. Shorts: Old Navy.

Cami: Old Navy. Kimono: Amazon. Shorts: Target. Earrings: Nickel and Suede. Bracelets: Alex and Ani.

Tee: Ross, old.  Shorts: WalMart. Shoes: Target. Earrings: Nickel and Suede.

Ashley –

Top: Kohl’s Pants: Kut from Kloth Boot Cut Jeans from StitchFix Earrings: N&S Signature Silver

Jacket: It’s that CATO oldie but goodie again [similar] Dress: TJMaxx Earrings: N&S Minty Fresh

Jacket: Target – no longer available Tank: Target Bralette: Target Pants: Jordache Skinny Jeans Shoes : Burlington Coat Factory [similar] Earrings: N&S Select Black

Top: Chambray errrry day Target [similarLeggings: Target Earrings: N&S Select Black

Cardigan: Walmart [similar] Shirt: Walmart [similar] Pants: Jordache Skinnes (I legit have three pairs of these….not wearing the same ones everyday 😉 ) Also here we have your weekly dose of stripes: You’re welcome my friends.

Cardigan: Walmart – ooold Top: Walmart Pants: Jordache Skinnies Shoes: KMart oldies Earrings: Are you shocked it’s not N&S??? These were a recent Mother’s Day gift from my sister 🙂 🙂


Andddd that it is all. 🙂 Hope you guys enjoyed it…and maybe grabbed a little outfit inspiration. What were you guys wearing this week? What are some of your wardrobe staples??



We decided to jump on a bandwagon, as we sometimes tend to do.  FOMO, I guess.  But also, we were just really curious about this one.  A little over a week ago, The Doctors daytime TV show explained that a woman’s perfect nude lipstick is the shade of her nipples.  Wait, what?  Yep, that’s right.  So after reading a few articles about it and seeing bloggers and magazine columnists try it, we thought we may as well give it a go.

Rhonda –

I really found this process interesting, but thought it would be much easier. I figured I would be able to easily pick a couple of options out of my drawers, then decide.  Nope.  At naptime, I pulled up my shirt and stared at my nipples.  I got distracted, because I started thinking about all the things I hate about them.  I snapped back to attention and focused on the color.  I realized it was going to be more difficult than I thought, so I snapped a picture and sat down at my vanity to do some swatches.

I won’t tell you just yet which swatch I did first, but I will tell you that it was the correct one!  What are the odds that I really did get it right the first time?  I figured I would look at some more shades to make sure that was the exact match.

I narrowed it down to a couple of shades, then…. well, gotta admit I went ahead and swatched them right onto my areola to be sure.  The match was so good!  So here it is, mostly ladies and probably some very confused (or excited?) gentlemen.

Urban Decay in Ex-Girlfriend

And you know what?  For me, it holds true.  This really is a perfect nude for me – not too brown, not too pink, not too plummy.  Coincidentally, it’s pretty much the exact color of my lip too, but gives them a little depth.

And well, now you know what color my nipples are.  You’re welcome.

Ashley –

Ok so. I had a similar approach. I pulled up my shirt on Sunday afternoon and just stared at it for a while. I have a bunch of nudes (lipsticks that is … 😉 ) BUT when I went to Ulta later that afternoon,  I couldn’t resist picking up a couple new ones. Ok, so let’s look at the range of shades I was working with…

I ended up mixing three different shades. I didn’t do swatches. I tested some combinations out on my lips then took pictures and compared them to a close up side by side nipple shot. Yup. We’ve got nip pics on our phones now. Anyhow – after a few tries and some serious deliberation I settled on the perfect combination of three different shades.

I started with the brown on the left (Ulta Satin 224), layered the mauve on the right (Ulta Satin 216), and topped it all off with the light purply/pink shade in the middle (Maybelline Ravishing Rose/670).  And so now. Now I know what you’re wondering….BUT what does that color look like? Oh..you wanna know what color my nipples are? Ok. Let’s see my perfect nude:

And what’s funny, is just as Rhonda said – this color is not far from my natural lip shade. Just enhances it. I’m actually kinda in love with this combo.

So there you have it folks. Our perfect nude lippie colors. Have any of you guys tried this? If not you so should. Also thanks to our friend Jen…she mentioned this nip matching trend and helped push us down this strange journey ..that we’ve now lead you all on. Anyhow – let us know if you try it. What’s your perfect nude lippie color??

What We Wore Wednesday

Hey you guys! Happy Hump Day to you…and welcome back to the blog…or nice to meet you..whatever the case may be. Wednesday is the day we give you a little insight into what we’ve been wearing the past week. So buckle up. And get ready for some mind blowing fashion. 😉


Ashley –

Sooooo I only have three outfits for you guys. Gonna blame that on vacay. 😉

Top: Tunic from Amazon. I knotted it to give it a little more shape. This is a no belt zone peeps. Pants: Jordache Skinnies

Top: Kohls – this is ACTUALLY supposed to be a swimsuit cover up but hey. I do what I want. Pants: Liverpool Skinnies from StitchFix Earrings: N&S Matte Gold

Dress: Umgee ( I purchased this from Rhonda’s resale shop) And let me just say…i love this dress. I felt so pretty in it all day. It’s not my typical style. Very flowy and bohemian vibe BUT I loved it. 🙂 Earrings: N&S Champagne Shimmer

Rhonda –

Oh, y’all.  What a fucking week.  I lost large chunks of time, thanks to my pals Vodka and Beer. A couple of my vacation outfits didn’t get photographed, but I still have plenty of material for you.

Tank: CATO. Jacket: Old Navy. Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: Converse.

Tunic: boutique. Jacket: Target. Leggings: Lularoe. Shoes: Converse.

Top: Boutique. Leggings: Lularoe. Jacket: Target. Mermaid pin: Target. Shoes: Converse. Earrings: Nickel & Suede Matte Gold.

Romper: Marshall’s. Choker: Icing.

Top: Marshall’s, I think. Shorts: Target. Sandals: Old Navy. Choker: Amazon.

Dress: Amazon. Sandals: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede matte gold.

Bikinis: Target.

So there you have it..  All the outfits.  Come back tomorrow to hear my vacation recap…or what I can remember of it.

Thank you all for coming back week after week!

What Happened When I Stopped Buying Makeup – Ashley

So for the Month of April I decided to not buy any makeup. Why? Well my initial reasons were that I had recently been on a makeup buying binge. And when I say recently…like probably for the previous 6-8 months. I couldn’t go to any store without looking at and picking up some new makeup product to try. That’s not really the most awful thing to be doing. And I wasn’t always super extravagant. I bought a lot of drugstore makeup as well as high-end products. However, I wasn’t really focusing on what I already had. My makeup collection quickly went from enough stuff to comfortably fit in one small makeup bag to a suddenly growing collection that needed it’s own set of drawers to contain it. In an effort to really enjoy the things I’d bought..I decided to go on a “no buy” for April. Now, in full disclosure I did receive makeup in the month of April (some online orders from march that didn’t come in until the first week of April and Ipsy) BUT I did not buy anything new beyond those things. 🙂


Ok…so what exactly happened during my makeup no buy??


  1. One way that I coped with not being able to run out and buy something the minute I saw it and wanted it was that I started a list on my phone of products I wanted. I realized that while making this list I was actually writing down things that I needed. Things that were not just repeat..you know..like buying several eye shadow pallets in quick succession, because I definitely needed 100 shades of brown shadow. (really though…sometimes you do…but that’s a whole other post.. 😉 )
  2. I bought other things. My wardrobe was being sorely neglected during my obsession with buying makeup. During April, I was able to add a few pieces to my wardrobe that I desperately needed, because before I’d never taken the time to seek them out since my shopping hunger was satisfied when I bought makeup.
  3. I actually used up some of my products completely. Getting to the bottom of a pan or squeezing out that last bit of product from a tube is so satisfying. To me anyway. AND I really got to know those products. Test them out in different ways. I didn’t restock my fave mascaras before beginning my no buy. So by the end of the month..like yesterday…I was down to the bottom. I’m talking scraping the side of the tubes of my favorite ones. However, throughout the month, in order to make those fave tubes last  longer, I used some other mascaras I had on hand. Which was good. Some days it made me really appreciate the old faithfuls…and some days it made me question why I don’t branch out more often. 😉
  4. Overall, it just made me reflective. It’s good to have obsessions. To have hobbies. To have things or routines in our lives that fulfill us. There’s nothing wrong with that. And it is totally ok to romanticize those things. To declare our love for Starbucks coffee … or Friday night wine. To talk about how giddy opening and trying on a brand new highlighter makes us. BUT it’s also good to know that you can step away from those things…if necessary. If for some reason they are not contributing to your quality of life. I didn’t stop buying makeup for financial reasons; however, that could be a way that my hobby may potentially get  in the way – may potentially hurt my quality of life. So, I learned I can live without new makeup. I missed it. I’m glad that I can go buy more now. 😉 But I didn’t die. I wasn’t super sad all the time. I lived. I still thrived. I was still me.

So yeah. That’s the four things that happened during my makeup no buy. Thanks for reading along today! Have you guys ever tried to give up something you love..even if for just a short period of time? How did that go?

Ulta/Colourpop Haul Review: Ashley

Hey y’all hey! Happy FRIDAY!! I hope you guys are having a fabulous day so far…and are excited for the weekend ahead. Today, I wanted to share with you my review of some products I purchased at the end of last month. I did an unboxing and first impressions of these products on our snapchat (RAtheMOMachine) when I first received them. Now that I’ve had them for about a month, I feel like I can give my final thoughts on most of them. 🙂 Let’s get to it, shall we?

So apparently I bought several concealers. 🙂

NYX HD Concealer (in lavender) – I got this to use as a brightener with my darker concealers ( like the Maybeline Fit Me ), and it does a great job. I just apply it first – then put the Fit Me on top and use a damp beauty sponge to blend it all out.

Maybeline Fit Me (in fair) –  This was a repurchase for me. I absolutely love this concealer for days that I don’t want heavy coverage. It’s definitely an affordable option in comparison to high end concealers like NARS or Tarte Shape Tape. It doesn’t look cakey or creasy and blends out easily.

Maybelline Face Studio Master Concealer (in fair) – This was another repurchase for me. I use this to spot conceal when I have pimples I need to disguise…or just red bumps. It is a thick concealer, but it blends out well with a damp sponge and it has amazing coverage. Some days I just use this with some under eye concealer and skip out on foundation completely.

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer (in fair) –  First, that name. Woah. This is a multi use concealer. You can use it for everything. I typically use it to conceal my under eye and brighten the center of my face. Another repurchase. It is full coverage, but you can lessen the amount you apply for a lighter coverage if you want. It lasts all day. It actually brightens my pale skin. The coverage is phenomenal. Bottom line, if you use concealer and this is not in your makeup arsenal…you are missing out my friend.

NYX Honey Dew Me Up Skin Serum and Primer –  I’ve use this once…and wasn’t blown away. I definitely need to give it some more use to really talk about my full opinion.

L.A. Girl Pro Coverage Liquid Foundation (in fair) –  Sooo I haven’t even used this. The color was all wrong when I swatched it. I just noticed they have a porcelain color option. I probably should have bought that. And I should for sure return this. lol

L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint (in blushing) –  I added this to my cart because I bought the L.A. Girl foundation and there was a buy one get one 50% off. It’s horrible. It smells like paint. The applicator is plastic. It’s insanely liquidy. It is so so so bad. But it was super cheap…soo I definitely got what I paid for. Why haven’t I returned this yet??

IT Cosmetics No Tug Water Proof Gel Liner (in brown) –  I purchased this because I’d received the black version of this liner in an Ipsy bag and I absolutely love it. I just don’t wear black liner on a regular basis. I don’t know if I agree with the waterproof claim, because my watery eye line dissolves this stuff by the middle of the day. However, I still think it’s great. I have really watery eyes. It for sure is the longest lasting liner that I’ve ever used.

Double Play – Pressed Powder Face Duo –  So I love the highlight in this palette. That shade to the left is supposedly a blush. It’s more like a bronzer for me. I mainly just the highligher..on the regular. 🙂 It’s stunning.

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer (in bronzer) – As you can see from the dint I’ve made in the product…I love this. There are only two shades in this bronzer and “bronzer” is the darkest shade. It works really great with my skin tone for a natural bronzed look.

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation (in fair neutral) – The first several times I wore this, I used it as a finishing powder. It ended looking to dry on my face. Again, like my watery eye line..dry skin is my problem – not this product’s. I now use it on days that I don’t do foundation. I’ll set my undereye and lightly brush it on the rest of my face. Using it that way (which is more of what it is intended for ) I don’t experience any over dryness looks.

Blow Me Away Pressed Powder Shadow Palette –  I really love this palette. I didn’t have any shadows in those colors. The quality is top notch, of course. They blend really well. I’ve used this entire palette for one look ..but I mainly grab it and use the colors individually with other shadows I own.

MARIO BADESCU Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea –  As you can see from the amount of product left in this bottle…I LOVE this spray. I use it everyday after I finish my makeup. I’ll spray a generous amount all over my face, then use the damp beauty sponge to just put it into my skin. It refreshes my skin and helps melt all my powders into it so that I achieve that dewy look I’m always searching for. 🙂


WHEW! We made it to the end. At least I hope you made it to the end. haha Thanks for reading today. I hope I gave you some insight to these products. Do you guys use any of these? What are YOUR thoughts on them? 🙂

Currently We Are….

Heeey Y’all! Happy Thursday…you know that beautiful day right before FriYAY?! Hope you guys are having a wonderful one, and we’re so glad to see you! Today we wanted to do one of those “Currently…” blog posts. We just think these are cute because it gives you a more candid glimpse into our minds and lives. Hopefully you guys enjoy it! And who knows?  You might just learn something new about us too. 😉


Ashley –

  1. Wanting/Needing: Hmmmm do you have all day? 😉 I’m actually currently feening for some new makeup. I’ve been on a “no buy”, in regards to makeup, for this month…. soo let’s just say that I’m super glad it’s the 20th. What’s on my list to purchase? Well, let me show ya: 
  2. Watching: I cannot even remember the last time I sat down and watched something other than a video on YouTube. Oh wait. That’s a lie. I did watch the movie The Arrival a couple weeks ago. It was really good! What am I watching on  YouTube? Well you know…lots of makeup tutorials really. lol I’m slightly obsessed.
  3. Listening To: I’ll let my Amazon Music Play list speak for itself here….
  4. Obsessed With:  My dry shampoo adventures. LOL In an attempt to keep my hair color from fading so quickly AND take better care of my hair in general – I’m trying to utilize dry shampoo more regularly and not wash my hair so much. I typically wash my hair every morning. I went four days without washing prior to Tuesday morning. And today I’m feeling like a badass because I just dry shampooed my beach hair from yesterday and am going with it. hahaha I’m using Batiste (the original). I love it…but I think I’ll switch to the ‘Beautiful Brunette’ variety next time. 
  5. Planning For: I have a week vacation coming up next week. So, I’ve been trying to plan something fun that the kids and I can do – you know, something different from our usual activities. I definitely want to do a beach day somewhere different from home. My mom suggested Dauphin Island (in Alabama), because it’s not that far of a drive and the waters should be calmer. Soo yeah. We shall see on that. 🙂

What about you Rhonda? What’s going on with YOU currently? 

Rhonda –

  1. Wanting/Needing: Well… Like Ashley said, do you have all day?  I always want makeup and clothes, that’s a given.  But let me give you just one specific beauty item and one specific style item.  I am dying for Tarte’s new unicorn brushes.  Aside from that, I also want AND need some black skinnies (the particular ones below are ASOS).

  • 2. Watching: The better question might be, what am I not watching?   I DVR so much stuff, but my never-fall-behind shows are LIVE! With Kelly, Dateline, This Is Us, Pretty Little Liars, Southern Charm and …..well, okay, I watch a lot y’all.  I love the DVR because it allows me to keep up and watch TV at my convenience.  I watch a lot of reality TV for sure.  Anyway, most recently watched Man With a Plan on the DVR while I cleaned.
  • 3. Listening To: I have been working on my annual girls’ trip playlist, so I have been listening to my iTunes on shuffle and saving to the playlist.  And as you can see in the screenshot, Champagne Problems by Nick Jonas is on at the moment.  I have very eclectic taste in music.
  • 4. Obsessed With: My upcoming trip.  It’s now a week away and I am in full-on prep mode.  Shopping, packing, planning logistics, repacking…. It’s on.  I am so ready to be in paradise.
  • 5. Planning For: Well, I already mentioned the trip for next week and I am definitely planning that, but beyond that, I am planning for my 7-year-old’s 8th birthday party and a WEDDING that is one week and one day away.

What do you currently have going on?