Currently We Are….

Heeey Y’all! Happy Thursday…you know that beautiful day right before FriYAY?! Hope you guys are having a wonderful one, and we’re so glad to see you! Today we wanted to do one of those “Currently…” blog posts. We just think these are cute because it gives you a more candid glimpse into our minds and lives. Hopefully you guys enjoy it! And who knows?  You might just learn something new about us too. 😉


Ashley –

  1. Wanting/Needing: Hmmmm do you have all day? 😉 I’m actually currently feening for some new makeup. I’ve been on a “no buy”, in regards to makeup, for this month…. soo let’s just say that I’m super glad it’s the 20th. What’s on my list to purchase? Well, let me show ya: 
  2. Watching: I cannot even remember the last time I sat down and watched something other than a video on YouTube. Oh wait. That’s a lie. I did watch the movie The Arrival a couple weeks ago. It was really good! What am I watching on  YouTube? Well you know…lots of makeup tutorials really. lol I’m slightly obsessed.
  3. Listening To: I’ll let my Amazon Music Play list speak for itself here….
  4. Obsessed With:  My dry shampoo adventures. LOL In an attempt to keep my hair color from fading so quickly AND take better care of my hair in general – I’m trying to utilize dry shampoo more regularly and not wash my hair so much. I typically wash my hair every morning. I went four days without washing prior to Tuesday morning. And today I’m feeling like a badass because I just dry shampooed my beach hair from yesterday and am going with it. hahaha I’m using Batiste (the original). I love it…but I think I’ll switch to the ‘Beautiful Brunette’ variety next time. 
  5. Planning For: I have a week vacation coming up next week. So, I’ve been trying to plan something fun that the kids and I can do – you know, something different from our usual activities. I definitely want to do a beach day somewhere different from home. My mom suggested Dauphin Island (in Alabama), because it’s not that far of a drive and the waters should be calmer. Soo yeah. We shall see on that. 🙂

What about you Rhonda? What’s going on with YOU currently? 

Rhonda –

  1. Wanting/Needing: Well… Like Ashley said, do you have all day?  I always want makeup and clothes, that’s a given.  But let me give you just one specific beauty item and one specific style item.  I am dying for Tarte’s new unicorn brushes.  Aside from that, I also want AND need some black skinnies (the particular ones below are ASOS).

  • 2. Watching: The better question might be, what am I not watching?   I DVR so much stuff, but my never-fall-behind shows are LIVE! With Kelly, Dateline, This Is Us, Pretty Little Liars, Southern Charm and …..well, okay, I watch a lot y’all.  I love the DVR because it allows me to keep up and watch TV at my convenience.  I watch a lot of reality TV for sure.  Anyway, most recently watched Man With a Plan on the DVR while I cleaned.
  • 3. Listening To: I have been working on my annual girls’ trip playlist, so I have been listening to my iTunes on shuffle and saving to the playlist.  And as you can see in the screenshot, Champagne Problems by Nick Jonas is on at the moment.  I have very eclectic taste in music.
  • 4. Obsessed With: My upcoming trip.  It’s now a week away and I am in full-on prep mode.  Shopping, packing, planning logistics, repacking…. It’s on.  I am so ready to be in paradise.
  • 5. Planning For: Well, I already mentioned the trip for next week and I am definitely planning that, but beyond that, I am planning for my 7-year-old’s 8th birthday party and a WEDDING that is one week and one day away.

What do you currently have going on?