Week In Review: Rhonda

Hello, hello!  I have kicked off this Monday in the best mood.  It is really exciting to know that my vacation is starting later this week.  I have a lot to do between now and then, so I am pounding the coffee and getting shit done.  Let’s recap the past week, shall we?

Last Monday, I kicked the week off by beginning the packing process for my trip.  I knew I needed to make some lists, plan some outfits, and figure out what pieces I needed to shop for.  I was surprised to need more than I thought.  Some of my shorts are too big now and wouldn’t work.  I kept to a mix-and-matchable color palette of black, grey, and olive.

Swimsuit shopping happened Tuesday.  This was probably my third suit shopping trip this month.  So annoying.  It’s the worst when you have been working your ass off to lose weight and get in shape, but your damn mama tummy is still there.  I finally had success though and walked away with some pieces to mix and match.

Also on Tuesday, I was able to reveal something really exciting, which was my results after THREE DAYS of this hot new whitening toothpaste.  I am so impressed and so were my friends.  I sold three tubes within half an hour of sharing.  If you want in too, drop a comment and I’ll get you more information.

We went shopping again Wednesday, with me desperately trying to find some pieces for my vacation.  It wasn’t a success in the least, but we had a good time.

Thursday, Claudia and I went out on a little shopping excursion again.  She proudly dressed herself and was rewarded (bribed) with popcorn and an Icee in hopes that I could actually focus on the task at hand, completing my vacation shopping.  Success!

Friday was a park day for us.  Usually, I stand there and half-watch them, waiting for them to be done playing, sneezing my ass off.  I decided to take a different approach this time, needing a base tan for my upcoming vacation.  I laid out a blanket in the green space, close enough to the playground to keep an eye.  I was silly to think I could read though.  Between random parents feeling the need to talk to me and my kids wanting me to help them blow bubbles, that just didn’t happen.  It was lovely anyway though and I got some color!

Saturday is always such a relief from the stressors of the week.  The kids enjoy sleeping in and having stress-free time with me.

We started out the beautiful day enjoying a 20-degree drop in temperature from the day before.  We made all these fun plans to get outdoors.  Then we drank all the mimosas and it didn’t happen.  What did happen was a cranky ass toddler.  She cried because we wouldn’t shave her head then cried because Stuart wouldn’t give her bacon that he just started cooking.  He finally handed her a raw piece, but she couldn’t get down with that.  I can’t imagine why.

We did get out in late evening to make a grocery run.  Claudia couldn’t hang.  She fell asleep in the car.

Sunday was more of what you have probably come to expect from my weekends – mimosas and family time.  I didn’t get out of my robe until after five and even then, put on shorts and a tee.

Next week, I will not be posting my Week in Review, as I will be on vacation!  When I get back though, I plan on a vacation recap.  You can keep up with my girl-time shenanigans by following us on Instagram and Snapchat.

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