Dream Home Dream Board : Family/Flex Room (by Ashley)

Hey y’all haaaay! I hope that you are having a fabulous Tuesday. 🙂 By the time this posts we will have spent three nights in our new home which I’m pretty darn excited about.

After spending close to three years looking for the perfect house and neighborhood in which to plant and grow our little family we have FINALLY found what I will lovingly refer to as our dream home.

While the bones of this house are just what my dreams were made of – we have a ton of work to do in the way of furnishing this little babe. I recently read this post on one of my favorite blogs, Whimsical September, wherein she talked about how she has a ‘dream book’ for her new home. She gives each room a page and writes down a list of things that she wants to eventually add to the room in order to fulfill the vision that she has for it. It’s a way for her to remember things she’s thought of when it comes time to actually buy those things. Because, like me and I’m sure most of you – she can’t just go out and buy all the things all at once. 😉

I thought that her idea was just … such a great idea! So much so that I’m kinda replicating that here on the blog. 🙂 I’m a visual person – so I like the idea of an inspiration board which is what I plan on doing for each room in my house.

And really what better platform than to do it here on the blog where I can store links to the pieces I find and also drag you guys along for the journey?! 😉

So first things first, we are going to tackle/talk about our family / flex room. This little room is right beside our kitchen and along with the kitchen/dining area is the first space that you see when you enter our house. The outside door that you enter through is actually the back door of the house, but it’s going to function as our front door since that’s where the driveway leads to. 🙂

Without further adieu – here is my dream board and a breakdown list of all products shown!

  1. Classic Ultra Standard Sofa  
  2. Carlyle Tufted Chaise
  3. 4-Cube Vertical Organizer Shelf 13″ – Threshold™
  4. Quadra 71″ Tall Bookcase – Finish – Corliving
  5. Orourke Ivory/Navy Area Rug

Now, obviously these are not alll the things that I would need to fill up this room. BUT – these five things in that room along with the belongings like toys and books/dvds that we have would definitely give it a finished(ish) look! I think that choosing and implementing home decor is a continually evolving process, but it’s always nice to have your bigger pieces set in place for good. 🙂

What are we going to use this room for? Well, we have a regular living room – and I think that this room was actually meant to be a formal dining area which we have no use for – soo this is basically going to be the kids’ hangout space for when Coop wants to play video games or they want to watch a TV show that we are not interested in or for a place for them to hang while I’m spending time doing mom/adult things in the kitchen. I also want to store some of their toys down there to cut down on the dragging of toys up and down the stairs throughout the day! There’s a window that juts out from the house at the front of this room where I want to put that cube storage piece under the window to serve as toy storage. I’m thinking that I could even put a cushion on top and let is double as extra seating.

That’s my little fancy hand drawn look at the room layout I had in mind.

What do you guys think? How do you execute your home decor ideas?

What’s In My ….. hair care/styling drawer?

Hey guys! HAPPY Friday! I don’t know about you guys, but this Friday feels extra special because it’s kicking off the Christmas weekend!! We love Christmas around here…and we are just so excited that it’s here. 🙂

BUT that’s not what this post is about. Today we are doing another edition of “What’s in my….?” We are both curious by nature…and nosy…and well for us, it’s so much fun to get a peak inside someone else’s life which is why we love these kinds of posts! So anyway, today we’re talking about What’s in our hair care/styling drawers.

Ready to see? Cool…let’s dive right in.

Ashley –

I get ready in my bedroom – so all of my makeup and hair stuff is located on and inside my bedroom dresser. I keep all of my products in this little decorative birdcage thing that came from the at Home store in Gulfport. My hot tools and brushes are kept in the top drawer of my dresser.

First, please excuse the hairy state of my brushes…I attempted to clean them off but that proved to be a very labor intensive endeavor that I was not ready for at the moment. SO you get to see alllll the hairs.  Anywaay, I have a blow dryer, flat iron, and small curling iron. I’ve got two sizes of round brushes. The smaller one on the right is used for the shorted hairs on the underside of my head, and I use the larger for the longer hair on the top layer. That regular brush is for brushing my tangled locks.

And these are the products I use on a regular basis. Starting at the far left: hair oil, heat protectant cream, finishing spray for texture and volume, dry shampoo, and then two different volumizing mousses.  I need all the texture and volume help because my hair is so thin and fine.

Rhonda –

Now, let me warn you – the first picture I am about to show you is terrifying and may not be suitable for Type A audiences.







I know.

To be fair, I am in the middle of purging and reorganizing my bathroom and this blog post came in the midst of that, as did Christmas.  I will come back and show that drawer again after Christmas.

Anyway, that drawer in my bathroom holds the styling products that are just used occasionally, and most of my frequently used ones.  I did pull out the frequently used to show you better what they are.

I keep dry shampoo and flat iron heat protectant on the counter.  The blow dry cream and blow dry heat protectant stay in the drawer.

A very deep drawer in my bathroom houses all of this: Jumbo Velcro rollers, regular large velcro rollers,  a spinning dryer brush, hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, and waver.  I love the person who decided to go for a giant drawer in the bathroom.

How do you store your hair tools and products?


Week In Review: Rhonda

Well another week has gone by and my kid-free time is OVER.  The kids are back and they came in like a wrecking ball.  Sheesh.

During this week, I started decorating our house for Halloween, meet my mom group for drinks at one of their houses, and shipped out a shitload of orders.

Friday was a freaking exciting day.  My company was holding its Leaders Conference and I eagerly watched groups to see what was announced.  Two new limited edition colors came out, along with reformulated concealers and a new blush.  Pretty much the entire company collectively freaked the fuck out.  All this was happening while I wandered around the Halloween store, staring at my phone watching updates.  That was also the day that I received my first three-figure commission check, so it was a good one.

Saturday, Stuart and I had brunch at home then ran a few errands while we waited on his friend Ben to arrive from Germany.  Then I ran out to do some quick shopping while they caught up.  When I got back, we grilled some steaks and had a lovely dinner together before going out.  We went to the Stockyards to see Justin Moore and Dylan Scott.  What a freaking AMAZING show they both put on.  Justin is especially a super talented entertainer.

Sunday we made brunch for Ben and sat outside in the lovely weather for awhile with him. Then went and got the darling children before coming home to grill.

I think the best part of my week was Saturday night. What was yours?

Week in Review: Rhonda

Thanks for showing up yet again to see what I have been up to.  We have lived through the first week in our new house and I am so pleased to watch the house coming together!  Tuesday the fridge came, which changed everything for the better.   You really get an appreciation for appliances when you have to live without them for several days.

By Thursday, we had settled into an adaptation of our usual routine…waiting out front for Stuart to come home from work, then helping him make his dinner.

I spent Friday running errands and hammering shit into the walls.  It is starting to look less like a model home and more like we live here.

We spent Saturday cleaning and unpacking the remaining boxes in preparation to have friends over.  Some of Stuart’s coworkers came over in the evening and we had some drinks and grilled.

We wrapped up a wonderful weekend by grilling again and then I soaked with a new bath bomb.  Can’t beat that for a Sunday evening!

Here’s to another week!  I hope yours was amazing.



All the craziness of life

So, you may (or more likely, may have not) noticed the lack of posts by me lately.  When my apartment flooded last week and the water fried my beloved MacBook Elizabeth, I was lost in my blogging pattern.  Not only did I not have my trusty machine, but I also did not have time to compose something on my iPhone app.  I had to deal with all the ridiculousness that comes with a flooded apartment, including but not limited to, speeding up our search for a rental house.  We are just so completely done with our townhouse.  It’s too small and so freaking old that we literally have maintenance here every week.

We have looked at countless houses and applied for several.  We finally got a break today when we were approved for our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE HOUSE!  We felt immediately at home the moment we walked in the door and I just had a feeling it was ours.  I am so glad I was right.

It is the perfect home for our big little family.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page, where I will be doing a LIVE tour on move in day! You can also look forward to some decorating and organizing posts!

And please keep being patient as I work out my blogging equipment issues.  Currently writing this one from my OLD macbook pro, Estelle.  It took me 3 hours to boot her up and I am now trying to not let her go to sleep for fear she will never wake up.



Week In Review: Rhonda

Thanks for stopping by again!  I swear, I feel like I was JUST writing last week’s review.  Time really does go by so quickly, as evidenced by the fact that yesterday marked ELEVEN MONTHS away from my wedding.  Didn’t I get engaged yesterday?  I should probably plan something for the wedding.  Anyway, on to the week…

Monday and Tuesday were full of work and just Momming and I didn’t take many pictures or do anything noteworthy.  I can’t really tell you where the time went.

I wasted a lot of Wednesday playing in makeup, but eventually got down to business and got some blogging and and work done.  Then we went to dinner with Stuart’s coworkers at Rio Mambo, which was nice.  The food was amazing.

I did a lot of housework Thursday, including taking all my Mother’s Day flowers and rearranging them into more vases so that I could have them in different areas of the house.  I also had some product come in for my amazing lipstick business, Purple Pucker.

I decided Friday to put on some sexy makeup and lingerie and do a little bedroom shoot.  I intended to just get a couple of okay shots for some upcoming blog posts I have planned, but was pleasantly surprised that it was a lot of fun and I ended up with a lot of really good images.  In the evening, Claudia and I did our evening routine of waiting outside for Stuart to drive up.  It was a pretty typical Friday evening.

Saturday, after our morning brunch routine, we went to the store and upgraded from a tiny hibachi grill to a regular charcoal grill.  While Stuart and Claudia grilled steaks and veggies, I read and sipped wine.  I finally finished Evelyn, After. That’s a damn good book, y’all.

As always, Sunday was a day for mimosas, nails, doing Claudia’s makeup, and just lots of relaxing.  Stuart cleaned the motorcycle and grilled again.  After the kids were in bed, we jumped into ours and watched the Billboard Music Awards.  I am such an awards show junkie!

Are you into awards shows?  What did you do over the week?

Ashley’s Front Porch Refresh

Hey y’all! Thanks for coming by. 🙂 As you probably guessed from that title..we are talking about my front porch today. Ashley’s front porch. Just to be clear. Apparently that’s confusing sometimes? Who’s writing…anyway.. 😉 Today, it’s Ashley. Well technically when you’re reading this…yesterday it was Ashley writing. 🙂 🙂 Details. Details. OOOOK so. Back to the matter at hand. The front porch! We use our front porch/front door every day. And it’s just been kind of blah for so long. I’ve wanted to do some things to make it just look prettier. Why? Because who doesn’t like a pretty living space to look at…and live in?? A bachelor guy. That’s who. He gives no fucks about what his living spaces look like. However, that’s a post for another day. And I. I am no bachelor. I decided to add a few touches to the front porch to bring it from barren to looking lived in and inviting.

See? Doesn’t that make a difference? Nothing huge. Just a few things. I worked with stuff I already had…and bought just a couple new things. Don’t worry we are about to get up close and personal with everything. Let’s dive in shall we?

I already had this sign. I got it from Kirklands around Christmas time? Yeah definitely Christmas. I think it’s fantastic, and speaks the truth. Also, it’s currently on sale for $4.97 (way less than what I paid) so grab you one. Like now.

I also already had both of these mats around. The chevron print one was inside though. I love the way they look layered together. They are both from target. (Arrow Mat – I can’t find the chevron mat online anymore)

Yup. That’s my shoe. Serious struggles trying to get that shot without my shoe in it. Just couldn’t make it happen. Anyhow. Where’d you get that stuff you’re wondering?? The black rocking chair was originally white. I’d painted it black waaaay back when Sophie was still in my belly. And the chair itself? Well I’ve had it since before Coop was born. My parents bought it for me to use in his nursery. It’s a classic piece really. Here’s one on Amazon.  The black rug, and black plant/side table are from Walmart. The tan/black rug and tan table topper are from Hobby Lobby. The pillow is Target. The frames and wall art are old things I’ve had for forever. I actually painted the canvases myself. The gray planter is from At Home.  I couldn’t find the actual one I bought on their site…but that link does take you to their selection of planters. The little bowl with the candle in it…I think it’s from TJ Maxx. I’ve had them forever.

Listen. There’s not even that much stuff on my porch..but at this point I’m just like. Damn. So many things to talk about. It’s like when you go to Target and have a tiny bag of stuff that cost you $100. Hoooowww?? Alright. Finished with that tangent. Back to the goodies you just drooled over. All the pots are ones I bought at Big Lots last summer. The little zebra bowl is the same as the one next to the rocking chair: oldie but goodie from TJ Maxx. The wooden crates are new purchases from Walmart. The print says “This Love is Extraordinary” and is something I’ve had for a long time. I made it myself as well. The little mirror is from a thrift store. All the plants are new. The big tree by the rocking chair was a gift from my Daddy. And when I say gift … I mean … I said “Hey. I like this plant. Can I have it??” and he of course said “Yes.” 🙂 Anyway. They are all new/new to me. So send them some good vibes. And maybe shoot me a reminder to water them. I’m so not a plant lady.

Anddd there’s an evening shot. Candles lit and sidewalk lights on point. Oh wait. One is not working. {{side eye emoji}} Those little sidewalk lights are new purchases from At Home. They are solar powered. We don’t keep the porch light on…so I figured these would be nice to have to illuminate the area at night…you know. When you are digging for your keys on a Friday night after a couple margaritas. In the dark. It’s frustrating. So yeah. Problem solved now. Looks like I’m replacing that one on the right though.

Whelp. That is all folks. Thanks for sticking through until the end. I hope you enjoyed it. Anyone else doing some living space updating around the house?