A List of 13 Firsts and Lasts

Hey Hey and H A P P Y F R I Y A Y!  And this is no regular Friday you guys – it’s Friday the 13th which is always fun. 😉 We thought we’d do a little play on this fun holiday and keep it nice and light around here by giving you a list of 13 Firsts and Lasts to entertain you.

We’ve got a list of 13 things – and we’re going to spill the beans on when the first time we experienced or did them was followed by the last time we did or experienced that thing.

This should be fun, and feel free to play along in the comments!

    1. When was your first/last kiss?
      Ashley – I’m thinking like a kiss kiss..like a makeout kiss… Sooo my First was sometime in the spring of 2003  when I was 17 or 18 and my  Last wassss like three weeks ago. Lol
      Rhonda – First kiss was 6th grade and last kiss was last night.
  1. What was your first/last job?

    Ashley – my first was Mcdonald’s and my last is my current job at a moving company.
    Rhonda – Day Care teacher was first and currently a boutique owner.
  2. First/Last car accident?

    Ashley – my first was on the way back to college during my freshman year. I merged and my blind spot wasn’t clear so I clipped a lady next to me. My last was sometime last year in the Starbucks parking lot. As I was backing out of my parking space so was the car directly behind me and we collided.
    Rhonda – In the 11th grade, I ran my car off a dark back road and walked away lucky as fuck. My last car accident was when a young girl side swiped me at the gas station in 2012.
  1. What’s the FIRST thing you do in the morning and the LAST thing you do at night? Ashley – the first thing I do is get up and go grab a wash cloth to go clean my face. The last thing I do is check my phone and set it down.
    Rhonda – First thing in the morning I pee, last thing at night I check my phone – repeatedly.
  2. What was the first/last traffic violation you received? Ashley – A speeding ticket was my first and the last was I think when I got a ticket YEARS ago on the way home from Hattiesburg for an expired inspection sticker.
    Rhonda – The first time I was stopped, I was in high school and was pulled over for a rolling stop – and my dad passed by and laughed at me.  The first time I actually got a ticket though was for speeding in college.  I honestly don’t remember the last time I had a traffic violation.
  3. From where did you get your first and last paycheck?

    Ashley – I guess this is kind of redundant…but my first was from Mcdonald’s and my last from my current job.
    Rhonda – My first paycheck was from the day care I worked at in high school.  My last one was from KEEP collective, where I sell jewelry.
  4. What was your first/last pet?

    Ashley – my first pet was a little black dog that I can’t even remember the name of which is horrible! And my last was the dog that my parents have. She was supposed to be Mine…but then I realized for sure I’m not an animal person and I went away to college so now she’s basically like my other sister
    since my parents claimed her. LOL——————————-
    Rhonda – My first and last pets were both dogs.
  5. When was the first/last time you got engaged? (this is funny because we’ve both been engaged multiple times – one of us more than the other. 😉 )
    Ashley -the first time was in 2007 to my then boyfriend…the last time was 2008 (I think) to a different boyfriend. Obviously neither of those panned out cause I’m still not married.
    Rhonda – The first time I was engaged, I was in 1999.  The last time was in December 2016.
  6. When and where was the first/last time you gave birth?

    Ashley – First time was in 2013 at Ocean Springs Hospital…and second was in 2015 same place.
    Rhonda  – The first time I gave birth was in 2006, in Hattiesburg, MS.  The last time was in 2014, in Gulfport, MS.
  7. Who was/is your first and last best friend?

    Ashley – my very first best friend was a girl I went to elementary school with whose name was Ashleigh. And my last is a tie between Rhonda and my Sister.—————————–
    Rhonda – 
     My first best friend was Peaches and my last and current best friends are Ashley and Nicole.
  8. First CD you bought and last song/album you purchased? (cause know ain’t nobody buying CDs on the regular anymore ) Ashley – the first CD I bought was Savage Garden in like 1997. The last song/album I purchased was a Light Up the Moon album. I also pay for Amazon music unlimited monthly  so I don’t have to buy most individual songs or albums.
    Rhonda –  The first time I received music was actually a CASSETTE of the Beastie Boys.  First CD I bought myself was Green Day Dookie.  The last song I purchased was Dan + Shay f/ Kelly Clarkson, Keeping Score.
  9. What was your first/last cellphone?

    Ashley – Goshhh my first was this little blue Nokia back when I was 16…so in 2001 (ish). And my last is an IPhone X.
    Rhonda – My first cellphone was a bulletproof Nokia when I went to college.  It was for emergencies only but was free to talk after 9 pm! My last phone is  an Iphone 7s.
  10. When was the first/last time you got on a plane?

Ashley – my first was when I was like 9 or 10? I’d have to ask my mom. We flew to PA  to visit my aunt. And the last time  was flying home from the –DFW.
Rhonda – The first time I got on a plane was when I was pregnant in 2005. The last time was in 2017 for a trip to Orange Beach.

Anddd there you go guys  – now you know just a little more than you probably wanted to about us. 😉 Hehe We want to know more about YOU though. Please, share some of your first and lasts with us!

Friday Five: Links I’m Loving

You guys. It’s finally Friday. I say finally, but truthfully this week has flown by. However, no matter how fast a week seems to glide on by, I’m still crazy excited for a Friday and the upcoming weekend. 🙂 Always dreaming of and loving the idea of spending some time on the sand close to the water.

The beach is always always something I’m loving. However I also  spend lots of time perusing the internet and coming across things that I fall in love with in the virtual world.  And so, I thought I’d spend some time today sharing with you guys some of my current link crushes from different corners of the internet. 😉

Let’s get to it shall we?

The Ultimate Summer Reading List for 3-5 Year Olds – Summer 2018  by Read Brightly

You guys know that I think reading is super important, and I just loaded up on some new books for our reading at home. However, I never miss a chance to to investigate and discover new books for my kiddos to experience!

Kids Closet Makeover by Making Home Base

One of my most favorite searches to perform on Pinterest is to look for closet organization/makeovers. I’m currently obsessed with this one by MHB. It’s even got an Ikea closet organizer! Who doesn’t love Ikea? Anyway. Click over to see all that beautiful organization.

This Book Wall featured on Project Nursery

I mean, a traditional book shelf is always nice and super functional BUT this book wall is beautiful. PLUS with little kids it’s nice that they can see the front of the books and know what they are pulling down instead of just pulling and consequently throwing random books to the floor.

These Unicorn Party Dresses from Abby Apples

Like. So cute. And that is all I have to say about them.

These Nickel and Suede Earrings, Orchid Cord, from their Summer Collection

I mean. All the heart eye emojis. And all the I gotta have them ASAP feelsss.

I hope you enjoyed my random assortment of linky love. What about y’all? What are some things you’ve been crushing on lately? Let me know in the comments!

10 Favorite Bloggers to follow on Instagram

Hey y’all! I’m back again with another installment in showing you guys some of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow.  I love Instagram, and I really love how it has evolved into a place where you can basically ‘mini blog’ things. I still spend time everyday traipsing around the internet and checking out my favorite blog sites to see their latest posts, but I also thoroughly enjoy seeing my favorite bloggers on Instagram. I love listening to/watching their Instagram stories – and seeing the things they share on their feed! The internet is just such a beautiful place, and it’s so funny and delightful how you can get to know people through what they share on their blog and social media platforms. There a few bloggers on here that I’ve been following for YEARS – and there are some that are brand new to me, but all of them are a part of my daily life as a peruse social media. 🙂

So let’s get to it shall we? These are my 10 Favorite Blogger Instagram Accounts to Follow:


I’ve been reading Under The Sycamore for a really long time. Her blog was one of the first blogs I ever started reading regularly. She is so down to earth and insanely creative and an amazing photographer. 


Keiko Lynn is another blog that I’ve been following for years. She writes a lot about makeup and fashion. She’s originally from Florida, but lives (has been living) in New York. 


I first discovered Mommy In Shorts through Instagram and moved over to actually reading her blog as well. She also runs the Instagram account Average Parent Problems which is hilarious in and of itself. Her personal account and blog are super entertaining. 


The Pleated Poppy is yet another blog I’ve been following for years. She used to have a store where she handmade goods like purses and pins, but she’s moved away from that now. She writes about her personal life, real mom fashion, and home design ideas.


Again, I’ve been reading Love Maegan for forever as well. LOL Her blog is mainly centered around fashion and she’s based in California. 


One Little Momma is a new(ish) follow for me. She’s the creator of our beloved Nickel and Suede earrings that you see showing up in all of our What We wore Wednesday Posts. She writes about all the things mommy lifestyle. 


Another newer follow for me! Mommy In Heels was another blog that I first discovered through Instagram then migrated over to also following her blog. She not only writes a blog and is active on IG, but she is also the owner of Elizabeth West House – a physical and online women’s clothing boutique. Her blog is mainly fashion with a little bit of family life mixed in. 


I discovered Authemmie through Pinterest….i think… lol . I’ve only been following her blog for a bout a year now. I really enjoy the authenticity from which she writes. She blogs a lot about fashion as well. 


Who doesn’t already know about Living In Yellow? I started following her about a year ago as well. She’s a fashion blogger extraordinaire.  


And last but not least, Whimsical September. I first discovered her blog through one of her StitchFix posts on Pinterest. I was totally hooked after that first post. She’s a military wife who blogs about all things mommy lifestyle. Her children are close to the same ages as mine and she’s from Alabama which makes me feel like I can relate to so much that she shares!

If you want to see my other two posts about more of my favorite IG Accounts, it is your lucky day – cause I’ve got them linked all nice and neat below for ya!

10 Inspiring and/or Pretty IG Accounts You Need to Follow

10 Funny & Entertaining IG Accounts You Need to Follow

My Healthy Kitchen: Top 5 Essentials

Happy Friday!  As it has been mentioned before, I eat in a way that is low carb.  To perfectly define it, it’s No Sugar No Grains (NSNG as coined by celebrity trainer and fitness guru Vinnie Tortorich).  There are so many tools and foods that I keep on hand at all times.  Today I am sharing with you my top 5 essentials.


You either love bacon or you’re wrong.  We eat a ton in our household.  Here’s the thing – bacon makes everything better so it’s the ultimate source for fat and protein, which are extremely important in my lifestyle.  Wrap anything in bacon, eat it solo, or use it as a dipper.  It’s a must.  We buy these gigantic packages at Sam’s Club.

Heavy Whipping Cream

Another way to get in some fat and calories is adding a splash of this to my coffee in the morning.  If I am on the go and unable to eat all day, another cup of coffee with this helps me make it through.  Not only that, but it makes a great thickener for sauces and is an essential for a cheese dip.  A little goes a long way and I’m a fan!

Cold Brew

I like to start my day with a cup of hot coffee, but afternoons if I have coffee, I love a good cold brew.  It’s SO easy to make at home that I highly recommend you grabbing a cold brewer.  I have this one.  It’s super hipster looking, but it’s easy to use.


My preference is Himalayan Pink Salt, freshly ground over my food.  however, I also take a few whole salt crystals sometimes, washed down like pills.  When you are a low carb eater, you need to supplement with salt.  It’s honestly like a vitamin or medication for me.  Without it, I’m miserable.

Unsweetened Sparkling Waters

Whether the brand is LaCroix, Ozarka, Bubly, Polar, Aquafina, Dasani, or any other…. I drink several a day and always have an assortment of flavors.  A few go into the fridge for drinking straight and the others go into the pantry for mixing with distilled liquors.  I love that they pair well with any liquor.  They are also amazing for settling my stomach when I am hungover or when I had a stomach virus.

There you have it, the five things that I absolutely can NOT live without in my kitchen.  What are yours?




Book Choices: Summer Reading for Kids

Happy FRIDAY! I just love the start to the weekend. This week has finally ended (why is it that short work weeks always seem like the longest work weeks??) – AND we are finally in June. I swear, May went by super slowly.

Even though the season of Summer doesn’t officially start until late June, I feel like when we hit June 1st that we are in Summer. We’re definitely already having Summer weather which is nice because winter lasted fifteen million years. 😉 The Summer mindset is really so similar to a weekend mindset. It’s a big break from the ordinary. People take vacations – school’s out!

Cooper is out of school as of Thursday last week, but that doesn’t mean we are taking a break from learning. I want to make sure he is prepared for Kindergarten and doesn’t lose any of the skills he learned while attending PreK 4 this past school year. So, I have lots of learning activities planned, BUT the main thing I wanted to make sure that we do is to dive into some intentional reading.

In May, Cooper’s teacher sent home one of those Scholastic Books packets where you can order books for your child which in turns helps his classroom earn books. It’s a win win – and I knew we needed to replenish our book supply to gear up for summer reading. So, I went through the choices and picked out several books that either I already knew because of some prior research or I knew them because they are just classics and a few I just took a gamble on. 🙂 Overall, I am super pleased with our selection – and I thought I’d share with you guys my choices…just in case you were in the market for some new children’s books for your kiddos.

As I said, I wanted our reading to be intentional. We read at least one book a day – and I really like a lot of the books we already own. However, I wanted to have some books in our arsenal that are teaching important life lessons or are helping them gain understanding of tough topics or are scholastically educational – and then of course there are few purely entertainment ones mixed in.

Life Lessons

What Does It Mean To Be Kind – Rana DiOrio
Even Superheroes Have Bad Days – Shelly Becker
When I Feel Angry – Cornelia Maude Spelman
Happy in our Skin – Fran Manushkin
How Full is your Bucket? For kids – Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer
It’s Okay to Make Mistakes – Todd Parr
David Gets in Trouble – David Shannon
Froggy Goes To School – Jonathan London
How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? – Jane Yolen & Marke Teague
Flora’s Very Windy Day – Jeanne Birdsall

Educational –

Winter – Alie Busby
Fall- Alie Busby
Summer- Alie Busby
Spring- Alie Busby
The Tiny Seed – Eric Carie
Big Red Barn – Margaret Wise Brown

Entertainment –

The Night Pirates – Peter Harris
Goldilocks and the Three Bears – Caralyn Buehner & Mark Buehner
Curious George Apple Harvest – H.A. Rey
Dragons Love Tacos – Adam Rubin

Not only are we going to plow through all these books this summer, but I’ve made the commitment to go to our local public library at least once a week to participate in their reading program and check out at least two books each week that we will read. Reading is so important. It is a proven fact that children who read frequently perform better in all other scholastic areas. Also, I’ve just always been an avid reader, and I want my children to have that love for books. 🙂

What about y’all? Have you read any of the books I mentioned? What’s your favorite children’s book?

Friday Favorites

Heeey you guys…happy FRIYAY! We don’t like to talk bad about Mondays over here, but we are never every shy about our love for the weekend. 🙂 So, in celebration of that love – I thought I’d show you guys some of my favorite things today.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by, and we hope you are having a fantastic Friday!

Comedian Tim Northern’s MEME collection in response to BBQ Becky. I die. Seriously too funny.

We talked about this “Don’t Fuck Up” Mug on our latest Wine Wednesday Live Episode. When you buy one of these mugs all proceeds go to help funding the FAT Documentary by Vinnie Tortorich. This dude changed our lives through spreading the word of NSNG (eating no sugars and no grains).

I recently bought a couple letter boards, and now I’m obsessed with them. Which is funny to me – considering I’d once told Rhonda I just didn’t feel like they had a place in my everyday life. LIES Anyway, I started a whole Pinterest board dedicated to collecting cute sayings to save for future use.

My girl (aka co bloggger in crime, Rhonda) got her hair did the other day. And it is FIRE. Literally.  If you’re a coastie and you need some hair in your life, go see Savannah. She is an amazing hairstylist.

And speaking of my boo – Rhonda just released this shirt in her boutique. Y’all, it’s speaking to me cause I’ve had a rooster problem lately. One moved in next door, and his crowing (or cockadoodledooing) is driving my bananas. Anyway, if you want to follow along with the saga, you can add me on Snapchat { ashley.sumrall } – I’ve been documenting the struggle there.

Picture Source

I’ve been wanting to add some string lights to my bedroom – and I Just put these in my cart on Amazon.

The Luxe Curved-Hem V-Neck Tee for women by Old Navy – is a basic tee that you need to get your hands on. I love them. I have so many solid ones, but I recently bought this black and white striped one and fell in love ALL OVER AGAIN. It’s super comfortable and has a little bit of weight in the fabric so that it falls so complimentary over your body.

But yeah – I could go on…I’ll stop for now though. 😉 What are some things YOU guys are loving this Friday? 🙂

10 Inspiring and/or Pretty IG Accounts You Need to Follow

Well hi, hello! If you’re anything like us – Instagram is a part of your daily life. I really value a variety in what comes across my IG feed. I like things with solid content, but I always really appreciate an account that is overall visually pleasing. Sometimes…you can get both those things rolled up into one account. I feel like I’ve accumulated quite a few that fit that bill so I thought I hop on today and share with you 10 of my favorite inspiring and/or pretty IG accounts to follow. 🙂

Let’s get to it shall we?












There you have it! 10 IG accounts that will either fill your eyes with something pretty to look with or fill your mind with inspiration…and most likely all ten will do BOTH.

Let me know if you would add anything to this list!

10 Funny & Entertaining IG Accounts You Need to Follow

Hey hey party peeps! I was scrolling through my IG the other day…ok prolly also like two minutes ago…and laughing at something I came across when it occurred to me that it would be fun to share with you guys my top ten FAVE funny and entertaining IG accounts to follow are.

So yeah. Buckle up, and get ready to click some links and hit that follow button. 🙂

These are in no particular order. I’m just listing them as they came to me. They are all equally funny and entertaining IG accounts.












Anddd that is it you guys. Do y’all already follow any of these? Do follow an account that you follow and think it’s hilarious? Please share!!

Currently We Are…

Ashley –

Inspired by:

This answer is also going to answer the ‘reading’ one a little lower in the list, but that’s life eh? I read through This Charming Life which is a lifestyle blog written by a lady named Kaelah. Her blog started in 2009. Yah. I read about 9 years of content in two days. I also thoroughly stalked her IG. It’s whatever. ANYWAY – to the inspiration thing. Reading through her early days …. And honestly even up to her current posts – I was just truly inspired by the way she just literally wrote and shared what was on her mind. She had themes and such..but she didn’t let that always dictate her blog. It made me feel inspired to not be controlled by self imposed expectations of feeling so much pressure to put out THE ABSOLUTE BEST THING EVER whenever I try to come up with a blog post. I want to try to be continually authentic and not afraid to say or post what I want to post without thinking “does this have mass appeal?” or “will this become the next viral post?”. Because the truth is we don’t have a HUGE audience, but we love those of you who are here and are interested in what we have to say. Even when your blog space is just a tiny corner of the internet, you still feel pressure to do what everyone else is doing which is the opposite of what we ever intended to do around here. Sometimes you just need a reminder of that. 🙂


I am currently binge watching IZombie on Netflix. So good.


**see inspired by** 😉

Thinking About:

Oh gosh. So many things. My sister and I are doing a 30 day plank/squat challenge with each other. All the things happening with Coop and the end of school. How I need to make an eye appointment because I’m on my last pair of contacts and my prescription is expired. Alllll the things I want to do this summer and how in the heck I’m going to make that happen with work/mom responsibilities.

Listening To:

For the past two or three days I’ve been all up in the new Post Malone Album. It’s literally been on repeat in my car. I’ve listened to nothing else.

Dream Life:

I had a TERRIBLE dream…well I guess really it was a nightmare… on Saturday night. I was on vacation by myself, but ran into my parents who insisted on taking me home RIGHT THAT SECOND. I kept telling my dad that I’d rather take my own car, but he wouldn’t listen and made me come with them. We were driving on this elevated road/land bridge and all of a sudden this power plant that was just ahead of us exploded and we were all engulfed in flames. Then silence and darkness. It was terrifying and so realistic.  


All day Sunday, I ate this sausage and green bean conoction I made. I cooked the green beans and sausage in butter and bacon grease with tons of garlic salt, chili flakes, and pepper. It was so good.



I am OBSESSING over these new Ozarka Sparkling waters that Rhonda found and suggested to me. Their Raspberry Lime flavor is LIFE. I can’t find the ones that say Ozarka…but here’s a link to some Nestle Sparkling water on Amazon – cause it’s the same thing.


Rhonda –

Inspired by:

Timehop.  Yep, the app that shows you what you have posted on this day previous years is inspiring me.  That’s because every year around this time, my BFF Nicole and I are at the beach for our annual girls’ trip.  We had to skip it this year and we have been supremely sad about it.  The good news it, It inspired me to do my best at recreating that blissful beach feeling here at home.  I have been sipping frozen cocktails in my bikini in my backyard, blasting some music, and just closing my eyes and taking it all in.


Errthang?  Southern Charm, Real Housewives of Everything, Dateline…. I’m a reality junkie.  I am sure there is something non-reality on my DVR, but I am way behind!


Um.  Facebook?  Ha, but really…. I haven’t read anything in awhile.  I have so many responsibilities and that’s just not one of my me-time priorities.

Thinking About:

My house.  We have been decorating and redecorating and organizing and things like that.  It has been completely exhausting but has totally been worth it!  The backyard is in the middle of quite a makeover and we did a lot of stuff in the house too.  So fun, but it’s nonstop on my mind.

Listening To:

Bebe Rexha.  I listen to a few other things, but all things Bebe are on heavy rotation right now.  At home, in the car, lyrics up in my Snaps.

Dream Life:

I don’t know if it’s the booze, the late nights, medications, or what….but I have been having crazy dreams for a couple of weeks now!  Most recently, I’ve dreamed about road trips, beaches, Stuart trying to kill me, falling out of a 10th-story window, and all sorts of fun stuff like that.  I’ve woken up feeling completely unsettled most mornings.


Meat, all the meat.  I have been focusing on eating meat and damn, it’s been amazing.  Forkfuls of pulled pork and roast…piles of bacon cheeseburgers…god, bacon…steak.  I ain’t mad.


I am currently obsessing over making and drinking Frosè.  Lemon juice, a bottle of frozen rosè, a handful of frozen fruit (I have been doing pineapple), and a couple shots of Tito’s.  Blend!  So damn refreshing when I’m lying in the sun!

(Tell Me Something) Good Friday

It’s Fri-Yay!  Good Friday, in particular.  Maybe for you, that means a sacred day, a day off work, or business as usual.  For us, it’s a lead-up to Easter (which, for the most part, is a celebration of spring around here and not a religious holiday).  We thought it would be fun today to bring you a list of good things about this time of year!*

*If you’re wondering what could possibly be bad about Spring, I present to you my friends Seasonal Allergies and Bugs, for starters*

1. Wardrobe updates.  This is the time of year when it’s necessary and more comfortable to sport shorter hemlines and sleeves, airy fabrics, and (mostly if you’re Rhonda) brighter patterns.  Who doesn’t love an excuse to go shopping?

2. Extended outdoors time.  With more daylight, we are transitioning into a time where kids can just run out alllll the pent-up energy on into the evening.  Parents everywhere, rejoice!  Entertainment now becomes less digital and, more importantly, less your responsibility.

3. Skin that is no longer translucent.  Now that people can be outside more frequently and for longer periods, the skin can gain a little color.  We aren’t talking Tanorexia here, but just a natural flush to the skin.  Amen.

4. Alll the blooming flowers. I just love seeing pretty flowers pop up randomly. Azaleas are one of my favorite to see come to life. These little pretties just consume and cover their bushes. How can you NOT smile when flowers start to bloom?

5. Sun dresses.  Goodbye pants and winter tights. HELLO easy breasy sun dresses. Who doesn’t love the ease of throwing on one piece of clothing that makes you look put together and is incredibly cool and comfortable? We love them for ourselves and for our little girls.

6. Sandal Life.  Searching around for matching pairs of socks is one of the biggest annoyances and bummers when you’re trying to get ready in the morning. Waking up on any given morning in the spring and knowing that the weather is going to be perfect for sandals is such a relief.

7. Beach Trips.  Any trip to the beach is something that we definitely look forward to during Spring. Spontaneous weekday trips to the beach for Ashley. Planned beach trips to Orange Beach, AL for Rhonda. We love it all. Beach Please.

8. Light and Fresh Foods.  While there’s never a bad time to eat a loaded-up salad or some grilled veggies, some of the healthiest and yummy foods are in heavy rotation for most people this time of year.  Grilling a juicy steak or burger and pairing with some fresh fruits and vegetables?  Don’t mind if we do!

9. Yes way, Rosè. Pink wine.  We’re here for it and we don’t even care if it’s Basic and cliché.  Sometimes, so are we.

What would make YOUR list?