2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Dirty Santa

Happy FRIDAY!! And welcome back to our last installment of weekly Holiday Gift Guides.  Today we are talking Dirty Santa Gift Ideas. Don’t know what Dirty Santa is? Welll, let’s talk about that for a minute. Here are the normal rules:

  • The gifts are placed in a central location where players can easily access and make their selection.
  • Select who starts. There are several ways to do this. Typically everyone draws a number from a container; one containing the same number of tokens as there are players. Each then plays in sequence.
  • First Player. The game starts. Whoever’s turn it is to go first picks a gift from the central pile, and opens it. They show everyone. Of course, the fun here is in the gift itself and the reaction of the recipient. There should be a range of types of gifts from desirable to useless, practical to hilarious. The first player now takes their seat with their gift in hand.
  • Player 2 has a choice. Player 2 now has the choice of either selecting another unopened gift from the central pile or, doing the dirty, taking the opened gift from Player 1; in which case Player 1 must select another unopened gift from the remaining pile.
  • Each subsequent Player has a choice. Select an unopened gift from the pile, or take an already opened gift from any of the preceding players; in which case that preceding player can select another unopened gift from the pile or select one of the opened gifts from the other players (however, they cannot take back from the person who just took from them).
  • The 3rd time owned-retired rule. This is optional, but if a gift has been stolen three times, it is retired and the third person who stole it gets to keep it.
  • How the Game Ends. When the last unopened gift is selected, the game ends.

So, as you can see from the rules – Dirty Santa gifts should be fun..and don’t have to necessarily be something that you’d actually use or were dying to receive…it’s more about the game and the time you had. Anyway, here are our picks for great Dirty Santa Gift Ideas!

  1. Funny and perfectly inappropriate wine glass – $14.95
  2. What Do You Meme? Game – $29.99
  3. Dad Belly Bag – $16.74
  4. Cereal Killer Spoon – $14.99
  5. Christmas Story Leg Night Light – $14.99
  6. Donald Trump TP – $12.97
  7. Bacon Survival Kit – $29.99
  8. Fifty Shades of Chicken – $15.99
  9. Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush – $15.59
  10. Social Shower Curtain – $33.93
  11. Mini Bowling Set – $12.99
  12. Twister – $13.79
  13. Hand Pen Holder (w/ magnetic back) – $17.99
  14. Awkward Family Photo Desk Calendar – $8.99
  15. LED Shoes Laces –  $10.99
  16. Unicorn Shower Cap – $10.90

There you have it you guys – 16 carefully curated  Dirty Santa Gift Ideas. Want to see more gift guides? Click the links below for more:

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Next week we will share with you our personal wish lists – so make sure you come back for that!

2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Coworkers & Acquaintances

Basically this is the gift guide for “that person you don’t know so well”. Also, this list could be dubbed “buying for that hard to buy for person”. You know, that person that doesn’t know WHAT they want and you have no  clue what they could possibly want either…. what a mess huh? Well we’ve scoured the web and the deepest depths of our minds to come up with a list that should appeal to most anyone. So yeah, we hope you enjoy this and let us know if you decided to add any of these to your gift giving lists!

Also, I am aware that number eleven may seem a bit pricey for an ‘acquaintance’..but hey, we thought it was awesome and something most people would enjoy…and there may be someone reading this who wouldn’t blink once at spending $80 on an acquaintance. 😉 If that’s you tho – let’s be frands. 🙂 🙂

Alright – to the good stuff:

  1. Coffee Mugs – ‘You’re Awesome‘ or ‘Fox‘ – $14.99
  2. Amazon Gift Card – $1+
  3. Starbucks Gift Card – $10+
  4. Candle from Baths & Bliss – $15
  5. PopSocket – $9.99
  6. Pelican insulated tumbler – $29.95+
  7. Moon Lamp – $21.99
  8. Magnet Poetry Set – $19.95
  9. 5 Year One Line A Day Memory Book – $10.99
  10. Compliment Pencil Set – $10.00
  11. Giant Tumbling Timbers – $79.99
  12. NEET Cable Keeper 36′ – $19.06
  13. Home Tees – $19.99
  14. Cactus Coaster Set – $12.99
  15. Someecards Office Mad Libs – $4.99
  16. Knox Vintage Multifunction Business Shoulder Bag – $20.99

If you missed our other gift guides and want to check them out… click on over and see all the other goodies we gathered.

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Hope you guys have an amazing Friday and a Fabulous Weekend!

3 Handmade Hidden Gems


We have a great appreciation for handmade small businesses.  Knowing that someone carefully crafted something and our purchases help their family is amazing.

Today we bring you three shops you probably don’t know about, but definitely should.  Please support them by clicking over and seeing what they have to offer.


Created by Rhonda’s friend Bennett, Baths and Bliss expertly handcrafts bath bombs and wooden wick soy candles right in the kitchen in Gulfport, Mississippi.  The products are high quality, amazingly fragrant, and fairly priced.

Shipping is available all over the United States.  Head over to the Facebook page to see current offerings and pricing.

A business run by Ashley’s friend Heather, Mississippi Mayhem offers “Eclectic art for your life” and it definitely eclectic.  With a wide range of There is something for everyone with a sense of humor or a taste for geekery.

Embroidery, cross stitch, keychains, bracelets, and more!  Check out the Etsy shop and start adding to your cart.

Rhonda ran across the shop Hazel & Faith while looking to order custom RATMM wine glasses.  The price was so unbelievable, that she jumped on messaging shop owner Andrea about doing a custom design.  It came out perfectly and more orders are in the works.

The customer service as H&F goes above and beyond, with Andrea sending Rhonda new letters after a dishwasher incident.  Shop Hazel & Faith on Etsy now!  So many fun designs waiting for you.

What are your favorite shops that are currently flying under the radar?  Holiday shopping season is basically here!  We’ll be purchasing from all of these three!

Weekend Roundup: Top 5 Posts

With a growth in readers and followers, it’s time to once again link you up to our most read posts.  Whether you’re new around here or just missed something, take a moment to go back and read our top 5 posts.

5. Three Years – an ode to Claudia Love on her third birthday

4. The Story of My Tattoo: Ashley – a tale of a spontaneous decision made in the Fort Worth Stockyards

3. From Arrest to Engagement – the story of how poor decisions can lead to something amazing

2. Nipstick – how to find the perfect nude for your lips, while nude

  1. A Drinking Problem – a response to some cowardly and ignorant accusations


Which of these posts is your favorite?

Five First Date Must-Haves

I am a huge fan of first dates – choosing an outfit, getting ready, that nervous first moment when you meet up or are picked up, hopefully great conversation, the awkwardness of whether to hug or kiss.  I don’t necessarily enjoy wondering if he will text back, but it’s all part of it.

I haven’t been on a first date (or any date for that matter) in a long time, but I have a lot of experience and am happy to share my expertise.

So what do you need for a first date?  There are five essentials I wouldn’t dare go on a date without.

  1. Your good underwear.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “I don’t do that on the first date.”  That’s fine.  I don’t either, in theory.  But I did once or twice.  It happens.  The thing is, wearing pretty and well-fitting underwear isn’t just in case you get undressed during your date.  Wearing nice and pretty matching underwear that fits like it was made for you boosts your confidence and makes you feel and act sexy.  I started wearing Soma Intimates exclusively last year and it changed the way I carry myself, whether I’m out running errands in cutoff shorts, out on a date in a lace dress, or getting naked.
  2. A Kiss-Proof Lipstick.  With any luck, you’ll get a first date kiss.  Don’t try to tell me you don’t kiss on the first date.  It’s a must.  Don’t waste a second date with a bad kisser.  Gross.  Anyway, I personally feel sexy in confident in a red lip, but don’t want to smear it on my partner’s face (or neck or…. anywhere).  Luckily, I’ve been using Lipsense most of this year and that problem is GONE.  You can ask my fiance, we are both big fans.  It doesn’t transfer to him (or on my glass).  You can hit me up on my Facebook group.  Our readers get 10% of their first orders!
  3. Breath Strips.  If you’re anything like me, you’re going to eat a nice steak with a garlic butter and your breath may not be amazing when the meal is done.  Or maybe you’re just on a date to a hole in the wall bar.  Beer breath is no bueno either.  No worries – excuse yourself to the restroom while the two of you are waiting for the check.  Pop a breath strip in your mouth and by the time you have washed your hands, it will have dissolved and your breath will be kissably fresh!
  4. A pre-date drink.  It doesn’t matter how much I am looking forward to a date or other event – I have ridiculous situational anxiety.  I will literally get sick in anticipation of things to come.  It’s not necessarily the alcohol that calms me as I do my hair and makeup, it’s the ritual.  Sipping on a drink (I tend to do bubbly or wine) while you blend your eyeshadow can really calm your nerves.  And well, if you do choose an alcoholic drink, you’re more likely to be yourself and a little more receptive to flirtation.  Just don’t go overboard.  You certainly don’t want to start a date drunk.
  5. A friend on SOS duty.  Look, you never know when a date is going to be a bust.  We should all be ladylike and mature enough to sit through and end a date that is a little awkward and boring, but never “tough out” a date with someone who is disrespectful or makes you truly uncomfortable.  You need a game plan.  Have a friend you can slip to the bathroom to text, who will text or call you in a few minutes with an emergency.  Be prepared with code words in case you should ever feel unsafe.  Dating is supposed to be fun, but never take for granted that your date is going to be a good guy.


What are your first date musts?  And I need to know, have you ever had to utilize an SOS text?

What’s In My….. Amazon Wish List?

Hey you guys! Here we are again with another installment of “What’s In My…” And what are we showing you guys today?? We’re telling you all about what’s in our Amazon Wish Lists. Ok, well the top five items on our Amazon Wish Lists. The truth is if we sat here and showed you guys the entire thing…well that’d take .. a longgg time! Anyhow, let’s get to it shall we?

Ashley –

Gamery Women’s Casual Woolen Short Lapel Coat Cardigan Jacket with Long Sleeve – I mean. How could you NOT want this jacket? 🙂 

Flight 001 Spacepak Clothes – My next couple of things are from this Flight 001 brand. They are space saving travel bags/luggage. This particular one has two spaces, one for clean clothes and the other for dirty. The bag uses a dual compression system,  and supposedly you can fit two weeks worth

of clothing in here! The bag is about the size of a thick laptop bag. 

Flight 001 Spacepak Undergarments –  As you can see this is another Flight 001 product. This particular bag is for undergarments.

Flight 001 Spacepak Toiletry Bag –   Can’t forget toiletries….aka ALL the makeup. A travel space saving solution for packing the multitude of makeup product choices I require on the daily?? Yes. Please.

Levaca Women’s Plain Scoop Neck Pockets Pleated Loose Swing Casual Midi Dress –  Did you say a striped dress with pockets?? Send it to me asap.


Rhonda –

Yocatech A5 Journal Cover – I finally got my hands on my coveted copper Leuchtturm1917 Anniversary Edition journal and I am so scared I will mess the pretty cover up.  This pretty mint color will be the perfect complement.  I love that I can toss it into my purse and it can hold little notes and receipts I need to track as well.

Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Ink Pen, 0.3 mm, 20 colors – I grabbed one of these pens in black recently, to try it out in my new copper journal.  Well, I am freaking obsessed. They write smooth and sharp and crisp.  It’s love.

Jiao Miao Cage Bra – I love that this serves multiple purposes.  I want it for layering over a bra and under tops.  Of course, it could be fun in the bedroom as well.

Ekouaer Viscose Robe – I am a lover of robes.  I like to wear a nice one when I do my makeup and hair or just lounge around.  The one I wear the most right now is getting worn out from washing it so much, so I just want to add to my rotation.

Mosiso Laptop Sleeve with Small Case – This still isn’t quite as small as I need for my MacBook, but the closest I can find that is still a black floral print. I do love the price and the matching small case that will be perfect for a charger or earbuds.

There you have it guys! What’s in YOUR Amazon wish list?? 🙂


Frivolous Friday Five: Answers to Random Questions You didn’t Actually Ask Us……

Hey y’all hey! So it’s the end of August..well yesterday was the end of August and today is the first day of September… BUT as far as work weeks go today is the end of the month. It’s FriYAY and we’re officially wading into fall. It’s still fucking 80 degrees or higher on the regular, but we’re ready for that fall mindset. And fall clothes. And fall decor. And fall holidays. And so on. Anyyyyhow, to celebrate all that funness plus the end of the week we decided to do a fun little random post. And also, we like to keep it light and breezy on Fridays.

Alright, do these questions have any real significance? Nope. I compiled them because I thought they were thought provoking and kind of relevant to us. 😉 Hope y’all enjoy…and throw your own answers down in the comment section – we’d love to hear from you!

Ashley –

What is the silliest recent fashion trend?

Hmmm.. oh! I know. Those stupid slip on tennis shoes with knots. I think they are silly and ugly and a complete waste of money because they will not be relevant in six months.

What should parents STOP teaching their children?

We should stop teaching our children to conform to and/or shame others because of archaic socially induced expectations of human behavior. Like… “boys will be boys” or “only babies and wimps cry” or “dolls are for girls/trucks are for boys” and on and on and on….

Do you think the convenience of technology is worth the loss of privacy?

Absolutely. Obviously you have to be careful when you are using technology – especially in instances where you’re putting sensitive information online. Don’t be stupid and buy from shady online shops. For the love of all the fake gods, use PayPal whenever you can. I just feel like the bottom line is that there are people out there that could hack your entire life if they wanted to no matter how careful you are…is it likely that that will happen to the average person? No. Just don’t be dumb. Use common sense. You’re more likely to fuck your own life up by not paying your bills on time, or giving your boy/girlfriend ALL your passwords, or posting very private things on Facebook… or your blog.. 😉

How useful would you be in a zombie apocalypse?

Lord. Me? Not useful at all. My end of the world/natural disaster plan is to go to my parent’s house. I’m 32 and that’s still my plan. I know there will be plenty of food and random tools and weapons there to use if needed. I AM super chill – which I feel will be very valuable during moments of crisis such as a zombie apocalypse. So. I mean, if you need a super chill person that can lead you to a good safe house…I’m your girl!

What do most people think about you that is absolutely not true?

Uuuhhh. I don’t know what people think about me.. But I know that I’m super quiet and I don’t easily approach other people – so sometimes I think people think I’m rude. I’m not. I just generally keep to myself. 🙂

Rhonda –

What is the silliest recent fashion trend?

Let me preface this by saying THIS IS NOT FASHION.  IT’S A FUCKING TRAVESTY.  There are all these horribly tacky printed leggings that women are wearing.  The most common brand name rhymes with LuLaNO.  Typically paired with unflattering tops.  God bless, please stop.

What should parents STOP teaching their children?

Definitely agree with Ashley on this one.  Gender discrimination won’t change until you change the way you communicate with your own children.  Mad that your daughter has a low chance of making as much money as her male counterparts?  Don’t just tell her she’s pretty or steer her away from the dump truck section.  Let her follow her passions and reminder her she’s tough and smart as fuck.  Your son?  LET HIM CRY.  He’ll make a wonderful adult partner for someone, in tune with his own emotions and aware of the best way to handle them.

Do you think the convenience of technology is worth the loss of privacy?

Totally.  This has literally NEVER been a concern for me.  If you’ve been reading this blog awhile or follow us on social media, you know that I don’t hold back.  While I wouldn’t exactly be posting social security numbers or anything, I just let it all roll.  I use my brain and do my thing.

How useful would you be in a zombie apocalypse?

Zero.  A better question would be, how useless would I be.  And the answer is completely.  I don’t do well in crisis situations and I often don’t even realize I’m out of wine until I go to pour some.  USELESS.

What do most people think about you that is absolutely not true?

That I spend more time on social media than I do doing anything else.  Yep, I am on social media CONSTANTLY.  However, I do it while doing other things.  I am a master multitasker.  I scroll FB while my kids do a school activity, check out Snapchat while I stir dinner, and check out Instagram while drying my hair.  It’s so easy to keep up while doing other things.  I can’t stand to ever be idle, so it works for me!

What about y’all?  Tell us something about yourself!

Weekend Roundup: Our 5 Most Read Posts

We are kicking off this new series to give weekend or new readers a good place to start with what to read!

Today, we give you our top five posts.  These are the five posts that, from our start in February 2017, have gotten the most views.  Have you read them all?

5. 5 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Love – This post, by Rhonda, is a super personal and heartfelt post written for anyone out there who needs some lessons in love.

4. Three Years – An ode to Rhonda’s daughter and a look at how she changed everything.

3. The Story of My Tattoo: Ashley – Ashley got a tattoo on a drunken adventure, but the meaning behind it is a long-held lesson of love.

2. From Arrest to Engagement – How an arrest changed Rhonda’s life for the better.

1. Nipstick – A titillating look at a very personal lip color, by Rhonda and Ashley.

After you read through, share your favorites to social media!  Happy Weekend!

Here’s to you boo – 13 Things for My Best Betch

When you find someone that can be your person, you should never waste a chance to express your love for them. Especially when you feel like that person could use some extra love. Life is tough sometimes. We should always let the people that we love know just how much and why we love them. That’s what I’m doing today. Lasting friendships are hard to come by, and they don’t always look pretty – but they are the stuff dreams are made of. I saw a similar list while perusing Facebook..and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to gear it toward my one and only Best Betch.

  1. The day I met you, my life changed for the better. I am forever grateful to have you as my best friend.
  2. When I’m drunk and profess my undying love for you, it’s not the booze, I really do love you that much.
  3. I know that you will always be there to tell me I have spinach in my teeth or help me get up when I’m white girl wasted and falling on the floor – you might snapchat it first…but you’ll eventually help me out. 😉
  4. I will never spill your secrets. And not just because you’ve got more dirt on me.
  5. While sleep is of the utmost importance to me…if I wake up at three am to a text from you – you know I’ll open it and reply right then and there. IF I wake up. 🙂 🙂
  6. Our ‘no judgement’ policy is seriously one of a kind. I know that I can be my true self in front of you, and I know that you’ll always love me. Even if you disagree.
  7. The way that you always make time for me is a precedent that I wish could be replicated in romantic relationships that I have. You will ALWAYS answer a text – even if there seems to be no actual call for a reply…I can count on a lol or emoji. And not hours later. No matter what crazy you have going on in your life, you make time to communicate with me.  
  8. Speaking of texts – knowing that you’ll never get tired of me sending memes … like literally everyday, multiple times a day – is friendship gold.
  9. I love you more than wine or coffee, but let’s hope I don’t ever have to actually make that choice.
  10. Life hasn’t always been easy – and I’m sure we have a lot more tough spots ahead – I’m glad we have each other to make those times easier.
  11. You pull me away from my comfort zone – and my life is always better for it.
  12. Your battles are my battles, your enemies are my enemies. Your boycotts are my boycotts – and I am secure in the blessed knowledge that you will never boycott bacon. Because as we’ve discussed – bacon makes everything better.
  13. Clearly we have a true friendship that is based on mutual love and respect. Because of that, when I die, I trust that you’ll delete my browser history, restore my phone to factory settings…..and well basically that you’ll erase all incriminating electronic footprints I’ve left behind.