What We Wore (and Did) Wednesday

Hey hey! With Ashley being ill and Rhonda being, well, Rhonda, we totally spaced on our Week in Review.  And to be honest, they have become a monotonous chore and we are certain it probably reads that way on your end.  We will be making changes to this feature in the new year.  For now, here’s a peek into what we did this week and what we were wearing.

Rhonda –

Most of the week, I did the thing I do – being a boss babe and a mom.  I ran errands and did something very unusual for me – I wore athleisure.  I still don’t like it.  It was just really cold and I didn’t feel well.

Hoodie: Target last year. Leggings: LLR. Shoes: Old ass Nike. Jacket: Target, no longer available.

Another thing I rarely do?  Anything with Stuart on a weekday.  However, Grapevine, “The Christmas Capital of Texas,” was having their Christmas parade and he took off early on Thursday to take us.  Only Harper and Claudia wanted to go and let me tell you, it was viciously cold.  We even had to go to Target beforehand to get more cold weather gear.

I dressed nice and festive and did my lips to match…not that it mattered because it all got covered up with a jacket and scarf.

Shirt: Amazon. Jeans: Old Navy. Boots: Amazon.

We survived, though I’m not sure I would go again with temps that cold.  We went to Whataburger after and in all, it was a lovely evening.

Saturday, we forced ALL of the kids out of the house and went to Frisco to eat at Mash’d and see the lights set to music in their town square.  I am not sure I would drive to Frisco again just for the light show, as it wasn’t THAT amazing.  I loved it though and it was magical when the fake snow started blowing.

Sunday was spent with a trip to Sam’s club after mimosas.  We wrapped up the evening by decorating the outside of the house and grilling steaks.

I couldn’t have asked for a better week, but I am definitely getting anxious about Christmas.  I still haven’t done any shopping and I have a party Friday night that I haven’t prepped for.  This time of year is so bad for my anxiety!

Ashley –

Well Lord. As Rhonda mentioned – I have been sick. Like kick my butt sick. The Flu invaded our household and has been kicking butt and taking names around here. 🙁 I currently feel a TINY bit better – but no where near one hundred percent. Just. Over it. But anyway – to the outfits and what we did last week.

This past weekend I took Cooper to a classmate’s birthday party at Margaritaville in Biloxi. It was a lot of fun! We hung out in the party room for a while for food and cake and ice cream before the kids were unleashed to the arcade area which was what Cooper had been looking forward to.

We also spent some time over at Grammy and Ppop’s house. You know. Just relaxing… chasing the kids around the backyard. 🙂

And gosh – the rest of the week prior? Just the usual man. This flu invasion has seriously got my mind in a fog. So – I’ll just leave it at that. 🙂 Hope y’all are having a great holiday season so far!

Week In Review: Rhonda

Dang, it’s Monday?!  Only discovered that when I saw that Ashley posted the recap of her week.  I guess I’ll update you on MY life.  I’m sure you’re just dying to hear all about it.

You all know what Monday was – big eclipse day!  Well, it was also our first day back to school and we had a great day!  We watched the big event live on NASA’s Facebook feed all day.  Later I found Harper using a flashlight to recreate the eclipse.  I love watching his mind work.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were pretty basic.  Figuring out a school routine and general household and work duties.

I got a great surprise Friday when I woke up and Stuart was still in the bed, smiling at me.  He had taken the day off unexpectedly and it made my day.  He helped me with school, which the kids really seemed to enjoy.  We played Trivial Pursuit, during which we discovered Nick has never heard of Levi’s.

Saturday, we took another trip to IKEA, this time with two kids.  We spent so much time there, during which we LOST CLAUDIA.  We were in the kitchen area of the showroom and Quentin was marveling over some stools.  We mentioned that we were headed to the dining tables to take another look at the one we wanted.  Some baby girl hobbled over and touched my leg and I looked down expecting it to be Claudia. It was not and it was then that we realized Claudia was not with us.  Panic.  I immediately turned around and retraced my steps, thinking she got turned around in the crowded store.  Stuart and Quentin were searching the surrounding kitchens.  When I didn’t find her in the last few areas we had been, I switched directions and went ahead.  I found her with an employee who was calling to report her found.  Turns out she had wandered off and a customer found her standing alone.  Scariest moment of my parenting so far.  It was probably only 2 minutes, but it felt like an hour.  Once that nightmare was over, we finished shopping, picked up Claudia’s bed from a friend, and headed home for a late dinner.

Sunday, we started putting together our lovely IKEA haul and that was quite the adventure.  Quentin and Claudia were surprisingly helpful. Stuart’s coworker Jim came over in the evening with his power tools to help with one of the more complicated assemblies in exhange for a steak.


Favorite Local Hang Out Spots on the MS Gulf Coast: Kid Friendly Edition

Hey y’all, Ashley here. In my last post, where I talked about some of the things that I said as a non parent, I mentioned how much we love the outdoors and physical activities. And really, if you are a regular reader of this blog or frequenter of our social media outlets, you know that the three of us spend a lot of time outside. I don’t really care for sitting around the house – and I’ve never let being a mother prevent me from getting out and stretching my legs. So, I thought I’d take some time to share with you guys some of our favorite spots on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Getting out of the house with two littles is not always easy. There are times that I get us all in the car and sit in the driveway for a few minutes considering if it was even worth all the drama that rangling my littles tends to be, BUT I’ve never changed my mind…and I’ve certainly never regretting getting up and going somewhere.


  1. Fort Maurepas Park & Splash Pad/ Front Beach in Ocean Springs, MS

This should come as no surprise to you guys, if you read my Week In Review posts with any kind of frequency. To say that we love this little spot in OS is an understatement. The area is just perfect. You can access the beach, a splash pad, a playground, and a pavilion that are all within walking distance of each other. The beaches are well maintained. There are wide sidewalks for walking, jogging, running, and biking without having to get in the sand. These sidewalks were key for me when Sophie wasn’t walking. I could easily push her in the stroller along the beach while Cooper played in the sand.  I could really go on and on. To keep it short and sweet? We love it. You will too. If you live on the MS Coast and haven’t gone here…well get your booty over there. Planning a visit here? Put this location on your list of places to go.

  1.  The LIttle Children’s Park in Downtown Ocean Springs, MS

This is our second favorite park/playground to go to. Cooper refers to this park as “The Yellow Park” – I think because a majority of the play equipment is yellow. All the equipment is well maintained. This is Cooper’s favorite park/playground. Per his request, we’ve even had Cooper’s 3rd & 4th Birthday Party here. There are two large playground equipment structures along with several swings, a covered pavilion, restrooms, a water fountain, and plenty of ‘yard’ space for the kids to run around on and/or play sports.


  1. The Mullet Hop in D’Iberville, MS

This is an indoor trampoline park. The kids absolutely love going to the Mullet Hop. I can’t even recall the exact number of times we’ve gone. My only qualm with this place is that I think they should have some kind of frequent visitor package/pass program. You know. So this momma can get a discount every now and then. 😉 Really though the pricing is very reasonable. You’ll have to buy socks the first time, but you are allowed to hang onto and reuse your socks with each additional visit. We keep our socks – so each time we go (paying for me and two kids) it’s $30.00 an hour. Not super cheap, I know. We do this about twice a month..so thirty dollars isn’t that bad. We’d go more though…if there was a discount program. 😉 🙂 We only use the trampoline part of the park, but there is also an arcade area.


  1. The Davis Bayou area of The Gulf Islands Nat’l Seashore Park in Ocean Springs, MS

We haven’t been here lately, because well: we’re in the dead of summer here in South MS – BUT when it’s a little cooler we are here a ton. There are several different nature trails that we like to hike. There’s even a really great visitor’s center that has some educational displays about the area. Cooper loves the visitor’s center. When you turn off Hwy 90 into the park it feels like you’re entering a completely different town. You go from being smack dab in the middle of  the busyness of the City of OS to a very serene wooded park. There are also a ton of other features to the park that we haven’t even begun to use, such as a public campground, fishing piers, boat ramp launches, and ranger led programs.

And there you have it guys, our favorite kid friendly places to hang out here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Apparently we mainly hang in Ocean Springs. Absolutely nothing wrong with that though. 🙂 Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this. What are your favorite local kid friendly places to go?