My Cry Song

Almost everyone can say they have gotten emotional listening to a song before.  But…. can you say there is a song that has that effect on you every single time you hear it?

When Brett Young’s self-titled album came out last year, I loved every single fucking song on it, but…. “Olivia Mae” decided to just destroy me for the rest of my life.  It has made me full-on ugly cry or at least get a little misty every time I play it. It seriously pushes all my buttons. Let’s break it down and talk about why this one hits me so hard.

Olivia, may I get to know ya?
Buy you a coffee or a drink sometime next week
Olivia, maybe I could call you
Olivia, what do ya think?
Yeah, what do ya think?

[So far, so good.  Just a nice sentiment.  Buy a drink.  Sounds good.  Don’t call me though.  Just stick to texting, thanks.]

‘Cause Olivia Mae, I saw you standing there
Laughing, playing with your hair
Looking like you walked out of a dream [Oh.  So… he is seeing me and thinks I’m fucking beautiful and I had no idea.  So, like… I wasn’t even trying? Swoon.]
Olivia Mae, I hope it ain’t just me
From where I’m standing I can see
Us finding our own kind of meant to be
Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right
But I just had to try [Wow, he’s thinking about these things?  I love a man who can admit to this.]
Olivia, may I?
Olivia, may I?

Olivia Mae, I’ve fallen for you [Oh.  Oh God.]
The past year with you has been the best year of my life
And Olivia Mae, I think I love you
And I hope that that’s alright [Wait, though?  It took a year to just THINK you love me?  Ugh, I’ll let it go.]
Tell me that’s alright

Oh, you’re not crying?  Damn it.  I guess it’s just me.

Week In Review: Rhonda

Well another week has gone by and my kid-free time is OVER.  The kids are back and they came in like a wrecking ball.  Sheesh.

During this week, I started decorating our house for Halloween, meet my mom group for drinks at one of their houses, and shipped out a shitload of orders.

Friday was a freaking exciting day.  My company was holding its Leaders Conference and I eagerly watched groups to see what was announced.  Two new limited edition colors came out, along with reformulated concealers and a new blush.  Pretty much the entire company collectively freaked the fuck out.  All this was happening while I wandered around the Halloween store, staring at my phone watching updates.  That was also the day that I received my first three-figure commission check, so it was a good one.

Saturday, Stuart and I had brunch at home then ran a few errands while we waited on his friend Ben to arrive from Germany.  Then I ran out to do some quick shopping while they caught up.  When I got back, we grilled some steaks and had a lovely dinner together before going out.  We went to the Stockyards to see Justin Moore and Dylan Scott.  What a freaking AMAZING show they both put on.  Justin is especially a super talented entertainer.

Sunday we made brunch for Ben and sat outside in the lovely weather for awhile with him. Then went and got the darling children before coming home to grill.

I think the best part of my week was Saturday night. What was yours?

Bottle It Up

I have long been a music addict.  Putting on some music is absolutely the best therapy there is… and the cheapest.  Heartbreak?  Turn up the music.  Anxiety?  Press play.  Anger?  Turn it up louder.

Music is also a motivator and a way to celebrate.  I do my best cleaning and my best partying when there is nonstop loud music.  There is rarely silence in our home, because we never turn off the music unless we are watching TV.

Above all else, for me music is a memory keeper.  I tie so many of my memories to songs.  A person, a moment… I can feel the emotions just by listening to a certain song.

Sam Hunt’s “Bottle It Up” really embodies what it feels like for me to bottle all my memories into music, then let them out at any given moment.  In the song, he wishes he just bottle up the memories and take a sip wherever he goes.  I just want to yell at him, YOU CAN!  Just press play, dude.

So any time I hear that song, I daydream about all the memories that I have made over the years.  Thank you Sam for bottling it up for me.