Afton Line at Target & Mom Rambles on the Statement of Fashion Choice

Recently, I was shopping at my local Target which is just really a regular Tuesday night for me. And anyway, I made my typical rounds that start in the women’s clothing section as I meander all the way around the store. Midway through I always stop off and look at the toddler clothes section. I’m always on the hunt for pants that fit my skinny four year boy child. You know, ones that are snug enough in the waist but will also cover his ankles. People, correctly fitting boy pants are a boy mom’s dream.

After checking all the boy pants – I made my way to the little girl’s section. I immediately noticed a new rack that held black and gray clothing with one little pink dress. Obviously, I was drawn to it. It seemed it was a new line brand that Target had recently introduced. I know I’ve never seen it before. I love monochromatic looks. I love pattern-less looks. I love black and gray. This new little section of clothes had my name written all over it. So I walked over to investigate.

The brand name is Afton Street and besides the atypical color scheme, each piece of clothing had a tag that said:

“Defy norms and stereotypes. Grow, learn and make your own path. Explore the world everyday.”


And if I wasn’t already convinced that Sophie needed something from this line..just for the pleasing aesthetic – this tag sealed the deal. I love the sentiment, and it just really made me start thinking about the way we dress our children and ourselves. And then that just snowballed into how all that relates to life and the time we live in. And I have a blog – so I thought I’d get on here and ramble to you guys. 🙂

This line of clothing is super ‘uniformish’ in that it’s mostly all items of clothing that have no patterns or very subtle patterns. Also, most of the clothing is gray and black with a few splashes of muted pink and cranberry mixed in. I’m sure that is a big turn off for many people – and probably in their mind contradicts what the brand is trying to say. But it spoke to me.

It seems to be beaten into our psyche that being unique or individualistic has to be loud. If you think of someone breaking fashion standards the whole  wild and free -big and bold – buck the system  vibe hits you.

When you picture the embodiment of those sentiments, I’m sure images filled with color and girls with big  lion hair and tattoos and purposefully mix-matched clothing choices and bold graphic art and huge public statements and defying the norm with risque hemlines and putting your personality into your clothing so that people can see it from a mile away.

I think rebellion and freedom, in general, but especially in fashion has become so aesthetically loud that it often distracts from the message and personality of the individual.

I love the idea of the quiet that a monochromatic and muted colored look provides. I love the idea that you aren’t distracted by my clothes and you can really see ME. You can really hear what I have to say.

When I think of rebellion I think of Winston from 1984 who lived in the party uniform just like everyone else. I think of Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, before someone made her put on a flashy dress so that she’d get the attention the outlandishly dressed and body morphed Capitol inhabitants. I think of Luke and Rey from Star Wars dressed in basic utilitarian inspired clothing. I think of Frodo Baggins from The Lord of The Rings in his simple hobbit garb. I think of Moana in her traditional and functional clothing that wasn’t overly showing of her station in life.

I just like things simple. I like things quiet. I like things basic. I think the loudest statement can be something spoken in a whisper – or not spoken at all but written.

While I’m not here to bash you if you’re extra and loud – my best friend is all of those things and I applaud her constantly for her ability to live that way because I admire it – but it’s not me.

You can defy norms in a uniform. You can defy stereotypes in something black and gray. You can grow and learn everyday. Don’t ever accept the status quo. Don’t feel like you have to wear pink because you are a girl or blue because you are a boy. But also, don’t feel like you have to be ashamed of dressing your little girl in bright pink because you genuinely like it. 

Sometimes it’s really great to strip away all the fuss that surrounds you to really see who you are and know what you want. Basic doesn’t have to boring, and an individual can rise and thrive within a uniform.


Fighting for Feminism at Home

I want to preface my rant with this disclaimer – because what I have to say may be perceived as one sided. I think that there a lot of men out there who are doing a great job at being upstanding human beings. I know some of these men. They are my family. They are my friends. They have employed me. They have been my employees. Unfortunately they are still in the minority.  Which is why I have to say what I have to say today.

So – if you’re in the mood… read on.

You would think that in this day and time with all the shouting about women’s rights and the incredible advances that have been made within our parents’ and grandparents’ generations and even the women of today – that there aren’t men still holding women hostage under an outdated ideal of what a family is supposed to look like.

You wouldn’t think there are still men just taking out the trash and washing only their clothes while they expect their significant other to take care the children. Completely.

You wouldn’t think that there are still fathers out there acting like perfectly respectable members of society while they are too much of a coward to step up and realize that they’re literally just acting like a babysitter dad when they are at home.  

You wouldn’t think that a man today would place all of his self worth on the amount of money he brings home. I’m sure you’d be surprised to find out there are men who STILL ask their significant other to make career sacrifices so that the children are not neglected while they climb the advancement ladder at work without acknowledging those sacrifices as valid or worthwhile.

You wouldn’t think a Dad who claimed to be better than the rest would up and leave his entire family to go build a new life. In 2018. I know I’d be shocked.

You wouldn’t think a woman could still be afraid to speak her mind or swipe the debit card from her joint account without fear of devastating repercussions from her significant other.

Women get a bad rap. Even other women condone mothers who threaten to hurt the father of their children with outrageous child support claims or taking away visitation rights. I’m not saying women don’t do that. Maybe they do it because they feel powerless? Maybe they do it because they are freaking crazy and shouldn’t have had kids in the first place? BUT I’m telling you there are men out their doing the same damn thing. They’ve been doing it. And they’re still doing it. And it’s never been ok. It will never be ok.

I tell me kids this. I tell my friends this. I’ve told my employees this. You cannot be shocked when someone starts giving back what you gave them.

You try to keep me silent and threaten to take my children away because I don’t have a job and can’t live on my own without you? For years. For years you’ve threatened women with this….and now. Now women start hurling that back at you…you’re surprised? Well – you’re an idiot…and a narcissist of the worst degree.

You’d be surprised to know that there are women still silently suffering. They changed their life for a man who is completely ungrateful and fails to recognize the things they contribute because she can’t deposit them in the bank account.

So don’t say we’re finished. We’re not done fighting for ourselves in the workplace, in everyday social interactions, and we sure as hell are not done at home.

We are not finished, because we are still not seen as equal or fully competent. How so you ask??

– We still have the cops called on us when we are just trying to ask for help from suffering with postpartum depression.

-We’re still afraid our access to affordable birth control will be taken away.

-Our daughters are still being sent home from school because they have to hide their knees and upper thighs and shoulders because they may tempt a man to pounce despite any spoken invitation or consent – not because THEY are afraid this will happen. Their educators are. The adults caring for them at school are. Those people are perpetuating this fear. In a way they are validating this fear.

-We still feel like we need to apologize for crying when we are passionate or emotional about something.

-Men still feel like they need to be ‘careful’ about what they say and do around women. Why? Because they were not taught how to just treat a woman like another human being instead of a fragile sexual object.

We are not finished, because our sons and daughters are being raised by father’s like the ones mentioned above. We are not finished, because we have to prevent our sons and daughters from becoming like the men mentioned above. We are not finished, because we have to stop our sons and daughters from partnering with and raising children with those men.

Being politically active is a fantastic way to fight this fight. Voting for representatives that align with your ideal is an outstanding way to fight this fight. Run for office yourself? Superb. However, I think the biggest battle is within our own homes. On our own streets. In our local grocery store. In any circumstance. For any reason. We have to stand up for ourselves in the everyday. We have to teach our children differently. We have to make a conscious effort to change our way of thinking and the words we use.

We have to rant. We have to rage.


Twelve Years

It has been 12 years (TWELVE!) since I became a mother…. since I became a better person.

Nicholas Grant came into my life at a time that I was completely rudderless.  I had a new boyfriend and was living in a haze of cocktails and late nights at work.  When I became pregnant, I instantly knew and was scared but excited to become a mother.  I never expected to be a single mom but it was the greatest learning adventure of my life.  My ex-husband entered my life before Nick turned one, so my single mom life was short but important.  It taught me how to be self-sufficient, the importance of letting your village help you, how self-care is so vital.

I was not prepared for all that motherhood would bring to me – both good and bad- but I couldn’t have asked for a better child to make me a mama.

Nicholas Grant didn’t sleep through the night until he was three, has ADHD and sensory issues, is the pickiest eater on earth, never wanted to give up a bottle, had awful reflux as a baby, and is such an extreme introvert that I wonder how he is my child.  He really set me up to know how to deal with parenting problems.

He has taught me so much, among those being grace, patience, and unconditional love.  I can’t think of a better way to be taught life lessons than for a small child to literally hurl them at you.

Happy Birthday to my nerdy little hermit!  Your mama loves you beyond!


When Things Change

I grew up in the small town of Lucedale, Mississippi.  Like so many small-town Southern families, we were close-knit and rarely did people in our family move away.  I went to college at the University of Southern Mississippi, an hour from home – far enough for privacy and personal growth, but close enough to go home anytime I wanted or needed to.  Hattiesburg became my true home as I got older.  I loved it and still do.

I moved around several times during my adulthood – Hughesville, MD; Clermont, FL; back to Lucedale; Gulfport, MS; Arlington, TX; and now, Fort Worth.  The best of times were when I lived in Gulfport – far enough away from my nosy small town (in a dry county), but close enough to attend family functions and to see my parents on all holidays and birthdays.

Being in the DFW area has its advantages:

  • Homeschool freedom
  • Great weather
  • Diversity in the cities
  • Plenty of things to do
  • Great restaurants, shopping, and nightlife
  • A friend group I always wanted
  • Stuart has a great job here.
  • Enough distance from my family to raise my children my way without meddling

There are definitely disadvantages:

  • The dry air sucks for my skin.
  • I have severe allergies here.
  • I don’t have family holidays.
  • Not near the beach
  • My old friends, part of my soul, are too far away.
  • I miss MY shopping centers and MY bar.
  • Have you ever driven in the DFW?!
  • My hairstylist is in Mississippi
  • My family is too far away to be a real support system.
  • My nephew is coming soon, in MS, and I want my kids to grow up near him.

That last one, though.  Several things happened over the weekend while I was back home visiting -a great hair appointment, girl time with one of my oldest friends, troublemaking with my Bestie, meeting new friends- that made me realize how much I need to be home.  Above all else, I need to see my nephew born, I need long day visits with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew.  I need to see my parents and extended family far more than I have the last few years.

It’s a hard pill to swallow to realize you have made a life-altering decision that you’re no longer happy with.  I moved to Texas to continue my relationship with Stuart because he can’t do his job in Mississippi.  The decision to put my relationship with him above a lot of other things in my life is now nagging the hell out of me.

This doesn’t mean I’m packing up and shipping out – it just means that I am less certain of what the future holds.

The Value in Parenthood

Sometimes things happen to your loved ones that make you sit back and reflect upon your own life. Even though I am fully aware of the way that things can change at a moment’s notice – when something unexpected happens, I am still always emotionally blown away.

My maternal grandfather, Papa, is currently in the hospital – dealing with some pretty daunting medical issues that arose after what was a seemingly normal medical procedure. Things suddenly became scary and hopeless.

And while I don’t want to dive into the specifics of that situation, because it is still on going – I just wanted to bring it up, so that these musings didn’t seem so vague. Because, let’s be honest vague blogging has got to be worse than vague Facebooking. Right??

So – if you’re interested…or curious…I thought I’d let my thoughts spill out into a blog post. 😉

Anyway, this situation caused me to think about him – and his life – and my memories of him – and the way that I perceived him. My relationship with him. Which led me to thinking about my own parenthood. And my own children. Thinking about the way that they perceive me and how that will change over time. I thought about how, as a parent, we do our best to do our best for our children. We want to be able fulfill all their needs and wants. We just want to be able to do it all for them, which is an all consuming task. The thought of not being able to do that can keep you awake at night or cause a hideous panic to rise within you so that you throw caution and good logic to the wind while just trying to make something happen for your child.

I just got to thinking about all that there is involved in being a parent. And all the things I try to do and say and demonstrate. I thought about the things I feel like I’m succeeding at, and of course, my mind began to dwell on my own perceived failures. And so, then I just thought about how grateful I am to have those two little babies in my life. How honored I am to be called their mom. I thought about all the value that they add to my life. The immense value that they give my life.

And because I was thinking about life and death in relation to parenthood – I thought about my children’s lives after I’m no longer here. I hope that they have memories of me. I hope that they have happy memories. Sad memories, Funny memories. Frustrating memories. Light hearted memories. Heavy memories. Beautiful memories. Ugly memories. Silly memories.

Memories that bring value to their life.

Above all, I realized, I want to add value to my children’s lives. Because, you can do and say all that you want. You can impress upon your children to think this or do that. But you can’t control them. You can’t completely shape the person that they will become. Or the way that they think. You can’t expect to always be a part of their lives just because you are their parent. You can’t assume that what you do for them will be perceived the way you intend it.

I just hope that however they look back on the way that I impact their lives – whatever light they see it in – I hope that I add value to their lives. I hope that my impact whether it becomes positive or negative to them – is still valuable. I hope that what I do has some kind of tangible value for them.

Parenthood is such a tricky and risky business. Parenthood in all forms. And it makes me emotional. And the thought of the loss of a parent heightens those emotions.

As a parent, you can’t do it all. You can’t always do or say the right thing. Sometimes you may think you’re doing something right…but it ends up being wrong. Either way, I think that we should strive for the valuable thing.


What We Wore (and Did) Wednesday

Hey hey! With Ashley being ill and Rhonda being, well, Rhonda, we totally spaced on our Week in Review.  And to be honest, they have become a monotonous chore and we are certain it probably reads that way on your end.  We will be making changes to this feature in the new year.  For now, here’s a peek into what we did this week and what we were wearing.

Rhonda –

Most of the week, I did the thing I do – being a boss babe and a mom.  I ran errands and did something very unusual for me – I wore athleisure.  I still don’t like it.  It was just really cold and I didn’t feel well.

Hoodie: Target last year. Leggings: LLR. Shoes: Old ass Nike. Jacket: Target, no longer available.

Another thing I rarely do?  Anything with Stuart on a weekday.  However, Grapevine, “The Christmas Capital of Texas,” was having their Christmas parade and he took off early on Thursday to take us.  Only Harper and Claudia wanted to go and let me tell you, it was viciously cold.  We even had to go to Target beforehand to get more cold weather gear.

I dressed nice and festive and did my lips to match…not that it mattered because it all got covered up with a jacket and scarf.

Shirt: Amazon. Jeans: Old Navy. Boots: Amazon.

We survived, though I’m not sure I would go again with temps that cold.  We went to Whataburger after and in all, it was a lovely evening.

Saturday, we forced ALL of the kids out of the house and went to Frisco to eat at Mash’d and see the lights set to music in their town square.  I am not sure I would drive to Frisco again just for the light show, as it wasn’t THAT amazing.  I loved it though and it was magical when the fake snow started blowing.

Sunday was spent with a trip to Sam’s club after mimosas.  We wrapped up the evening by decorating the outside of the house and grilling steaks.

I couldn’t have asked for a better week, but I am definitely getting anxious about Christmas.  I still haven’t done any shopping and I have a party Friday night that I haven’t prepped for.  This time of year is so bad for my anxiety!

Ashley –

Well Lord. As Rhonda mentioned – I have been sick. Like kick my butt sick. The Flu invaded our household and has been kicking butt and taking names around here. 🙁 I currently feel a TINY bit better – but no where near one hundred percent. Just. Over it. But anyway – to the outfits and what we did last week.

This past weekend I took Cooper to a classmate’s birthday party at Margaritaville in Biloxi. It was a lot of fun! We hung out in the party room for a while for food and cake and ice cream before the kids were unleashed to the arcade area which was what Cooper had been looking forward to.

We also spent some time over at Grammy and Ppop’s house. You know. Just relaxing… chasing the kids around the backyard. 🙂

And gosh – the rest of the week prior? Just the usual man. This flu invasion has seriously got my mind in a fog. So – I’ll just leave it at that. 🙂 Hope y’all are having a great holiday season so far!

Week In Review: Rhonda

Hey hey, and welcome back to a glimpse into my week.  Life has been a doozy lately with Claudia going through a phase of wanting all my attention, all the time.  I have tried to just embrace this phase of life and be thankful that I have the opportunity to watch her grow and learn and become a little lady.  Shit, it’s a challenge though.

She has been wild, dabbing and ridding her tricycle and playing Little Mama.

We did a lot of fun school lessons this week, learning about Arizona.  The kids love this state project we are working on.  Previously, they couldn’t really see past Texas or Mississippi.

Harper is absolutely obsessed with cooking and baking, so I have started to let go of a little control and let him in my beloved kitchen, mostly with free reign.  He decided to do cupcakes this week and they were delicious!  The cleanup wasn’t so fun though.

Quentin and Claudia helped me make my first roasted chicken (come back tomorrow for more about that experience) on Friday.  Then Saturday, we went to tour a possible wedding venue (now marked off the list).  In the evening, our friends came over to have drinks and dinner with us.  We had so much fun.  Lots of laughter.

On Sunday, the weather was sunny and perfect and Claudia wanted to play outside.  So we played in the driveway and ended up rolling out mats to lie down and soak up the sun.  After nap time, we went to a holiday parade.  We were so freaking late and parked a couple of miles away.  We were too late to get a good spot for viewing.  Quentin and Claudia took turns on Stuart’s shoulders.  I held Claudia on mine a little, but it was hurting with her dancing on my shoulders.  She’s a mess.  We enjoyed getting into the spirit of the season for sure!

Now onto Thanksgiving!  I can’t wait to have a good and hearty meal on Thursday and enjoy a long weekend together as a family.  AND PUT UP MY TREEEEEES!

How was your week?  Are you in total holiday mode yet?

Week In Review: Rhonda

I know, I know…I literally say this every single week.  But seriously – where did the week go?!

Monday, I did some much-needed meal planning and grocery shopping.  I also took Quentin to Target to spend his birthday money.  It is always one of my least favorite things to do, because I end up continually talking the kids out of buying shit with a million tiny pieces or stuff I know they won’t play with.  I was thankful that he actually made some good solid decisions and it was fun!

Wednesday, true to my extra self, I designed and ordered Thanksgiving Dinner invitations to send to my parents and ex-husband.  I love how they turned out (the black rectangle is actually blacking out my address, not part of the design).

The rest of the week was full of working my business, recovering from an epic Wine Wednesday (seriously, you have to show up for these live broadcasts if you aren’t already), wedding planning, and juggling mom life.

Then the glorious weekend rolled around and it was time for football, day drinking, and lots of relaxing.

We rounded out Sunday with hair cuts for all the boys (and a fake out snip for Claudia who can’t be left out of anything), which was needed in the worst way.

How was your week?  Do you watch football on the weekends?

Sleeping like a baby – and other necessary developmental myths.

There are a few things, in regards to motherhood, that I get a little cray and jump up on my soapbox when they come up in conversation. I know that we (here at RATMM) and a lot of other mom’s say that it is so so so important not to compare your child’s development to any other child. That’s incredibly hard not to do. I mean, even the standards by which your child is judged at the pediatrician’s office is basically a huge ass comparison to all the other children that are your child’s age (i.e. that percentile shiz). And obviously, it’s important to have some kind of guidelines so that you know where your child stands and if he or she needs some extra help in a certain developmental area. But for real though there are a lot of milestones that our children are expected to hit at certain ages that are not necessary. Let’s just take a moment to do a brief sidetrack into an example of an expected level of development that is basically unnecessary –

Once at a well visit, my pediatrician asked my then 3 yr old if he knew that he was a boy and that mommy was a girl. He had no fucking clue what she was talking about, and I was shocked that he was even supposed to be aware of that. I said, “oh he doesn’t know that – is that something he should know at this point?” And she said, “Well yeah, that is something most children his age are aware of. Or should be aware of.” I just left that appointment so confused and bewildered and annoyed. Now, I freaking love my pediatrician. She’s the bomb. I’m sure that was just some box she had to check on a form. I totally get that. And I don’t have anything against my child being self aware of his gender. Or my gender. I just wanted to express how knowing that by age three was not something I expected my child to need to know – I’d never pointed it out to him. He just knew the people in his life as people. He called them and recognized them by name –  not by gender. So, my long winded point is that : so what if 99% of all the other 3yr olds are aware of their gender and other’s genders. It’s not necessary or relevant to them being able to function. Why is it even a thing we are measuring?

BUT – to my main point of  writing this of the motherhood/parenthood things that makes me just cray is how much people talk about and define a child by their sleeping habits which is basically indirectly judging your parental skills. For me, the real stressor is when you have a newborn and someone’s very first question about this newborn is “And how are they sleeping?”. They are asking with the expectation of hearing some ‘good news’ scenario wherein my 3 week old is magically sleeping in 9 hour blocks of time. In their own bed. Without being rocked. Sans a paci or nighttime bottle.

Listen. Babies don’t sleep the way we sleep. Generally newborns actually sleep all the time. They just don’t sleep in large blocks of time like we do. At night. Between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am. I used to joke with my mom that if I could just hire a sleep nanny. You know, she’d show up at ten every night and leave the next morning at seven. If I could just do that I’d be so happy and beautifully rested. Pipe dreams, huh?

Sleep deprivation is a serious thing for new parents. We all desperately just want to be able to sleep. The people who love us want us to be able to sleep. So, naturally we (and they) are concerned about the sleeping habits of our babies.

However, when you constantly barrage me with questions about “how well” my baby is sleeping. Like. I just want to … stare at you blankly and then turn away. Cause. My baby is not freaking sleeping and neither am I. Thank you. Very. Much.

A baby’s sleep schedule is shit. I don’t ever want to sleep like a baby. I have. In fact, I still sleep like a baby sometimes – cause my kids still sometimes sleep like babies despite the fact that they are no longer babies. I’m for sure looking forward to those lazy teenage years. 😉

The thing is – let’s just chill out when it comes to measuring ‘how well’ a  baby is doing/developing in regards to their sleep patterns. Let’s stop asking new parents about it. Cause those new parents are already stressed AF over the nonexistent regular solo sleep patterns of their newborn. That new parent has probably sat in her living room rocking chair while holding a newborn that just wants to sleep in her mommy’s arms, but mommy desperately needs to lie in bed to get some real rest. She can’t though. Her baby won’t let her. Her baby just needs to be held. She literally needs it. So mommy is sitting there with giant tears streaming down her face while she muffles her sobs cause she knows daylight is coming in a few short hours – and she’s exhausted. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally.




And the most tragic part about all of it, is that new parent is being made to feel like he or she could be doing something to change the way their baby sleeps. Google has filled our heads with thousands of magical ways to establish sleep routines. Step by step guides to get your baby to sleep through the night. A hidden switch that you just have to find and flip. To make you, the parent, feel inferior because you’ve tried all the tricks and none of it is working.

Four years later and your baby STILL doesn’t consistently sleep through the night? He still needs a paci to sleep? And a sippy cup of milk? What in the world is wrong with your parenting?

What’s wrong with me? Nothing is wrong. What’s wrong with YOUR warped expectations of reality???

So, you know what you could do for that new parent in your life? Instead of asking how well their baby is sleeping: volunteer to be that beautiful night nanny. Seriously. I’d have let you. I’m sure most new parents will. Maybe not in week two…or maybe not even in month two. Month three though? I guarantee at that point,  those new parents would sell their soul for a night nanny. Be a peach – and save their souls AND minds by taking the night shift sometime.

  • Babies/kids don’t see the same values in sleep that we do. So they are just not going to willingly sleep the way we do.
  • Don’t let someone tell you that rocking your child to sleep is going to be detrimental. Rocking my babies was one of my most favorite things. You don’t want to rock your baby? Cool. I’ll do it for you.
  • If your child needs a paci, or blanket, or doll, or pot holder, or sippy cup – to feel comforted and safe enough to sleep on their own. Well – give it to them and let them tell you when they are ready to give it up. It’s not hurting anyone. So why not?
  • Hey dad, you should also be getting up in the middle of the night with your finicky sleepers. And you better not be using breastfeeding, your job, or any other lame ass reason as an excuse not to.
  • I wholeheartedly believe in sleep routines. It’s what works for us. We do bath and then straight to bed every single night at the same time. Even if they just had a bath four hours earlier. Even if they just woke up from a 3 hour nap two hours prior to bedtime. I figured all that out after several years of being in the trenches of unsuccessful attempts at finding our bedtime/sleep rhythm. I paid attention to what worked for MY children and ME – I didn’t follow some step by step Google guide.

Listen. Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Godparent, Grandparent, Guardian – when it comes to getting sleep and getting your child to sleep : You do you boo. Don’t stress it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. And don’t be afraid to tell someone to mind their own bizznassss when they come around with their unsolicited opinions/advice.

Sleep is a beautiful and necessary part of survival – get it girl. However you can.

Week In Review: Rhonda

It’s a lovely day to recap a lovely week!  I had such a fun-filled, busy week and party-licious weekend.  Let’s get to it!

On Monday, we did Art class for school, learning about how to use the color wheel to mix paints into a blood red shade, perfect for making handprints on the windows and mirrors.

We had such a crazy jam-packed week.  Workouts, school, Halloween party planning and decorating.

Friday, I packaged up orders, ran more errands, then came home to enjoy some time with my latest Baths and Bliss order.  I can’t get enough of these high quality, handcrafted products!

Then.  Then it was the weekend and holy moly was it wild!  We had our first annual Halloween party that evening, after making a booze run.

We throw a lot of parties, but this one was by far my favorite.  We had a wonderful turnout and the food got destroyed, which tickled me beyond anything you can imagine.  There is nothing worse than pouring your time and money into a party and nobody showing up or nobody really eating.  I will be posting party details another day!

I absolutely drank so much that night and felt every bit of it for most of Sunday.  I got better just in time to head to the wedding of one of Stuart’s coworkers.  The wedding was absolutely lovely and the bride stunning.  We had a good meal, plenty of drinks, and so much fun dancing with our friends.

I can’t imagine a better weekend!

Did you get into any Halloween festivities this weekend?