Week In Review: Rhonda

As you know, we had a lot going on and skipped our Week in Review last week.  So I going to to just hit the highlights.  I had a kid-free two weeks, so it was both relaxing and productive, with a good dose of fun!

Tuesday and Wednesday, I took advantage of my solo status and worked at Starbucks and Buffalo Wild Wings…with shopping breaks.  I got a lot of blogging, working, and writing done, along with a healthy dose of people watching.

Thursday and Friday were spent getting some stuff done around the house and relaxing. I worked on some wedding party stuff, which was really exciting.  Friday night was supposed to be the night that Ashley arrived for a visit, but the airline had different ideas, so we invited Stuart’s coworker over to grill.  Stuart grills a mean steak.

Ashley finally arrived Saturday and we had a wonderful whirlwind day.  Shopping, happy hour, a tattoo for Ashley, and a night at the Fort Worth Stockyards.

I finally got to start wedding dress shopping.  More to come on that later.  Suffice it to say, nothing I tried worked, but I got a better idea of what I wanted.

After a Thursday afternoon spent at Starbucks working, Friday brought about a great surprise – Stuart took the day off to take care of our internet issues.  Once those were cured, we went to visit the marketing coordinator at our preferred venue.  We were happy to determine that it is THE place for us.  I’ll tell you more later!  Later that evening, Stuart surprised me with a date night to our favorite steakhouse.  I can’t recommend enough that you try out The Keg in Arlington for the kind of steak that that nearly gives you an orgasm.

We spent Saturday with all the relaxation.  We stopped by an open house for a rental house.  It was oddly situated in a sketchy neighborhood but was a super nice house.    Stuart once again surprised me as we dropped by our wedding venue for a quick beer (they were about to close).  We came home to grill again, which is always a good idea.

Sunday was our final morning without children, so we had brunch, then went to Stuart’s messy-ass office for him to do some work.  Then we hit the road to get the kids, which is always a grand adventure.

What did you do this week?  Get into anything fun?


Stop Living For the Freakin’ Weekend

I can admit that I’ve been this person who counts down to Friday…just waiting for the weekend to come so that I can live.  While I do still very much look forward to the weekends, my life got exponentially better when I stopped living for the weekend.  Yours can be that way too.

Here’s the thing, y’all.  There are seven days in a week.  What happens when you spend a good chunk of the week in a blur, waiting for Saturday?  You lose valuable time that you can never get back.

What about the weekend makes it more special than the weekdays for you?

Do you work Monday through Friday and off on weekends? And do you dislike that job?  Is it stressful?  Do you hate school days because of all the chaos that comes with that?  Maybe you are a stay-at-home parent and your other half works weekdays so you look forward to having an adult around on the weekend.

For me, there were times when I did not place much value on the weekends because I was a retail manager and usually worked.  I worked a couple of jobs that were typical weekday jobs and they were highly stressful, so I looked forward to that weekend break and time with my family.  Currently, working for myself from home and homeschooling four children, I crave those weekends, which bring time with Stuart and help around the house.  He works very long days, so I don’t even get to look forward to time in the evenings with him much.

Somewhere along the way, I changed in the last few months.  I started just taking advantage of blocks of time every day.  It took deciding that I was going to be positive and enjoy each and every ordinary day.

A random Tuesday doesn’t have to be full of plans and fun moments to be enjoyed.  It takes a simple action – a naptime margarita, a playdate with your best friend and her kids, watching shitty reality TV in your room while the kids watch YouTube videos, a trip to Ulta or a solo movie while your kids are at school.

There are two things I do every weekday to make sure I am taking care of my mental health and just living my life to the fullest.

  1. My pre-dinner ritual.  Whether or not the kids are home, I turn up my favorite music, pour a drink, and dance around the kitchen while I make dinner.  Trust me, it makes cooking dinner less of a routine chore and more of a moment to be enjoyed.  Sometimes I Snapchat the moment.  Sometimes I Instagram it.  Sometimes I leave my phone on the charger and just soak it in.
  2. Naptime routine.  My boys do not nap and Claudia rarely does, but we still make it part of the day.  They get in their beds, I put on the TV or hand them a tablet, and I take a coffee or beer to my room.  I lock the door and watch DVRed shows, workout, blog, do my makeup…whatever I want to do in peace.  They aren’t allowed to so much as knock on the door unless someone is hurt.

You don’t have to do the same things I do to make your day good.  But do something that makes you happy.  Soak in a bath, text a good friend, watch horrible TV, go for a walk, read a book, sit in Starbucks.

Every day is special.  Every.  Freaking.  One.  Because you’re still alive…. And the weekend will be here before you know it.  Now go live.

[t-shirt here]

Wedding Planning – Introduction

When Stuart and I got engaged this past December, I knew that I wanted to have the whole to-do.  Both of us had gotten married at the courthouse with our previous marriages and while that is lovely and gets the job done, I just wanted something different this time.  I wanted those who love us and support our relationship to be able to witness our union.  At the same time, I also knew that we wanted something personal and intimate that wouldn’t break the bank.

We set a date, then put off wedding planning until after my beach vacation.  I had too much else to focus on and pay for, so it just didn’t make sense to really get into it.  Now, here we are over a month after my vacation and I am just over 300 days away from my wedding date.  What have I planned?  Well, let’s see…

  • Date: CHECK!
  • Venue: Yeah, not so much.
  • Photographer: I have narrowed it down to a couple options.
  • Catering: I have some ideas…ish.
  • Wedding Party: Bride’s, yes.  Groom, uh…pretty sure we haven’t even talked about it.
  • Dress: Ha!
  • Aesthetic: Got that lined up!
  • Guest list: Sort of.  It has been discussed and it’s small enough that I could make the list in 5 minutes.

Safe to say we haven’t done shit.  I bought a planning binder, decided I didn’t like it…bought another.  I picked out my bridal party and they know who they are.  I know what the colors and feel of the wedding are.  I sort of know what I want in a dress and I have some ideas for catering.

We just really need this venue thing nailed down before we can do much else.  And here’s the thing – we have a venue in mind, but we also would prefer to do it in our own backyard….but we don’t have one.  We are trying to find a house and I hope it’s soon so that we CAN figure out if we want to get married there or elsewhere.

What I definitely know about our wedding is it will be intimate, personal, and very us.  In the same way I rage against the MOMachine, I will very much be raging against the wedding industry.  I have zero desire to just go along with and pay for everything I’m “supposed to.”  No thank you.  So you’ll see a lot of DIY and unusual ideas here.

Anyway, I will be posting an update to this series any time I feel like there is something to update on.  First installment will be about my bridal party and that is coming soon!

Anyone else really drag their feet in planning their wedding?

Week In Review – Rhonda

Another week has passed and I have to say, it was a damn good one for me.  I felt great and got a lot done.

Monday was a little bit of a rocky start, as Mondays tend to be.  My kids were cranky and fought half the day.  I did get some work done though, thanks to the power of music to motivate me.  We ran to the post office, which my kids love to do for some reason.

Tuesday, we started a solar system unit, which the kids have really been enjoying.  It’s one of those topics that every age can understand, which makes teaching them much easier.  During their naptime, I had beer and Fritos and tried to relax but I had so much work to do that I really just wore myself out trying to speed-work.

In the evening, I made a stop for some wine and cranked up the music while I cleaned the kitchen.  I got all up in my emotions thanks to music, but it was all very therapeutic. Sometimes you just need a good cry.

Lil’ Mama and I hit up Target on Wednesday, after I successfully placed a highly coveted Lipsense inventory order.  We had a lot of fun checking out their new carnival-inspired toddler girl clothes.  They are to die for.  In the evening, I looked at houses and wedding venues until my eyes were crossing.  Both wedding planning and house hunting are exhausting.

Stuart had the car Thursday, so I did a lot of housework after school.  I also cleaned my makeup brushes and made a lovely margarita to go with the taco salad I cooked.  Stuart came home with a big surprise – my first ever bouquet of flowers.  I have had flowers in the past, just not from a significant other.  It was such a simple gesture, but it meant everything to me.  So did the tequila he brought me.

Friday, we went grocery shopping once Claudia finally woke up.  Food shopping is one of those things I really enjoy, so it’s always a good day when I can do that.  Throw in some beautiful weather and making a few sales and it really was just a lovely day.

Sweet, sweet weekend.  No matter how good my week is, I am always excited for the weekend.  There is nothing better than boozy brunches, time with Stuart, and having help with the kids.  Saturday, we did our usual brunch routine and I played with makeup while Stuart handled some work stuff.  When he got back, we spent time outside grilling and listening to music.

Sunday was a lot like Saturday – brunch, makeup, grilling and hanging outside.  I started the day out by opening my Mother’s Day gifts though.  A stack of birthstone bangles to add to my Alex and Ani collection – PERFECT. They also brought me more flowers!  I got spoiled.

I mean, I don’t think my weekend could have been any better.  It was amazing.  Tell me about your Mother’s Day!


What Mom Really Wants: An Unfiltered Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up in just a few days.  You can find gift guides all over the web and for the most part, they all include the same things – flowers, jewelry, spa gift cards.  Those are all great things, but as a real-life mother of four, I’m going to let you in on a little secret – you’re missing some really important shit.

Wine.  Or maybe the mother in your life prefers whiskey, tequila, or beer.  Still good options.  But seriously, give your mother or baby mama the booze of her choice.  It is affordable and can be purchased last-minute (you know who you are).  And you know what?  It’s hard out there for a mama.  She needs this.

Solitude.  When she gets that drink, she is going to need peace to enjoy it.  Nothing worse than sipping on a frosty beer and being constantly interrupted with requests and complaints.  It can be hard to finish a cup of coffee while warm or an adult beverage while cold.  I have been known to drop a couple of cubes of ice in my chardonnay because between potty training, sibling squabbles, and someone always wanting a drink, it can take an hour to finish a single glass.  Even if she isn’t having a drink, time to finish a thought, read a book, or talk to a friend can be so therapeutic.  Some of my best Mother’s Days have been spent solo, shopping, seeing a movie, or napping.  So take the kids out of the house for the day or send her off guilt-free.

Shopping.  Yep, it’s cliche but it is so true.  Most women love shopping.  Maybe she isn’t that person, but I bet she would appreciate free rein to spend a little money on something.  Moms often take care of everyone else first and there’s not time, energy, or money left for herself after everyone else is handled.  Whether she chooses to buy some fresh shrimp, a new mop, or the latest eyeshadow palette, a Visa gift card or just a little grace to spend from the joint account without judgment goes a long way.

Some fucking sleep and help and shit.  Some mothers are lucky enough to have a partner who shares household duties equally, but more mothers do not.  If your partnership agrees on that balance, all is good, but that doesn’t mean that on this day meant to honor Mom, you can’t pick up some slack.  Handle the meals and clean-up, and for fuck’s sake, change the diapers and wake up with the baby.  Acts of service really show appreciation and respect in the way a bouquet of flowers can’t.  At the end of the day, be sure to express you can personally see how much she does and that you truly appreciate her.  After all, isn’t that what the day is all about (aside from upping the revenue for Hallmark)?

What would you add?  What do you most appreciate on Mother’s Day?



Week In Review: Rhonda

Oh boy… the first week back after vacation is always a killer.  I seriously was not myself for the first several days.  My mind was somewhere on a beach, sippin’ something strong.  I’m back now though, for the most part.  It’s been a fun week and I’m happy to be settling back into some normalcy.

You already know I was still at the beach Monday and that part of Tuesday was spent traveling home.  Stuart took off work early to pick me up from the airport and I came home to lots of presents and a spotless house.  What more could I ask for?  Oh, how about a pan-seared tuna steak and a glass of wine?

Wednesday was the day to pick up the kids, but I had all day to myself.  I can’t even tell you what I did.  I slept, worked a little, watched TV, and cleaned.  Then Stuart came home with another gift, a perfect adult coloring book.  We jammed to some favorite tunes in the car, then stopped for dinner before scooping up the kids.

I woke up motivated Thursday, slowly getting back to normal life.  I pounded some coffee, worked out, received MORE gifts, and cooked a healthy dinner.

Friday was Cinco de Mayo, which is really just an excuse to drink tequila in case I feel like I need one.  I took the kids to my favorite store, Total Wine, where I growled at them because they couldn’t stop touching things. Surely you all know the mom growl that we use in public when polite reminders are working but you don’t want to be the Yelling Mom.  I got my tequila and came home to make taquitos, nachos, and margaritas.

If you’ve been reading this blog from the beginning you know how much I love my weekends.  You also know that we always start with my super strong mimosas and sometimes never get out of bed.  This Saturday, we stepped outside the box a little.  After boozy brunch, we went to the water park where we have season passes.  We really had a great time and everyone enjoyed soaking up some sun.

Sunday was closer to the usual weekend.  After boozy brunch, we just kept on sipping all day.  I never got dressed and I don’t think I even brushed my hair.  Sometimes, you just want to lie down and spend time with your people.

It was the perfect week for getting back into the swing of things.  I am mostly back to normal now, working my ass off and being healthy.

Do you have a hard time bouncing back after vacation?

Vacationing RATMM Style

As you know, I have been on vacation while Ashley held down the blog (she did an amazing job!).  You see, my best friend from Nebraska and I see each other only once a year, when we head to Orange Beach and shake the place up.

Every year, we somehow take it to another level and this year was no exception.  Some things can’t be discussed here, in order to allow for some discretion and keep a few things sacred.

On Thursday morning, I had to go hang out at the airport for several hours before my flight, because Stuart needed to go to work and I would rather hang out at the airport than Uber.  I love airports.  As luck would have it, I ended up flying out of the international terminal at DFW, which is one of the best places you could ever hope to be.  It is seriously like a luxury mall where planes land.  I had too much coffee and people watching.

I flew first class (and am now spoiled and don’t think I can fly coach ever again) and enjoyed my free drinks on the plane.  My flight attendant wouldn’t even let my glass get empty.  I arrived in Pensacola tipsy and grabbed my bags.  Nicole was flying into Pensacola as well, but not for a couple of hours, so I posted up at the bar of course.  My bartender was lovely.  My other BFF Chrissy was picking us up, so we decided to just all gather at the airport bar for a drink.  By time we left the airport, I was feeling fine.  We grabbed groceries and booze on the way to our condo.

We have a tradition of popping open bubbly as soon as we set foot in the condo.  I pour, Nicole photographs, we toast and sip.  Then we always take a walk on the beach after we unpack.  After those traditions, we got ready and headed out to the Flora Bama.  If you’ve never been there, you’re missing out.  We made some new friends, which happens every year.  And seriously, every year those friends get better quality.  I still talk to Thad* after meeting him many years ago and very close friends with Kanye* after meeting him last year.  I feel this year’s friends will be no different.  There’s just something about going to paradise and meeting people in a similar vacation frame of mine.  Everyone’s walls go down and as the drinks flow, people open up and connect on deep levels.  It’s a beautiful thing.

We found out a few weeks prior to the trip that we had accidentally scheduled it during Mullet Toss (if you aren’t familiar, it’s a ridiculous beach party and I think you’d have to attend to understand).  We were super frustrated with that oversight, because it meant that we would be in the midst of chaos and crowds, with which we don’t usually have to deal.  It turned out to be a positive thing, because without Mullet Toss, we wouldn’t have met some of the people we did this year – not Connor*, Trey*, or Roger*.  Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Thursday night at the Flora Bama, we had a Bushwacker, their signature drink, and then some vodkas.  We listened to bands and danced and just had a great time enjoying our time together.  We met Connor and Trey that night, which was great.  Really cool people.

We got up Friday morning and headed down to the beach after coffee.  The Mullet Toss was slowly gearing up and the beach steadily filled.  It was a great day of hanging out and watching the waves roll in.  We ventured over to Trey’s tent and met some of his friends.  I was excited to meet his friend who has Boston Red Sox tattoos.  Turns out, his dad was a player for Boston!  He has a really super cool girlfriend too.

Chrissy met up with us in the evening to go out with us.  We all went out to Flora Bama, where we ran into Trey and Connor again.  Such a fun night, with the bar vibrating with energy.  I love it when the atmosphere is like that.  I danced my ass off after we had to put Nicole to bed with a migraine.

I woke up Saturday with no voice and a little hangover.  But the beach was waiting.  Ashley drove in to meet up with us and we had so much fun on the beach together.  Chrissy joined us a little bit later.  Having all of them with me was a little overwhelming, with all these very different personalities.  The water was super rough and we witnessed a few rescues by lifeguards.  We explored the Mullet Toss tents a little more, where Ashley and I decided to conduct a very important survey.  You see, we discovered that a couple of the guys were wearing underwear under their trunks (not because we were in their trunks, mind you.  We could see the waistband).  We were horrified and they challenged us to ask around.  They were certain most were wearing underwear.  There were a couple, but overall, NOPE.  Most men don’t do that nonsense.

After a long day at the beach, we went back to the condo to sip on some wine and get ready to go back out.  That night turned out so weird, but fun at the same time.  I had planned on Connor coming out with us again, but he was missing.  We found out he had gone to another bar to sing karaoke, and we decided to just go ahead and tag along.  We have never gone out anywhere other than the Flora Bama on these trips, so figured what the hell?!  It was fun, but not so much fun having to get rides back and forth.  Half the appeal of our trip is that we never have to leave once we arrive.  Our bar is next door to our building.  It was great watching Connor (and later, with Trey) sing (he’s quite talented).

Sunday though…. I’ll be damned if I didn’t have the worst hangover ever.  I was a little later than usual getting out to the beach and our condo was looking like a frat house (I would say sorority house because it also looked like an Ulta exploded, but women aren’t typically this messy) from it being the party hub of Orange Beach.

Ashley and Chrissy left and Nicole and I spent the day on the beach again, before getting ready to go out yet again.  We got ready as a storm system rolled in and made it out to the bar.  It was a much more quiet night at the Flora Bama, with it being stormy AND a Sunday.  It honestly was my favorite night thought.  I drank way too much and danced and sang to the band.  We met Roger, who was there with his friends for a bachelor party.  Seriously, we meet a bachelor party just about every year.  He was fun and really hilarious, and I’m sure his friends were too, I just don’t really remember.  Oops.  So much vodka.

Well, as the storm really rolled in hardcore, the lights went out and everyone was kicked out of the bar.  It was really chaotic and a little scary, with drunk people stumbling around in the dark (like me).  We all ran next door to our condo to wait out the storm, since Roger’s condo was several buildings away.  We all watched the storm from the balcony.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty scared of severe weather.  Turns out enough vodka alleviates that.  I’ll keep that in mind.

Monday morning, I woke up with another epic hangover, but with beautiful weather.  We eventually found our way outside for our final beach day.  We really soaked up the sun and I got super fried.  In the evening, we packed some of our stuff and geared up for our final night out.  It was dead at the bar, but we still managed to make new friends and Trey came out to see us one last time.  We stayed out way too late for people who were leaving the next morning, then came back to have corn dogs and fries (and wine for me).

Then it was Tuesday and all over.  We packed in a frenzy and went to the airport feeling like 30-something women who partied all weekend.  Imagine that.  It was great to be back home, but I always miss the beach and certainly always miss Nicole.

I hope to see my new friends again and in the meantime, I have the memories.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

A BFF Story

It is my BFF’s birthday! No, not Ashley’s…as you know, she just had one. And she is my Bestie. My BFF is Nicole. Confused yet? Anyway, in honor of her day, I want to tell you how she came to be my right-hand gal.

In 2005, I joined a parenting forum in order to connect with other expectant mothers.  I made several friends, but one girl in particular really grabbed my attention when she was being attacked in the forum for getting rid of a puppy after being faced with the realities of potty training the pup.  Those wenches were ruthless and it was super over-the-top.  I immediately came to her defense and we have been friends since – through 7 births, marriage issues, and so much more.

We first met in person MANY years after the puppy incident when we had this crazy idea to plan a beach trip together.  I was living in Mississippi then, just a 2-hour drive from my favorite beach and she was living in Nebraska (and still is).  So she flew to Mississippi and we drove to the beach together.  We immediately knew that it would be an annual thing.  We have gone every spring since, except for the year we took off to birth our last children, that we planned together.  They were born 11 days apart.

11 days from now, we will both be flying to the beach for our annual adventure.  I can’t wait to celebrate all the events of the last year with this lady!

Happy Birthday, Nicole!  I love you!

Improving Intimacy With a Single Action

I am fortunate enough to have found the one whom my soul loves.  While I fully believe that you can live a happy and fulfilled life without finding “the one,” I feel like I actually have that now and it’s just a different kind of happiness.  To be with the person who understands you best and accepts all your flaws is a rare but beautiful thing.  I never want to lose this and so I have really been intentional in this relationship.  I am here to tell you, it has made all the difference.

Anyone can have a hot, passionate, and connected relationship when your time together is devoid of children and responsibility.  That is how it was in the early days of our relationship, when we lived in different states.  Then I moved here, with four kids in tow.  Kids, bills, work, and living with each other’s annoying habits daily started to take their natural toll.  Things were still amazing and we were getting stronger daily, but I started getting frustrated earlier this year.

I couldn’t understand how we were having less sex, something that was glaringly obvious to me because I have a period and sex tracker in my bullet journal.  I use a pink heart to indicate sex and the page was getting a lot less pink.  I knew it wasn’t a matter of physical attraction.  That has never been a problem here.  After thinking for a few days, I was lying in bed one night, texting my BFF Nicole.  As I laughed at our inside jokes, I realized Stuart was drifting off to sleep.  I suddenly realized – FUCK, it’s me.  It’s all me.

I had been obliviously texting and browsing Facebook every night while Stuart quickly fell asleep.  Damn.  What a slap in the face.  I have never been good at taking responsibility for relationship problems.  I knew I had to make a conscious decision to be present in my bedroom.  Every.  Night.

So I did.  I started plugging my phone into the charger (it’s short and I can’t reach it when it’s plugged) when we went to bed.  It worked.  We would watch TV together, with my head on his chest.  Our magic was back.  I won’t get into the extra spicy details, but it was a raving success.  Sometimes I would fall asleep before or with him.  On the nights he would fall asleep first, I would go ahead and check in on my phone.

It absolutely transformed everything and not only in the bedroom.  Everything got better.  We were both happier and more connected.  I speak in the past tense, because when I sat down to write this, I realized that I have been bringing my phone to bed again, mostly to keep up with Poshmark (<- links to my shop, cause I’m a hustla baby) notifications.  I had been doing it with the justification that it was work and I needed to be able to respond to my customers.  However, I have to prioritize and realize our relationship is far more important than immediately letting a customer know that a dress runs true to size.  It can wait.  And now, it will have to.  I will be “clocking out”….. I have a relationship to nourish.


Flash Back Friday + A little News

So, you guys, something super exciting is happening this weekend. It literally just occurred to me this morning…that we haven’t even said aword about it over here on the blog. As you all know – well I’m assuming you know…because I’m assuming you’ve read our About Us page…BUT if not … Rhonda lives in Arlington, TX and I (Ashley 🙂 ) live in Ocean Springs, MS. Y’all that is 578 miles apart. Rhonda moved to Dallas last fall. We’ve tried to arrange a couple of trips between then and now but things fell through for one reason or another. HOWEVER, this weekend Rhonda and Stuart are for sure coming down here! What does that mean? Oh, my friends, that means epic amounts of fun will be had. 😉

I just wanted to announce that. And say, keep a look out at our social media (Twitter, IG, SnapChat). I’m sure we’ll be posting like crazy.  AND I thought it would be a great time to tell you guys a little about how we met, the history of our friendship, and show you some of the fantastic selfies we’ve taken together over the years. I mean really. Some of these are definitely embarrassment worthy (on my end for sure). And surprisingly I’ve posted several of these more shady ones to my facebook page! Thankfully, now I am older and wiser and only post the most respectable and good looking ones. 😉

October 2009

Rhonda and I met each other while working at a women’s retail clothing store in Lucedale, MS. That was almost ten years ago now. Which is incredibly crazy to think about. Really. That ten years went by in a freaking flash. Back then I was childless and Rhonda only had Nick. Nick, who by the way is basically looking like a grown man, was just a wee little babe. I had a Mercury Cougar – a little two door sporty car. We used to (somehow) stick his carseat in the back of that thing and head to Mobile for shopping and hang time.


February 2011 – That guy was not with us. He totally epically photobombed us. 😉

When we first met and started working together, I’m pretty sure Rhonda didn’t really care for me…or she thought I didn’t care for her? I can’t remember. I am an extremely introverted person. So a lot of the time I come off as being aloof and rude. I’m not. I’m just unsure of myself and embarrassingly socially awkward (unless I’ve had some wine…… that’s a story for another day though). So yeah. It took us a minute to connect. But when we did…we realized we had a lot in common and so much to bond over.


January 2011

At the time we were both in long distant relationships that had started from meeting online. So, we had that to gab about on endlessly. Also, our personalities were so similar but just enough different so that we don’t really clash a ton. We were pretty dang close. We got into a lot of (fun) trouble together. We got involved in some shenanigans. It was pretty great.

Eventually, she moved away to live with the guy she was in a long distant relationship with. I followed suit not too long after. We found ourselves separated by many miles, but we were able to maintain our friendship through the use of technology. 😉

Of course, as with most relationships that last for such a long period of time – we got to a point where we had a few bumps in the road. BUT we eventually reunited (over mexican and margaritas….that spontaneously led to an interesting night of casino hopping..) 🙂

January 2011 – Folks, these are some alcohol induced pictures…FOR SURE.

The getting back into the swing of things in our friendship took a while. Ironically, things really heated up, when I started working at the clothing store where we first met. I was managing a couple stores in Biloxi and Gulfport – and I hired Rhonda to work for me. We never really looked back from that point.

August 2014
September 2014
December 2014

November 2015
December 2014

So, now many many years and five more kids later – we are here. Writing this blog together about our passions..our loves…and pretty much whatever we want to. 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by – honestly – it means a lot. 🙂

And because I’m a little sappy and sentimental, I couldn’t not do a song dedication to my boo. This is us y’all.

We hope you all have an amazing weekend! Anyone have any exciting plans?