What We Wore Wednesday

It’s Wednesday which means we are here to show you some of the outfits we chose to wear over the past week. ūüôā Thanks for stopping by! We do this as a way of accountability for ourselves and to maybe inspire you to find some different ways to wear the things you own or see a new style you like. Also don’t forget that tonight we do our Wine Wednesday Live broadcast from our Facebook page at 9pm!

*We may make money off things you buy from some of these links.*

Rhonda –

Dress: Mixtape. Shoes: Old Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Tee: Random brand from Ross. Shorts: Mixtape. Shoes: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede. Bracelets: KEEP Collective.

Romper: Amazon. Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Bag: Betsey Johnson. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Dress: Old Joe Fresh. Necklace: BaubleBar. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Ashley –

Shirt: Kohl’s Pants: Denizen skinnies¬†Shoes: old Target [similar]¬†Earrings: N&S Silver Shell

Shirt: Mixtape Boutique Earrings: N&S Leopard

2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Children & Teenagers

So, listen – this group of peeps [Children & Teens] can really be one of the hardest groups to buy for. They’re fickle. They’re opinionated…or not opinionated – with zero middle ground. They think they know what’s best. They have short attention spans. They have little life experience from¬† which to make solid decisions. All of this makes gift giving a real mess for the giver.

Now obviously, if you have one of these special creatures in your life on the regular you probably know some real specific things they are desiring. For instance, Cooper (4yr old) is dying to get his hands on a street sweeper. Yup. He’s watched a million YouTube videos about them, seen several in person, and is ready to have one in his little hands with which he can enact some sweet street sweeping scenarios. Ashley¬† knows this because she lives with the dude, and he basically tells her every thought that he has.

BUT if you have a child or teen to buy for and you have no clue what they want and THEY have no clue what they want. Well, this list is for you. So let’s dig in, shall we?

  1. Big Book of How – $13.51
  2. The Land of Stories Hardcover Gift Set – $62.88
  3. Game of Phones – $20.00
  4. Echo Dot – $49.99
  5. Headphones (w/ Bluetooth) – $34.99
  6. Cashflow for Kids (board game about learning financial skills – ages 14 and up) – $65.90
  7. Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition – $14.99
  8. Dream Tent – $21.48
  9. Thumbs Up Phone Holder (2pk) – $8.99
  10. Children’s Chair – $79.88
  11. My First Trampoline – $127.04
  12. Spooner Boards –¬† $44.95
  13. Magformers – $33.74
  14. Marble Run – $22.99
  15. Space Hopper – $10.75
  16. Netflix Subscription – $7.99-$13.99 per month

That’s it you guys… 16 carefully selected gifts for that kid or teenager in your life. What do y’all think: any of these going to be added to your gift list??

Week In Review: Rhonda

What a whirlwind this week was!  I am still so exhausted from it all and even woke up this morning with a stomach bug.

So, Monday, I got some work done and then went out for drinks with my mom group.

Tuesday, I got ready to go out of town – cleaning, laundry, packing, and a couple of errands.

I headed to Mississippi on Wednesday morning. ¬†Now, it is not a short trip by any stretch of the imagination, but it was absolutely nice to have that time alone to think and process life. ¬†I made it to Ashley’s house in time to hang out and then do Wine Wednesday Live after the kids went to bed.

Thursday was finally Hair Day.  I am so excited to have blonde and fun colors back.  I feel so much more like myself when my hair is on point.

My stylist and I had so much fun.  I was her only client for the day, so we took our time, sipped some wine, visited an old school liquor store, and chatted about life.  It was much-needed girl time.

Ashley, Grace, and I went out to the IP, as we always tend to do.  We saw a fun band called Got Groove and I made pals with the lead singer.  Ashley went home to get some sleep before work, but Grace and I were just getting started!  We went over to Coast Nightclub at the Beau Rivage to do some more booty shaking.  After that, we hit up Waffle House.  Such a great time!

Friday, I had lunch with Jonathan while I waited for Ashley to get off.  When she got out of work, we hit the road back to Texas.  Read her week in review for how that road trip went.

On Saturday, we had some of Stuart’s signature brunch food and chilled out and sipped wine with music on. ¬†That night, we went live for a GRWM and headed out to the Stockyards. ¬†A great night with music and drinks! ¬†Ashley left Sunday and I sunbathed in the backyard, recovering from a crazy week!

Did y’all do anything fun this past week?

Week In Review: Rhonda

I am happy to be here for another Monday. Sometimes I just wake up incredibly grateful for my life and this is one of those. ¬†Maybe it’s just because I’m home alone for the first time in months? Anyway, let’s look at what I’ve been doing.

Tuesday, I hosted a playdate for a local mom group I am in. ¬†With it being a daytime weekday event, I knew that we wouldn’t have a lot of attendance. ¬†A lot of the mothers have children in public school or work during the day. ¬†Anyway, I decided to just roll with it and I am glad I did. ¬†We made new friends and had a lovely time!

Wednesday, I did a really tough weight lifting workout, then some intensive reading and vocabulary work with the kids. ¬†In the evening, Ashley and I had our weekly Wine Wednesday broadcast, where I reviewed one of Target’s new exclusive $5 wines. ¬†Be sure to go back and check that out on our Facebook page. ¬†You’ll also want to be sure to tune in this Wednesday, because I am going to Mississippi and we will be doing the broadcast side by side!

Thursday, I got in my latest order from Baths & Bliss. ¬†Y’all, this company and its products are amazing. ¬†I got Minerva bath bombs and they are intoxicating. ¬†You get such a great size bomb for the price and my entire bathroom smells amazing just from the bombs sitting on the side of the tub. ¬†After my bath, my skin was so silky and soft and smelled amazing for way beyond 12 hours.

We dropped the kids off with their dad on Saturday morning and I spent the rest of the weekend sunbathing, day drinking, grilling, and watching TV.  It was absolutely glorious and a much-needed time of relaxation.

What did you do this week?  Same old routine or something different?



All the Awkwardness

So much unnecessary stuff keeps being shown this season.  Kameron adds nothing to the cast.  I am tired of watching her just be a snobby ass.  Over it already.  I only want to watch Stephanie, Brandi, and Cary.  Luckily, I got plenty of that this week.

Cary had cooked a nice dinner and Mark came home being weird about the wine not being served to him the second he walks in the door. He then proceeded to complain about how small the dinner is. ¬†This isn’t some major event, but it sets up the tension between them for the episode. ¬†Cary has been spending less time at work and more time with their daughter. ¬†They go to the Plastic Surgery Channel offices to film a promo video. ¬†The entire video is about how they work together. ¬†Holy shit though, it was awkward. ¬†Cary with her eye rolling at Mark was giving me life. ¬†I love seeing strong couples having bad days. ¬†It’s real life.

LeeAnne is still determined to make everything about her. As she and Brandi are discussing Stephanie and Brandi’s upcoming meeting to talk through things, she tells Brandi how we can’t forget that Stephanie has done things to LeeAnne too. ¬†Insert eye roll.

Brandi and Stephanie meet up at Brandi’s house. So we finally get an understanding of what actually went down to cause a rift between them. ¬†Stephanie had posted on her blog that Brandi’s marriage was like watching a car crash. ¬†Ouch. ¬†That obviously hurt Bryan and Brandi…but Brandi agrees that was a long time ago and she should have already brought it up. Brandi brings up how much it hurt her when Cary posted on IG, calling Stephanie her ride or die. ¬†And then. ¬†And THEN Brandi tells Stephanie she had a miscarriage. Stephanie’s crying, Brandi’s crying, I’m crying. They vow to never fight again. ¬†Please don’t.

LeeAnne is back to see her therapist and tells her what she is planning to dress as for Halloween – Stephanie. ¬†And by “Stephanie,” she means “two-face.” ¬†Her therapist really is not pleased that she wants to do that and pleads with her not to, but LeeAnne is fucking crazy and does it anyway.

So at this Halloween party, Cary is dressed as a tiger. ¬†She is wearing only body paint and a thong. ¬†Ok, girl. ¬†If I looked like that, I would too. ¬†LeeAnne shows up as two-face and it isn’t well received by¬†Travis. ¬†He comes to tell Stephanie that LeeAnne’s stupid costume is a dig at Stephanie and he wants to kick her out. Stephanie says to just ignore her. Stephanie chooses to not react to her, since that’s what LeeAnne wants. ¬†Smart girl and a better person than me, for sure. ¬†Once again, we hear how much LeeAnne is worried that Stephanie and Brandi are friends again. ¬†Of course…I almost forgot this is about LeeAnne.


Did you watch this week?

Look in the mirror, bitch.

So back again for another week of catty drama and rich people problems. I’m here for it.

One thing I love about the entire Real Housewives franchise is that there are always those wives you can completely relate to. ¬† They have the same issues we have sometimes. ¬†Cary is a working mother and her daughter and her husband both are constantly needing her full attention. ¬†What mom can’t relate?

Kameron had worked full-time before she got married and her husband doesn’t want her to work. ¬†He does want wants her to excel at running the house – the “CEO” of the house. ¬†She of course has her own goals, such as starting a ridiculous line of pink dog food, which her husband constantly dismisses.

Now, I think her idea is moronic, but I am bothered that he doesn’t at least listen to her dreams. ¬†For example, as she is packing the kids for a trip to Cabo, she just mentions to him that it sucks that the trip lines up with a dog costume contest, because that would have been a good opportunity to network around her dog food idea. He just flat out says “you need to get over that idea.” ¬†Rude.

Stephanie started seeing a therapist when she was first having issues with Brandi. ¬†She updates the therapist with the Brandi saga. ¬†Mentions how she felt rejected at the party last week. ¬†She feels like so much damage has already been done and can’t be fixed. ¬†They were already asked to judge a dog costume contest awhile back, so she is nervous about the fact that they will have to interact soon.

Cary and Brandi are at lunch and Cary asks Brandi if she wants to come to a Stylemaker event where her husband Mark is a finalist. Stephanie is going to be there, so she wants to make sure it won’t be uncomfortable for her. ¬†Cary is sort of in the middle but is trying to be open to everyone. ¬†Stephanie had sent a text saying that Cary said LeeAnne was up to her old tricks. ¬†Cary denies she even said that. ¬†Cary just wants to be able to have a group of friends she can trust. ¬†Tears. ¬†Because of course.

D’Andra meets up with a marketing coordinator to work on skin care line for her mother’s company. ¬†Her strength is in ingredients and not on the finances, so she has to run the new product by her mother. ¬†Back from vacation her mother comes over to discuss business. ¬†She is pretty critical of D’Andra which is fucking annoying to watch. When D’Andra mentions they need to rebrand, mother shuts her down. ¬†I am so bored with these two and their classic “child joins family business and mom thinks she’s an idiot” issues.

Stephanie and Travis are looking at houses closer to Dallas. ¬†They are currently in Las Colinas and she spends too much time in Dallas to not live there. ¬†He takes her to a house he loves and she instantly is like NOPE. ¬†Because y’all…there is a pool in the entryway. ¬†House’s asking price is $8.2 million and is 8631 square feet. ¬†We see extravagant (UGLY) chandeliers and $100,000 wallpaper (also ugly). ¬†Toilet has a fancy bidet that can even “stimulate” the lady parts. ¬†Because why not? ¬†A “lounge” with a movie screen and hot tub that overlooks a view of an outdoor area that is “central park-esque.” ¬†She has to remind him they need to discuss it and make the decision together because he tends to just buy shit.

At the Stylemaker awards, Mark does not win.  Cary brings up that she is getting pissed, because of the text message Stephanie had sent to Brandi about LeeAnne.  Stephanie had been wanting to protect Brandi by letting her know things LeeAnne has been saying about them and their relationship.  Stephanie is learning to just quit repeating what people say.  Cary decides she is just staying the hell out of it all.  Yeah, sure.  No such things with these bitches.

Stephanie is all of us, as she cooks in the kitchen while the boys play with their chips and roll around on the floor. ¬†Travis comes home with champagne and she is so damn happy to see it. ¬†Girl, I feel that. ¬†He tells her they won the bid for the house and Stephanie is a little nervous about that because she does not want a pool in the damn living room, because HELLO DOGS AND KIDS. ¬†She totally doesn’t think it’s fair that he made that decision without her…rightfully so. ¬†Stephanie tells him this is not a good home for their family and they should flip it and buy something else.

LeeAnne dresses her dog as a hot dog for the costume contest, so she dons a hot dog costume herself. ¬†At the event, Brandi, LeeAnne, D’Andra, and Cary sit down and talk about the text between Brandi and Stephanie. ¬†Stephanie and her kid show up with the dog and the tension is cringeworthy. ¬†After Brandi and Stephanie judge the contest, they rejoin the ladies and all the same nonsense starts again. ¬†LeeAnne is of course jumping back in with the fucking text message because she has to make everything about her. ¬†Stephanie tells LeeAnne that she’s scary and manipulating. ¬†LeeAnne says “look in the mirror, bitch.” ¬†LeeAnne can NEVER take criticism and I am so over her. ¬†I was really hoping she wouldn’t be back this season. ¬†If this could be the last, that would be great.

Stephanie is trying to apologize for mentioning her in the texts and LeeAnne is shutting her down. ¬†Stephanie says in her confessional, “I know she’s dressed as a wiener, but she’s acting like a dick.” That is super accurate. ¬†Everyone agrees that Brandi and Stephanie need to ¬†sit down AND DISCUSS THE ISSUE….you know, as adults do. ¬†Stephanie is crying because their kids are friends and this is hurting their families. ¬†Stephanie doesn’t know what she did wrong and Brandi said she stepped away because she felt like her friendship wasn’t appreciated . Both in tears, agree they need to talk. ¬†All the tears. ¬†As a huge fan of them as a dynamic duo, I need this to be over.

If you are not watching this season, you may want to hop in.  Next week looks like a super intense Halloween party!


What We Wore Wednesday

* This post may contain affiliate links.*

And then it was Wednesday. ¬†Doesn’t even seem possible, but here we are. ¬†Don’t forget to show up to our Wine Wednesday show tonight on our Facebook page! ¬†For now, let’s see some clothes.

Rhonda –

Dress: Amazon. Shoes: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Tee: Ross. Shorts: Old Navy. Shoes: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Dress: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Dress: Joe Fresh. Shoes: Target. Necklace: BaubleBar.

Tank: Old Navy. Shorts: Target. Shoes: Converse. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Ashley –

And then I took pictures of two of my outfits … lame.

Shirt: Target Pants: Target Earrings: N&S Rose Gold

Dress: Umgee dress I bought from Rhonda’s resale shop Shoes: Old Navy Blush Gladiator Sandals ¬†Earrings: N&S Rose Gold


What We Wore Wednesday


This post may contain affiliate links.

What up party people?? It’s Wednesday again … which means we’re hear to show off our fiercest and most fashionable ensembles from the past week. We spent hours crafting and styling these looks. We agonized over color and pattern choice…. Ok, ok. Actually we’ve just got some things we put together with clothes that were already in our closets. I’m fairly certain there’s some stripes down below. Who am I kidding? There’s ALWAYS stripes around these parts. So yeah. If you want to see some cute outfits that we put together … ¬†and if you are cringing at my efforts at being funny… just keep on scrolling my friend the best is yet to come. ūüėČ

Ashley –

SURPRISE I’ve got some black and gray for your viewing pleasure. Seriously though – ¬†I will never apologize for wearing black. Or gray. Or my standby accent colors of blue and olive. I say wear what makes you feel like a damn queen, because that’s when you look the best. ūüôā Has anyone else been obsessed with the song ‘Most Girls’ by Hailee Steinfield? If you aren’t, you should be. I stole that whole bit about being a queen from here…cause: truth. Anyhow … to the outfits.

Shirt: Button Up from Men’s section at Target (Navy)Pants: Liverpool Skinnies from StitchFix Earrings: N&S Signature Gold Shoes:¬†Pom Pom Sandals from Wal-Mart (these are more expensive on the website, I got them for NINE DOLLARS inside my local store)

Shirt: Kohl’s Pants: Denizen Skinnies from Target (because I’ve been eating like shit and can fit into my fat jeans ūüôĀ ūüôĀ ūüôĀ ) Shoes:¬†Wal-Mart Faded Glory¬†¬†Earrings: N&S Lipgloss [size medium…the only medium pair I own]

Shirt: Kohl’s Pants: Black Skinnies from Target Shoes: Target Earrings: N&S White Cut Outs

Shirt: Kohl’s Pants: Jordache Skinnies Shoes: Target [similar]¬†Earrings: N&S Black¬†

Shirt: Kohl’s [similar] (apparently all my tops were brought to you by Kohl’s this week….not on purpose) Pants: Target Denizen Skinnies Shoes: Wal-Mart¬†[similar] (they are actually rose gold…in the lovely fluorescent lighting..you can’t tell)¬†Earrings: N&S Champagne Shimmer

Rhonda –

Wow, I actually wore some different things this week.  Most importantly though, I noticed how much I need to get back to my workout routine.  Them thighs getting quite smooshy.

Tank: Walmart. Shorts: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Tank: Old Navy. Shorts: Walmart. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Tank:¬†Marshall’s, Japna brand. Shorts: Target. Choker: Amazon.

Top: Daniel Rainn. Shorts: Walmart. Sandals: Target. Watch: Anne Klein.

Whew! And that is it you guys… what were y’all wearing this week?

Week In Review: Ashley

Hey y’all hey! Hope you guys have had a good week and weekend. Have you been dying to know what we were up to? You were?! Great…let me fill you in then. ūüėČ

Monday & Tuesday- normal everyday stuff. This was Cooper’s first week at DayCare. He’s going half days Monday through Friday. I was pretty much a wreck starting Sunday night. I am super great at compartmentalizing things and not thinking about something until I have to actually deal with it. I knew Cooper would be starting school on Monday…but I just didn’t allow myself to really dwell on it until Sunday night. My stomach was in knots. He was SUPER excited. My hands were literally shaking as I filled out some last minute paperwork at the school that morning, and I promptly shed many tears when I got back in my car. Cooper had a fantastic day though!

Wednesday- I was off work, and we started to see some weather affects of Tropical Storm Cindy. Sophie and I dropped Cooper off at school though, because it really wasn’t even raining for most of the day. ūüôā PLUS he still wanted to go. So, Soso and I killed time at WalMart and visiting Grammy at work, because it was her birthday. Around lunch, we headed back to school to pick up Coop. We grabbed some lunch…then headed home to eat and commence nap time. I can’t really remember what else we did…I’m pretty sure I grocery shopped that day. Not positive though.

Thursday- I had to work. The weather was bad thanks to TS Cindy. ¬†There was lots of rain. Cooper’s school was even closed. We all survived though. Starbucks was still open, which I was very grateful for. ūüėČ

Friday- We had work and school of course, but that night I got to hang out with my sister and brother in law who had just gotten back from Europe on Wednesday night. Grace and I had dinner with our friends Michael & Michael – then we headed to meet up with Grace’s husband, Dejan, at their new house. Grace and Dejan got back in to town on Wednesday night and closed on their new home Friday morning! This was my first time seeing the inside. We hung out there for a while talking and catching up before we went to downtown Ocean Springs to grab a drink.

Saturday & Sunday- Just the usual hanging out at Grammy and Ppop’s for the day on Saturday. I got my haircut that afternoon. Saturday night and morning I did spend quite a bit of time catching up on some shows on HULU. Sunday was a lazy day. I picked Cooper up around lunch time and we just spent the rest of the day hanging at home…with a short trip to Walmart for some more groceries.

And that is all folks! What were you guys up to??

Happy Mother’s Day – Love Ashley

It is almost impossible to know where to begin when I think about all the things I want to say to my Mom. Motherhood is such a complicated, messy, all consuming, stressful, frustrating, tear inducing, beautiful, heart melting, smile making, joyful, and euphoric business – where do you even start to talk about all those things?? Becoming a mother myself has made me a million times more grateful for my own mother. When I think of my mom, I think of how selfless and kind she is. I get frustrated with my children often. I can’t remember a single time in my life when my mom showed her frustrations with me. I’m under no real delusions that I was some golden child – and I also know for sure that there was at least ONE time that I brought her to tears (this instance involved my absolute objection to getting dressed…and a tiny toddler drama queen) – but she never ever made me feel like a burden or inconvenience. She always always made me feel loved, special, and important. She still does.

I know that she’s made countless personal sacrifices to make my life and my siblings’ lives better. I know that she loves without condition. I know that she is most happy when she knows her children are happy and well. I’m pretty sure that she is the most patient person I know. She’s lived with my Dad for the past thirty something years…so that is a big test in patience and understanding. For real. She withholds judgement and assumes innocence, until you prove over and over again malicious intent.

Not only is she an amazing Mother, but she is the best Grammy in the whole world. She treats my children as if they were her own. She loves them fiercely and they feel the exact same way about her. She asks to be around them. She makes time for them on a regular basis. She (and my Dad) have them over weekly – which is a treat for them and also an act of love toward me because it allows me to have some ‘me’ time.

I can’t imagine a better Mom than the mine. I know we probably all feel that way about our own mothers…and that’s perfectly fine. That’s wonderful. That’s the way it should be. I love you Mom. I hope you know that I admire you. I hope you know I see all the little things…all the big things…that you have done and continue to do for me – for Grace and Shane – and for those sweet babies that call you Grammy.

So, Happy Mother’s Day and I love you beyond measure.