Eat Happy: Sausage Stuffed Mushroom


Hey y’all! We’re doing a weekly series that publishes every Tuesday wherein we are cooking through one of our FAVE cookbooks : Eat Happy! If you missed the intro post you can click on over here to read that.

We are starting with the very first recipe and working our way all the way through to the end. We will not be sharing with you the actual recipes that we cook. We WILL be sharing our experience during the whole process and our opinion of the outcome. So thanks for stopping by…and let’s dive in to this week’s recipe shall we?


Sooooo. Another recipe another ingredient I don’t like. I mean. I feel like disliking mushrooms is a pretty common thing. Just because I dislike cucumbers and now mushrooms … doesn’t mean I’m super picky. Right?


Irregardless, I’m in this for the long haul – so I’ll try anything. And I have to go ahead and say that despite the whole mushroom thing…this was SO GOOD.

I don’t have any stories about having trouble finding ingredients on this one. Surprised? I sure was…cause that seems to have been a common theme for us so far. Not this time though.

I actually meant to cook this on Sunday night. You know. Be a prepared and responsible blogger. Not do things the night before. But eh. Where’s the fun in that? Also. I opened Eat Happy and looked at the recipe and was all “ NAH. I’ll do it tomorrow.” Cold feet like cray.

So I gave myself the pass Sunday night which meant Monday night was the night. I dove right in starting with the prep of all the cutting/chopping/ worst part…whatever you want to call it. My dad is an incredible cook. He always cooked our meals growing up. He would fondly call me his sous chef. I hated it. I was the one shredding the cheese and cutting the vegetables and cleaning up the messes he left in his wake. He was preparing me for real life. Or using me. How ever you choose to look at it. 😉

But yeah, everything was going great. I had to Google how to prepare a mushroom for stuffing. I spent HOURS chopping all the stems. Then, I ran across a piece of the inside of one of the mushrooms. I guess it came off with one of the stems I popped out? And um. I have that thing where I can’t stare at holes. Like clusters of them. It’s a thing. Trypophobia. Google it. I’m thinking about it now, and I think I may climb out of my skin. ANYWAY – the inside of this mushroom gave me a similar feeling as staring at a bunch of holes. Not cute.

So I threw that bad boy away and moved on with life. Like every other recipe I’ve tried from Eat Happy – even though the concept was intimidating to me – the actual execution of the recipe was easy because Anna keeps things simple and straightforward.

I got the stuffing mixture combined with only a slight issue with opening the cheese. Y’all. This stuffing. It’s amazing. So delicious. And if you know me this won’t come as a surprise, I have this vision of making this again but chopping up ALL the mushrooms and just mixing it all together and eating it like that. Cause I couldn’t help myself. I unadshamedly ate several spoon fulls of the stuffing all by itself.

AND while the stuffed mushrooms baked – they smelled incredible. I was actually looking forward to trying one. So, 45 minutes later – plus 10 more for cooling…it was the moment of truth. I chose one and put it on in my mouth. It was good. Really good. Cause that stuffing is bomb. But, I just can’t get past the squishy texture of a whole mushroom. Sooo – yeah I think next time I’ll just chop it all up and eat in in a bowl or something. Haha

It was seriously yummy though. You need to put this on your list of things to try. And again? The best part? It’s SO GOOD for your body. No sugars or grains to fuck you up. 😉

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