Flash Back Friday + A little News

So, you guys, something super exciting is happening this weekend. It literally just occurred to me this morning…that we haven’t even said aword about it over here on the blog. As you all know – well I’m assuming you know…because I’m assuming you’ve read our About Us page…BUT if not … Rhonda lives in Arlington, TX and I (Ashley 🙂 ) live in Ocean Springs, MS. Y’all that is 578 miles apart. Rhonda moved to Dallas last fall. We’ve tried to arrange a couple of trips between then and now but things fell through for one reason or another. HOWEVER, this weekend Rhonda and Stuart are for sure coming down here! What does that mean? Oh, my friends, that means epic amounts of fun will be had. 😉

I just wanted to announce that. And say, keep a look out at our social media (Twitter, IG, SnapChat). I’m sure we’ll be posting like crazy.  AND I thought it would be a great time to tell you guys a little about how we met, the history of our friendship, and show you some of the fantastic selfies we’ve taken together over the years. I mean really. Some of these are definitely embarrassment worthy (on my end for sure). And surprisingly I’ve posted several of these more shady ones to my facebook page! Thankfully, now I am older and wiser and only post the most respectable and good looking ones. 😉

October 2009

Rhonda and I met each other while working at a women’s retail clothing store in Lucedale, MS. That was almost ten years ago now. Which is incredibly crazy to think about. Really. That ten years went by in a freaking flash. Back then I was childless and Rhonda only had Nick. Nick, who by the way is basically looking like a grown man, was just a wee little babe. I had a Mercury Cougar – a little two door sporty car. We used to (somehow) stick his carseat in the back of that thing and head to Mobile for shopping and hang time.


February 2011 – That guy was not with us. He totally epically photobombed us. 😉

When we first met and started working together, I’m pretty sure Rhonda didn’t really care for me…or she thought I didn’t care for her? I can’t remember. I am an extremely introverted person. So a lot of the time I come off as being aloof and rude. I’m not. I’m just unsure of myself and embarrassingly socially awkward (unless I’ve had some wine…… that’s a story for another day though). So yeah. It took us a minute to connect. But when we did…we realized we had a lot in common and so much to bond over.


January 2011

At the time we were both in long distant relationships that had started from meeting online. So, we had that to gab about on endlessly. Also, our personalities were so similar but just enough different so that we don’t really clash a ton. We were pretty dang close. We got into a lot of (fun) trouble together. We got involved in some shenanigans. It was pretty great.

Eventually, she moved away to live with the guy she was in a long distant relationship with. I followed suit not too long after. We found ourselves separated by many miles, but we were able to maintain our friendship through the use of technology. 😉

Of course, as with most relationships that last for such a long period of time – we got to a point where we had a few bumps in the road. BUT we eventually reunited (over mexican and margaritas….that spontaneously led to an interesting night of casino hopping..) 🙂

January 2011 – Folks, these are some alcohol induced pictures…FOR SURE.

The getting back into the swing of things in our friendship took a while. Ironically, things really heated up, when I started working at the clothing store where we first met. I was managing a couple stores in Biloxi and Gulfport – and I hired Rhonda to work for me. We never really looked back from that point.

August 2014
September 2014
December 2014

November 2015
December 2014

So, now many many years and five more kids later – we are here. Writing this blog together about our passions..our loves…and pretty much whatever we want to. 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by – honestly – it means a lot. 🙂

And because I’m a little sappy and sentimental, I couldn’t not do a song dedication to my boo. This is us y’all.

We hope you all have an amazing weekend! Anyone have any exciting plans? 

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