Weekend Roundup: Our 5 Most Read Posts

We are kicking off this new series to give weekend or new readers a good place to start with what to read!

Today, we give you our top five posts.  These are the five posts that, from our start in February 2017, have gotten the most views.  Have you read them all?

5. 5 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Love – This post, by Rhonda, is a super personal and heartfelt post written for anyone out there who needs some lessons in love.

4. Three Years – An ode to Rhonda’s daughter and a look at how she changed everything.

3. The Story of My Tattoo: Ashley – Ashley got a tattoo on a drunken adventure, but the meaning behind it is a long-held lesson of love.

2. From Arrest to Engagement – How an arrest changed Rhonda’s life for the better.

1. Nipstick – A titillating look at a very personal lip color, by Rhonda and Ashley.

After you read through, share your favorites to social media!  Happy Weekend!

What’s in My ….

Hey hey! It’s Ashley here with another rendition of ‘What’s In My..’ So far we’ve shown you what’s in our purses and what’s in Rhonda’s Carryon. Today, I’m sharing with you ‘What’s In My Make Up Collection’.

That’s my whole set up. That mirror is where I stand erryday to put my face on. 🙂 Looking at this makes me so happy. And makes me want to add more things. Alright…let’s dive in …

So for starters that birdcage storage thingy on the right hand side is full of all my hair products that I use on the daily/weekly…it also has my deodorant and some lotion.

So the tower on the left is filled with my lippie collection – minus the drawer at the bottom:

  1. Traditional lipsticks
  2. Colourpop liquid lips and some other various liquid lips with similar formulas like the Wet N Wild ones.
  3. Revlon, L’Oreal, and NYX Liquid lip creams.
  4. Misc. traditional liquid lips and the three lip liners that I own.
  5. My chapsticks, lip balms, and lip glosses.
  6. This is where I keep my brow and lash products.

The shorter towers..first we have the one on the left:

  1. Blushes
  2. Single Eye Shadows
  3. Eyeliners

Shorter tower on the right:

  1. Concealers / color correctors
  2. Primers
  3. Foundation

Sitting on top of the two shorter towers are all my brushes, beauty sponges, the moisturizer (with SPF) that I’m currently using, and facial sprays.

And above the brushes in the wire basket contraption hanging on the wall are:

  1. Eyeshadow palettes
  2. Face powders
  3. Bronzers, highlighters, and face palettes

And last, but certainly not least, are a few eyeshadow palettes that won’t fit in the hanging wire baskets. The black one is a Morphe Palette and the pink one is a Z Palette that I bought from Ulta. The Z Palette holds some single Colourpop pressed shadows and then some misc. shadows that I got from Ipsy.

And that is it you guys. I’m not going to get super intense and list every.single.product. that I own. I don’t have a huge collection…but it is larger than the average individual…so going into all that detail would take forever. 😉 If you do have any questions about any specific products that you see, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my makeup collection…do we have anything in common??



A Dream Wedding

I wasn’t really the girl who grew up with an idea of a dream wedding in my head.  I actually spent a lot more time dreaming up my ideal marriage.  I wanted to be a career woman with a couple of kids and a husband I could dote on after my Saturdays spent shopping.

Somewhere along the way, I got engaged a few (several? many?) times.  I got a glimpse into the wedding industry and fell in love with it.  I became a wedding blogger and soon, everything ran together and nothing was original.  A wedding was a wedding.  It really jaded me.

When my ex-husband and I first got engaged, I was really wanting to FINALLY have a wedding.  I loved the glamour and the party and the well-done photography and videography.  What I didn’t love is the fact that we needed to pay for it and, well, I wasn’t 100% certain that I wanted to be with him forever ever.  We eloped at the courthouse and a friend took our pictures (which were super cute).  It was fine.

Fast forward several years and I am engaged again.  I am SO EXCITED to spend my life with Stuart and knew I wanted witnesses this time.  I wanted a party for sure, but I also wanted something that was very us.  It’s almost NOT unique to say you want a “unique” wedding, but it is what it is.  We aren’t striving for unique.  What we are striving for is having those we love the most, who support our relationship, to be present.  Also, we have so many things we want for our family that we are just not interested in going into (further) debt for a party.  So we are doing shit our way.

However, I’d be lying if I said that given $20,000 to specifically spend on a wedding that I would plan the same thing.  So what would my wedding be like in that instance?

This amazing dream dress by Inbal Dror is Stuart’s pick and way beyond what I can pay.

The White House Hotel in Biloxi, MS is my dream venue, but… well it’s a little too costly for us and it being in another state adds on a bunch of other expenses.  It’s dreamy AF though.

I would love for one of “my” bands to be my reception entertainment… something personal.  Sure, it would be fantastic to have Brett Young, Maren Morris, or Gavin DeGraw (my favorites ever ever) to be there, but the fact of the matter is, regardless of all the expensive touches I would put on my “dream wedding,” I still want to know and love everyone involved.  With that in mind, I would hire Gas Station Disco, DUMM, or Light Up the Moon, unsigned bands I have a personal connection to and who know how to get a party started.

As for food, well…. I’m not extra fancy, but I LIVE for our brunches at Bolsa and would die for them to do a brunch in the evening for our wedding.  We fell in love there and it and the staff are special to us.  I can’t even imagine how money much that would set me back!

I met a charming and personable dude when I was blogging in the wedding genre.  His name was Clane and he submitted a wedding to me.  I fell in love with his photography and him as a friend. His photography is stupid amazing and I did look into booking him, but it just wasn’t feasible for us.

These are the things that would be a priority for me, given an unlimited budget.  Don’t get me wrong though – our wedding is going to be the fucking BOMB and those invited are so lucky!  I can’t wait to marry my person and party all weekend long!

What We Wore Wednesday


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What up party people?? It’s Wednesday again … which means we’re hear to show off our fiercest and most fashionable ensembles from the past week. We spent hours crafting and styling these looks. We agonized over color and pattern choice…. Ok, ok. Actually we’ve just got some things we put together with clothes that were already in our closets. I’m fairly certain there’s some stripes down below. Who am I kidding? There’s ALWAYS stripes around these parts. So yeah. If you want to see some cute outfits that we put together …  and if you are cringing at my efforts at being funny… just keep on scrolling my friend the best is yet to come. 😉

Ashley –

SURPRISE I’ve got some black and gray for your viewing pleasure. Seriously though –  I will never apologize for wearing black. Or gray. Or my standby accent colors of blue and olive. I say wear what makes you feel like a damn queen, because that’s when you look the best. 🙂 Has anyone else been obsessed with the song ‘Most Girls’ by Hailee Steinfield? If you aren’t, you should be. I stole that whole bit about being a queen from here…cause: truth. Anyhow … to the outfits.

Shirt: Button Up from Men’s section at Target (Navy)Pants: Liverpool Skinnies from StitchFix Earrings: N&S Signature Gold Shoes: Pom Pom Sandals from Wal-Mart (these are more expensive on the website, I got them for NINE DOLLARS inside my local store)

Shirt: Kohl’s Pants: Denizen Skinnies from Target (because I’ve been eating like shit and can fit into my fat jeans 🙁 🙁 🙁 ) Shoes: Wal-Mart Faded Glory  Earrings: N&S Lipgloss [size medium…the only medium pair I own]

Shirt: Kohl’s Pants: Black Skinnies from Target Shoes: Target Earrings: N&S White Cut Outs

Shirt: Kohl’s Pants: Jordache Skinnies Shoes: Target [similarEarrings: N&S Black 

Shirt: Kohl’s [similar] (apparently all my tops were brought to you by Kohl’s this week….not on purpose) Pants: Target Denizen Skinnies Shoes: Wal-Mart [similar] (they are actually rose gold…in the lovely fluorescent lighting..you can’t tell) Earrings: N&S Champagne Shimmer

Rhonda –

Wow, I actually wore some different things this week.  Most importantly though, I noticed how much I need to get back to my workout routine.  Them thighs getting quite smooshy.

Tank: Walmart. Shorts: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Tank: Old Navy. Shorts: Walmart. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Tank: Marshall’s, Japna brand. Shorts: Target. Choker: Amazon.

Top: Daniel Rainn. Shorts: Walmart. Sandals: Target. Watch: Anne Klein.

Whew! And that is it you guys… what were y’all wearing this week?

Here’s to you boo – 13 Things for My Best Betch

When you find someone that can be your person, you should never waste a chance to express your love for them. Especially when you feel like that person could use some extra love. Life is tough sometimes. We should always let the people that we love know just how much and why we love them. That’s what I’m doing today. Lasting friendships are hard to come by, and they don’t always look pretty – but they are the stuff dreams are made of. I saw a similar list while perusing Facebook..and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to gear it toward my one and only Best Betch.

  1. The day I met you, my life changed for the better. I am forever grateful to have you as my best friend.
  2. When I’m drunk and profess my undying love for you, it’s not the booze, I really do love you that much.
  3. I know that you will always be there to tell me I have spinach in my teeth or help me get up when I’m white girl wasted and falling on the floor – you might snapchat it first…but you’ll eventually help me out. 😉
  4. I will never spill your secrets. And not just because you’ve got more dirt on me.
  5. While sleep is of the utmost importance to me…if I wake up at three am to a text from you – you know I’ll open it and reply right then and there. IF I wake up. 🙂 🙂
  6. Our ‘no judgement’ policy is seriously one of a kind. I know that I can be my true self in front of you, and I know that you’ll always love me. Even if you disagree.
  7. The way that you always make time for me is a precedent that I wish could be replicated in romantic relationships that I have. You will ALWAYS answer a text – even if there seems to be no actual call for a reply…I can count on a lol or emoji. And not hours later. No matter what crazy you have going on in your life, you make time to communicate with me.  
  8. Speaking of texts – knowing that you’ll never get tired of me sending memes … like literally everyday, multiple times a day – is friendship gold.
  9. I love you more than wine or coffee, but let’s hope I don’t ever have to actually make that choice.
  10. Life hasn’t always been easy – and I’m sure we have a lot more tough spots ahead – I’m glad we have each other to make those times easier.
  11. You pull me away from my comfort zone – and my life is always better for it.
  12. Your battles are my battles, your enemies are my enemies. Your boycotts are my boycotts – and I am secure in the blessed knowledge that you will never boycott bacon. Because as we’ve discussed – bacon makes everything better.
  13. Clearly we have a true friendship that is based on mutual love and respect. Because of that, when I die, I trust that you’ll delete my browser history, restore my phone to factory settings…..and well basically that you’ll erase all incriminating electronic footprints I’ve left behind.

Week In Review: Rhonda

Another week behind us.  It was a really good one, y’all.  There were some very, very bad moments, but overall it was amazing.  Isn’t it weird though how short weeks actually feel extremely long?!

Stuart had to work on Monday, but was able to get out early enough to grill for us again.  We live for that shit.

Independence Day has always been my absolute favorite holiday.  There is nothing better than spending time outdoors with sunshine, family, grilled meats, and all things ‘Merica.  It was a lovely one!  Stuart even took a plain supermarket cake and put berries on it.  He’s the cutest!

Jonathan did my makeup live for Wine Wednesday over on our Facebook page (make sure you’re tuning in for those because we are just getting started).


Sadly, Jonathan left Thursday and I wanted to cry.  However, I rallied and got my ass to work.  I worked so much on Thursday and Friday, that it all blurred together.  Being your own boss is amazing, but there is NOTHING easy about it.

Saturday, we went to the pool.  It was a great time for all of us, but my favorite parts of the day are always when we come home and grill.

After working over mimosas, we spent Sunday doing our usual things – going to work with Stuart and grilling.



Week In Review: Ashley

Hey hey guys! Welcome back to another WIR by yours truly. 😉 Hope you all had an amazing week and weekend…wanna know what we did? I mean. I’m going to tell you even if you don’t. 😉

Monday- Ooh, Monday. This Monday was super weird feeling to me. Work was extremely quiet…and overall felt like a Friday. I did have the upcoming Tuesday and Wednesday off from work .. sooo that may have had something to do with it. 😉 That evening the kids were lit. Cooper whined to go the park. They had so much energy and seemed to be dying cooped up in the house. (eye roll here..) So yeah. We did an impromptu after work trip to the park that evening. It was still super hot, so we didn’t stay long, but they thoroughly enjoyed the extra time outside. And were significantly less whiney, which I loved.

Tuesday – was the Fourth of July. As I said, I had the day off. We had plans to go to my brother’s house later in the afternoon and evening for a little get together. However, we started the morning bright and early. I decided to go ahead and get all of us dressed and hit the park. We also made a quick trip to WalMart for some food supplies. At home the kids napped while I cooked a few dishes to take to my brother’s. Around 2:30 the kids were up and we were in the car headed to Uncle Shane’s. There was lots of good food, a controversial game of Family Fued, great company, and firework fun galore.

Wednesday – I was once again off from work, but Cooper had school that day. So, Sophie and I took him to school and then went back home to take care of some chores. After school the kids napped and Aunt Grace came over to visit/eat lunch with me. 🙂 I got a lot of daily chores finished as well as some much needed closet organizing. Jealous of that TP hoard?? 😉 We also went to the park for a little bit when Soso and Coop woke up from their longggg naps. They were both tired. We’d stayed up past ten the night before because of 4th celebrations…normally they are both in bed shortly after eight.

Thursday & Friday – were back to work for me. Nothing too noteworthy happened on those days. My kid free Friday night consisted of some running around at Walmart and Target for household essentials…then a couple glasses of wine..and an early bed time for this tired momma.

Saturday – we hung out at Grammy and Ppop’s for most of the day. That evening Cooper stayed the night with my parents while Soso and I went to hang out at Aunt Grace’s house for most the evening. We rolled into the driving right at bath time .. Sophie’s bath time to be exact 😉 I put that tired baby promptly into the bath and on to bed … I stayed up way too late that night.

Sunday – I was determined to get to the beach on Sunday. Thankfully, the weather held out all morning and we enjoyed lots of sunshine…and high temps BUT I’ll take hawt temps over rain any day of the week. We went to our favorite spot in Ocean Springs – the Fort Maurepas area. We were able to enjoy the beach, walk across the street to the splash pad, do a quick change to dry clothes, and spend some time at the playground area. It’s really great kid/family/anyone friendly area of Ocean Springs. The beaches have these really great wide sidewalks, and I’ve never had trouble finding a parking spot.

And that is it y’all! What did you do this past week? How was your 4th?

Mommy Confessions Volume III


Hey y’all, and welcome back to another installment of Mommy Confessions. This is where we talk about things that we do…thoughts we have.. things we don’t do…as mothers…that are not usually widely accepted. I mean. It’s what we do. This is Rage Against the MOMachine..is it not? 😉

Ok, so Ashley here today to spill the beans on one of my Mommy Confessions. Are you dying to know? Are you sitting on the edge of your seat?

Alright. Alright. WHAT is it you say?

Here’s the thing. I don’t censor myself in front of my kids. Specifically I don’t censor my language which is what I’m here to mainly talk about today. However, I don’t censor much of anything. I don’t censor my body. I don’t censor the music I listen to. I don’t censor conversations I have around them (unless it’s a surprise for them – or something that would just hurt them). I definitely don’t censor my opinion.

Before I became a parent and even during those first few months of Cooper’s life – I felt like at some point I’d have to start giving up all those things I listed above. I’d have to watch the words I use, because heaven forbid he says a curse word. I thought that basically I’d have to not be myself in front of my kids. The thing is… That’s crazy. I know that as they grow their view of me will change. They will lose that childlike innocence that they see everything and everyone through; however, I don’t want them to be in middle school or high school and wake up one day and realize that I’m not actually the person I portrayed myself to be in front of them.

I know that we all have different value and belief sets. I know that language I use or behaviors I exhibit may not be acceptable under someone else’s set of values or beliefs. I’m not here to shame you because you don’t cuss in front of your kids or let them listen to music with mature lyrics. I’m just saying that in my household, those things are non issues. So why would I censor that?

Cooper recently picked up the word ‘fucking’. I know exactly where he heard it. I use it. I don’t use it in a derogatory manner. I don’t use it in reference to it’s sexual meaning in front of him. I use it as an expletive. Maybe we’re behind someone driving frustratingly slow..I might says “Geez why are you going so fucking slow?” I don’t use it all the time. He picked it up though. He uses it just like I do. At first I didn’t even really acknowledge it – other than to ask him why he said it. We were sitting in the Target parking lot and there was this huge very nice white pickup sitting across from us in the parking lot. Cooper says, “Mommy!! Will you just look at that fucking truck?!” He was in awe of it. It WAS a nice looking truck. I think a legitimate use of the word …right? 🙂

Anyway, I told everyone I was ok with it. I told his grandparents that if they didn’t want him using that word in their homes  – to tell him just that. I DIDN’T want anyone making a huge ordeal over it. Drawing attention to his use of that word. I didn’t want anyone to give that word more power than it should have.

For a while it was just here and there that he used it. Then all of a sudden it seemed like he was using it every single day. Just to describe things. On the Fourth of July he was looking out the window at his Uncle Shane’s new lawnmower and said, “Look at that new fucking lawn mower.” Why? Because he was impressed by it.

He’s going to school now, and he needs to know socially accepted use of language and behaviors. Also, even though I have no problem with the use of the word fuck…I don’t want to hear it in every single sentence. From anyone. So I started just suggesting other words. He asked me why I did that. I let him know that there was nothing wrong with the word fucking…but isn’t it boring to use the same word to describe everything you’re excited by? He agreed. He’s a pretty smart four year old .. 😉

The bottom line is… I can’t be a hypocrite. I can’t use words that I’m telling my children to not use. So I don’t do that.


Let’s chat about Taking It All Off….

….my MAKEUP that is. 🙂 Hey guys! Ashley here to chat with you guys about taking off my makeup and how I clean my face every day.

I don’t know about you all, but I never really had someone in my life when I was younger that instructed me on wearing makeup much less the process that I needed to go through to take it all off while ensuring that my face stays clean and healthy. I learned through trial and error…and while using a little bit of common sense. If you haven’t ever really thought about it…or had anyone share with you how they cleanse their face…I’m your girl today. Because really. There’s no point in putting makeup on your face if the skin underneath isn’t healthy. And yes, there are some days that I go to sleep with my makeup on. However, I can pinky promise and swear up and down that those days of going to bed with my full face still intact are few and far in between. I can count on one hand and still have fingers left when thinking about the amount of times I’ve gone to bed without washing my face in the last six months. So yeah. What I’m trying to say. Is it is so so so important that you wash your face every night and morning – even if you don’t wear makeup!

Alright. To the good stuff:

  1. First I take off my makeup. I use a micellar water poured onto a couple sheets of toilet paper and wipe off my eye makeup (including brows). I love this Garnier Micellar Water. It’s made specifically for removing waterproof makeup. I don’t use waterproof makeup…but regardless eyeliner and mascara are tough to remove. This water wipes them away quickly.
  2. Second, I take off my face makeup. I use makeup removing or facial cleansing cloths to do this. I typically use two wipes every night. The first wipe takes off pretty much everything. And honestly, I’m going to actually wash my face after so I could get by with just one. But I like to use that second one to ensure all the little remaining remnants of bronzer and/or foundation are gone from the outer perimeter/hairline. I don’t wash my hair everyday so it’s important to me that I remove any makeup that got in my hairline. Right now I’m using the equate brand from Walmart. I don’t care for these. They have  a STRONG scent that makes my eyes water. Sadly, I bought a huge bulk pack of them…sooo I’m just sucking it up and using them. My favorite kind are the Up and Up brand from Target
  3. And lastly, I cleanse my makeup free face. Why am I washing my face? Because didn’t I just list how I took off all my makeup?? Yes. My makeup is gone – but there are still dirt and oils remaining…and chemical remnants from those makeup removers lingering on my face. At this point you may be envisioning one of those cliche facial cleanser commercials where the girl lathers up her face then throws water all over it. Yeaaaaah. That’s not how it works in the real world. At night I take a shower after removing my makeup – so I wash my face in the shower. I always keep Biore Charcoal cleanser in the shower. In the morning I wash my face at the sink.  I turn the water on and let it get piping hot. Then I wet a wash cloth and wet my face. This opens my pores.  Next I lather my face with my current face wash. Once I’ve scrubbed my face thoroughly, I wipe away the cleanser with my wet cloth. The face wash at my sink is an ever revolving product. I don’t ever choose the same one. That would be just a bit too boring. 😉 

And that is it folks. If you’re wondering why I even sat down to write this, because well everyone should know how to wash their face and/or take off their makeup. Well. Ladies and gents…never take knowing basic life functions for granted. I’ve been a manger at McDonalds. I’ve literally had to teach teenagers how to do things like sweep…and mop…and make coffee. All things that many people think you should just know how to do. So many people don’t though. Because no one ever took the time to tell them how.

And for good measure … Here’s my clean face..

I hope this was helpful…if nothing else maybe I mentioned some different cleansing products you can try! What are you guys’ nightly/morning cleansing routines?

What We Wore

It’s time for another week of outfits.  Let’s see what we created (or what we grabbed out of the laundry basket).

Rhonda –

Tank: Old Navy. Shorts: Target. Kimono: Ross. Sandals: Old Navy. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Tee: Target. Shorts: Old Navy.

Tee: Old Navy. Shorts: Walmart. Shoes: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Top: Old Navy. Shorts: Walmart. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Tank: Old Navy. Shorts: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede. Shoes: Target.

Swim Top: Target. Firecracker tank: Old Navy. Shorts: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Ashley –

Well you guys. Rhonda knocked it out with all her amazing outfits…and I apparently took no pictures this past week. To be fair though this weekend was a bunch of leggings and t shirts… Consider yourself spared. 😂 Any, here’s my ONE outfit.

Cardigan : it’s from Burkes Outlet Dress : oldie from Target. Earrings : N&S Lipgloss

So yeah. One outfit and none of it available online.  Blogger fail.