What We Wore Wednesday

Hey there! Welcome back to another Wednesday where we show off the things that we wore this past week.

Rhonda –

Muscle Shirt: Target. Button-down: Old Navy [similar]. Shorts: Old Navy [similar]. Rubber flip flops: Old Navy (I did not leave the house). Pin on collar: Target.

/TShirt: BeYouBoutique. Shorts: Walmart. Jacket: Target. Pin on collar: Target. Shoes: Target.

Ashley –

Man. I actually have three outfit pictures today. You know, instead of the typical, as of late for me, two. ¬†I just haven’t been feeling myself lately. Anyway…I could go on and on about how I’ve been feeling late, but that’s not why you’re here today. ūüėČ

Jacket: Target Tank: Target Leggings: Faded Glory, Walmart Earrings: N&S Leopard [not available :(]

Top: Chambray button up from Target Leggings: Danskin, Walmart Earrings: N&S Leopard [not available :(]

Shirt: Target (got this while I was in TX..not online)  Leggings: Danskin, Walmart Earrings: N&S Red

Yep, we’ve been in a style rut over here – we think it’s the season transition and just overall boredom with our wardrobes. ¬†Fall fashion is about to start trickling into our closets though and we can’t wait. ¬†Are you in a late-summer fashion rut?


All the Awkwardness

So much unnecessary stuff keeps being shown this season.  Kameron adds nothing to the cast.  I am tired of watching her just be a snobby ass.  Over it already.  I only want to watch Stephanie, Brandi, and Cary.  Luckily, I got plenty of that this week.

Cary had cooked a nice dinner and Mark came home being weird about the wine not being served to him the second he walks in the door. He then proceeded to complain about how small the dinner is. ¬†This isn’t some major event, but it sets up the tension between them for the episode. ¬†Cary has been spending less time at work and more time with their daughter. ¬†They go to the Plastic Surgery Channel offices to film a promo video. ¬†The entire video is about how they work together. ¬†Holy shit though, it was awkward. ¬†Cary with her eye rolling at Mark was giving me life. ¬†I love seeing strong couples having bad days. ¬†It’s real life.

LeeAnne is still determined to make everything about her. As she and Brandi are discussing Stephanie and Brandi’s upcoming meeting to talk through things, she tells Brandi how we can’t forget that Stephanie has done things to LeeAnne too. ¬†Insert eye roll.

Brandi and Stephanie meet up at Brandi’s house. So we finally get an understanding of what actually went down to cause a rift between them. ¬†Stephanie had posted on her blog that Brandi’s marriage was like watching a car crash. ¬†Ouch. ¬†That obviously hurt Bryan and Brandi…but Brandi agrees that was a long time ago and she should have already brought it up. Brandi brings up how much it hurt her when Cary posted on IG, calling Stephanie her ride or die. ¬†And then. ¬†And THEN Brandi tells Stephanie she had a miscarriage. Stephanie’s crying, Brandi’s crying, I’m crying. They vow to never fight again. ¬†Please don’t.

LeeAnne is back to see her therapist and tells her what she is planning to dress as for Halloween – Stephanie. ¬†And by “Stephanie,” she means “two-face.” ¬†Her therapist really is not pleased that she wants to do that and pleads with her not to, but LeeAnne is fucking crazy and does it anyway.

So at this Halloween party, Cary is dressed as a tiger. ¬†She is wearing only body paint and a thong. ¬†Ok, girl. ¬†If I looked like that, I would too. ¬†LeeAnne shows up as two-face and it isn’t well received by¬†Travis. ¬†He comes to tell Stephanie that LeeAnne’s stupid costume is a dig at Stephanie and he wants to kick her out. Stephanie says to just ignore her. Stephanie chooses to not react to her, since that’s what LeeAnne wants. ¬†Smart girl and a better person than me, for sure. ¬†Once again, we hear how much LeeAnne is worried that Stephanie and Brandi are friends again. ¬†Of course…I almost forgot this is about LeeAnne.


Did you watch this week?

Week In Review: Rhonda

Dang, it’s Monday?! ¬†Only discovered that when I saw that Ashley posted the recap of her week. ¬†I guess I’ll update you on MY life. ¬†I’m sure you’re just dying to hear all about it.

You all know what Monday was – big eclipse day! ¬†Well, it was also our first day back to school and we had a great day! ¬†We watched the big event live on NASA’s Facebook feed all day. ¬†Later I found Harper using a flashlight to recreate the eclipse. ¬†I love watching his mind work.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were pretty basic.  Figuring out a school routine and general household and work duties.

I got a great surprise Friday when I woke up and Stuart was still in the bed, smiling at me. ¬†He had taken the day off unexpectedly and it made my day. ¬†He helped me with school, which the kids really seemed to enjoy. ¬†We played Trivial Pursuit, during which we discovered Nick has never heard of Levi’s.

Saturday, we took another trip to IKEA, this time with two kids. ¬†We spent so much time there, during which we LOST CLAUDIA. ¬†We were in the kitchen area of the showroom and Quentin was marveling over some stools. ¬†We mentioned that we were headed to the dining tables to take another look at the one we wanted. ¬†Some baby girl hobbled over and touched my leg and I looked down expecting it to be Claudia. It was not and it was then that we realized Claudia was not with us. ¬†Panic. ¬†I immediately turned around and retraced my steps, thinking she got turned around in the crowded store. ¬†Stuart and Quentin were searching the surrounding kitchens. ¬†When I didn’t find her in the last few areas we had been, I switched directions and went ahead. ¬†I found her with an employee who was calling to report her found. ¬†Turns out she had wandered off and a customer found her standing alone. ¬†Scariest moment of my parenting so far. ¬†It was probably only 2 minutes, but it felt like an hour. ¬†Once that nightmare was over, we finished shopping, picked up Claudia’s bed from a friend, and headed home for a late dinner.

Sunday, we started putting together our lovely IKEA haul and that was quite the adventure. ¬†Quentin and Claudia were surprisingly helpful. Stuart’s coworker Jim came over in the evening with his power tools to help with one of the more complicated assemblies in exhange for a steak.


Week In Review: Ashley

Well well here we are again at another week in review! Thanks so much for coming by. ūüôā

We had a decent start to the week. If you read last week’s WIR you know that I went on and on about Cooper and his struggles with separation from me when I drop him off at school. So, as I said last week I made a plan to start implementing some of the things the school suggested and some ideas I came up on my own. He was still crying when he got dropped off, but his teachers were saying that the crying didn’t last long and he ended up having a good day.

However, Wednesday changed things. I’m not really ready to get into the full details of what went on that day. I actually even considered not saying anything at all on the blog, but I have been pretty open about our struggles with transitioning to school and I thought it would be odd if I just all of a sudden stopped talking about it. Anyway, long story short? Cooper is no longer attending the school he was going to. We’re searching and considering different options. I probably won’t speak about it again on the blog until we’ve nailed down a solution and have settled in.

So yeah. Wednesday was rough – and the rest of the week just kind of flew by after that. Friday night Cooper and Sophie stayed the night with Grammy and Ppop. To say they were excited is an understatement. ūüôā

Friday night I spent some time working on room decor updates in the kids’ room. I’m doing a black, white, and gray color scheme. They’ve been sharing a room for a while now, but I never got around to decorating it before. I thought that we’d be moving soon. That never materialized though. So, I figured I’d go ahead and implement my vision. ūüėČ

I did a little shopping Saturday morning before heading over to my parents. We just hung out…did a little more shopping with my mom. ūüėČ You know. The usual.

Cooper stayed another night with my parents. He spent the whole day with them while they checked out a cabin in Lumberton that they are renting later in October. Sophie and I hung out with Aunt Grace for a bit – then just had a low key day at home. We gathered up Coop that evening and came back home for the usual usual at home. ūüôā

Both the kids seem to be having another allergy flare up so that’s been pitiful. Hate seeing my babies sick. ūüôĀ

What were you guys up to?


What’s In My…Fridge?

Hey there! ¬†So, is it just me or is it super fascinating to get a peek inside others’ lives? ¬†I love to see what people have in their homes, so I thought today I would share what’s in my fridge! ¬†Just keep in mind, I eat super healthy. ¬†A lot of this shit is NOT mine.

1 – Tessemae’s Avocado Ranch, Kerrygold butter, and Sofia champagne can

2 – Sriracha ketchup, Heinz reduced sugar ketchup, tomato paste

3 – Welch’s grape jelly, peanut butter, dijon mustard, French’s yellow mustard, parmesan cheese

4 – Vlassic dill pickle stackers, minced garlic, sweet pickle relish, jalapeno peppers

5 – Orange juice, gluten-free soy sauce, heavy whipping cream, BBQ sauce and worcestershire sauce (behind the HWC)

6 – Sugar-free french vanilla coffee creamer, sweet tea, ranch dressing

7 – Sour cream, leftover white wine for cooking, Gevalia cold brew concentrate, Duke’s mayonnaise, Stella Artois

8 – Eggs, orange juice, two bottles of champagne (behind), milk, assorted sparkling waters

9 – Leftovers (carnitas, pizza, pork chops, hot dogs), berry juice

10 – Spinach, limes, cherries, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion

11 – Ground beef, hot dogs, bacon, pepperoni, sliced colby jack, shredded cheese, Velveeta slices, queso fresca

12 – Ice trays, Kerrygold butter, waffles

13 – Tito’s vodka, Pinnacle whipped vodka, beer glasses, Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine-soaked cherries, Sugarland Shine apple moonshine, Tim Smith’s Climax moonshine, riced cauliflower, cut cauliflower, Talenti Blueberry crumble, pork chops

Do you have any of the same stuff?

Ipsy Reveal: August

Thanks for coming back to see what we got in our bags this month.  We described Ipsy to you last month:

What is ipsy? It is a monthly subscription service. You pay ten dollars a month and get a cute bag and five makeup/beauty related products. They are usually deluxe sample sized ‚Äď sometimes you get a full sized product. When you sign up you do a little ‚Äėget to know you‚Äô type of survey that the ipsy peeps use to determine what types of products to send you. Also, as you receive the products each month you get to review each one individually. If ipsy sends you something you absolutely hate‚Ķall you have to do is let them know in the review and they won‚Äôt send it again. For instance, say you get some nail polish in your first bag, and you don‚Äôt really care for nail polish. Let them know in the review that you‚Äôd like to not receive it again. And voila! They won‚Äôt send it in your bag anymore!

We both look forward, with great anticipation, each month to receiving our ipsy bags. Ipsy is a great way to try out all kinds of different beauty brands and products without investing in the full size version ‚Äď not knowing if you will like it or not. You don‚Äôt get to hand pick what comes in your bag, but we are pretty sure that there won‚Äôt be many times that you regret trying what they send you.¬†ūüėČ

Ipsy rewards you points for referrals, purchasing through their website, and reviewing.  The points can be redeemed in the rewards shop toward products.

You can sign up to receive Ipsy by clicking here (we may receive credit if you sign up). Ok ! On to this month’s goodies:

Ashley –

When I saw what I was getting in my bag, I wasn’t super excited. TBH I was coveting Rhonda’s bag…however I’m overall pleased with the products I received and will continue to use most of them on a regular basis.

CATRICE COSMETICS Highlighting Powder in Champagne Campaign – ¬†I am always excited to get a highlighter in my Ipsy bag. I am not overly impressed with this one though. It is very subdued and natural looking. ¬†I don’t know if I will reach for it a lot. Cause you know: #extra The product description says that it has a vanilla scent and can sometimes have a pinky hue to it. I honestly never noticed either one of those qualities.

Air Repair Skincare¬†Super-Hydrating Eye Cream –¬†Skin care products are things that you have to use repeatedly over time to really see (or not see) the difference they make. So far I like this eye cream because I love skincare products and it doesn’t have any immediate off putting qualities (like smell or something). ¬†I will definitely continue to use it.

EYEKO¬†Black Magic Mascara Deluxe –¬†Y’all. I was not expecting this BUT I’m in love with this mascara. It doesn’t give over the top volume, but it’s not so natural looking that you don’t appear to have mascara on at all. Today I layered it with my Dior (Diorshow Iconic Overcurl ¬†mascara and was able to achieve more significant volume. Anyway, I’m going to purchase the full size of the mascara. Hands down my fave part of this bag AND I even got a brush this time…

SLMissGlam¬†T35 Precise Blending Brush –¬†This is my second SLMissGlam ¬†brush that I’ve received through Ipsy. I am always satisfied with the brushes I receive through Ipsy and this was no exception. It’s a smaller blending brush that is great for more precise blending directly in the crease.

Paula Dorf Cosmetics¬†Mini Universal Brow Pencil in Taupe –¬†I really like this brow pencil. I can’t imagine that it would actually be a universal shade though. It has very strong red hues when I use it which is fine for me because I have red in my hair….I can’t see how this would also look good on someone with black or blonde or basic brown hair… you know? Anyway, I think the color is perfect for me. The product is super soft – I had to sharpen it after using it three times.


Rhonda –

I was so pumped when I saw what I was getting in my bag, and then was immediately disappointed by the item I was most excited by. However, ipsy had 3 varieties of the zip bag this month and I got the one I wanted!

Let’s check it.

Lovely, right?!

Vitamasques Yoghurt Mask Duo –¬†I love masks so I was pretty excited about getting a 2-pack this month. ¬†I tried the Kiwi and it smelled AMAZING, like edible. ¬†While I soaked in the tub with the mask on, my face got really HOT, so I decided to look at the ingredients. ¬†Well holy shit, I don’t even know what most of that stuff is, but I don’t think I will be using these again. ¬†Not even opening the strawberry.

AURORA¬†Pro Cover Up Concealer in Balmy Beige –¬†I am a concealer freak and could not wait to try this. ¬†I was so disappointed in it. ¬†The shade was a good match for me, but it didn’t not blend or cover well. ¬†Once dry, it creased under my eyes and was crumbly. ¬†I tried it on¬†a couple blemishes and that wasn’t a success either. ¬†Just terrible.

SLMissGlam T35 Precise Blending Brush –¬†This was my second brush from this brand and I can’t get enough! ¬†It is so soft and did a bang-up job blending my crease.

Pacifica¬†Coconut Blush Duo –¬†God, I can not say enough good things about their cheek products. ¬†Every time I get one, it blows my mind. ¬†I did BOTH cheeks with ONE swipe of the rosy color. ¬†These are silky, pigmented, and a dream to apply. ¬†And bonus? ¬†The bottom of the compact is MIRRORED! ¬†This will be my go-to travel blush for sure.

theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Eyeshadow in Kuwakaribisha –¬†This highlighter blew me away. ¬†I am never impressed with highlighters anymore, but it gave me a gorgeous glow! ¬†theBalm is such a great brand.

Here you see Pacifica and theBalm’s cheek products in use. ¬†I was nervous when I swatched because they barely showed on my arm. ¬†My face was a different story!

Did y’all get you some ipsy action this month? ¬†What did we get in our bags that you would love to try? ¬†One commenter will receive my strawberry mask! ¬†Just because it didn’t work for my old sensitive skin doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.


What We Wore Wednesday

*This post may contain affiliate links.*

Welcome back to another week of outfits.  We are both SO READY to get into some fall fashion and are totally bored of all our clothes.  Bring on the flannel and booties, thanks.

Rhonda –

Muscle Tank: Target. Shorts: Target. Sandals: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Tank: Old Navy. Kimono: Ross. Shorts: Target. Sandals: Old Navy. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Romper: Rolla Costa. Sandals: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede. Necklace: Luv Aj, via FabFitFun.

Shirt: Harper Avery Boutique. Shorts: Target. Sandals: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Ashley –

Shirt: Target Pants: Liverpool Skinnies from stitch fix Earrings: N&S Gold

Cardigan: Target Tank: Target Leggings: Walmart Shoes: Walmart Earrings: N&S Blank Canvas

Can I just say that thank god Rhonda is pulling the what we wore Wednesday weight around here…eventually I’ll get my act together and have more than two outfits to show.

Are you stuck in a summer fashion rut and ready for fall?

Look in the mirror, bitch.

So back again for another week of catty drama and rich people problems. I’m here for it.

One thing I love about the entire Real Housewives franchise is that there are always those wives you can completely relate to. ¬† They have the same issues we have sometimes. ¬†Cary is a working mother and her daughter and her husband both are constantly needing her full attention. ¬†What mom can’t relate?

Kameron had worked full-time before she got married and her husband doesn’t want her to work. ¬†He does want wants her to excel at running the house – the “CEO” of the house. ¬†She of course has her own goals, such as starting a ridiculous line of pink dog food, which her husband constantly dismisses.

Now, I think her idea is moronic, but I am bothered that he doesn’t at least listen to her dreams. ¬†For example, as she is packing the kids for a trip to Cabo, she just mentions to him that it sucks that the trip lines up with a dog costume contest, because that would have been a good opportunity to network around her dog food idea. He just flat out says “you need to get over that idea.” ¬†Rude.

Stephanie started seeing a therapist when she was first having issues with Brandi. ¬†She updates the therapist with the Brandi saga. ¬†Mentions how she felt rejected at the party last week. ¬†She feels like so much damage has already been done and can’t be fixed. ¬†They were already asked to judge a dog costume contest awhile back, so she is nervous about the fact that they will have to interact soon.

Cary and Brandi are at lunch and Cary asks Brandi if she wants to come to a Stylemaker event where her husband Mark is a finalist. Stephanie is going to be there, so she wants to make sure it won’t be uncomfortable for her. ¬†Cary is sort of in the middle but is trying to be open to everyone. ¬†Stephanie had sent a text saying that Cary said LeeAnne was up to her old tricks. ¬†Cary denies she even said that. ¬†Cary just wants to be able to have a group of friends she can trust. ¬†Tears. ¬†Because of course.

D’Andra meets up with a marketing coordinator to work on skin care line for her mother’s company. ¬†Her strength is in ingredients and not on the finances, so she has to run the new product by her mother. ¬†Back from vacation her mother comes over to discuss business. ¬†She is pretty critical of D’Andra which is fucking annoying to watch. When D’Andra mentions they need to rebrand, mother shuts her down. ¬†I am so bored with these two and their classic “child joins family business and mom thinks she’s an idiot” issues.

Stephanie and Travis are looking at houses closer to Dallas. ¬†They are currently in Las Colinas and she spends too much time in Dallas to not live there. ¬†He takes her to a house he loves and she instantly is like NOPE. ¬†Because y’all…there is a pool in the entryway. ¬†House’s asking price is $8.2 million and is 8631 square feet. ¬†We see extravagant (UGLY) chandeliers and $100,000 wallpaper (also ugly). ¬†Toilet has a fancy bidet that can even “stimulate” the lady parts. ¬†Because why not? ¬†A “lounge” with a movie screen and hot tub that overlooks a view of an outdoor area that is “central park-esque.” ¬†She has to remind him they need to discuss it and make the decision together because he tends to just buy shit.

At the Stylemaker awards, Mark does not win.  Cary brings up that she is getting pissed, because of the text message Stephanie had sent to Brandi about LeeAnne.  Stephanie had been wanting to protect Brandi by letting her know things LeeAnne has been saying about them and their relationship.  Stephanie is learning to just quit repeating what people say.  Cary decides she is just staying the hell out of it all.  Yeah, sure.  No such things with these bitches.

Stephanie is all of us, as she cooks in the kitchen while the boys play with their chips and roll around on the floor. ¬†Travis comes home with champagne and she is so damn happy to see it. ¬†Girl, I feel that. ¬†He tells her they won the bid for the house and Stephanie is a little nervous about that because she does not want a pool in the damn living room, because HELLO DOGS AND KIDS. ¬†She totally doesn’t think it’s fair that he made that decision without her…rightfully so. ¬†Stephanie tells him this is not a good home for their family and they should flip it and buy something else.

LeeAnne dresses her dog as a hot dog for the costume contest, so she dons a hot dog costume herself. ¬†At the event, Brandi, LeeAnne, D’Andra, and Cary sit down and talk about the text between Brandi and Stephanie. ¬†Stephanie and her kid show up with the dog and the tension is cringeworthy. ¬†After Brandi and Stephanie judge the contest, they rejoin the ladies and all the same nonsense starts again. ¬†LeeAnne is of course jumping back in with the fucking text message because she has to make everything about her. ¬†Stephanie tells LeeAnne that she’s scary and manipulating. ¬†LeeAnne says “look in the mirror, bitch.” ¬†LeeAnne can NEVER take criticism and I am so over her. ¬†I was really hoping she wouldn’t be back this season. ¬†If this could be the last, that would be great.

Stephanie is trying to apologize for mentioning her in the texts and LeeAnne is shutting her down. ¬†Stephanie says in her confessional, “I know she’s dressed as a wiener, but she’s acting like a dick.” That is super accurate. ¬†Everyone agrees that Brandi and Stephanie need to ¬†sit down AND DISCUSS THE ISSUE….you know, as adults do. ¬†Stephanie is crying because their kids are friends and this is hurting their families. ¬†Stephanie doesn’t know what she did wrong and Brandi said she stepped away because she felt like her friendship wasn’t appreciated . Both in tears, agree they need to talk. ¬†All the tears. ¬†As a huge fan of them as a dynamic duo, I need this to be over.

If you are not watching this season, you may want to hop in.  Next week looks like a super intense Halloween party!


Week In Review: Rhonda

God, that week felt so long.  It seemed to just drag on and was exhausted the entire week.  I think I know why though, and more about that later.  So let’s recap.

Seriously, Monday through Friday were an absolute blur.  Sleepiness, exhaustion, Target runs, with Wine Wednesday up in the middle.  Also at some point during the week, I made a HUGE business decision and spent a lot of time planning for that.

I also decided during the week that the reason I have been so tired and moody and run-down is due to backsliding on my healthy lifestyle.  Since moving, things have been wild and busy and definitely unhealthy.  I decided that Monday would be a reboot.  Meal prep and workouts on their way!

Saturday we got up and got busy shopping for things for the house and putting up lights in the backyard.  We had “a few friends” over (let’s just call it what it was – a hell of a party) and Stuart set the backyard on fire.  So that was lovely.

Sunday, Stuart, Claudia, and I hopped in the car and spent the afternoon in some different areas of the DFW.  We went to the Japanese book store Kinokuniya to get my copper Leuchtturm1917 journal that I’ve wanted for a few months.  Then we went to get some Bing Su (a tasty shaved ice treat) while we were in this Asian strip mall.  After that, we headed to IKEA where Claudia promptly made herself at home.  She wanted to sit in every chair and lie down in every bed.  Stuart and I argued over chairs, because of course.  Back at home, Stuart hung more lights in the backyard and grilled and Quentin and I prepped my lunches for the week.

Now I’m ready to tackle a new week. We are starting school and I am rebooting a healthy lifestyle. Do you ever feel like you just need to start over on everything?

Week In Review: Ashley

Hey y’all hey! Welcome back to another Monday of Week In Reviews. ūüôā So glad you’re here. Ok, sooo prepare for lots of me going on and on about Pre-K drama.

Monday & Tuesday & Wednesday were pretty typical. As you know (or don’t know if you don’t regularly read my WIR posts…) we have been riding the struggle bus when it comes to getting Cooper adjusted to full day Pre-K. He has been freaking out at drop off each day. HOWEVER We had some fantastic days of drop off during the first part of this week! Cooper didn’t cry one bit which was super fantastic. I really felt like we were making some progress.

Then. His teacher called Wednesday afternoon to say that he’d been having a hard day. She said he was whining a lot and very concerned about what was going to happen next…as in he was asking her this every five minutes or so. The wanting to know what is next – well that’s just his personality. He’s super aware of his surroundings. He always wants to know the span of events that lie before him. I can understand though how that is frustrating. Because seriously you guys, some days I have to tell him “enough with the questions…I’ve already told you this over and over again.” She did suggest that maybe he needs more one on one time and attention from me. I get that. I decided I’d start making more deliberate attempts at giving him my attention in the evenings. Also, she thought maybe he was trying so hard to keep things together for my sake at drop off that the emotions were coming out throughout the day now. Thursday he was pretty upset at drop off BUT nothing major. ¬†So that night we went to Chick-Fil-A and played at the playground and I took him to Target to pick out a toy for being so good at drop off for the four previous days. ¬†I wanted to give him some positive reinforcement.

Friday morning was a rough rough rough. I’m pretty sure he sensed that it wasn’t a normal day. He could tell that I wasn’t going to work…we weren’t rushing like we normally do. So, about an hour before we had to leave he started getting upset and crying. I normally attempt to console him and do everything that I can to get him calmed down and not crying. However, that day I decided maybe he just needs to cry at home and get it all out of his system? So I let him go on and on. I told him it was ok to cry at home, but when we get to school he has to stop. Did that work? Hell no. He was in major freaking melt down mode once we got to school. I was crying. He was flipping out. It was bad bad bad. I actually told his teacher I was considering taking him out of school. She urged me to take him home that day and think things over, because the truth is that he’ll have to adjust now at Pre-K or later at Kindergarten.

I could tell that he was just doing all that he could in order to get to stay home with me. As soon as he realized he was going home he stopped crying and pitching a fit.

I honestly believe he has some major anxiety issues. I know part of it is that he just can’t control his anxiety and emotions. I get that. I feel for him. It’s stressful on both of us..and sometimes I make it all about me and how it makes me feel and how emotionally draining this whole process has been on me. But I have to remember that HE is the one going to school.

So. I’ve decided to implement some changes and start reinforcing routine for the morning. I don’t know how to fix his anxiety and make all of our transition problems magically go away, but I do know that he thrives in a routine. So yeah, I’m making some changes to our morning so that it will always be the same and consistent – you know as much as I can…I can’t control everything. Unfortunately. ūüėČ And his dad is going to start dropping him off .. I think that not having to leave me will help. ¬†And I’m also going to do a calendar that we’ll put stickers on everyday that reflect how that day went at drop off and give him little rewards each day when he does well.

But yeah. We shall see if that all makes a difference.

This weekend? We stayed home. Took several trips to Target. Sunday afternoon we did get out for a bit to go the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport. If you are local, you should definitely take your children there. Sunday afternoons are a great time to go because it’s only $6 to enter. That night I made Sangria and watched the BEST Game of Thrones episode from this entire season.

There you have it. What have you guys been up to? Anyone else have some transitioning to Pre-K stories similar to mine? If so, tell me and make me feel better by saying it all worked out in the end. ūüėČ