Week In Review: Rhonda

Another week behind us, and what a week it has been!  I can’t even.  Let’s get to it.

Tuesday was just like any other weekday – worked, mommed, texted.  When mail time came though, my lovely Colourpop order was here!  You can see swatches of these beauties on Instagram.

I’m not going to tell you about Wednesday, because you got all the details in my Day In the Life post.

Thursday, I spend a good chunk of the day working in my journal to get ready for June.  I caught up on my DVR and did normal parenting stuff.

On Friday, my world came to a halt.  About 1 pm, I was in the kitchen with Nick as he made himself lunch.  I suddenly saw something move on his head.  I took a closer look and it was a fucking bug.  I wasn’t sure what kind of bug.  I picked it out and kept looking.  LICE.  MOTHERFUCKING LICE.  This was the first time in my entire parenting career to deal with it and let me tell you, I hope you never have to.  Every single person (myself included) in the house with hair had lice.  I immediately texted Stuart an SOS and he brought home what we needed to start the Cetaphil method.  I chose this because I like to minimize my kids’ exposure to toxins and my BFF Nicole had sworn this worked better in her experience.  I went through it with all four kids, then myself.  It took 5.5 hours to handle everyone.  I was exhausted and my back was aching.  Claudia fell asleep as I dried her hair.

Saturday, we got up and started washing and checking everyone’s hair. Turns out, I must have combed out too much excess Cetaphil, because all the kids still had live bugs.  I decided to redo the boys, but not Claudia because hers takes over an hour and she only had one bug and few nits.  I flat ironed her hair to fry anything I missed and we headed out to take the kids to Dustin.  Back in town, we went to Total Wine and stocked up.  At home, I found a dead bug in my hair and decided to have Stuart comb me thoroughly.  Everything in my hair was dead, thankfully.  With that behind us, we sat down to a dinner of chips and assorted dips and watched Dateline.  With the kids gone, we were able to actually be all over the house and not confined to our bedroom.

Sunday was the first full day without the kids and we absolutely took advantage of it.  We spent the day on the couch.  I never bothered with underwear.  I ate my brunch at the coffee table while journaling and we watched a lot of TV.  In the evening, Stuart went to work for a bit while I straightened up and did some doodling . Then he came home and grilled.  Such a great Sunday.

Another week behind us and now a week of deep cleaning, errands, and some Me Time.  Ashley is coming here this weekend and I can’t wait to share the shenanigans with you all.  Make sure you are following our IG account (@rageagainstthemomachine) and snapchat (RAthemomachine)!


Week In Review : Ashley


Hey hey! So glad to see you guys back for another look at what we did last week. What did we do? Not much really. Just the usual. Did I take a lot of pictures? Heck no. But what’s new??

So anyway. Let’s just start with Wednesday – you know as we usually do. Monday WAS Memorial Day, but we talked about that in the last WIR.

Wednesday we lounged around the house. The kids drug out all their toys, because would it really be playing unless every single toy was out of the toy box and half brought into the living room? Yeah. I didn’t think so. I mean. At least that’s how it goes around our house. We did manage to get our act together though and get dressed for the day at a reasonable time. Look at those cuties in their matching outfits!!

We went to the ‘park by the beach’ per Soso’s request. Sophie is finally at the age where I let her go on her own on the play equipment. I still hover close by, because she is still likely to easily fall down or you know, just walk off the side. But hey, we’re getting to more independence. 🙂

After about thirty minutes of play time the bottom fell out and we were confined to the pavilion. I had actually remembered to bring the bubbles, which were a big hit to pass the time as we waited for the rain to slack off. The kids ended up having a blast playing with each other under that pavilion.

Friday night the babies stayed with Grammy and Ppop, and mommy got to spend some time with Aunt Grace and Uncle Dejan. Their flight to Dallas then London that was supposed to leave Friday afternoon was delayed and then cancelled. That sucked for them. BUT we all got some extra time to see them before they left for two weeks. So yeah. We had mexican for dinner and then saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It was a really great night. Saturday morning we all just hung out at my parents, and that afternoon I took Grace and Dejan to the airport. They are currently in London having a blast and sending us some amazing pictures. 🙂

Doesn’t that look amazing? 🙂 Anyway, what you all up to this past week?

How Dry Shampoo Changed My Life

Hey y’all hey! Ashley here today – What’s up? I so hope you’re having a good day – or at least a tolerable one…and if not? Well, I’m pretty sure being here is going to make it better…or EVEN better. 😉

Anyhow – today I wanted to tell you guys the ways that using dry shampoo has changed.my.life – for the better.

Let me start by explaining that until about a month and a half ago I never used dry shampoo on the regular. I’d only used it maybe two or three times to freshen up my hair before a night of going out. Hair that I’d just washed that morning. Yeah. I was that person. I washed my hair every single day. I washed it every single morning to be exact. I washed and blow dried my hair on the daily.

Why did I decide to venture from that routine? I wanted to start taking better care of my hair. I’d noticed some recent damage (from all that heat styling) starting to show. I don’t know if it’s my age… or some product I used – but all of a sudden my once fine and smooth hair was frizzy. It freaked me the fuck out to be honest. I knew some things had to change.

I consulted my nearest and dearest about a high end dry shampoo to try. Living Proof was the first brand I used. I grabbed that at Ulta. I set a goal to go at least three days without washing. And when I did wash – I washed in cold water. I also used a conditioning mask on my hair on the nights I washed it.

How did those first three days go? Well. Let me just say that hair cleaned by dry shampoo is NOTHING like hair cleaned by water and shampoo. Are you laughing? I’m laughing at myself for even having that expectation. However, that was my expectation. That first week. Of no wash for three days – then wash – then no wash for four days….that was rough. On that fourth day of the second cycle, man .. I felt gross.

I persevered though. I pressed on. I continued with my little schedule I’d set for myself.

You see. I have greasy hair. I have the driest of dry skin everywhere else on my body. My scalp? It gets so so so greasy, and because of that I always felt like I HAD to wash my hair every day. I always felt like I HAD to style it using the blow dryer. I didn’t feel “ready” for my day unless I had showered, washed my hair, and blow dried my hair. I have literally taken a shower before heading out for a beach day. Why? Because I could not go without it. I needed that shower for mental reasons more so than for physical ones. That’s dumb. That’s too much.

So how did learning what to expect from hair cleaned with dry shampoo should feel like? What did learning to use dry shampoo on the regular teach me? How did this seemingly shallow thing change my life??

Well. I’m no longer chained to that routine. I don’t have to get up every day and take a shower that morning. I can take a shower at night. I can wake up the next morning – spray some dry shampoo in my hair – and move on with my life. I can get to spending time with my kids faster. I can sleep a few extra minutes in the morning. I can be me without that ball and chain of a routine. Does that sound crazy? Are you a spontaneous person? Ok, if so that probably does sound crazy.

I’m not spontaneous. I get bogged down in a routine. Sometimes that routine begins to define me. Sometimes that routine starts to control my life without me even noticing.

So, dry shampoo did not save my life. It did, however, CHANGE my life. This may sound silly. And hopefully I’m getting my point across that it makes me feel more free. It’s pretty revolutionary that after spending my entire adult life taking a shower and then washing/blow drying my hair every single morning – that I no longer have to do that. I still feel like myself. I can still carry on with my day.

But yeah. I heart dry shampoo. I think it’s great. I haven’t used a blow dryer in over a month. I wash my hair at night and let it air dry. I usually do use the straightener the next morning after washing my hair – because along with frizz I’ve also developed some kinks and waves. All new things.

But yeah. That’ show dry shampoo changed my life. 🙂 What are my favorite brands?

  1.  Amazing Grace Dry Shampoo from Philosophy $24.00 at Ulta

This dry shampoo is expensive, but I absolutely love it. The smell is amazing. It literally makes my hair smell clean. I don’t get any white flakes on the third or fourth day. ( I got that bad with Living Proof) It soaks up the grease amazing and my hair doesn’t feel heavy with product.

2. Batiste ‘Bare’ Dry Shampoo $7.99 at Ulta

This is hands down the best affordable dry shampoo. It works almost as good as the Philosophy one. I do prefer the philosophy smell and the way my hair still feels light after several days. BUT this brand is a great option if you can’t afford to invest 20+ dollars each time you buy dry shampoo.


Do you guys use dry shampoo on the regular? What brands are YOUR favorites??

Day In the Life – Rhonda

I have always enjoyed seeing how others live their lives, so when I joined the blogging community over ten years ago, I read every Day In the Life I came across.  I have also done a couple myself because why not write what I love to read?

I decided to do it yesterday, on what I thought would probably be a pretty ordinary day – Wednesday.  I originally had a time jotted down each time I changed activities but it was hard to follow, I’ve decided to break it down hourly for an easier read.

6:01 am- Alarm goes off.  I have a routine to set my alarm to kiss Stuart goodbye before he goes to work.  Life is too short and we aren’t promised tomorrow.  I try to stay up at that time, so that I get a lot done before my kids wake up.  I haven’t been feeling great, so have been going back to sleep.

For the next nearly two hours, I alternate between going to the bathroom, watching the news half-asleep, scrolling Facebook, dozing, and taking medicine.

7:50 am- I check the time, listen and don’t hear kids, so I doze back off after I get up and put on a shirt (I sleep naked).

8:00ish – I have an unknown call and texts from Ashley.  I surf Facebook while waiting for 8:30.  I know that Stuart sets the coffeemaker for 8:30 if I am not fully awake when he leaves for work.  I definitely don’t want to have to wait in the kitchen for the coffee.

For the next hour, I drink coffee and work in my bullet journal, the way I start my weekdays without exception.

9:00 am- Claudia wakes up and comes to my room for her morning routine of OJ and a fruit snack in my bed.  I go refill my coffee and get her “breakfast.”  She drinks all her OJ and half my coffee while we watch Live! With Kelly and Ryan.  I also do some blogging while I watch.

10:00 am- I start laundry, check on some makeup brushes I have drying, and plug in some of the kids’ dying devices.  Then, I go to put chicken in the crock pot because I like to batch cook shredded chicken to use in several different ways.  Well, things get interesting.

As I am putting the empty chicken packaging into the garbage, I somehow spill fucking raw chicken juice allll over my feet, kitchen mat, and floor.  Well, as I am cleaning it off the floor I somehow cut one finger with one of my fingernails.  So, when I am outside cleaning the mat, the bleach spray gets in my wound and I basically feel like I would rather die than do what I am doing.  After all that mess was cleaned up, I am putting the spray back into the cabinet and somehow the bottle breaks and the cleaner goes everywhere.  I finally escape back up stairs, where I put on more laundry.

11:00 am- I finally get my teeth brushed and face washed, then get dressed and do my makeup, all while leisurely watching TV.  This is the time of the day when my kids realize I am boring and go downstairs to destroy that level of the house.

12:00 pm-  In this hour, I make a brand comparison video for my Lipsense business.  Then I get lost in texting all my frans, folding laundry, and watching Four Weddings on TLC.

1:00 pm- I somehow end up wasting time in this hour.  I browse Pinterest for wedding stuff, look online at some houses for sale, and make the kids lunch.

2:00 pm- It’s the kids’ nap hour, which always starts at 2 or 3, depending on what time they woke up.  They are allowed to use personal electronics and the only one who even occasionally naps is Claudia, but that’s the entire point.  I spend the hour working in my journal to get set up for June.  I also have a snack during this time.  It’s usually when I eat my lunch.  In peace, thanks.

3:00 pm- I spend the final nap hour doing some more journaling with HGTV on in the background.

4:00 pm- Knowing I have to start the evening routine, I get to a stopping place in my journal, take a deep breath, and go downstairs to start the chaos.  I go to tell them nap time is over, but find that Claudia is actually asleep.  So I let the boys get up and I take out the trash as usual.  I pick up a few things around the house.  Then, on my way back to my room, I start more laundry.

5:00 pm- I do a weight loss countdown in my journal, with some more HGTV in the background. I text a lot too, which drags everything out.

6:00 pm- I go downstairs since Claudia is now awake.  I start a super fancy dinner for the kids and pour some Shiraz-Grenache.

7:00 pm- I start making dinner for Stuart and me.  We generally eat different things than the kids and we always eat later than them, because I wait for him to get home from work.  While dinner cooks, I’m on social media and sipping my wine.

8:00 pm- Stuart comes home shortly after 8.  We sit down and have dinner together and talk about our days while the kids play.  Claudia spends most of this time on Stuart’s lap, eating his food.  We discuss mortgage loans.

9:00 pm- We begin doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen and sweeping the dining room.  We have drinks and chat (with ALLL the interruptions) while we work.

10:00 pm- We are still cleaning up downstairs for a bit, then we tuck everyone in, take their devices, and go upstairs.  We take our shower (yep, together 90% of the time).  I do some evening journaling while Stuart gets together mortgage documents.

11:00 pm- We turn the lights out and watch news as I finish my wine and Stuart snores within 10 minutes.

12:00 am- After answering a few questions in my Poshmark shop, I finally put my phone down and drift off to sleep.

What We Wore

Well well it’s Wednesday – and you know what that means…. We’re here showing off just exactly what we wore this past week. So sit back. Get those fingers ready to screen shot your faves. And enjoy our fabulous fashion show!



I absolutely must clean up my bedroom, y’all.  Birthday party week happened.  I have nothing else to say for myself.  Sorry about the awful pictures, but this is just real shit you get here.

Tank: Target. Shorts: Old Navy. Hat: Walmart (I had trouble finding it online, but it’s currently in stores). Shoes: Target.

Dress: beach lunch lounge brand from Marshall’s. Shoes: Old Navy, not currently available. Earrings: Harper Avery Boutique. Watch: Amazon.

Tee: Target (no longer available, but they have the BEST graphic tees). Shorts: Walmart. Shoes: Target. Earrings: Amazon.

Tank: Walmart. Shorts: Old Navy.

Tee: Thrifted years ago. Skirt: Ross. Shoes: Jessica Simpson on Amazon. Necklace: given to me by a friend from her FunFitFab box. Earrings: Nickel & Suede in Lip Gloss. Watch: Amazon.

Romper: Old Navy, not available (Claudia twinning in her matching skirt). Earrings: Nickel & Suede in Select White Cut Out.


Top: Amazon Tunic Pants: Jordache Skinnies Earrings: N&S Champagne Shimmer

Shirt: Kohl’s Men Section Shoes: Oldie CATO slip ons [similar] Earrings: N&S Red (can’t find this color on the website but this is team red) This was my Memorial Day attire. 🙂

Shirt: Old Navy  [similarPants: Jordache Skinnies Shoes: Walmart Scarf: Gift [similar] Earrings: N&S White Cut Out

Cardigan: Burke’s Outlet Tank: Target Pants: StitchFix Shoes: Rose Gold Slip Ons from Target Earrings: N&S Lipgloss

Jacket: Target Tank: Target Pants: Jordache Skinny Jeans Shoes: Walmart Earrings: N&S Brown Cut Outs


And that is it guys. We are always so flattered that you come by to check us out! What were YOU wearing this past week? Did you buy anything new?

Week In Review: Ashley

Welll hey there party people. Yup it is week in review time…on a Tuesday…and super LATE on a Tuesday. But hey. That gave you guys all day to revel in Rhonda’s WIR…now it’s time to spend your night with me. 😉 Anyhow – let’s get to it!

I worked five days this past week. Shocker. I know. So there wasn’t too much going on throughout the week. Waking up. Surviving the tornado that is the everyday grind of getting myself and two kids ready to leave the house on time. One day I will be that mom that wakes up hours before her children and is all calm and collected as I allow them to leisurely wake up, eat a big relaxed breakfast, and get dressed in a calm and cool manner….. JK That will never be me. I mean. I aim to get close to that – but I’ll never be that mom. #notamorningperson This is what a lot of our evenings looked like…chill:

And there was some lego playing…

So yeah. To the weekend. The THREE DAY weekend. Saturday we woke up and lounged around the house.  Did some chores. Played with the wildlings. We went outside for a bit and blew some bubbles. How an innocent activity like bubble blowing could turn into something that involved baths afterwards…I have not clue. But it did. There were screaming kids – and hair washing … THEN they took a nap. After the nap, we got dressed and headed to the park in downtown OS. We ended the day with a trip to Target.

OH! And on Saturday these beauties came in the mail. {{all the heart eyes}}

Sunday started out much like Saturday. Chores and chilling – then we got dressed and went over to Grammy and Ppop’s!! They had been on vacation and the kids hadn’t seen them in two weekends…so needless to say those two littles were over the moon with excitement to get over there. As soon as Coopy found out where we were going – he started asking to stay the night. LOL He did. Of course. 🙂 And so that night Sophie and I went out to eat with Daddy at Patio 44 in Biloxi. It was so good.

Memorial Day we went back over to my parent’s. There was lots of relaxing. Forcing an unwilling daughter to take selfies with me. Some pool time. Grilling that resulted in yummy food. Chilling. Shopping. Naps. You know. The best of times. 🙂

What did you guys do this past week? How was your Memorial Day? I hope you got to spend the day with loved ones…and also spend a little time remembering those military service members who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. We may not all always agree on the political state of our country. Things are in turmoil here on the home front lately. BUT I feel like we can always agree – that under whatever circumstances – those men and women who died while in active duty serving our country in the military are worth being remembered for that. Because I know I’d never sign up for that. I know that life is a big sacrifice. And losing your life in the process – well that is an unimaginable sacrifice.

And now to end on a lighter note…I will leave you with some of my meme spoils from the week. It was hard to narrow them down to just four. But you know. I don’t want to overload you. 😉


Week In Review – Rhonda

Hey, hey! We decided to delay the week in review posts to enjoy our Memorial Day events.  Just kidding, we totally forgot it was Monday until after 5 pm. So anyway, on to my week.

I hit the ground running on Monday.  I kicked its ass and sold a lot of toothpaste and lipsense.  That’s always a good thing!  Claudia made sure to be a big help for me all day, but especially when it was time to do dishes, her favorite task.

I had lots of errands to run on Tuesday, so after trying a new hairstyle (obsessed with this iron that gave me fast and easy messy waves), we hit the road.  Shipped some orders and went to the grocery store.  Then came home to make dinner, which ended up being fun and relaxing.

Wednesday, I took the kids to the playground.  It was absolutely perfect weather and they really needed to run off some energy.  We had a great time.

I took the kids to Target Thursday in an attempt to get some birthday stuff done.  It was a fail.  However, I did come home and make a successful and healthy dinner and Stuart brought home a bust form he bought for my resale shop, which was really exciting!

With one day left before Harper’s birthday party, I had last-minute shopping to do on Friday.  After that, the kids helped me get some decorating done.  And by “helped,” I mean got in my way.

Saturday was party day and we had a guest cancel last minute leaving us with an intimate family party, which are my favorite anyway.  It was perfect and Harper was happy, which is all that matters.  We grilled in the evening and had a great time just catching up with Dustin and drinking too much.

Sunday, before Dustin headed back home, we had him stay with the kids while we went to look at a house.  It was an absolutely perfect home (sadly though, we didn’t have our funding worked out yet and someone else has already put in an offer) and it was exciting to start looking at houses.  In the evening, I stepped on a piece of glass with BOTH feet, because I am freakishly talented.  It was extremely painful and bloody.  We ended the day with grilling again and just enjoying the less-humid weather.

Memorial Day was absolutely lovely.  You know you’re having a good day when you totally forget it’s Monday.  We did what most people do and grilled and drank.  Which also happens to be what we do every weekend lately.  I also cut the boys’ hair in the afternoon.  It was just the perfect day at home.

This is Ashley: 20 Facts

Hey Hey 🙂 So, if you read this blog on the regular – you probably already know a lot about me. If you are my mom (Hey Mom!) and you read this blog – then you probably know MOST everything about me. However, I think I may have just gathered a few new…not so well known facts about myself that you guys..and even mom..may be surprised to find out. Either way, and without further adieu …. Here are 20 Facts about me, Ashley. 🙂

  1. Being a writer is my ultimate dream job and lifetime goal. And here I am. Writing a blog, with my best friend. A blog that I really feel like has limitless potential…and is going to be a big thing one day. But really. I’ve always loved to write. Rhonda would say the same thing about herself – I’m sure.
  2. Speaking of writing. One of my favorite ways to express myself through writing, is to write poetry. I’ve written, and still do, write a lot of it. For me, it is one of the best ways to get emotions out of me. And I love that poetry doesn’t have to always be coherent or blatantly tell you what the author is trying to say. It’s just. It’s one of my favorite things to do.
  3. And I mean. Since we’re still on the subject of writing: Can we talk about my grammar/spelling pet peeves? Of course we can. I’m the one writing. Anyhow. I completely understand typos or the ongoing battle with autocorrect while texting. Or artistic freedom when using punctuation in a blog post. I get that. I do that. I’m not going to judge you for mistakes in those instances. BUT when you repeatedly confuse the use of words like: your vs you’re or there vs their … Well, I’m going to judge you. Also, now this is just me being silly, but I hate when people say ‘pics’ – you know, instead of ‘pictures’. Yeah. That’s like nails on a chalkboard, to me.
  4. My favorite color is red. It makes me happy. 🙂 So I’m editing this post … and yes I love red. But the truth. The truth that I apparently wasn’t ready to admit to myself two days ago? Well the truth is that black is my favorite color. I wear it all the time. I like buying things in black. I’ve been known to say, “OH! I love that…BUT in black.”  I was doing laundry earlier, and got excited because I saw a black hanger – I didn’t realize I even had any black hangers. My next thought was that how awesome it would look in the closet if ALL the hangers were black….
  5. I read really fast. I  sometimes get annoyed with audio books for that reason. I tried to listen to “The Girl on the Train”, but I had to go buy the physical book and read it instead. Why? Well that book is super depressing – so listening to the person reading it so slowly that it felt like .. man it felt like we were just wallowing in the sadness and darkness. It felt like we were in a black tar pit of despair from which I could see no hope for a rescue. I needed to read that book myself. I needed to move things along – just a wee bit faster. So yeah. I read it myself…and it was a really good book. Still depressing. But it was really entertaining and thought provoking. And I finished it at a much quicker pace. 😉
  6. On the subject of books..my all time favorites are 1984 and Fahrenheit 451. But I will also throw down a trashy romance novel with the best of ‘em.
  7. I’m a judgy bitch. Really. I will screenshot something from social media and send it to one of my nearest and dearest to cast some shade. #sorrynotsorry
  8. Oh, and speaking of screenshots and social media – my phone camera roll is mainly selfies, screenshots, and memes.
  9. If I love something – I can experience it over and over again with no feelings of “Oh man, THIS again??” For instance, I can eat the same meal every single day…for an indefinite period of time. I love mexican food. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everyday. Literally. For real. Ask my mom or sister. Leftovers, in general, are also my jam. I’ll eat on a leftover meal for the remainder of the week. If I find a pair of jeans or an outfit combination I like – I could comfortably repeat them over and over again.
  10. Speaking of repetition. I love routine. I feel most at home within a routine. I’m not spontaneous. I think it would be nice to be spontaneous, but I’m so not. And now that I’m writing this down – I realize I may have projected some of these feelings onto my son. His first response to trying ANYTHING new is “no”. Same here. I am an adult so I do know how to discern when I’m being presented with a fantastic opportunity that I should say “yes” to even though my entire being is radiating “no”.
  11. As an introverted introvert – I don’t get and am annoyed by the phrase “extroverted introvert”.
  12. Oreos are my sweet treat kryptonite.
  13. I am the biggest fucking overthinker. I obsessively think through EVERYTHING. If I am talking to you – or say something to you – or send you a text – and we are not already talking on a regular basis or we are not super close friends…then that attempt at conversation took a lot of effort. If I commented on your FB post or even just LIKED your FB post and we don’t have everyday interaction…well just know I considered that like or comment with meticulous and ridiculous caution. I just think about everything. I wonder about the response. I wonder about my reaction to the response…or the non response. I hardly ever even buy things on a whim. I can really really want something, but I’ll think about it for a few days before I actually do it. Things that are limited edition or that will sell out quickly stress me the F out. I can’t commit that quickly.
  14. I hate confrontation. I will avoid it all costs. I will quietly suffer to avoid it which is not always super healthy BUT it’s what I do sometimes.
  15. I shave my legs at least every other day…if not every day. No matter if it is spring, summer, winter, fall…whatever…I shave them. I hate the feeling of hair on my legs.
  16. I wear makeup every single day. Some days, which are few and far in between, I will just do the bare minimum i.e. brows, mascara, lips.
  17. I am not a hugger. Or a shower of physical affection in any sense to other human beings..besides my offspring. A lot of that is I just feel awkward doing it. I think too much about if it’s wanted. I don’t worry about any of those things with my kids. I know that they want my love always. I know that they always need physical demonstrations of my love toward them. But my friends? Even my family? I can’t remember the last time I hugged my mom or dad…or brother or sister. People who will hug hello or goodbye with someone they just met…that’s not me. I don’t get that.
  18. I am extremely long winded. I am a quiet person. I don’t talk a lot…but if I am talking…well just settle in for the long haul. As demonstrated by this and well, all of my other posts.
  19. As a quiet and sometimes awkward individual, I despise small talk and I can’t stand when someone says things like, “Why are you so quiet?” “Why don’t you talk more?”
  20. I thought writing 20 “not so known” things about myself was going to be hard. It actually wasn’t that hard. … What does that say about me????

And that is it folks! I hope you enjoyed it…do we have any characteristics in common? Are we completely different?

Buzzin’ Without the Belly – Low Carb Cocktails

Eating low carb is a lifestyle that Ashley and I have both lived for years.  Sure, we indulge in some chips and salsa and Chili’s margarita from time to time, but for the most part, we keep it clean.  Specifically, we follow the No Sugar No Grains lifestyle, which ends up being very low carb.

For years, I didn’t count my alcoholic beverages.  Those were my choice indulgences.  However, once I realized how much a weekly beer and a nightly glass of wine were hindering my weight loss and keeping my belly bloated, I knew I had to make some changes.  I decided to try vodka soda with lime as my go-to drink because it would be easy to make at home and order at any bar or restaurant.  That is still my standby drink, but I have made a few more flavorful drinks, along with some old favorites, to mix it up.

Today I bring to you my favorites, whether or not you eat well.

*It’s important to note that I drink Tito’s exclusively.  It’s delicious and made in Texas.  If you choose to go a cheaper route, you will feel the cheapness of it later.  Ouch.

You don’t have to choose the LaCroix brand.  They are just super fizzy, which I love.  I also buy the Simply Balanced Target store brand.  I wish bars and restaurants would carry flavored sparkling!

You have to actually like tequila to drink this margarita.  A lot of people like restaurant margaritas, but don’t actually like tequila.  Without all the sugary mixes, you will taste tequila.  My preferred brand is Milagro, but whatever you do, choose 100% agave.  It should be clear.  You don’t have a lot of control over this in a lot of bars, though.  Just go with it.  I like my rim salted.  That’s a personal choice.

There you have it, my favorite refreshing cocktails for summer!  Now get out there and mix one up this weekend!


This Is Rhonda: 20 Facts

If you have been with this blog since the beginning, then you know some things about me.  You maybe even know more than you want.  However, if you’re new here, there’s a lot to know.  Today I am here to tell you twenty things you may not know about me.

  1. I grew up very shy and introverted.  This often comes as a surprise to those who have not known me my entire life.  I was so damn unsure of myself.  I had very little self-confidence and finally broke out of that through participating in color guard, cheerleading, and dance.
  2. Once upon a time, had six-pack abs and wasted time covering them up.  Yep, I was self-conscious and refused to show off my athletic body. I actually thought I was fat.  What an idiot.
  3. I am currently in my seventh engagement.  Those are stories for another day.  But hey, at least I’ve only been married once!
  4. I drink a lot.  No, like a LOT.  It’s all good.  Seriously, it is ALL good…except Jager.  Fuck that shit.
  5. I used to practically live at a fraternity house.  Nope, wasn’t sleeping with the guys or anything…they were just my best friends and I spent every Thursday night with them, often stayed the night, and that was the first place I ran to when I heard about the terrorist attacks on 9-11.
  6. Sometimes, I write erotica.
  7. I am meme-obsessed.  My phone has so many and sometimes I go into the comments section of a local news Facebook post because I know people are going to post sarcastic memes and I want to collect them! 
  8. I read while I dry my hair.  With all the responsibilities and hobbies I juggle, I don’t get to read as much as I would like.  I work it in where I can and always while drying my hair.  But see, I only dry my hair every 4-5 days, so I try to read a couple pages on the other days.
  9. I am incredibly irresponsible financially.
  10. There is a page in my bullet journal dedicated to the person I want to be, physically.  It includes things like cosmetic surgery and more tattoos.  I have a clear picture in my mind of how I want to look.  Because I’m shallow.  Like really shallow.
  11. I live for taking chances.  Life is far too short to sit around and wonder about the things you want to do.  Do them.
  12. I have different relationship views from the majority of people.  I don’t believe in “once a cheater, always a cheater,” don’t believe your soul mate is always a romantic partner, and know you can be in love with more than one person at a time.
  13. I am the odd person who really enjoys working retail. Sure, there are lots of horrible things about it -rude customers, theft, poop on bathroom walls.  The good things far outweigh the bad though.  I live for the hiring process, coaching employees, merchandising, and meeting sales goals. 
  14. I am obsessed with names. So much so that sometimes I get really sad that I won’t get to name any more children. Instead, I keep a page in my journal for names. It makes a good reference when writing stories or when a pregnant friend needs baby name suggestions.
  15. I have never been afraid of aging and actually looked forward to getting some grey hairs and crow’s feet. And you know what? I think I got prettier after 30.
  16. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for at least half my life.
  17. The three most important physical qualities in a man: smile, good hair, good shoes. However, looking at these qualities, I can’t explain most of my dating history.
  18. I do not do cold weather. Fuck that.
  19. I became a sports fan out of a desire to impress guys, but stayed one because it’s exciting, exhilarating, and fun. 
  20. Kissing is my thing. I could do it for hours. I mean, with good kissing of course. I could just about orgasm from a really amazing smooch.