Afton Line at Target & Mom Rambles on the Statement of Fashion Choice

Recently, I was shopping at my local Target which is just really a regular Tuesday night for me. And anyway, I made my typical rounds that start in the women’s clothing section as I meander all the way around the store. Midway through I always stop off and look at the toddler clothes section. I’m always on the hunt for pants that fit my skinny four year boy child. You know, ones that are snug enough in the waist but will also cover his ankles. People, correctly fitting boy pants are a boy mom’s dream.

After checking all the boy pants – I made my way to the little girl’s section. I immediately noticed a new rack that held black and gray clothing with one little pink dress. Obviously, I was drawn to it. It seemed it was a new line brand that Target had recently introduced. I know I’ve never seen it before. I love monochromatic looks. I love pattern-less looks. I love black and gray. This new little section of clothes had my name written all over it. So I walked over to investigate.

The brand name is Afton Street and besides the atypical color scheme, each piece of clothing had a tag that said:

“Defy norms and stereotypes. Grow, learn and make your own path. Explore the world everyday.”


And if I wasn’t already convinced that Sophie needed something from this line..just for the pleasing aesthetic – this tag sealed the deal. I love the sentiment, and it just really made me start thinking about the way we dress our children and ourselves. And then that just snowballed into how all that relates to life and the time we live in. And I have a blog – so I thought I’d get on here and ramble to you guys. 🙂

This line of clothing is super ‘uniformish’ in that it’s mostly all items of clothing that have no patterns or very subtle patterns. Also, most of the clothing is gray and black with a few splashes of muted pink and cranberry mixed in. I’m sure that is a big turn off for many people – and probably in their mind contradicts what the brand is trying to say. But it spoke to me.

It seems to be beaten into our psyche that being unique or individualistic has to be loud. If you think of someone breaking fashion standards the whole  wild and free -big and bold – buck the system  vibe hits you.

When you picture the embodiment of those sentiments, I’m sure images filled with color and girls with big  lion hair and tattoos and purposefully mix-matched clothing choices and bold graphic art and huge public statements and defying the norm with risque hemlines and putting your personality into your clothing so that people can see it from a mile away.

I think rebellion and freedom, in general, but especially in fashion has become so aesthetically loud that it often distracts from the message and personality of the individual.

I love the idea of the quiet that a monochromatic and muted colored look provides. I love the idea that you aren’t distracted by my clothes and you can really see ME. You can really hear what I have to say.

When I think of rebellion I think of Winston from 1984 who lived in the party uniform just like everyone else. I think of Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, before someone made her put on a flashy dress so that she’d get the attention the outlandishly dressed and body morphed Capitol inhabitants. I think of Luke and Rey from Star Wars dressed in basic utilitarian inspired clothing. I think of Frodo Baggins from The Lord of The Rings in his simple hobbit garb. I think of Moana in her traditional and functional clothing that wasn’t overly showing of her station in life.

I just like things simple. I like things quiet. I like things basic. I think the loudest statement can be something spoken in a whisper – or not spoken at all but written.

While I’m not here to bash you if you’re extra and loud – my best friend is all of those things and I applaud her constantly for her ability to live that way because I admire it – but it’s not me.

You can defy norms in a uniform. You can defy stereotypes in something black and gray. You can grow and learn everyday. Don’t ever accept the status quo. Don’t feel like you have to wear pink because you are a girl or blue because you are a boy. But also, don’t feel like you have to be ashamed of dressing your little girl in bright pink because you genuinely like it. 

Sometimes it’s really great to strip away all the fuss that surrounds you to really see who you are and know what you want. Basic doesn’t have to boring, and an individual can rise and thrive within a uniform.


What We Wore Wednesday

Every Wednesday we give you guys a little peak into our personal fashion lives and show you just what we’ve been putting on our bodies. 🙂 Sounds fun right? Scroll on down to see the things we’ve been wearing lately!

Rhonda –

Tunic: Amazon. Leggings: old. Boots: Amazon. Jacket: Target, no longer available. Earrings: Nickel & Suede. Choker: Amazon. Phone Case: LBV Art|Society 6.

Top: Harper Avery Boutique. Jeans: Target. Boots: Coconuts by Matisse. Bracelet: KEEP Collective. Choker: Amazon.

Ashley –

Jacket: Target clearance last year White Tshirt: Old Navy (I’ve now bought FOUR of these in different colors. I LOVE them.) Pants: Black Jeggings Earrings: N&S Rose Gold

Shirt: Mystique Boutique  Pants: Mossimo Black Jeggings Earrings: N&S Gold


Eat Happy: Prosciutto Wrapped Peaches & Cheese Crisps

Welcome to our second post in the Eat Happy cook-through series!  Last week Ashley cooked some yummy stuff and I was excited for my recipes to be extremely simple on a week that I was busy and sick….

Then I got started.

First I did Cheese Crisps, since they are my 12-year-old’s longtime favorite snack and he was wanting to eat crap.  They are also quick and easy and I was going to use the microwave method while working on cooking their dinner.  Easy.

Eating cheese while it cooks is always necessary.

I made them into a large disc that I broke into fourths, but also made a few smaller round ones.

After I had their dinner made, I moved onto the peaches.  I knew going in that I don’t like peaches OR prosciutto, but Stuart likes both and I figured it would be good for me to try something new.  The recipe was very straightforward.  What could possibly go wrong?


I got out all of my ingredients and tools and well… it was a pain in the ass.  My peaches weren’t ripe enough, so they were hard to peel AND hard to remove the pit.  Once I got them sliced, I thought the hard part was over.  I mean, what’s so hard about wrapping peaches in a thin slice of meat right?  HAHAHAHAHA.


The prosciutto was hard to handle without it tearing, yet wanted to stick to my hands as I tried to wrap it.  So annoying.  I have never been so frustrated trying to make something so simple.

When it was done, I  tried one and passed the rest to Stuart and Claudia.  Cause, yep, still don’t like peaches OR prosciutto.  Stuart raved about them too, so if you’re into those couple of things, GO for it!

Life Lately

Heeey you guys! We thought we’d spend a few minutes this morning sharing with y’all about what has been going on in our lives lately. So, grab your coffee…or adult beverage…and hang with us for a while.

Ashley –

Let’s see let’s see… it has still been incredibly cold here on a regular basis. It literally feels like the LONGEST WINTER EVER. I’ve become that annoying person who complains about the cold too much. I can’t help it though.

Coop has still been rocking at school drop off…and just school in general. His dad and I decided to keep him at St. Al’s for at least one more year through Kindergarten. We think he is going to need the stability and sameness that will come with staying at the same school. Plus, he just loves it there. And so do we. Speaking of this week is Catholic Schools Week. Which just basically means they have some fun things planned for the kids and teachers. I guess it’s kind of like a spirit week.

What about Sophie? Well she is a little hot mess. She’s constantly into it seems as if sometimes she walks around trying to cause havoc just because she can. LOL I love it though. Also, her hair is at the point that it’s so long that I have to do something with it everyday. This is a stage that I both dreaded and looked forward. Having a little girl with long hair that you can style and play with is so fun, but the reality is that she hates it. It’s a struggle. A simple top knot with a bow is our easy peasy go to. It looks put together and her hair is out of her eyes: win win.

And me? Oh you know – same same. There’s been lots of shopping, meme sharing, working, and most currently trying to plan a trip in late February to go see my Boo Thing (aka Rhonda) in Fort Worth! I also experienced the traumatic event of trying to get a splinter out of the finger of my hysterical four year old little boy. I think we both have PTSD from that incident. Before Christmas I had a little accident in the Starbucks parking lot, and I was finally able to get my car to the shop to get that damage fixed the week before last. Then this past weekend my brother put four new tires on my car. And now I feel like I’m driving around in a brand new car which is super nice.


I think that’s most of the high points…what about you Rhonda?

Rhonda –

January seems to be just dragging on forever, if I’m being honest here.  Goodness, I can’t believe it’s not over.  Like, it’s shocking.

We celebrated Nick turning 12 this month, which was a hard pill for this Mama to swallow.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I became a mother, but I’ve been doing it A DOZEN YEARS?!  Jesus.  We had a great turnout for his Star Wars themed party.


We also VERY unexpectedly and suddenly bought a car.  It was so needed.  Six people don’t exactly fit into a Toyota Camry.  We got a Ford Flex and it’s fully loaded with things I didn’t know existed – things I didn’t realize I needed.  I am a little obsessed.  I may even do a whole blog post on the things I love about it.  I want to name the car.  Stuart is confused as to why that’s necessary.  Look, we already know I’m extra.


We got together for a much needed mimosa playdate with my mom group.  I had been missing those gals, as we all hunkered down to avoid the flu all winter.  Bless it.  Speaking of which, nobody in my house got sick through these freezing days, but now that it warmed up to 70 a couple days recently, I have a cold.  Cute.

We have been doing a lot of sitting in the driveway on nice afternoons, riding bikes and scooters and people watching.  We just got new neighbors a few houses down and I have been watching them carefully, trying to figure out if they are people we can befriend.  I have a longtime fantasy of having neighbor best friends.  This family seems to have a mom, dad, and two kids, but that’s all I can say for sure, as many people were in and out during the move-in process.   We will see!

What have you been up to lately?


Finding Liberal Ground in Southern Soil

I grew up in a very conservative and religious household and community. My parents are Christian. My dad was a Southern Baptist Preacher/Pastor for a large chunk of my childhood and early adolescence. There have been moments in my early and current adulthood that I find myself saying how they’ve both changed so much. I think though – it’s more that I have changed and they love me and support me: no matter what. They’ve got that unconditional parental love thing down in ways that I can only aspire to.

I am no authority on the matter, but I’m sure it’s completely normal for children to adhere to their parents’ belief system. I also bet that it’s entirely common for parents to  show their children only their side of things. Why would they not? That’s how they live their lives and is subsequently affecting the way they raise their children. The parental belief set determines the things a child is allowed to see, do, say, experience, and so on. That exposure and allowed set of experiences shapes the child’s belief sets without intentional verbal instruction from the parent. All of that was my own personal experience anyway. And the experience of friends of mine.

And so I said all of that to say that as a result of the household I grew up in – I turned into an early adolescent with a set of conservative beliefs. I believed in the Christian god – I adhered to all the conservative values/political viewpoints and stances that are typically associated with a Southern religious individual. I was way too young and sheltered to have a clearly developed and thought out set of opinions on different issues. I just blanketed everything under the usual conservative religious state of mind.

When it was time for me to spread my wings and leave high school for college, I had originally planned to stay close to home. Attend Junior college and decide from there. However, MississippI University for Women, which I will fondly refer to as The W from here on out, offered me the chance to get a scholarship that could potentially cover the full cost of my tuition. I thought, “Why Not try?” and so my Mom and I headed to Columbus, MS for me to compete for this scholarship. I fell in love with that school from the moment we drove through the gates. I felt at home. I got the scholarship, and there was no looking back for this smitten girl. The W was were I belonged – I had no doubts.

I remember during Freshman Orientation my parents and I went to this seminar where the presenter talked about how The W was incredibly and unashamedly accepting of diversity. She talked about how people didn’t bat an eye to see a homosexual couple walking down the sidewalk hand in hand. They didn’t discriminate or show prejudice. My Dad later told me that it took every ounce of self control for him to not stand up, grab my hand, and walk out right then and there to take me back home. Me? I was elated. Enthralled. Over the moon to be there. To become a part of that community and lifestyle.

The W is an extraordinary place where individualism and equality are celebrated, taught, and exercised. When you find yourself in an environment like that – I don’t see how you could emerge unchanged.

I’m not going to say that going to The W was the only thing that changed the way I thought about the world. It wasn’t the sole reason for my departure from conservative religious beliefs and values. There were many other things that happened during my childhood and prior adolescence. My parents, despite their claim to a conservative mindset, even planted within me a different world view that I didn’t realize was there until I got away. However, The W and the education I obtained within the classroom walls and outside the classroom walls whilst among my peers was a major catalyst.

Where do I stand now? What are issues that are near and dear to my heart? What do I believe that I consider makes me liberal? To name a few…..

  • I believe that continued education is a right. I don’t think it’s fair to charge someone thousands and thousands of dollars just because they want to be further educated. I don’t think that a particular degree needs to even be a goal. I don’t think that’s a necessity in today’s society. How many of us are running around with our little Bachelor’s Degrees in jobs that don’t require it? How many of us are completely happy knowing that we were educated in a formal/traditional setting and believe that our lives were changed for the better all the while  knowing that we haven’t ever had to whip out that piece of paper for an employer or client? Does the job I have in mind require technical training? Ok – I’ll pay for that. General education is so important. Being exposed to life outside of the walls that we were raised within is so important. A college education allows an individual to better themselves. Why are we punishing each other with the overwhelming financial burden that are student loans? Free and/or discounted formal education should not stop after high school. When our society is properly educated…all of us…things will change for the better.
  • Individuals do not typically need guns in order to protect themselves from violence. Guns are dangerous in untrained hands. When guns are present, tense situations can be easily escalated to a level that they need not be. Permanent and irreversible damage – even life ending damage – can be easily and flippantly executed by a gun. It is the job of our local and federal government and military to protect us through the use of weapons such as guns. I am uber non confrontational and passive. I believe in walking away. I believe in holding your tongue. I believe in avoiding conflict. I believe when regular citizens are carrying guns, other than for sport like hunting, they invite conflict. You don’t need your handgun on your hip in Walmart. You just don’t. If you think you do…then you need to find another Walmart to go to my friend.
  • We are just humans here on this earth. We are a mass of cells fighting for survival. Our bodies are our bodies. My body does not belong to my significant other. It does not belong to my child. It definitely does not belong to your god. I have the inherent right to do with my body what I want. I can have an abortion if I want to. I can kill myself if I want to. If I need medical assistance to do either of those things – I should be able to find it – in a safe and affordable environment.
  • Above all – I am certain that law and order are necessary. That a society led, watched over by, and cared for by a government is essential to preventing chaos and societal breakdown. I believe that a government can be genuinely interested and invested in our personal needs without infringing upon our rights. Our government should be our manager. Our supervisor. She should be there to help ensure equality, protect civil liberties and human rights, and reduce community issues. She should work for us. If she’s working for us, what is there to be afraid of?

I’ll never be a “my way or the highway” type of person – on any issue. I think differences in opinion are the checks and balances that we need. You should constantly question your beliefs. You should never become complacent. You should never be close minded.

But .. all of that ^^ that’s  the ground I’m currently standing on, and from my view, the grass underneath me  is pretty dang green.

What We Wore Wednesday

Hey you guys! It’s Wednesday again…and we are here to show you some of things we wore over the past week. We hope your Wednesday  is going Fabulously, and thank you so much for stopping by  to spend a little bit of it with us. 🙂 To the clothing…….

Ashley –

Cardigan: Target Scarf: Gift  [similar] Pants: Mossimo Jeggings Earrings: N&S  Gray Mosaic

Shirt: [similar] Black T: Old Navy Leggings: Lauren Conrad from Kohl’s N&S Earrings:  Black

Cardigan: Target T Shirt: RATMM Merch Shop Jeans: Jordache Skinnies Earrings: N&S Black Cut Outs 

Rhonda –

Top: Ross. Jeans: Target. Boots: Amazon. Cardigan: OLD AF Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Top: Target. Harness bra: Amazon. Leggings: custom made. Boots: Amazon. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Tank: Walmart.  Cardigan: Old Navy, not available. Jeans: Old Navy. Ankle boots: KMart, old.

Eat Happy: Super Guac! & Smoked Salmon w/ Coconut Flour Blini

Hey y’all! We’re doing a weekly series that publishes every Tuesday wherein we are cooking through one of our FAVE cookbooks : Eat Happy! If you missed the intro post you can click on over here to read that.

We are starting with the very first recipe and working our way all the way through to the end. We will not be sharing with you the actual recipes that we cook. We WILL be sharing our experience during the whole process and our opinion of the outcome. So thanks for stopping by…and let’s dive in to this week’s recipe shall we?

Ashley here for week one. 🙂 If you skipped over the title …or have just already forgotten at this point, this week I made Super Guac! & Smoked Salmon w/ Coconut Flour Blini.

I want to put some things about myself out in the open first.

  1. I actually hate to cook. I hate when people say that people who eat out all the time or are dependent upon someone else to make their meals are “too lazy to learn to cook”. I’m not lazy…I just don’t like it. You know what I do like? Perfecting the blending of my crease shadow in the morning so that my eye shadow looks bomb. I don’t see you taking time to do that Linda. Should I call YOU lazy? I’m not going to. Cause you just don’t care enough about makeup to do that everyday. So calm your judgy horses down. We all have our own vices. I don’t care that much about making food.
  2. I hate big slabs of meat. My favorite thing is for my food to be all mixed together in a casserole…or my meat savagely hacked up.
  3. Texture is a huge determining factor for me when it comes to whether or not I enjoy food.
  4. Apps are life. Especially dip. And if you can’t do dip as your meal. Well you can’t sit with us over here at RATMM.

ANYWAY – to the Guac. Until I decided to make this dish, I was an avocado buying virgin. I’d never bought one much less used one in a recipe. To be honest? I’m not a huge avocado fan. The texture is weird. But that is part of the point of this whole series: for us to try things and make things we would normally just flip right on past. So, there I was in the grocery store Googling “How to know an avocado is ripe”. I spent a lot of time feeling up almost every single avocado in that store before I got frustrated and just grabbed some. It all worked out though. 😉

Some things I did differently? I skipped on the cilantro. I hate cilantro. With. A. Passion. I also substituted the pepper she recommended in the recipe for jalapeno, because I couldn’t find the one she suggested and also I just really like the way a jalapeno tastes.

What did I think when it was all said and done? It was really good. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t care for avocados. Will I make it again? Probably not. I’m going to bring the left overs to my Mom tomorrow. She loves avocados. 😉

Ahhh the Smoked Salmon w/ Coconut Flour Blini – I was most excited about this. Eating it. Not making it. I was terrified of those damn blinis. When I was searching for these ingredients I had to Google, ” can you buy creme fraiche in the grocery store?” Cause. I’d never heard of it. I didn’t know what it was…what it looked liked…was it some specialty item that I’m not going to be able to find at the Walmart Neighborhood Market???  Turns out you can buy it at the basic grocery store.  And I did. So THAT was a win.

So the main thing with this recipe is making the blini. I mixed the dry ingredients just fine. I added in the wet with a little trepidation and only one minor misstep. I attempted to continue to use a whisk when adding in the wet ingredients. Not a good idea. The batter kept getting caught up inside the whisk. So, I switched to a fork which worked peeerfectly.

I read and re read and read and re read the part about putting the batter on the pan…I really needed to soak it in and become comfortable with the upcoming process. It was like making pancakes. I don’t make pancakes. I’m a modern millennial mom. We buy frozen pancakes for our children and pop those things in the microwave. I got to the part where it said “flip blini” and my instant thought was “fuck me”. Like. She just said “flip blini” as if it was no big deal. Just flip it yo. Wrong. That’s hard. Like hard hard.

I burnt the first batch of blinis that I cooked. Which was really funny to me because as I scooped out that first batch …and looked back at the remaining batter in my bowl – I thought, wow this is going to make a ton of blinis! Then I burnt the first ten….soooo it was good that there was so much batter. 😉

The next batch I just went in throwing my fears to the side. I scooped those bad boys out and flipped them over like I knew what I was doing . Like I had been making and flipping blinis my whole life.  Ok so,  I still struggled with expertly flipping them but I at least flipped them over in time so that they weren’t burnt! Did they look like Anna’s picture in Eat Happy? Um. That’s a big hard no. But they still tasted good. Even the burnt ones. They kind of reminded me of cornbread.

I loved the Salmon Blinis as much as I expected that I would love them. I’d gladly eat those again and again. Will I make them again…just you know on a regular Monday night? Eh. Probably not, but if you want to come over and cook them for me I would never object. 😉

Besides being stressed to the max over the thought of making the blinis – I thoroughly enjoyed making these two recipes. They were not overly complicated and had easy to find ingredients. Best part? I didn’t have to worry about modifying the recipes to fit my No Sugar No Grains lifestyle.


Fighting for Feminism at Home

I want to preface my rant with this disclaimer – because what I have to say may be perceived as one sided. I think that there a lot of men out there who are doing a great job at being upstanding human beings. I know some of these men. They are my family. They are my friends. They have employed me. They have been my employees. Unfortunately they are still in the minority.  Which is why I have to say what I have to say today.

So – if you’re in the mood… read on.

You would think that in this day and time with all the shouting about women’s rights and the incredible advances that have been made within our parents’ and grandparents’ generations and even the women of today – that there aren’t men still holding women hostage under an outdated ideal of what a family is supposed to look like.

You wouldn’t think there are still men just taking out the trash and washing only their clothes while they expect their significant other to take care the children. Completely.

You wouldn’t think that there are still fathers out there acting like perfectly respectable members of society while they are too much of a coward to step up and realize that they’re literally just acting like a babysitter dad when they are at home.  

You wouldn’t think that a man today would place all of his self worth on the amount of money he brings home. I’m sure you’d be surprised to find out there are men who STILL ask their significant other to make career sacrifices so that the children are not neglected while they climb the advancement ladder at work without acknowledging those sacrifices as valid or worthwhile.

You wouldn’t think a Dad who claimed to be better than the rest would up and leave his entire family to go build a new life. In 2018. I know I’d be shocked.

You wouldn’t think a woman could still be afraid to speak her mind or swipe the debit card from her joint account without fear of devastating repercussions from her significant other.

Women get a bad rap. Even other women condone mothers who threaten to hurt the father of their children with outrageous child support claims or taking away visitation rights. I’m not saying women don’t do that. Maybe they do it because they feel powerless? Maybe they do it because they are freaking crazy and shouldn’t have had kids in the first place? BUT I’m telling you there are men out their doing the same damn thing. They’ve been doing it. And they’re still doing it. And it’s never been ok. It will never be ok.

I tell me kids this. I tell my friends this. I’ve told my employees this. You cannot be shocked when someone starts giving back what you gave them.

You try to keep me silent and threaten to take my children away because I don’t have a job and can’t live on my own without you? For years. For years you’ve threatened women with this….and now. Now women start hurling that back at you…you’re surprised? Well – you’re an idiot…and a narcissist of the worst degree.

You’d be surprised to know that there are women still silently suffering. They changed their life for a man who is completely ungrateful and fails to recognize the things they contribute because she can’t deposit them in the bank account.

So don’t say we’re finished. We’re not done fighting for ourselves in the workplace, in everyday social interactions, and we sure as hell are not done at home.

We are not finished, because we are still not seen as equal or fully competent. How so you ask??

– We still have the cops called on us when we are just trying to ask for help from suffering with postpartum depression.

-We’re still afraid our access to affordable birth control will be taken away.

-Our daughters are still being sent home from school because they have to hide their knees and upper thighs and shoulders because they may tempt a man to pounce despite any spoken invitation or consent – not because THEY are afraid this will happen. Their educators are. The adults caring for them at school are. Those people are perpetuating this fear. In a way they are validating this fear.

-We still feel like we need to apologize for crying when we are passionate or emotional about something.

-Men still feel like they need to be ‘careful’ about what they say and do around women. Why? Because they were not taught how to just treat a woman like another human being instead of a fragile sexual object.

We are not finished, because our sons and daughters are being raised by father’s like the ones mentioned above. We are not finished, because we have to prevent our sons and daughters from becoming like the men mentioned above. We are not finished, because we have to stop our sons and daughters from partnering with and raising children with those men.

Being politically active is a fantastic way to fight this fight. Voting for representatives that align with your ideal is an outstanding way to fight this fight. Run for office yourself? Superb. However, I think the biggest battle is within our own homes. On our own streets. In our local grocery store. In any circumstance. For any reason. We have to stand up for ourselves in the everyday. We have to teach our children differently. We have to make a conscious effort to change our way of thinking and the words we use.

We have to rant. We have to rage.


Friday Favorites

We like to keep it light and airy on Fridays around here… so we thought today we’d each share some of our current favorite things. Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!

Ashley –

I live for daily updates from the blogs Whimsical September and Mommy In Heels. I obsessively follow both these ladies on all available social platforms, and am always curious to hear about what’s going on in their lives.

I recently bought these black leggings from Kohl’s. They are from their Lauren Conrad line. Listen. They’re perfection. Super comfy. Perfect thickness. I want to go buy ten more pairs.

In my Winter Fab Fit Fun Box I got these amazing under eye masks: Grace & Stella Anti-Wrinkle + Energizing Eye Masks – 8 Pack. I blew through them…and at only $21 a box I will definitely purchase them again.

 I’ve been listening to these songs on repeat: Uh Huh by Julia Michaels // Never Be the Same by Camila Cabello // Reasons by Jillian Jacqueline

Rhonda –

I used to hate kitchen gadgets because I don’t have time for clutter and storing stuff that I rarely use.  However, one of my side gigs is reviewing products and I just fell in legit love with this Bella Spiralizer.  I want to spiralize ALL. THE. THINGS. Cleanup is fast and easy and it doesn’t take up much space!

Look, I love music.  Like, I love all of it. Sometimes I get completely obsessed with certain songs and artists and repeat them like crazy.  Currently, it’s all about Bebe Rexha.  I love her on both Meant to Be by Florida Georgia Line and Back to You with Louis Thompson.

My hair, y’all.  I am legit obsessed and this is my favorite color yet!  My hair stylist is a fucking magician and you need to go to her if you are anywhere near her.  There is a reason I drive 9 hours to get my hair done.  Those touches of orange and purple? SWOON.

What have been some of you guys’ favorite things lately??


Twelve Years

It has been 12 years (TWELVE!) since I became a mother…. since I became a better person.

Nicholas Grant came into my life at a time that I was completely rudderless.  I had a new boyfriend and was living in a haze of cocktails and late nights at work.  When I became pregnant, I instantly knew and was scared but excited to become a mother.  I never expected to be a single mom but it was the greatest learning adventure of my life.  My ex-husband entered my life before Nick turned one, so my single mom life was short but important.  It taught me how to be self-sufficient, the importance of letting your village help you, how self-care is so vital.

I was not prepared for all that motherhood would bring to me – both good and bad- but I couldn’t have asked for a better child to make me a mama.

Nicholas Grant didn’t sleep through the night until he was three, has ADHD and sensory issues, is the pickiest eater on earth, never wanted to give up a bottle, had awful reflux as a baby, and is such an extreme introvert that I wonder how he is my child.  He really set me up to know how to deal with parenting problems.

He has taught me so much, among those being grace, patience, and unconditional love.  I can’t think of a better way to be taught life lessons than for a small child to literally hurl them at you.

Happy Birthday to my nerdy little hermit!  Your mama loves you beyond!