What We Wore Wednesday

Hey you guys! Happy Hump Day to you…and welcome back to the blog…or nice to meet you..whatever the case may be. Wednesday is the day we give you a little insight into what we’ve been wearing the past week. So buckle up. And get ready for some mind blowing fashion. 😉


Ashley –

Sooooo I only have three outfits for you guys. Gonna blame that on vacay. 😉

Top: Tunic from Amazon. I knotted it to give it a little more shape. This is a no belt zone peeps. Pants: Jordache Skinnies

Top: Kohls – this is ACTUALLY supposed to be a swimsuit cover up but hey. I do what I want. Pants: Liverpool Skinnies from StitchFix Earrings: N&S Matte Gold

Dress: Umgee ( I purchased this from Rhonda’s resale shop) And let me just say…i love this dress. I felt so pretty in it all day. It’s not my typical style. Very flowy and bohemian vibe BUT I loved it. 🙂 Earrings: N&S Champagne Shimmer

Rhonda –

Oh, y’all.  What a fucking week.  I lost large chunks of time, thanks to my pals Vodka and Beer. A couple of my vacation outfits didn’t get photographed, but I still have plenty of material for you.

Tank: CATO. Jacket: Old Navy. Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: Converse.

Tunic: boutique. Jacket: Target. Leggings: Lularoe. Shoes: Converse.

Top: Boutique. Leggings: Lularoe. Jacket: Target. Mermaid pin: Target. Shoes: Converse. Earrings: Nickel & Suede Matte Gold.

Romper: Marshall’s. Choker: Icing.

Top: Marshall’s, I think. Shorts: Target. Sandals: Old Navy. Choker: Amazon.

Dress: Amazon. Sandals: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede matte gold.

Bikinis: Target.

So there you have it..  All the outfits.  Come back tomorrow to hear my vacation recap…or what I can remember of it.

Thank you all for coming back week after week!

What Happened When I Stopped Buying Makeup – Ashley

So for the Month of April I decided to not buy any makeup. Why? Well my initial reasons were that I had recently been on a makeup buying binge. And when I say recently…like probably for the previous 6-8 months. I couldn’t go to any store without looking at and picking up some new makeup product to try. That’s not really the most awful thing to be doing. And I wasn’t always super extravagant. I bought a lot of drugstore makeup as well as high-end products. However, I wasn’t really focusing on what I already had. My makeup collection quickly went from enough stuff to comfortably fit in one small makeup bag to a suddenly growing collection that needed it’s own set of drawers to contain it. In an effort to really enjoy the things I’d bought..I decided to go on a “no buy” for April. Now, in full disclosure I did receive makeup in the month of April (some online orders from march that didn’t come in until the first week of April and Ipsy) BUT I did not buy anything new beyond those things. 🙂


Ok…so what exactly happened during my makeup no buy??


  1. One way that I coped with not being able to run out and buy something the minute I saw it and wanted it was that I started a list on my phone of products I wanted. I realized that while making this list I was actually writing down things that I needed. Things that were not just repeat..you know..like buying several eye shadow pallets in quick succession, because I definitely needed 100 shades of brown shadow. (really though…sometimes you do…but that’s a whole other post.. 😉 )
  2. I bought other things. My wardrobe was being sorely neglected during my obsession with buying makeup. During April, I was able to add a few pieces to my wardrobe that I desperately needed, because before I’d never taken the time to seek them out since my shopping hunger was satisfied when I bought makeup.
  3. I actually used up some of my products completely. Getting to the bottom of a pan or squeezing out that last bit of product from a tube is so satisfying. To me anyway. AND I really got to know those products. Test them out in different ways. I didn’t restock my fave mascaras before beginning my no buy. So by the end of the month..like yesterday…I was down to the bottom. I’m talking scraping the side of the tubes of my favorite ones. However, throughout the month, in order to make those fave tubes last  longer, I used some other mascaras I had on hand. Which was good. Some days it made me really appreciate the old faithfuls…and some days it made me question why I don’t branch out more often. 😉
  4. Overall, it just made me reflective. It’s good to have obsessions. To have hobbies. To have things or routines in our lives that fulfill us. There’s nothing wrong with that. And it is totally ok to romanticize those things. To declare our love for Starbucks coffee … or Friday night wine. To talk about how giddy opening and trying on a brand new highlighter makes us. BUT it’s also good to know that you can step away from those things…if necessary. If for some reason they are not contributing to your quality of life. I didn’t stop buying makeup for financial reasons; however, that could be a way that my hobby may potentially get  in the way – may potentially hurt my quality of life. So, I learned I can live without new makeup. I missed it. I’m glad that I can go buy more now. 😉 But I didn’t die. I wasn’t super sad all the time. I lived. I still thrived. I was still me.

So yeah. That’s the four things that happened during my makeup no buy. Thanks for reading along today! Have you guys ever tried to give up something you love..even if for just a short period of time? How did that go?

Week In Review: Ashley

Hey guys! Welcome back to another Monday…and another WIR over here at RATMM. 🙂 Rhonda is still on vacay ( lucky lady ) so today you’ll just get me for a WIR. Don’t worry though, she’ll be posting her vacation recap when she gets back. 🙂 Anyway….let’s get on with it. 🙂 🙂

Monday – Monday , I know that we chilled at the house for the majority of the day. I told Coop I just wanted to relax. After we relaxed and took our time getting ready – we headed out for a little park time. And I also cooked this delicious Indian flavored dish from Eat Happy.

Tuesday – We went to the Davis Bayou area of the Gulf Islands National Seashore Park in Ocean Springs. I took the kids on the nature trail. It was a lot of fun. The trail wasn’t too long. There was a lot of steep parts and some stairs that I had to carry Sophie through, but I would say that overall and 1.5 and 4 year old handled that trail with ease.

Wednesday – Aunt Grace was off, so she joined us for a day at Dauphin Island. It was a really nice day. The kids LOVED the beach…especially the water. We just chilled. Ate. Played in the sand. And loaded up around two to head back home. The kids promptly passed out in the car. It was overcast that day and super windy. We all managed to come home with some sun damage. 🙁 Lesson learned though. The wind was intense…as you can see from Soso’s hair in these pictures. hahaha

Thursday – We had planned to go hang out with Ppop and chill at the pool, but since we’d been in the sun the day before I especially was pretty burnt – I wanted to keep the kids indoors mainly for the day. So we called Ppop and arranged a little lunch/bowling date. We had lunch at Newk’s then went to the bowling alley. Coop loved bowling. An hour was not long enough though. He wasn’t ready to go home. Sophie wasn’t too much into the bowling…she really enjoyed the concessions though. 😉

Friday –  I got caught up on house chores and packing for my upcoming weekend away in Orange Beach with Rhonda and Nicole. The kids actually took naps at the same time that day…which was super nice. 🙂

Saturday & Sunday – I spent the weekend with Rhonda and Nicole. We beached it up all day Saturday…and had a great night out Saturday. Sunday I slept late…and managed to forget half my belongings at the condo. Of course. I also somehow managed to not take one selfie with Rhonda…well except of our accidental matching nail and toe paint colors. Nicole and I did take a selfie. 🙂



And that was my week folks. Now it’s back to work on Monday morning. I hope you guys had a fabulous week/weekend. What were y’all up to?


Ulta/Colourpop Haul Review: Ashley

Hey y’all hey! Happy FRIDAY!! I hope you guys are having a fabulous day so far…and are excited for the weekend ahead. Today, I wanted to share with you my review of some products I purchased at the end of last month. I did an unboxing and first impressions of these products on our snapchat (RAtheMOMachine) when I first received them. Now that I’ve had them for about a month, I feel like I can give my final thoughts on most of them. 🙂 Let’s get to it, shall we?

So apparently I bought several concealers. 🙂

NYX HD Concealer (in lavender) – I got this to use as a brightener with my darker concealers ( like the Maybeline Fit Me ), and it does a great job. I just apply it first – then put the Fit Me on top and use a damp beauty sponge to blend it all out.

Maybeline Fit Me (in fair) –  This was a repurchase for me. I absolutely love this concealer for days that I don’t want heavy coverage. It’s definitely an affordable option in comparison to high end concealers like NARS or Tarte Shape Tape. It doesn’t look cakey or creasy and blends out easily.

Maybelline Face Studio Master Concealer (in fair) – This was another repurchase for me. I use this to spot conceal when I have pimples I need to disguise…or just red bumps. It is a thick concealer, but it blends out well with a damp sponge and it has amazing coverage. Some days I just use this with some under eye concealer and skip out on foundation completely.

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer (in fair) –  First, that name. Woah. This is a multi use concealer. You can use it for everything. I typically use it to conceal my under eye and brighten the center of my face. Another repurchase. It is full coverage, but you can lessen the amount you apply for a lighter coverage if you want. It lasts all day. It actually brightens my pale skin. The coverage is phenomenal. Bottom line, if you use concealer and this is not in your makeup arsenal…you are missing out my friend.

NYX Honey Dew Me Up Skin Serum and Primer –  I’ve use this once…and wasn’t blown away. I definitely need to give it some more use to really talk about my full opinion.

L.A. Girl Pro Coverage Liquid Foundation (in fair) –  Sooo I haven’t even used this. The color was all wrong when I swatched it. I just noticed they have a porcelain color option. I probably should have bought that. And I should for sure return this. lol

L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint (in blushing) –  I added this to my cart because I bought the L.A. Girl foundation and there was a buy one get one 50% off. It’s horrible. It smells like paint. The applicator is plastic. It’s insanely liquidy. It is so so so bad. But it was super cheap…soo I definitely got what I paid for. Why haven’t I returned this yet??

IT Cosmetics No Tug Water Proof Gel Liner (in brown) –  I purchased this because I’d received the black version of this liner in an Ipsy bag and I absolutely love it. I just don’t wear black liner on a regular basis. I don’t know if I agree with the waterproof claim, because my watery eye line dissolves this stuff by the middle of the day. However, I still think it’s great. I have really watery eyes. It for sure is the longest lasting liner that I’ve ever used.

Double Play – Pressed Powder Face Duo –  So I love the highlight in this palette. That shade to the left is supposedly a blush. It’s more like a bronzer for me. I mainly just the highligher..on the regular. 🙂 It’s stunning.

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer (in bronzer) – As you can see from the dint I’ve made in the product…I love this. There are only two shades in this bronzer and “bronzer” is the darkest shade. It works really great with my skin tone for a natural bronzed look.

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation (in fair neutral) – The first several times I wore this, I used it as a finishing powder. It ended looking to dry on my face. Again, like my watery eye line..dry skin is my problem – not this product’s. I now use it on days that I don’t do foundation. I’ll set my undereye and lightly brush it on the rest of my face. Using it that way (which is more of what it is intended for ) I don’t experience any over dryness looks.

Blow Me Away Pressed Powder Shadow Palette –  I really love this palette. I didn’t have any shadows in those colors. The quality is top notch, of course. They blend really well. I’ve used this entire palette for one look ..but I mainly grab it and use the colors individually with other shadows I own.

MARIO BADESCU Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea –  As you can see from the amount of product left in this bottle…I LOVE this spray. I use it everyday after I finish my makeup. I’ll spray a generous amount all over my face, then use the damp beauty sponge to just put it into my skin. It refreshes my skin and helps melt all my powders into it so that I achieve that dewy look I’m always searching for. 🙂


WHEW! We made it to the end. At least I hope you made it to the end. haha Thanks for reading today. I hope I gave you some insight to these products. Do you guys use any of these? What are YOUR thoughts on them? 🙂

What’s In My…Carryon? 

Hello hello! I am at the airport waiting for my flight and wanted to share with you what is in my carryon. 

I almost always carry the same thing. I like something small enough to store under the seat and comfortable to carry around. This is a Steve Madden tote I got a couple years ago. Let’s take a look inside. 

Birthday card is one I mailed to my BFF’s daughter and it was returned. I decided to just take it to the BFF on this trip. 

Boarding pass clearly goes. 

Red wallet is the All About the Benjamins from thirty-one. Hands down, best wallet of all time. It has, well, wallet shit. 

Sunnies from Sojos, in their pouch. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the rest. 

Old ass kindle that isn’t even touch screen. Earbuds. Charging cable for the phone that is not pictured, because I took the picture with it (I actually forgot the cable in the car). Luke Bryan backup charging pack. 

My liquids. Hand sanitizer, lotion, lipsense gloss. It actually just occurred to me that I didn’t even remove the bag at security. 

This beautiful mermaid goddess bag from ipsy holds all the random stuff I didn’t want bopping around the bag. Sunnies cleaning cloth, pepto tablets, ponytail holders, shout wipe. 

You don’t wanna see inside this one. It’s just my diva cup because I lost the bag it came with. Started my period before I even left the house, so the bag is currently empty. I think you know where the cup is. You’re welcome for that information. 

The buffalo check pouch holds some bullet journal supplies and the journal itself. I’ll be pulling it out shortly to do my morning journaling.  

And y’all, that’s it. I pack my LIFE in my checked bags, but don’t like to deal with big or heavy bags in the airport. 

Are you the type to pack a change of clothes and 17 magazines in your carryon? Or just essentials?


What We Wore Wednesday

Hey y’allllll! Happy Hump Day! 🙂 Yes. It’s Wednesday, and we’re here..in our finest just for you guys. 😉 Anyway – let’s get to the fancy outfits. 🙂

Ashley –

Sooo yeah…boobs were out in this first picture. What can I say? It’s what I do. And also, I took a lot of pictures in front of dirty mirrors. My bad yo.

Shirt: This is actually a swimsuit cover up. (we went to the beach that day after Target…yes..I took all this boob to Target..don’t be jealous you weren’t there. 😉 ) Any how…it is from last year. Cardigan: Gift from my sister [similar] Jeans: Jordache High Rise Skinnies Earrings: N&S Gypsy Teal

Jacket: Target Tank: Mossimo Target Pants: Black Skinny Jeans from Target [Thanks Target for my ENTIRE outfit 😉 ]

Jacket: Oldie but goodie from CATO [similar] Shirt: Walmart Jeans: Black Skinnies from Target Earrings: N&S Stone Cut Out

Jacket: Same as above [similar] Tank: Target Leggings: Target Earrings: N&S Black

Chambray Top: Burke’s White T Shirt: Target Pants: Black Joggers from Kohl’s Earrings: N&S Stone Cut out

Scarf: Target (olddd) Cardigan: Target T Shirt: Target Earrings: N&S Black

Rhonda –

Peplum top: Old Navy.  Kimono: Amazon, but currently less expensive on Jane.  Go grab it!  Jeans: Mossimo jeggings.  Shoes: 14th & Union.

Tank: Old Navy.  Choker: Amazon.  Shorts: Walmart.  (I did put on gold sandals to leave the house.)

I know I didn’t post many outfits this week, but getting ready for this vacation has been insane.  Next week will be FULL of bikinis and girls night out outfits!

What was your favorite outfit for the week?  Be sure to leave a comment so we can check out your style as well!

Linking up here, if you want to go check out more styles!
pleated poppy

Nickel and Suede: A Love Story

Hey you guys – Ashley here! If you’re new to the blog…and us – you may be wondering..what’s Nickel and Suede?? Nickel and Suede is an accessory company developed, owned and operated by Kilee  [aka One Little Momma] and her husband. They sell a few clothing items, chokers, cuffs, and the most beautiful and life changing leather earrings you’ve ever seen. Those leather earring. That’s what I’m here to talk about. If you read our weekly What We Wore Wednesday posts – then you know I wear N&S earrings everyday. I’m obsessed. Well the fact is WE, here at Rage Against the MOMachine, are both obsessed. So yeah. This is my Nickel and Suede love story. 🙂

How We Met: 

I was first introduced to Kilee of One Little Momma through Rhonda, of course. haha I was searching for something new to do with my next bobish hair cut. Rhonda sent me a link…or a screen shot ( I can’t remember which one…) to Kilee’s cut. If you’re curious her The Great Hair Post is the perfect place to go check out her do. I loved it, and copied her of course. 🙂 I didn’t stop there though. I was intrigued by her style. I wanted to know more. So, I started reading her blog. That was where I was introduced to Nickel and Suede. She wore her earrings in … well in every picture. I loved them. So I’d go look at the site. Browse through all the choices. Agonize over whether or not I should buy a pair. I mean. They aren’t cheap. They are on average $25.00 a pair. Which now typing that, I’m like…but that isn’t bad! However, that’s with hindsight. In that moment it was hard to contemplate spending that much on a pair of earrings. Just a pair of leather earrings. Boy was I wrong.


Why I Fell In Love: 

The first pair of N&S earrings I ordered was their ‘Lip Gloss’ shade. I ordered them in size medium. You guys. When you buy a pair of N&S earrings the box says ‘Life Changing Leather Earrings’. That may seem a little dramatic, but it’s really not. First of all, beyond any aesthetic reason the quality of these earrings is fantastic and outstanding. They have survived all the hazards of being a mom. My children pull on them…we rough house while I wear them…I’ve napped in them…I wear them every single day. Not one of my earrings has ever suffered any damage that causes me to not be able to wear them anymore. Despite all the things they’ve been through – they still look just as good as the first day I got them in the mail. Secondly, they are incredibly comfortable. I now wear the size large – and they make a huge statement – without any kind of discomfort. I don’t have to worry about a heavy earring pulling down my earlobe. And the aesthetic reasons? Well they are beautiful. I think there is a N&S earring for any outfit and/or occasion. They can be casual, dressy, and every thing in between.


A True and Lasting love into the Future: 

Like I’ve said several times in the post, but I only wear N&S earrings. I don’t plan to ever wear any other type of earrings. I tell everyone who asks…and some people who don’t…about my N&S earrings. I don’t just say…”Oh Thanks!” if someone compliments them. I say “Thanks” BUT I also tell them exactly how to find them on their own. If I have time I tell them a little about the story of N&S. This is a family owned and operated company that was dreamed up by an inspiring woman. Their products are top notch, and I really like the people behind the products. I’ve bought my sister and my mom a pair of N&S earrings. They love them too. You can’t not love them if you put them in your ears. I’ve got a small little collection started, and I can’t wait to add more to it each month!






Week In Review: Rhonda

Hello, hello!  I have kicked off this Monday in the best mood.  It is really exciting to know that my vacation is starting later this week.  I have a lot to do between now and then, so I am pounding the coffee and getting shit done.  Let’s recap the past week, shall we?

Last Monday, I kicked the week off by beginning the packing process for my trip.  I knew I needed to make some lists, plan some outfits, and figure out what pieces I needed to shop for.  I was surprised to need more than I thought.  Some of my shorts are too big now and wouldn’t work.  I kept to a mix-and-matchable color palette of black, grey, and olive.

Swimsuit shopping happened Tuesday.  This was probably my third suit shopping trip this month.  So annoying.  It’s the worst when you have been working your ass off to lose weight and get in shape, but your damn mama tummy is still there.  I finally had success though and walked away with some pieces to mix and match.

Also on Tuesday, I was able to reveal something really exciting, which was my results after THREE DAYS of this hot new whitening toothpaste.  I am so impressed and so were my friends.  I sold three tubes within half an hour of sharing.  If you want in too, drop a comment and I’ll get you more information.

We went shopping again Wednesday, with me desperately trying to find some pieces for my vacation.  It wasn’t a success in the least, but we had a good time.

Thursday, Claudia and I went out on a little shopping excursion again.  She proudly dressed herself and was rewarded (bribed) with popcorn and an Icee in hopes that I could actually focus on the task at hand, completing my vacation shopping.  Success!

Friday was a park day for us.  Usually, I stand there and half-watch them, waiting for them to be done playing, sneezing my ass off.  I decided to take a different approach this time, needing a base tan for my upcoming vacation.  I laid out a blanket in the green space, close enough to the playground to keep an eye.  I was silly to think I could read though.  Between random parents feeling the need to talk to me and my kids wanting me to help them blow bubbles, that just didn’t happen.  It was lovely anyway though and I got some color!

Saturday is always such a relief from the stressors of the week.  The kids enjoy sleeping in and having stress-free time with me.

We started out the beautiful day enjoying a 20-degree drop in temperature from the day before.  We made all these fun plans to get outdoors.  Then we drank all the mimosas and it didn’t happen.  What did happen was a cranky ass toddler.  She cried because we wouldn’t shave her head then cried because Stuart wouldn’t give her bacon that he just started cooking.  He finally handed her a raw piece, but she couldn’t get down with that.  I can’t imagine why.

We did get out in late evening to make a grocery run.  Claudia couldn’t hang.  She fell asleep in the car.

Sunday was more of what you have probably come to expect from my weekends – mimosas and family time.  I didn’t get out of my robe until after five and even then, put on shorts and a tee.

Next week, I will not be posting my Week in Review, as I will be on vacation!  When I get back though, I plan on a vacation recap.  You can keep up with my girl-time shenanigans by following us on Instagram and Snapchat.

Week In Review: Ashley

Hey there! So glad to see you guys on this lovely Monday morning. Whaaat? I’m not hating on MONDAY?! Yup. You read that correctly. I’m actually kinda in love with this Monday, because this Monday is the start to my vacation! A super fancy vacation that I will mostly spend at home with my babies..but a vacation nonetheless. 😉 But really – I think we are going to really enjoy ourselves.

Ok anyway..enough with the here and now…what did we do this past week?? Leeet’s see. Wednesday we started out with a beach day. We woke up pretty early that morning to start getting ready.

Look at those cuties. 🙂 Their swimsuits are from Target. Sophie’s is this from this year, but Coop’s is from last year. I like getting the sets with actual shirts because it decreases the areas that I have to worry about applying and reapplying sunscreen. Also, they are very cute. 😉

I tried to pack as minimally as possible for the day. We just brought towels, a blanket, some sand toys, a few drinks, and sunscreen. The beach is literally five miles from our house so it’s not a long trip and completely worth it even if we only spend a couple hours there. It ended up being a really great day in general, but the morning at the beach really fun. The kids had a blast. After they were ready to go we loaded up (Soso was NOT happy about that – there was lots of screaming and whining on her part to stay…. ) and we headed to Chick-Fil-A to grab some lunch. They ate their lunch and Sophie took a nap while Coop basically rested in the bed. I got a ton of laundry and chores done. After naps….we hit up the car wash and did a quick half hour trip to a park near our house.

That night was pretty typical….playing…eating dinner…the bath and bed time. 🙂

Thursday night I cooked the Moracaan Chicken Stuffed Acorn Squash recipe from Eat Happy.

It smelled DELICIOUS while it was cooking…and tasted pretty good too! If you have this cookbook and are interested – I added chili pepper flakes to the chicken/squash filling and melted some cheese on top of the finished stuffed squash halves. What can I say..cheese makes everything better and well I add chili pepper flakes to basically everything I cook. lol

The weekend was pretty jam packed. We had skating birthday party to attend on Saturday afternoon, and Sunday was filled with swimsuit shopping ( for mommy ) and a playdate that afternoon for Coop.

The skating party was a lot of fun. That was the first time Cooper had ever skated, and I fully expected him to be to timid to try. However he surprised the heck out of me! He used the walker for help for a bit, but ended up going all over the rink on his own! It was so cute to watch him…and definitely a very proud mommy moment. He even went out and did the birthday limbo with the other kids. AND he ate an entire piece of pizza when everyone gathered back for food and cake. That’s pretty miraculous because this kid NEVER eats. Sophie had fun too. She was dieing to get out on the floor and skate too…of course…but she’s just a little to small for that still.

And Sunday. We had a good day. Successful play dates….solo time with Daddy for Coop…and some girl shopping for Mommy, Sophie, and Aunt Grace. 🙂 My swimsuit tops are from Old Navy…all their swimsuit pieces are 40% off currently.

What were YOU GUYS up to last week?

Rhonda’s Five Wardrobe Essentials

I am sure you have noticed how much I repeat basic themes and pieces in my outfits. There are some things that I just feel good in, just feel like myself in. In addition to that, there are some items that I keep in my wardrobe because they get pulled out from time to time without fail and bring me joy. So, to follow up to Ashley’s post, here are my five wardrobe essentials.

  1. Denim Jacket – Y’all, such a jacket has not been featured in my outfits, but there’s a good reason for that.  I just bought one yesterday for the first time in 10 YEARS!  I lost one when I was pregnant with my oldest son and I never replaced it.  I just never found one I liked enough.   Yesterday, I found the perfect distressed number and now I want MORE.  I can’t wait to wear this with everything.

    jacket from Target
  2. Graphic Tees – At least twice a week, I can be seen in a graphic tee or tank.  I can’t get enough of them.  Whether it’s a band tee, a cheeky phrase, or an abstract design, graphic tees can be styled so many ways…absolutely one of the most versatile articles of clothing.  By the way, I design and sell graphic tees and tanks here
  3. Red Heels – Nothing makes me feel as sexy and powerful as a pair of red heels.  I have put on some pretty BLAH outfits, but threw on red heels and felt amazing.  One of my favorite things to do is pair them with the aforementioned graphic tee and jeans.
  4. Kimonos – I probably have too many, especially considering I wear the same three on repeat.  They are so easy to wear and make me feel perfectly boho. There are so many ways to style them and they even make a great swimsuit coverup.  I know the trend will die eventually, but I’m hanging on until I personally get tired of looking at them. All pictured are from Amazon and the one on the bottom right is currently in my shop here.
  5. Converse – There is no casual shoe I love more than Converse.  I wear them a few times a week.  They go with dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts – literally everything.  If you don’t have any, get them.  Get any color to start.  And wear them – just put them on with everything.

What are your wardrobe essentials?  Do we share any of the same ones?