Week In Review: Ashley

Hey y’all… and welcome back to another Week In Review by yours truly. 😉 Let’s see what were we up to this past week? Monday and Tuesday were pretty typical. Work go home…etc etc. We did have to start a count down to Ppop’s house for Cooper.

That kid. He has a flair for the dramatics…for sure. Therefore the nightly countdown is necessary to help him get through the LONG week ..you know…before he gets to go back to his Ppop’s house the following weekend. lol

Wednesday, I was off. I decided to take the kids to the park, which was not the best decision. You see, we got a little taste of winter this past week. It was pretty dang cold at the park. We literally only lasted 30 minutes before it was time to go. And by we, I mean mommy. The children would have stayed out until their little fingers froze off.

So, after our failed park visit – we headed to Target for some things we needed. Of course, we grabbed Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Halfway through our Target trip I informed Cooper that he’d have to take a nap when we got back home. That little announcement didn’t go over well..so I spent the last half of my trip listening to him whine and complain and tell me how he was “plenty rested” from the night before. That was super fun.

Sophie was all about that nap time. Coop, true to his word, did not take a nap. Mom had things to do – so I put him to work. 😉 We washed dishes, changed several light bulbs, did a little laundry, cleaned the floors, etc.

He was a huge help…and the joke was on me…because he loved helping me. hehe He always has though. 🙂

Just LOOK at that baby pony tail. She’s so stinking cute. Alllll the heart eye emojis at that.

Friday was St. Patrick’s day. I somehow remembered to dress everyone (including myself) in some shade of green. 🙂 Anddd I celebrated that night in true cliche parent fashion, by sleeping in my bed. All night. Well, except when someone needed a sippy cup with some milk in it. 😉

Andddd Saturday night I got to see my love! 🙂  Our friend Michael also came out to hang…and Stuart was there too – but I didn’t get any selfies with him. 🙁 We went to eat at Chill and then went to the Chill Lounge at the IP Casino. It took FOREVER to get our meal at Chili’s. So by the time we made it to the Chill –  the place was packed. Our poor little feet were dying by the end of the night – cause you know: heels. It was so much fun seeing Rhonda…but that night and the whole weekend, actually, went by waaaaaaay too quickly. I will definitely be planning a trip to Dallas soon!

Anyway, that’s what my week looked like. How was yours? What did you guys do? Anything fun for St. Patricks Day?

Flash Back Friday + A little News

So, you guys, something super exciting is happening this weekend. It literally just occurred to me this morning…that we haven’t even said aword about it over here on the blog. As you all know – well I’m assuming you know…because I’m assuming you’ve read our About Us page…BUT if not … Rhonda lives in Arlington, TX and I (Ashley 🙂 ) live in Ocean Springs, MS. Y’all that is 578 miles apart. Rhonda moved to Dallas last fall. We’ve tried to arrange a couple of trips between then and now but things fell through for one reason or another. HOWEVER, this weekend Rhonda and Stuart are for sure coming down here! What does that mean? Oh, my friends, that means epic amounts of fun will be had. 😉

I just wanted to announce that. And say, keep a look out at our social media (Twitter, IG, SnapChat). I’m sure we’ll be posting like crazy.  AND I thought it would be a great time to tell you guys a little about how we met, the history of our friendship, and show you some of the fantastic selfies we’ve taken together over the years. I mean really. Some of these are definitely embarrassment worthy (on my end for sure). And surprisingly I’ve posted several of these more shady ones to my facebook page! Thankfully, now I am older and wiser and only post the most respectable and good looking ones. 😉

October 2009

Rhonda and I met each other while working at a women’s retail clothing store in Lucedale, MS. That was almost ten years ago now. Which is incredibly crazy to think about. Really. That ten years went by in a freaking flash. Back then I was childless and Rhonda only had Nick. Nick, who by the way is basically looking like a grown man, was just a wee little babe. I had a Mercury Cougar – a little two door sporty car. We used to (somehow) stick his carseat in the back of that thing and head to Mobile for shopping and hang time.


February 2011 – That guy was not with us. He totally epically photobombed us. 😉

When we first met and started working together, I’m pretty sure Rhonda didn’t really care for me…or she thought I didn’t care for her? I can’t remember. I am an extremely introverted person. So a lot of the time I come off as being aloof and rude. I’m not. I’m just unsure of myself and embarrassingly socially awkward (unless I’ve had some wine…… that’s a story for another day though). So yeah. It took us a minute to connect. But when we did…we realized we had a lot in common and so much to bond over.


January 2011

At the time we were both in long distant relationships that had started from meeting online. So, we had that to gab about on endlessly. Also, our personalities were so similar but just enough different so that we don’t really clash a ton. We were pretty dang close. We got into a lot of (fun) trouble together. We got involved in some shenanigans. It was pretty great.

Eventually, she moved away to live with the guy she was in a long distant relationship with. I followed suit not too long after. We found ourselves separated by many miles, but we were able to maintain our friendship through the use of technology. 😉

Of course, as with most relationships that last for such a long period of time – we got to a point where we had a few bumps in the road. BUT we eventually reunited (over mexican and margaritas….that spontaneously led to an interesting night of casino hopping..) 🙂

January 2011 – Folks, these are some alcohol induced pictures…FOR SURE.

The getting back into the swing of things in our friendship took a while. Ironically, things really heated up, when I started working at the clothing store where we first met. I was managing a couple stores in Biloxi and Gulfport – and I hired Rhonda to work for me. We never really looked back from that point.

August 2014
September 2014
December 2014

November 2015
December 2014

So, now many many years and five more kids later – we are here. Writing this blog together about our passions..our loves…and pretty much whatever we want to. 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by – honestly – it means a lot. 🙂

And because I’m a little sappy and sentimental, I couldn’t not do a song dedication to my boo. This is us y’all.

We hope you all have an amazing weekend! Anyone have any exciting plans? 

Ashley’s Current Beauty Product Faves

Hey there party people. 🙂 Hope your week is going well. I love watching YouTube makeup videos. Some of my current YT obsessions include: Jeffree Star, Manny MUA, Casey Holmes, Juicyjazz, Kathleen Lights, Thataylaa, and many many more… Anyway, the point is I love watching these guys. Some of my favorite videos to watch are their ‘monthly favorites’ videos. I like seeing which products they tried out..how those products worked for them…and even which products they didn’t like. It really helps me know what’s hot – what’s new – and gives me an idea of things I want to try – OR don’t want to try. You know, instead of going into Ulta or the drugstore and blindly choosing something.

So, why did I just tell you all that? Wellll, today I wanted to share with you some of MY current beauty products that I cannot live without. These are things that I reach for on a daily basis, because I do my makeup and take care of my skin every single day. I thought maybe this would help one of you if you are looking for something new to try and don’t know where to start.


  1. EyeshadowAnastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

I actually bought this palette from Rhonda…oh about a couple months ago now. I’ve been hooked to it ever since. I’ve definitely become a bit of an eyeshadow snob. Drug store shadows just don’t do it for me like the high end ones. The AMR palette is perfection. I’ve seriously used it every single day since I got it. If for nothing else I use ‘vermeer’ as my brow bone highlight. If you are looking into investing in a high end eyeshadow palette, I would HIGHLY suggest trying out the AMR. It’s got a great mix of neutrals and some pops of color to switch things up.


  1. Highlight/Bronzer/Contour Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight and Contour Palette

Y’all. This palette. I absolutely lurve it. I got it for Christmas…and I just can’t stop – won’t stop – using it. The bottom right shade is my everyday bronzer. It’s a powder. The bottom left is the only thing from this whole palette that I don’t use. It’s a cream contour shade, which is just not something I’ve dabbled into yet. I’ve used every single highlight. They alllll work beautifully on my pale pale skin. Strobe (top right) is my every day – go to highlight. Not only does it look pretty and work really well – it smells heavenly.

  1.  MascaraToo Faced: Better Than Sex [black] & L’Oreal:  Voluminous  Original Mascara   [black]

Both of these mascaras are amazing. I use them interchangeably. I do really love the smaller wand on the L’Oreal one for coating my bottom lashes – BUT the Too Faced wand isn’t sooo big that I can’t comfortably use it on my bottom lashes as well. Both mascaras lift and separate my lashes beautifully – and neither one flakes or wears off throughout the day.  I would say that the Too Faced one does give me slightly more volume.

  1. MoisturizerFormula 10.0.6 Picture Perfect day & Sheamoisture African Water Mint & Ginger Shea Butter Lip Balm

First and foremost all you fellow dry skinned ladies (and guys) DRINK A SHIT TON OF WATER. I promise…like pinky promise and cross my heart – drinking water is the most important thing you can do to ensure that your skin stays less dry than normal and allow for the products that you use to function with the utmost effectiveness. I fight dry skin on a daily basis. These two things are not the only products I use, BUT they are the only products I’m currently using that I love and would purchase/have purchased again. My parched skin always feels refreshed after I apply this moisturizer AND I’m happy because it is also my daily dose of sunscreen. Double duty! This lip balm…I can’t get enough. It has that Vaseline type consistency, but it doesn’t feel like it just sits on my lips – I can tell it’s soaking in. Also, it smells amazing and gives a slightly minty tingle to my lips. LOVE it. 🙂  

  1. Face: Maybelline MasterFix Concealer, L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer , Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream

As I just mentioned – I’ve got crazy dry skin. I do all the things to prevent it…well at least make it LESS dry. I am in love with the Magic Lumi Primer. This magical primer will give even the most matte of foundations or BB creams a nice dewy and luminous look. Most days I mix it with a pea sized amount of the MasterFix Concealer and just cover up a few trouble spots. On days that I need more full coverage I reach for the CG Clean Matte BB Cream – also mixing that with the magic lumi primer. I don’t do full on foundation – I just don’t need it AND that’s just usually too much on my dry dry dry dry as a desert skin. I promise, I’m not being dramatic.

  1. Cheeks: Wet N Wild Color Icon Blush – Rose Champagne

This blush is freaking dirt cheap – but it is amazing. The pigmentation is impressive, and this shade is just perfection. It is just that little bit of natural glow on my pale face. It goes with almost any look – because it is so neutral. I can’t live without it. For sure.

^^ That’s me…wearing all these products. 🙂

Ok – I think that is about it for now. I didn’t mention lips. I know. You see….I have this problem: there is no way I could narrow that section down to one or two lippies. Lips are a post in and of themselves. 😉
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed hearing about my current beauty favorites – and hopefully you found a few new things to try out for yourself!

What We Wore

Hey y’all! Welcome back to another Wednesday of parading our fanciest of outfits for you guys to oogle over. JK hehe Anyway, you guys know the drill – if not, today is the day of the week that we compile our chosen outfits from the previous week. Why are we showing you what we wore? Well, we like clothes and take joy in choosing our outfits each day. Also, we are hoping to maybe inspire you whenever YOU are standing at your closet….staring…thinking to yourself , “I have NO clothes.” I mean, at least that’s usually what WE think when we are doing that. 🙂 So yeah, we hope you enjoy seeing what we’ve worn!


It is debatable if you can even call half of these outfits, but this is real life.

Kimono: Amazon. Peach top: Old Navy (my exact one not available, but similar here).  Jeans:  Target.  Wedges:  Jessica Simpson.

Tee: Old Navy men’s (men’s has the best graphic tees).  Leggings: LulaRoe.

Tee: Again, Old Navy men’s.  Jeans: Old Navy.  Shoes: Converse. Earrings: Nickel and Suede.

Sweatshirt: Target.  Leggings: Old Navy.  Hair: Courtesy of an afternoon nap.  Riveting stuff, I know.


Tunic: Amazon.  Leggings: Lularoe.  Shoes:  French Connection.  Necklace:  BaubleBar (this style isn’t available.  It was one of their flash-sale styles “buried baubles” – sign up with this link to start getting their emails so you don’t miss out!).



LOOK at that…me in another black shirt! haha 🙂 Shirt: Sweater from KMart (got it waaaay early in the winter)  [similar] Pants: Jordache High Rise Skinny Jeans Earrings: N&S Gold

IDK What I was doing… Shirt: Marshall’s Pants: Black Jeggings Choker: Target Earrings: N&S Black

Yup – this is a repeat. At least above my neck was a little more interesting and different?? 😉 Shirt: Chambray Button up from Target Undershirt: Forever21 Pants: Black Jeggings Choker: Target Earrings: N&S Silver

Sweater: Amazon Pants: Those Liverpool Skinnies again 😉 Earrings: N&S Sweet Pea

This is what trying to take a picture of myself at home usually looks like, which is one of the reasons why I get to work a few minutes early to snap mine. You know, have my morning photo shoot in the bathroom. This was Wednesday – we went to the trampoline park so I wanted something comfy. 🙂

Shirt: Ross Pants: Black leggings for the win Earrings: N&S Black

You Have Time

There’s a phrase that is constantly uttered by people from all walks of life.  I’ve said it and I am sure you have said it.

I don’t have time.

Wait, what?  Let’s take a step back and think about what you really mean when you say this.  Then say exactly what you mean.

I don’t want to do that.

That is not important to me.

I am choosing to not make that a priority.

Look, I get it… you’re busy.  If anyone understands being busy, it is this gal right here.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the things I juggle daily.

  • Homeschool four kids
  • Cook and eat healthy food
  • Work out regularly
  • Maintain a successful relationship
  • Take care of four kids in every way
  • Maintain a social life
  • Maintain a mostly clean household
  • Co-write this blog, which also involves managing many social media outlets
  • Run my resale business
  • Plan several other ventures

There are many other things that I do, but these are the things I prioritize and MAKE time for, because they are important to me and reflect the kind of life I want.  Let me assure you, that is what this is all about.  We all get 24 hours in a day.  Every. Single. One. Of. Us.  Yes, I’ve used the time excuse.  I used to use it ALL THE TIME.  Oh, the things I didn’t have time for.

I don’t have time to make friends.

I don’t have time to work out.

I don’t have time to eat healthy.

I don’t have time to go back to school.

I don’t have time to do makeup daily.

I don’t have time to clean.

So what happened?  I didn’t magically get extra time in my day.  No, I decided I was done.  Done with excuses.  Done with waiting for life to be the way I want.  Done with feeling so unsatisfied with life.

Not only did I stop making excuses for things I wasn’t doing, I stopped apologizing for not making time for certain things.  There was a day a coworker asked me to get drinks after work.  Internally, I was thinking about how I’d rather catch up on DVR and have some quiet time on the couch, but instead, I said, “oh, I don’t have time tonight.  Sorry.”  NO.  Stop apologizing.  Don’t be sorry that you don’t want to do something.  There is nothing wrong with saying, “Thanks for the invitation, but I just want some time to myself tonight.  I have a full DVR and bottle of wine calling my name.”  Own your life.

I thought about what my idea life would entail and I started chipping away at the parts I could.  I made decisions and took action.  And holy shit, it has really paid off.  I love my life.  I LOVE MY LIFE.

Ask yourself what you want out of life.  Then MAKE time for it.  You will have to drop some things, wake up a little earlier, rearrange your day… but do it.

The life you want is waiting.

Week In Review: Ashley

Soooo, let’s see… WHAT did we do this past week? Pretty much a lot of the same actually. Lol So! How about I just flood you with some pictures, and I’ll add in just a few words here and there? Sound good? Great! Let’s get to it!

What’s this?? Oh that’s just me cooking. And drinking wine. Did you know that wine makes any mundane task sooo much better? 😉 Why did I document my cooking? Well..I hate doing it. I avoid doing it at all costs. However, I decided I need to get better about cooking a home cooked meal for my babies at least four nights a week (one of those nights being left over night). So anyway, that’s me on one of those nights. Cooking it up like a boss. hahahaha

Some before bedtime playing with the babies. Sophie has been obsessed with wearing Cooper’s fireman costume, from last Halloween.

More playtime in the kids’ room. Wednesday we went to the trampoline park again. No pictures this time. I know. Bad blogger. What can I say? I was living in the moment. 🙂

I’m not sure which night this was. But again, more floor time play time.

Just look at that angel sleeping, with mom’s lipstick stain on her head. Why are sleeping kids/babies so stinking cute??? You work so hard to get them to sleep, then you just want to freaking stare at them while they do it. Even though you have a million other things to do.

When I got home Saturday evening – I had this beauty waiting on me! I spent a lot of time on Sunday pouring over it…marking things I was interested in.

Speaking of Sunday – that day we celebrated my brother’s (Shane) twenty-fourth birthday! I can’t believe it. His birthday kicks off a couple months of celebration. Spring was a popular time for births in our family. Mine is next – Then Cooper – Then Cooper’s Dad – Then Cooper’s MawMaw (his dad’s mom) – Then my sister’s. MY MawMaw’s birthday was also in April (the 4th actually), but she passed away a couple of years ago now. So yeah, LOTS of birthdays ahead of us. Cooper helped blow out Shane’s candles. Thanks to him we all had some birthday cake with a side of Cooper spit. LOL

And that’s about it folks. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading! What were you guys up to this past week and weekend? Hope y’all have an amazing week!

Week In Review: Rhonda

Monday, I really hit the ground running, but perhaps it was too much, because in the afternoon I hit a wall and really didn’t feel well – chills, achy muscles, and sore throat.  I think my body was trying to fight off an illness.  I got my workout and hair washing and drying all done early.  We got school done early and I got fun mail!  There is nothing better than makeup in the mail, especially a poppin’ highlight.  I also love when a seller or company really steps up the game in shipping out packages.  I ordered a Texas koozie and patch and Bryan threw in postcards and a sticker!  Great service.

I had the most productive day on Tuesday!  I couldn’t even begin to name all that I got done, but among those was a killer workout, quality time with my kids, and bathrooms cleaned.  Hell yes!

Claudia and I got our exercise on Wednesday, ran some errands, and brought a stack of packages from the mailboxes.  Who doesn’t love happy mail?!  We shipped off some happy mail too.  I love sending items to their new owners.  I think it’s the best part of running a resale shop.  I made a delicious dinner and enjoyed some quality time with Stuart after the kids went to bed.

I worked my tail off Thursday, prepping for something major I am planning and dropping prices in my resale shop.

Friday was spent doing little tasks like washing rugs and cleaning my ring, then a target outing for my mini and me.  She helped me make the kids’ dinner while I simmered chili for Stuart and me.

Y’all know I love my Saturdays. I kicked things off this week with my squats (booty is starting to pop!) and then was rewarded with a mimosa (or 4).  We had an amazing afternoon nap, then got groceries.  Stuart made us some phenomenal tuna steaks and I drank WAY too much vodka.

Sunday was much like all our Sundays… did my nails, had some adult beverages, and kicked it with my family.  Claudia did what she does best and “helped” Stuart cook and eat his dinner.  It was of course the start of Daylight Saving Time, which is always such a damn treat.  The entire day seemingly disappeared with the omission of a single hour.

How are you adjusting to the time change? Do you feel like you lose the entire day instead of a single hour?

Let Him Wear a Bow


When my son was a baby and toddler I used to do my makeup everyday while sitting on the floor in front of a large mirror that I leaned against the wall. These days I do my makeup standing up, with everything stored at a height above where two little curious arms and hands can reach. I also have a much larger makeup collection and more extensive daily routine now, compared to back then. But, when Coop was very young my makeup routine was relatively fast and every piece of product and tool I owned fit securely in one little bag. If Cooper was awake – he was right there with me: In my lap, sitting next to me, watching me, reaching for things, and requesting that I put makeup on him too.


I always wanted my first child to be a boy. Why? I don’t know. I’m fairly certain that it stems from my desire to have had a big brother. Ha. But somehow, my first baby was a boy, and I was over the moon with excitement. I said lots of “I told you-s!” and “I just KNEW it was a boy-s!” I didn’t. I just wanted him to be a boy. 😉 Don’t get me wrong. I love being a girl mom. BUT I always knew that I was meant to be a boy mom. Again why? Oh – let’s be honest. For all those social cliche reasons. I wanted him to be a protective big brother if he were to have younger siblings. Watching my little boy geek out over comic books and/or video games. Seeing him play baseball…or some kind of sport. Girl clothes are cute. I die for Soso in pink and flowers. However, I do really really like dressing boys. Button down shirts. Converse tennis shoes with black skinny jeans. Toddlers in bow ties and mulligan hats. Shorts paired with suspenders.  All of it. I was head over heels in love with the idea of what a boy was supposed to and what I thought he would look like.

It was in those early moments – when I would apply my makeup, and Cooper wanted to be a part of that – that I knew I had been terribly wrong about how I thought I would raise my boy.

I was watching a speech that Emma Watson gave wherein she said that “we need to perceive gender as a spectrum – not as two opposing sides.” Now that was loosely paraphrased from my memory, BUT I think the point still rings loud and clear. Gender is and always has been a social classification. Gender has nothing to do with your sex. Your sex is determined by the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women. Gender is the socially constructed roles, behaviors, attributes, and activities that a given society considers appropriate for a man or woman. Did you hear that? SOCIALLY constructed.

Boys don’t just like blue, and girls don’t just like pink. My son, he always has and still does show an interest in the clothes I’m wearing, the makeup I’m applying, and many other ‘girly’ things that I do on a daily basis. You know what else he is obsessed with? Tractors. Wood chippers. Garbage trucks. 18 wheelers. Making the sounds associated with a running weed eater or flying plane. If his dad is playing a video game, Cooper wants to know all about what’s going on – sometimes he even wants to play too. Cooper loves to play outside. He is most happy when his hands are dirty from doing some form of hard labor. 


There are a lot of things that I do as a parent – A lot of things that I allow my children to do because I’m saying fuck conventional expectations. I’m doing this the way I want. I’m not going to traumatize my child by insisting that he (or she) do something the way it is expected by society when that expectation has no bearing on the well being of my child. Want to know an expectation that has absolutely no bearing on the well being of my child? The expectation that he can’t be excited to play with mommy’s makeup brushes or wear some of her lipstick. The expectation that he shouldn’t recognize that his sister is wearing the cutest dress and looks pretty “like a princess”, because he appreciates and loves the dress just as much as she does.

I decided a while ago that I wouldn’t limit my son’s interests. I’m not going to tell him, “No you can’t do that because that’s for girls.” “No, you can’t play with that baby doll, because girls play with baby dolls.” And on and on and on.

When it comes to things like makeup? Yes. I will tell him, “No, you can’t wear this foundation – because you are too young.” That’s what I would tell my daughter. There have been days that he has left the house wearing just the faintest application of blush on his cheeks and a crap ton of chap stick on his lips. Several times, I’ve let him dig into my translucent face powder and watched as he expertly tapped the brush to remove the excess powder – then he proceeded to load his face up with the stuff. I didn’t wash it off. He spent the day like that.

I will treat them equally. There are and will be things that I restrict them from doing at separate times due to age, intellectual ability, and physical ability. For instance, Sophie is not allowed to hold my makeup brushes. Why? Well – She’s 1 and a half. She’ll just put them in her mouth. Which is not cool. Not cool at all man.

The other day, as Cooper and Sophie were preparing to leave with their dad – Sophie asked for a bow to be put in her hair. This is a new request that she’s started doing. It always makes me giddy. Cooper notices that. So that day, he asked for a bow too. I didn’t think twice. Honestly. I really didn’t. We went straight to the big basket of bows. I picked one out for Sophie, and I picked one out for Cooper. He left the house that way. I know that not everyone in my son’s life will support this stance. This commitment of mine. And that’s ok. We are all entitled to our own opinions and viewpoints. And that’s a little lesson in real life. To hear different ideas. For even your closest loved ones to be at odds when it comes to subject like gender equality, religion, politics, and so many other important topics – is not uncommon. 

But, I. I will let my son wear a bow ,if he wants to. And Cooper, he will see that. I’m his mom. I grew him inside me. I raise him everyday.  A lot of times I feel like being a mom to this growing boy is not so hard. Sometimes I get it all wrong. Sometimes we both end up in tears of sadness and regret. But with this? With gender equality? With teaching him – and demonstrating to him…even in the smallest of actions…I’m doing my damndest to get it right.

It’s not about the bow. It’s not about the makeup. It’s not about any of that superficial stuff. It’s about the way we treat each other. It’s about the way we respect each other’s life choices. It’s about the fact that my son notices the things that I fawn over and dote about concerning my daughter. He notices when she does things that make me happy. He wants to make me happy too. He’s three – He’s not asking to wear the bow in order to make some sort of life statement.  He just wants to be a part of our world. I’m not going to shut him out. I’m not going tell him that thinking that way is wrong. Because there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be a part of and contribute to the things that make your loved ones happy. There is nothing wrong with taking joy in the things that your loved ones take joy in.

So, I say – Let the boys wear bows. 🙂

5 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Love

Growing up, I knew all sorts of things about love.  I knew that I was going to meet the perfect man for me, most likely while in college.  I knew that I would have a huge wedding, a perfect suburban house, and a hard-working husband.  That same husband would dote on me and buy me flowers for no reason.  We would immediately have a baby and would all snuggle on the couch every evening.  Then life happened… reality happened.  I’ve still never received flowers from a man.

I have had a lot of experience in love and heartbreak and I know what’s important.  Most of all, I know what I want my daughter to know.

  1. You don’t need a relationship to complete you. When I was young, I always thought it completely necessary to participate in a committed relationship.  That absolutely is not the case.  Having that kind of relationship may be something you want for any number of reasons, but it won’t make you a better person or fill some sort of perceived void.  YOU are the only one who can do that.  Start with yourself.  Be the kind of person you can love.
  2. Love should not hurt. Oh sure, there will be plenty of pangs in your heart and you will cry.  What I am talking about here is abuse or complete disregard for your feelings.  Abuse, by the way, is not always physical.  There is emotional, physical, verbal, and financial, all of which I have experienced firsthand.  This is never okay.  If someone makes you feel trapped, worthless, ashamed, or just down more than you feel up… it’s time to go.
  3. You get what you put in. If you think you’re going to sit upon your throne as a princess in your relationship, you will be disappointed.  Sure, a lot of us like to joke that we are the “queen” or the “princess.”  Some of these people are probably in shitty relationships because they do expect their partner to spoil them with no reciprocation.   I’ve learned that service and affection needs to be a two-way street for a relationship to be successful.  I am a queen, but you know what?  My partner is my king and I treat him as such.  He is never left wondering what he’s doing all this for.
  4. You may not have “the one.” There is always talk about soul mates and “the one.”  The truth is, you may have several relationships that are amazing and fulfilling and feel like THE ONE.  Different relationships, both platonic and romantic, serve their purposes.  I can’t imagine if I had not been deeply involved with some the people I loved.  I loved, I lost, and I am stronger for it.
  5. It will come. It is such a cliché, but it is the absolute truth – love will find you when you aren’t looking for it.  I’ve seen it happen, I’ve lived it myself.  When you quit worrying about meeting someone, you find an entire world of opportunity and adventure, and then love is suddenly in your face and you can’t avoid it and you don’t want to.  And no, you don’t need a relationship to complete you, but when you’re in the right place in your life and you are loving yourself, it will be there if you are ready to welcome it.

What We Wore

Happy Wednesday! It’s that glorious middle of the week day – halfway to Friday – on which we share with you are most fanciest of outfits and ensembles. 🙂 lol We’re just keeping it classy and real for ya. Hope you enjoy, and thank you SO much for stopping by!


Tank: Old Navy, no longer available. Kimono: Amazon.  Jeggings (which are actually navy even though you can’t tell here): CATO. Sandals: Francesca’s, no longer available. Earrings: Bauble Bar, no longer available.

Tank: Old Navy, no longer available. Chambray: Super old thrifted Arizona Jeans. Jeans: Old Navy, similar here.

 Tank: Old Navy.  Plaid: Old Navy (I worked there, okay?). Jeans:
Old Navy Rockstar. Shoes: Converse. Earrings: Premier Designs.

Tee: Target (only plus currently available.) Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar, this style not currently available.  Cardigan: Old Navy, not currently available. Shoes: Jessica Simpson.  I got mine at DSW, but same pair here.

Y’all, you won’t find this on another blog – a baldie in the background and a vacuum as a prop.  Only here, on the realest of blogs.  T-shirt: DNCE merch. Jacket: Super old GapKids I got from my friend’s son. Leggings: Old Navy. Shoes: Converse.

Top: Ross.  Shorts: Walmart. Laundry pile and messy room: c/o 4 kids.

Dress: Z Supply on Amazon.  Crochet cardigan: CATO, super old.  Shoes: G By Guess (they don’t seem to be available anymore, but the style is Stacey if you want to look around the web).  Choker: Amazon.  Earrings: Nickel and Suede.

Shirt: Kohls Pants: Jordache skinny Jeans Choker: Maurice’s  << That doesn’t link to the specific choker…I can’t find it online BUT it does link to their cute selection that is available online 😉 Earrings: N&S Black 

Dress: Target [similar] Shirt: Old Navy [similar] Shoes: CATO  – so so old Head Tilt: What can I say…it’s what I apparently do? In most all of my outfit pictures?

Cardigan: Target  [similar] Shirt: Old Navy  [similar] Pants: Basic Skinny Jeans man….I literally wear a dark wash skinny jean….most days. Don’t hate. 😉 Earrings: N&S Signature Gold Choker: Honestly…I don’t even remember. [similar]

Shirt: Target Clearance (this is NEW to me…but it has been around the Target world a while…sooo I couldn’t find it online) Jeans: Just continuing that basic girl skinny jean look Earrings: N&S Stone Cut Out Shoes: Same oldies but goodies from CATO 🙂

SO – Goal for this upcoming outfit week? Plan more. And maybe wear some different pants? -A


What were you guys wearing this week? Do you ever find yourself in a comfortable/familiar rut when it comes to things you wear? We’ve discussed our love for black leggings…and now basic girl dark wash skinny jeans….what about y’all? 🙂