Week in Review: Rhonda

I don’t even know where the week went.  We took Spring Break and I was sick for most of it.  I still am.  Quite an adventure.

Since we had spent the entire previous day on the road and Stuart had then gone to his lab until midnight, he took Monday off.  It was so nice to have a Sunday on a Monday.  I got to meal plan over brunch, then go to the store with my favorite people.  Nick even got back to helping me take out the garbage.  It had been his job for so long, but we kept losing track of time and it was always too dark for him to go to the dumpster alone.

Tuesday was hair wash day for the first time since having it colored again.  Luckily that went well.  The highlight of the day though was finally getting in this shirt from my shop.  Tee available here.

Wednesday consisted of a lot of blog and shop work.  It went by in such a blur.  On Thursday, we made a Target run and I was able to exercise restraint, which is rare but good.  I got a cute Easter decoration that looks so great on our mantel.

Friday, I started feeling a lot of symptoms of a cold, but chalked it up to being tired and and severe allergies.  It definitely got better when Stuart arrived home with a box of fun from the liquor store.  Carnitas for dinner fixed it all up.

Saturday is always my boo.  Time spent hanging out with my people is always a winner.  We took the littles to Stuart’s lab for a bit and fed the resident kitty.

Sunday somehow outdid Saturday for once.  After our brunch, it was naptime.  Claudia ended up invading ours and passed out on me.  We went to the playground when we got up and it was lovely.  Nice and breezy.  Unfortunately, I was too sick to thoroughly enjoy it.  We ended the weekend as usual – with some Dateline and Killing Fields episodes.

Do you have weekend routines like we do?








Week In Review: Ashley

Heeeeey Guys! Happy Monday Morning. 🙂 Thanks for coming back to see what we’ve been up to the past week.

Let’s see. Wednesday I was off work. My dad (or more commonly known as Ppop…or PopPop ..these days) decided to come get Coop for the day. That left me and Sophie alone for a girl’s day with Aunt Grace. 🙂 🙂 Sophie took a morning nap, and Grace came over. So she and I got a little alone adult time to have a conversation that wasn’t continually interrupted by a toddler or baby. 😉 We just hung out and talked while I spent a long and leisurely amount of time applying my makeup. Around 12:30 I checked on SoSo – and she was already awake! So we headed to Newk’s for lunch and then to Maurice’s and Target. Coop came back later that afternoon, and we just had a typical night after that.

Friday night I had a kid free evening. I got to spend  some more time with my Seeester. We did Chili’s for dinner and drinks. She hosted a bridal shower this weekend – so, after dinner we went back to my house and foraged my decorative household goods hoard collection for some things that she could use to decorate the room with.


Saturday afternoon the kids and I lounged at my parents house. The weather was so eery and gloomy and SUPER windy most of the day. Despite that it was actually a nice day to be outside. Late that afternoon the bottom fell out. We’d gone to check out the house my brother is in the process of buying and ended up getting caught in the downpour as we were leaving to head back home. Cooper stayed the night with his Grammy and Ppop Saturday night while Sophie and I headed home.

Race Track contraption that Ppop helped Coop build.

She slept amazingly that night. Like…from 8:00 pm to 9:00 am. It was great. Because I’d had a couple of glasses of wine that night and didn’t go to sleep until 12 myself. Haha

AND thanks to the heads up from Grace, I found out Downton Abbey is on Amazon Video (for Prime Subscribers)!! I’ve never watched it, but I have been wanting to for forever – but I didn’t have access to it…you know besides downloading it..and I don’t have time for that. 😉 So anyway, I may or may not have watched it Saturday night…and Sunday morning. 

A little glimpse into Cooper’s life while he stays with Grammy and Ppop. 😉 Cracker Barrel breakfast….Walmart trips with powder donuts…and some relaxing coloring time.

Yes, I am about to include a picture of my child on the potty. Sophie is a year and a half old – and she’s showing interest in going potty. So, I’ve started to put her on it when she asks. Because – training Coop has been such a bitch…I figured why not get a head start. Especially while she’s interested and does it willingly.

Sunday, Sophie and I headed back to my parent’s house around noon. We picked up Grammy and decided to take a spontaneous shopping trip to Hattiesburg. Cooper’s birthday is next weekend, so I thought I would look for some things for him. Also, I just wanted a change in routine and scenery for the day. 🙂 We ended up at the mall – and spent a couple hours just browsing. I did find a cute new outfit for Coop, which I’m sure he will very much appreciate. 😉 I feel so uninspired to buy him toys. I feel like he has way too many.

We stayed later than usual at my parents. Sophie was over being in the car. She pretty much cried the entire hour back home while we drove from Hattiesburg to Gulfport. So that was fun. I decided to chill at my parents and let her get out and stretch her legs. We ate dinner there and headed home around 7. I have to say, here, how much I love longer days. I don’t feel like we have to rush to get the kids in, because it will be dark soon.

That night we got home – the kids played a little…and then it was bath and bedtime! Now, I’m in bed by 8:30 – ready to call it a night. 😉

Getting some baby love from my girl before bedtime. She gives the best kisses….when you catch her in the right mood. 😉
Hope you guys had a fantastic week! What were y’all up to?

Mimosa Me

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good mimosa.  What they may not realize is that I do not follow a simple bubbly + OJ combination.  Au Contraire.

Probably thirteen years ago, I didn’t have enough bubbly to make a mimosa, so I dug into my post-party freezer and pulled out some whipped cream flavored vodka.  I used it to substitute some of the bubbly.  I topped it off with OJ, and well, it was fucking magic.  On that Sunday hungover morning, I drank a fizzy creamsicle beverage like it was heaven’s clouds.

I never looked back and when I started visiting Stuart, we started our courtship with a proper hipster restaurant (Bolsa) brunch.  Then we we were going make mimosas at home the next time I came and so I told him my recipe.  He immediately loved it and we have had it every non-Bolsa weekend morning since.

One day, my friend Chrissy flew out to go to a concert with me.  Stuart made us brunch with mimosas her last morning here and after barely two she said, “Whew, I’ve never felt drunk off a couple of mimosas.”  We looked at each other and laughed.  “These aren’t regular mimosas. They have vodka.”

So, here is a guide to make the perfect SPECIAL mimosa.  Some of you will only be able to drink one.  Some of you will be able to drink 5 and I fucking salute you.  Come drink with us.

So, there’s not a recipe.  I mean, FFS, it’s a damn cocktail.  I don’t even measure out recipes that have specific measurements.  I’m never going to be that person.  So, my lovely fiance and bartender took pictures to show the approximate amounts he uses, and in what order.

First, you put in whipped vodka.  We use the Pinnacle brand.  I am sure there are other cream flavored ones.  Smirnoff vanilla works too. (Bae mistakenly bought cake vodka and HOLY FROSTING.  Don’t do that.  It’s too much.)

Second, add in some bubbly.   We use Cook’s or Andre most of the time.  It’s cheap and when mixed in with other stuff, you don’t know the difference.  Cook’s has the highest alcohol content.  So, you already know we get that most of the time.

At this point you should be 3/4 way to the rim.  Pour in your orange juice.  I don’t even bother with anything other than Simply Orange without pulp.

What? 3/4 of the glass is alcohol?? Yes. Yes, it is.

Get yo’ buzz on.

The next cocktail info I give you will be for how I make the perfect ZERO CARB vodka soda.

Drink up.

Don’t be an Entitled Working Parent

The other day my sister and I were having a conversation about working – more specifically we were talking about taking time off from work. I made the offhanded comment that I didn’t want to be that person … that parent … who made non parents ( or even older parents with grown children that were no longer as dependent upon them like my tiny babes are on me ) feel like my time off from work is more valuable than theirs. Her immediate response was, “Oh yes, please don’t be that person.”

That conversation made me really sit back and think. I honestly don’t ever want to be that parent. I’ve been on the opposite end of that situation, as a non parent, way too many times. And I’m here to say, as the mother of two babies, that MY need for time off from work is no more important than anyone else’s just because I have children. Maybe you’re reading this as a parent and are thinking it’s strange that I think this is even issue, because you are so not that parent that makes non parents feel less important. If so, go you. But MAYBE you are that parent. OR maybe you are that non parent whose priorities were pushed to the wayside in favor of a parent’s priorities for time off from work. Either way. What I have to say is for you. All of you. 😉


I didn’t have my first child until I was 28 years old. Prior to that I’d worked in management since I was 19 years old. So pretty much a solid ten years in management as a non parent. I’ve had to referee my employees who were parents and the ones who were not parents as they fought over days off. I’ve dealt with having to sacrifice my own desire to be off because a parent that I worked with played their parent card. One of the very first instances that comes to mind when I think about how parents are often prioritized when it comes to time off occurred when I was the assistant manager of a clothing store. I was in my early twenties. My store manager was probably around my age now. She had two small children. It was summertime and the Fourth of July was coming up. We were discussing who should get that holiday off. She said that she felt like she should get the holiday off. Not because she was the store manager. Not because she had worked some previous holiday while I was off. She said that she should get that holiday off, because of her children. Y’all. The Fourth of July? Yup. It had always been a holiday that was special between her and her children. They had faithfully attended the town’s local firework display the years prior. So. Because she was a mom. And I wasn’t. She said she should have that day off. Now, the Fourth of July is not a big deal to me. And I am super passive. So, I didn’t put up a fight. BUT that memory has always stuck with me. I find it to be a ridiculous reason. She didn’t even have to play the mom card. All she had to do was ask if I cared or had any 4th of July traditions, which I didn’t, and that would have been the end of the story.


Another holiday most often claimed by parents? (Mom’s specifically) : Mother’s Day. Ok. Maybe at this point…you’re thinking…hey now Ashley. That’s a legitimate holiday for a mom to stake her claim on. And yeah. You have a tiny point. However, guess what? Maybe your coworker isn’t a mom….BUT she has a mom of her own, who would probably love to spend that day with her daughter and vice versa.


Some other holidays that parents try to man handle their control over ( as far as time off is concerned ) ? Thanksgiving and Christmas. And – the same concept applies. Yes. You are a parent. You want to celebrate all your winter holiday traditions with your children…on the actual holiday days. You think, “these non parents I work with just don’t understand – they don’t need to be off as much as I do.” Wrong again. Those non parents. They have family too. They have special people in their lives that they want to see during the holidays. Stop infringing on their right to enjoy a holiday off.


What is my point?? Take your turn. If you have to work on Christmas Day… move your Christmas Day celebration to another day. Put this little sacrifice in your back pocket. And pull THAT out when you want a different day off. Not your parent card.


Bottom line…we chose to become parents. We have a choice not to become parents…every step of the way, from before to after conception. That’s the truth. You are not more important or more special just because you have children. Don’t use your kids as an excuse to get to the front of a line that you do not deserve to be at the front of. Wait your turn … just like everyone else.


I’m not saying emergencies don’t happen. They’ve happened to me. We have these little human beings that cannot take care of themselves. Sometimes, situations occur where childcare falls through – and you HAVE to leave work or take off work to look after them. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the blatant disregard for the value of a non parent’s time off or need to have time off in favor of a parent’s  –  simply because they are a parent.


Let’s not be that parent. Let’s be considerate of our co-workers. I’m an adult. If something happens and I can’t take off work (and I obviously have time to plan – talking NON emergency folks) to take care of my children when their typical childcare is not available to me – I’ll figure something out. I’ll make it work.


I’m not going to not show up to work, because I failed to plan ahead when I had plenty of opportunity to find alternate childcare. I’m not going to be late for work, because I just spent a sleepless night up with a sick kid and expect my non parent coworkers to just understand and forgive me and pick up my slack. I’m going to wise up and learn when to distinguish legitimate kid sicknesses or injuries that require me to actually leave work early vs something that can wait until I get off.


My kids are my responsibility. I do the best that I can to take care of them, be their mom, and still be me – and not let areas of my life, like work, suffer because I’m trying to be the best mom that I can be.
Ok, getting off my soap box now. 😉 Thanks again for listening….and maybe nodding your head in agreement? Or even rolling your eyes at me. It’s cool. You do you man. But…maybe when you aren’t all infuriated in the moment of your self righteous parenthood feelings of entitlement…you’ll be able to step back and see the value of my point. 😉


March ipsy Reveal

Thanks for coming back to see what we got in our bags this month.  We described ipsy to you last month:

What is ipsy? It is a monthly subscription service. You pay ten dollars a month and get a cute bag and five makeup/beauty related products. They are usually deluxe sample sized – sometimes you get a full sized product. When you sign up you do a little ‘get to know you’ type of survey that the ipsy peeps use to determine what types of products to send you. Also, as you receive the products each month you get to review each one individually. If ipsy sends you something you absolutely hate…all you have to do is let them know in the review and they won’t send it again. For instance, say you get some nail polish in your first bag, and you don’t really care for nail polish. Let them know in the review that you’d like to not receive it again. And voila! They won’t send it in your bag anymore!

We both look forward, with great anticipation, each month to receiving our ipsy bags. Ipsy is a great way to try out all kinds of different beauty brands and products without investing in the full size version – not knowing if you will like it or not. You don’t get to hand pick what comes in your bag, but we are pretty sure that there won’t be many times that you regret trying what they send you. 😉

Ipsy rewards you points for referrals, purchasing through their website, and reviewing.  The points can be redeemed in the rewards shop toward products.

You can sign up to receive ipsy by clicking here (we may receive credit if you sign up).  On to March’s goodies!


This month’s bag itself is so pretty.  It wasn’t quite what I expected based on pictures, but it’s a nice velvety fabric and has a pretty rose gold zipper. You’ll see I got 6 items.  I bought one of them with my points.

OFRA cosmetics peach blush – I have received several OFRA products in the time I have been with ipsy.  I have loved every one.  They have the best sheen and pigmentation and this one is no different.  You get a great natural flush with a sheen with a single swipe (see top swatch above).  The blush is perfectly buildable so you can add on the color.

EYEKO fat eye stick in Satin – This creamy crayon twists up and gives such amazing coverage.  One swipe gives all the pigment you need.  It will be great alone or with a powdered shadow over.  It can be applied without a brush if you’re the type to just want a quick, no-fuss, touch of color on your lids.  This Satin color will look good on everyone (see bottom swatch above).

Elizabeth Mott blending brush – The first thing that struck me about this brush is the coloring.  I love the minty handle and the rose gold accents.  Right up my alley.  I love Elizabeth Mott products and this did not disappoint.  The synthetic bristles are perfect for blending out creamy products without wasting any.  It seems high quality and well made.  I can’t see it shedding.

Styli-Style pressed pigment in liquid gold – This is what I bought with my points.  I had kind of low expectations because I had never heard of this brand.  Holy smokes, it was definitely the stand-out of my bag!  The antique gold hue gave amazing coverage with ONE SWIPE (see middle swatch above).  I literally gasped when I tried it on my eyes.  Truly amazing.  Blendable and highly pigmented.

Marula Pure Beauty Oil, Pure Marula facial oil – I haven’t used this on my face yet, but I am a big fan of facial oils in general.  I swiped some onto my wrist.  It feels nice, soaked into my dry skin, and smells great without being strong.

Cake Desserted Island supreme body mousse – Holy heavens, this stuff was like some decadent frosting on my dry ass skin.  It smells AMAZING and feels great.  I hate for body creams to leave a residue and I totally forget this one is there!

Ashley –

I really like this month’s bag design. I like the color , and I like that it is able to be folded. I got six items this month as well, because I also redeemed some of my points. 

Neogen Coconut Milk Cleanser – This stuff was just okay for me. It didn’t wow me, but I will for sure continue to use it until it’s gone. Will I purchase it? Probably not. The smell is pretty strong. Surprisingly it does not smell like coconut at all – it actually reminds me of Olay Bar Soap. My Mimi always only used Olay bar soap. So that was kind of nice that it reminded me of her. 🙂 However, I’m not a fan of such a strong perfumy scent when I’m trying to cleanse my face.

Skone Blending Brush – I love a new brush. And I really really love a new blending brush. Seriously. 🙂 I like this one. The bristles are way  longer than any of my other blending brushes, so that was a bit of an adjustment at first. After using it for several days – I can officially say that I’ve fallen for it. Like I said. I’m a sucker for a good blending brush. 😉

Tarteist Lip Paint in Rose I’m still on the fence about this one. I was actually super excited to know that I was receiving a Tarteist Lip Paint, because I’d been wanting to try one. I <heart> all the things Tarte that I’ve tried so far. I think I’m just not wild about the color on me. The formula was pretty typical to most liquid lipsticks that I’ve tried. It didn’t feel super heavy on my lips, but it was definitely drying.

Freematic Eye Shadow Doucce – This is the little tiny Mauvey shaded eye shadow. Eh. Honestly, I feel like Ipsy has sent me this shade (in different brands) a couple times before. It was an ok shadow. I definitely had to build the pigment up.

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter/Crayon – I wasn’t even sure what this crayon was meant to highlight. Of course I asked Rhonda. She told me it was for my brow bone. I like it ok. I felt like a cream highlight for the brow bone would be more suited for someone who was looking for sharp defined brows. I’m not that girl. I just fill in and darken my eyebrow hairs that are naturally there. No sharp drawn on lines here.

Swatches Left to Right: Highlighter Crayon, Freematic Eyeshadow, and Styli-Style Pressed Pigment

Styli-Style Pressed Pigment in Liquid Gold – This was an extra in my bag that I got by redeeming points. Y’all. This stuff is sooo pigmented and sooo pretty. The day I wore it, Cooper complimented me. When a three year old notices your eye shadow – well that eye shadow is doing something good for ya. 😉 As you saw above – Rhonda bought this with her points as well. And we are both in love with it. 🙂


That’s it you guys! Thanks for checking out our bags. Have you signed up for Ipsy yet?? Click that link above and go do it. If you do get Ipsy, what did YOU get this month?


What We Wore

Welcome back to the blog.  We are seriously so thankful that you keep coming back to read!  It’s once again time to show you what we wore this week.  It promises to once again be completely groundbreaking.  [end sarcasm]

Hockey hoodie:  Dallas Stars merch.  Jeans:  Old Navy.  Shoes: Converse.  Unimpressed expression:  Courtesy of getting up early for a long drive.

Sweatshirt: Target.  Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar, exact pair not available.  Shoes: Converse.

Dress: Amazon.  Chambray:  JCPenney, old AF.  Shoes: Betseyville for Target, no longer available.

TShirt: Old Navy from last year.  Jeans: Old Navy.  Bracelets: Alex & Ani.  Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Top: boutique.  I also had on leggings and awesome shoes, not visible.

TShirt: Old Navy.  Shorts: Old Navy, not current.

So yeah…basically I failed to take good outfit pics on the days when I actually put on cute clothes.  Cool.



Pants: Liverpool Skinnies from Stitchfix Shirt: Old Navy  [similar] Scarf: Gift from Rhonda 🙂 [similar] Jacket: Target Sunglasses: Sojos on Amazon Earrings: N&S Brown Cut Out

Cardigan: Walmart [similar] Shirt: Walmart [similar] Pants: Red Jeggings [similar] Earrings: N&S Select Leather Red


Jacket: CATO [similar]  Dress: Target Clearance Earrings: N&S Gypsy  Teal

Cardigan: Walmart [similar]  Shirt: Walmart [similar]  Jeans: Jordache Skinnies Earrings: N&S Minty Fresh This was St. Patrick’s Day – I actually remembered to dress myself AND the kids in green! 🙂 🙂

FYI – Ashley Speaking… I just finished editing my portion of this post with my children climbing all over me, hitting each other with light sabers, pushing a lawn mower back and forth in front of me, and along with constant intermittent pulling at my laptap or trying to hit the keyboard…you get the point. I literally feel like I just accomplished a great feat by finishing it without having a major breakdown. Anyway. Mom life for real. 🙂 

Hope you guys have a fabulous Wednesday! What were y’all wearing this past week??  Click over to the Pleated Poppy to see what others are wearing.


Week in Review: Rhonda

This week was so much fun, but went by incredibly fast.

Monday, I ate amazingly and prepped some deviled eggs and cucumber salad. Unfortunately. I also go into some gelato.  Oops.  We finished up math and science before the kids’ spring break.

Tuesday, we wrapped up our Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day studies, during which my children proved to me that they don’t understand religion at ALL.  I think we are starting next school year with a unit on world religions.   I went grocery shopping, which I genuinely enjoy. We watched the much-hyped This is Us finale, and I was completely underwhelmed.  WTF was that nonsense?  Came prepared with tissues and didn’t need them.

Wednesday, I took the kids to their dad and it was time for me to do ME.  I watched TV on my living room TV without interference and went shopping for both clothes and wine.   It was lovely to have time to myself.

Thursday was a great day for me. With the kids gone and Stuart at work, I took care of some errands and shopped again.  I stocked up on my nails, found a top for my weekend plans, and browsed some wedding dresses.

Friday was St. Patrick’s Day.  We spent most of the day driving to Mississippi.  We met up at Buffalo Wild Wings, the place we first met, with my brother and sister-in-law, Stuart’s sister and nephew, and our mutual friend Dave.  It was the first time being together with family members and it was a great time.  We stayed the night at his sister’s house.

The entire reason for the trip to Mississippi was to get my hair done.   You could say I am a little loyal to my stylist.  I got my unicorn hair back and it feels and looks amazing.

Saturday night was epic, as it always is when Ashley and I get together.  Our Michael and Stuart made great dates for Chili’s and the Chill Lounge at the IP casino (totally our place forever).

Boy, was Sunday long AF.  We had a 13-hour drove and I was so hungover during the entire trip.   I guess that’s what you get when you stay out drinking til 3 am when you’re 36-years-old.

Week In Review: Ashley

Hey y’all… and welcome back to another Week In Review by yours truly. 😉 Let’s see what were we up to this past week? Monday and Tuesday were pretty typical. Work go home…etc etc. We did have to start a count down to Ppop’s house for Cooper.

That kid. He has a flair for the dramatics…for sure. Therefore the nightly countdown is necessary to help him get through the LONG week ..you know…before he gets to go back to his Ppop’s house the following weekend. lol

Wednesday, I was off. I decided to take the kids to the park, which was not the best decision. You see, we got a little taste of winter this past week. It was pretty dang cold at the park. We literally only lasted 30 minutes before it was time to go. And by we, I mean mommy. The children would have stayed out until their little fingers froze off.

So, after our failed park visit – we headed to Target for some things we needed. Of course, we grabbed Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Halfway through our Target trip I informed Cooper that he’d have to take a nap when we got back home. That little announcement didn’t go over well..so I spent the last half of my trip listening to him whine and complain and tell me how he was “plenty rested” from the night before. That was super fun.

Sophie was all about that nap time. Coop, true to his word, did not take a nap. Mom had things to do – so I put him to work. 😉 We washed dishes, changed several light bulbs, did a little laundry, cleaned the floors, etc.

He was a huge help…and the joke was on me…because he loved helping me. hehe He always has though. 🙂

Just LOOK at that baby pony tail. She’s so stinking cute. Alllll the heart eye emojis at that.

Friday was St. Patrick’s day. I somehow remembered to dress everyone (including myself) in some shade of green. 🙂 Anddd I celebrated that night in true cliche parent fashion, by sleeping in my bed. All night. Well, except when someone needed a sippy cup with some milk in it. 😉

Andddd Saturday night I got to see my love! 🙂  Our friend Michael also came out to hang…and Stuart was there too – but I didn’t get any selfies with him. 🙁 We went to eat at Chill and then went to the Chill Lounge at the IP Casino. It took FOREVER to get our meal at Chili’s. So by the time we made it to the Chill –  the place was packed. Our poor little feet were dying by the end of the night – cause you know: heels. It was so much fun seeing Rhonda…but that night and the whole weekend, actually, went by waaaaaaay too quickly. I will definitely be planning a trip to Dallas soon!

Anyway, that’s what my week looked like. How was yours? What did you guys do? Anything fun for St. Patricks Day?

Flash Back Friday + A little News

So, you guys, something super exciting is happening this weekend. It literally just occurred to me this morning…that we haven’t even said aword about it over here on the blog. As you all know – well I’m assuming you know…because I’m assuming you’ve read our About Us page…BUT if not … Rhonda lives in Arlington, TX and I (Ashley 🙂 ) live in Ocean Springs, MS. Y’all that is 578 miles apart. Rhonda moved to Dallas last fall. We’ve tried to arrange a couple of trips between then and now but things fell through for one reason or another. HOWEVER, this weekend Rhonda and Stuart are for sure coming down here! What does that mean? Oh, my friends, that means epic amounts of fun will be had. 😉

I just wanted to announce that. And say, keep a look out at our social media (Twitter, IG, SnapChat). I’m sure we’ll be posting like crazy.  AND I thought it would be a great time to tell you guys a little about how we met, the history of our friendship, and show you some of the fantastic selfies we’ve taken together over the years. I mean really. Some of these are definitely embarrassment worthy (on my end for sure). And surprisingly I’ve posted several of these more shady ones to my facebook page! Thankfully, now I am older and wiser and only post the most respectable and good looking ones. 😉

October 2009

Rhonda and I met each other while working at a women’s retail clothing store in Lucedale, MS. That was almost ten years ago now. Which is incredibly crazy to think about. Really. That ten years went by in a freaking flash. Back then I was childless and Rhonda only had Nick. Nick, who by the way is basically looking like a grown man, was just a wee little babe. I had a Mercury Cougar – a little two door sporty car. We used to (somehow) stick his carseat in the back of that thing and head to Mobile for shopping and hang time.


February 2011 – That guy was not with us. He totally epically photobombed us. 😉

When we first met and started working together, I’m pretty sure Rhonda didn’t really care for me…or she thought I didn’t care for her? I can’t remember. I am an extremely introverted person. So a lot of the time I come off as being aloof and rude. I’m not. I’m just unsure of myself and embarrassingly socially awkward (unless I’ve had some wine…… that’s a story for another day though). So yeah. It took us a minute to connect. But when we did…we realized we had a lot in common and so much to bond over.


January 2011

At the time we were both in long distant relationships that had started from meeting online. So, we had that to gab about on endlessly. Also, our personalities were so similar but just enough different so that we don’t really clash a ton. We were pretty dang close. We got into a lot of (fun) trouble together. We got involved in some shenanigans. It was pretty great.

Eventually, she moved away to live with the guy she was in a long distant relationship with. I followed suit not too long after. We found ourselves separated by many miles, but we were able to maintain our friendship through the use of technology. 😉

Of course, as with most relationships that last for such a long period of time – we got to a point where we had a few bumps in the road. BUT we eventually reunited (over mexican and margaritas….that spontaneously led to an interesting night of casino hopping..) 🙂

January 2011 – Folks, these are some alcohol induced pictures…FOR SURE.

The getting back into the swing of things in our friendship took a while. Ironically, things really heated up, when I started working at the clothing store where we first met. I was managing a couple stores in Biloxi and Gulfport – and I hired Rhonda to work for me. We never really looked back from that point.

August 2014
September 2014
December 2014

November 2015
December 2014

So, now many many years and five more kids later – we are here. Writing this blog together about our passions..our loves…and pretty much whatever we want to. 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by – honestly – it means a lot. 🙂

And because I’m a little sappy and sentimental, I couldn’t not do a song dedication to my boo. This is us y’all.

We hope you all have an amazing weekend! Anyone have any exciting plans?