2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Dirty Santa

Happy FRIDAY!! And welcome back to our last installment of weekly Holiday Gift Guides.  Today we are talking Dirty Santa Gift Ideas. Don’t know what Dirty Santa is? Welll, let’s talk about that for a minute. Here are the normal rules:

  • The gifts are placed in a central location where players can easily access and make their selection.
  • Select who starts. There are several ways to do this. Typically everyone draws a number from a container; one containing the same number of tokens as there are players. Each then plays in sequence.
  • First Player. The game starts. Whoever’s turn it is to go first picks a gift from the central pile, and opens it. They show everyone. Of course, the fun here is in the gift itself and the reaction of the recipient. There should be a range of types of gifts from desirable to useless, practical to hilarious. The first player now takes their seat with their gift in hand.
  • Player 2 has a choice. Player 2 now has the choice of either selecting another unopened gift from the central pile or, doing the dirty, taking the opened gift from Player 1; in which case Player 1 must select another unopened gift from the remaining pile.
  • Each subsequent Player has a choice. Select an unopened gift from the pile, or take an already opened gift from any of the preceding players; in which case that preceding player can select another unopened gift from the pile or select one of the opened gifts from the other players (however, they cannot take back from the person who just took from them).
  • The 3rd time owned-retired rule. This is optional, but if a gift has been stolen three times, it is retired and the third person who stole it gets to keep it.
  • How the Game Ends. When the last unopened gift is selected, the game ends.

So, as you can see from the rules – Dirty Santa gifts should be fun..and don’t have to necessarily be something that you’d actually use or were dying to receive…it’s more about the game and the time you had. Anyway, here are our picks for great Dirty Santa Gift Ideas!

  1. Funny and perfectly inappropriate wine glass – $14.95
  2. What Do You Meme? Game – $29.99
  3. Dad Belly Bag – $16.74
  4. Cereal Killer Spoon – $14.99
  5. Christmas Story Leg Night Light – $14.99
  6. Donald Trump TP – $12.97
  7. Bacon Survival Kit – $29.99
  8. Fifty Shades of Chicken – $15.99
  9. Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush – $15.59
  10. Social Shower Curtain – $33.93
  11. Mini Bowling Set – $12.99
  12. Twister – $13.79
  13. Hand Pen Holder (w/ magnetic back) – $17.99
  14. Awkward Family Photo Desk Calendar – $8.99
  15. LED Shoes Laces –  $10.99
  16. Unicorn Shower Cap – $10.90

There you have it you guys – 16 carefully curated  Dirty Santa Gift Ideas. Want to see more gift guides? Click the links below for more:

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Next week we will share with you our personal wish lists – so make sure you come back for that!

2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Coworkers & Acquaintances

Basically this is the gift guide for “that person you don’t know so well”. Also, this list could be dubbed “buying for that hard to buy for person”. You know, that person that doesn’t know WHAT they want and you have no  clue what they could possibly want either…. what a mess huh? Well we’ve scoured the web and the deepest depths of our minds to come up with a list that should appeal to most anyone. So yeah, we hope you enjoy this and let us know if you decided to add any of these to your gift giving lists!

Also, I am aware that number eleven may seem a bit pricey for an ‘acquaintance’..but hey, we thought it was awesome and something most people would enjoy…and there may be someone reading this who wouldn’t blink once at spending $80 on an acquaintance. 😉 If that’s you tho – let’s be frands. 🙂 🙂

Alright – to the good stuff:

  1. Coffee Mugs – ‘You’re Awesome‘ or ‘Fox‘ – $14.99
  2. Amazon Gift Card – $1+
  3. Starbucks Gift Card – $10+
  4. Candle from Baths & Bliss – $15
  5. PopSocket – $9.99
  6. Pelican insulated tumbler – $29.95+
  7. Moon Lamp – $21.99
  8. Magnet Poetry Set – $19.95
  9. 5 Year One Line A Day Memory Book – $10.99
  10. Compliment Pencil Set – $10.00
  11. Giant Tumbling Timbers – $79.99
  12. NEET Cable Keeper 36′ – $19.06
  13. Home Tees – $19.99
  14. Cactus Coaster Set – $12.99
  15. Someecards Office Mad Libs – $4.99
  16. Knox Vintage Multifunction Business Shoulder Bag – $20.99

If you missed our other gift guides and want to check them out… click on over and see all the other goodies we gathered.

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Hope you guys have an amazing Friday and a Fabulous Weekend!

2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Men

Another week has gone by and we’re here with our second list of gift ideas. Today it’s all about the men in your life. We wanted to give you a list that would appeal to a variety of ages and lifestyles. So let’s dig in shall we?

  1. Whiskey Stones Set – $34.95
  2. Double Old Fashioned Glasses Set of 4 – $35.93
  3. Collapsible Back Moccasin Slipper – $60
  4. Sittingbridge Nap-Wrap, Travel Armrest, Phone Holder, Ear Muff and Eye Mask –  $19.99

  5. Mortier Pilon Fermentation Crock, 2 L – $38.20

  6. Adult(ish) Tshirt – $15.99
  7. Pray for my GPA Tshirt – $19.99
  8. Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Work Apron w/ Pockets – $31.95
  9. Cards Against Humanity – $25.00
  10. Beard Apron – $8.99
  11. Beer Socks – $13.95
  12. Couch Coaster – $25.00
  13. Back and Body Shaver – $29.95
  14. Wood Frame Sunglasses – $32.77
  15. Razor Sharpening Block – $25.95
  16. Tech Fixit Set – $31.99

There you have it you guys! I hope you found something on our list that will suit a few of the men on your gift lists. And like we said before – obviously many of these things could apply to anyone – so feel free to add to your own wish list. 😉 If you missed last week – be sure to click over and check it out. We showed you our Holiday Gift Guide for Women.

Happy FriYay!

2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Women

**this post may contain affiliate links**

Hey y’all! Halloween is over, and even though Thanksgiving is the next big day for this holiday season, we know that a lot of you are already thinking about all the gifts you have to buy. Sometimes that can be overwhelming. Well, we are here to help alleviate a little bit of that stress and give you some gift options for all the important people in your life. We love to shop. We love to for real shop and to fake shop (aka window shop). We love to fill up our online carts with shit we will never ever buy. We just want it all. So, compiling several lists over the next couple weeks that are full of carefully selected gifts for all the different people in your lives is really a no brainer for us. We have about five weeks of ‘people categories’ planned for you, but we also wanted to first say that truly no gift is gender specific (unless we’re talking about gifting menstrual cups… 😉 ) which means that you may see something your mom would really love on the list of gifts for men. Which is awesome. AND that just means you need to make sure you stick around for alllll the lists…even if you don’t think you have someone in your life that fits the label we give it. 😉

Our first stop on this gift guide journey? Oh you know, just the most important type of person in your life: The Women 😉

  1. ‘She Believed She Could So She Did’ – cuff bracelet $19.99
  2. Selfie Ring light for a phone – $9.99
  3. Lighted Makeup Mirror – $15.99
  4. Holo iPhone Case (Black or White) – $9.99
  5. Button Up Lounge Robe – $7.99-$10.99
  6. Cold Brew Coffee Maker – $18.99
  7. Hot Iron Holster – $14.98
  8. Mermaid Socks – $9.99
  9. Hair Tie Bracelet – $12.99
  10. 8 Pack ‘Animals Characters’  Face Masks (skin care) – $12.96
  11. De-tangling Brush – $10.77
  12. Unicorn Head Pillow – $10.99
  13. Instax Bundle [Camera, Strap, Film] – $59.99, $6.99, $12.49
  14. Bath and Bliss Bath Bombs – 3 for $15.00
  15. Vino Pop Wine Opener – $19.99
  16. Nickel and Suede Earrings – $18-$27.00

And there you have it you guys – our carefully curated list of gifts for the woman in your life! We could really go into detail and go on and on about each one of these items. You know, explaining to you just why they are a perfect choice for any woman. However, we know you aren’t here for that. So this is the short and sweet of it – marvel at our ability to pick amazing gifts then click away and order some of this stuff for your significant other, mother, daughter, girl friend, baby momma, baby momma’s momma, teacher, co worker, etc etc . 😉

And as always, thanks so much coming by! Let us know if anything on this list helped you put a check mark by someone on your ‘to buy for’ column in your holiday gift giving quest!