The One About Amazon Clothing Reviews

So listen. If you’re new here you may not know how much we love to shop. Like. It’s a continual thing for both of us. We each have varying techniques when it comes to online shopping that I feel like really exemplify our core personalities. Rhonda will jump in head first if she likes something. Me? Well. I’m a little more cautious. I’ll read countless reviews, see if I can purchase that same item from a website I’ve used before – basically all the precautionary measures. Which brings me to why we’re here today. I typically default to Amazon when it comes to online shopping. I like the security that Amazon gives me. And there’s just such a YUGE variety of things you can buy from Amazon…so why not?

When I’m clothes shopping on Amazon I like to get thigh high in the reviews. If you buy things on Amazon, for the love of the seven PLEASE REVIEW YOUR PURCHASE. I depend upon these reviews.

Anywayyyy, typically while I’m perusing the clothing section on Amazon I come across some pretty funny reviews. A lot of times I screenshot and share my thoughts on them on my SnapChat. Rhonda said I should make a blog post out of it…and so here I am today doing just that.

For your reading pleasure:

Belty AF

Why you tieing it at your waist thooooo? I can’t imagine that you’re getting compliments because of that? When in doubt? Don’t belt it. Ever. Ever Ever.

[link to amazon]

It is Actually Mauve

Listen boo. I am in total appreciation of the way you are conveying your wife’s message. I can totally just see her standing over you while you type “IT’S NOT RED IT’S MAUVE!!” But I mean. BTW – it doesn’t look red in the listing photo……it def looks closer to mauve. 🙂

[link to amazon]

The Poet

Look. A poem. Coincidentally I’ve written a poem that I entitled ‘Beautiful’. Mine is nothing like GIA’s poem, but I can appreciate her art.

[link to Amazon]

Those Crazy Art People

A crazy art teacher you say? There’s so much wrong with that statement. So many puzzling things. Soo curious how your mind drew that comparison….

[link to Amazon]

Husband Pleaser

I mean. Thank god your husband likes it. Cause if he didn’t…you’d def had to return it right, Ash? Also **clothes shopping.

[product link on Amazon]

Don’t Sweat the Details

So like. Why did you even mention it Derek? If it was your fault. Why did you leave a poor review?

[product link on Amazon]

I could go on and on. IDK if you guys are ready for that level of petty though. 😉 Anyhow it was fun for me, and  I hope you guys got a little chuckle out of it. I know I did, and I got some things added to my Amazon cart which is really a win win for me.