And just like that, she is four

How has a year gone by since I got all emotional about Claudia turning three?   Somehow, it flew by and here we are.

I won’t go through all the history behind Claudia’s existence, as I did that last year.  Instead, let’s just look at who she is today.

  • She could literally play Barbies all day, with her tablet acting as the big screen TV.  Best of both worlds – screen time and imaginative play.
  • She loves junk food and healthy food equally.  Her ideal meal would probably be bacon, eggs, and pickles with a side of cupcake and sugary yogurt.
  • She’s the sassiest.  I know everyone calls their daughters sassy…but this girl is like nothing I have ever seen.  She is always rolling her eyes, prancing with her hands on her hips, or flipping her hair.  Her attitude scares me, but she got it from me so I choose to just believe it will cause her to be a strong woman someday – just like her mama.
  • She loves her brothers like crazy.  I know, I know.  All siblings love each other.  But this girl loves to hang out with them and tell them all her secrets – and they do the same with her.  I never knew siblings like this existed.
  • She is incredibly social with NO anxiety at all.  In that way, she is very different from me, and it’s a strength that I am so glad she has.
  • Despite the fact that her father and I have intentionally raised all our kids to ignore gender roles and stereotypes and go their own way, she chooses the route of pink-and-purple-glitter-and-crushes-and-dresses-thank-you-very-much.

Her party was supposed to be this past Saturday, on her birthday, but due to all the sickness in our home, we had to push it back by a week.  She is perfectly happy to drag her celebrations out, so no complaints from her!  We spent her birthday doing mom and daughter stuff, running errands, and eating cupcakes.  We will have a unicorn party in a few days to wrap up her celebration!  I can’t imagine life without her and, in some ways, I celebrate her every day.




A BFF Story

It is my BFF’s birthday! No, not Ashley’s…as you know, she just had one. And she is my Bestie. My BFF is Nicole. Confused yet? Anyway, in honor of her day, I want to tell you how she came to be my right-hand gal.

In 2005, I joined a parenting forum in order to connect with other expectant mothers.  I made several friends, but one girl in particular really grabbed my attention when she was being attacked in the forum for getting rid of a puppy after being faced with the realities of potty training the pup.  Those wenches were ruthless and it was super over-the-top.  I immediately came to her defense and we have been friends since – through 7 births, marriage issues, and so much more.

We first met in person MANY years after the puppy incident when we had this crazy idea to plan a beach trip together.  I was living in Mississippi then, just a 2-hour drive from my favorite beach and she was living in Nebraska (and still is).  So she flew to Mississippi and we drove to the beach together.  We immediately knew that it would be an annual thing.  We have gone every spring since, except for the year we took off to birth our last children, that we planned together.  They were born 11 days apart.

11 days from now, we will both be flying to the beach for our annual adventure.  I can’t wait to celebrate all the events of the last year with this lady!

Happy Birthday, Nicole!  I love you!