Eat Happy : Cheese Ball

Hi there.  Welcome back! We’re doing a weekly series that publishes every Tuesday wherein we are cooking through one of our FAVE cookbooks : Eat Happy! If you missed the intro post you can click on over here to read that.

We are starting with the very first recipe and working our way all the way through to the end. We will not be sharing with you the actual recipes that we cook. We WILL be sharing our experience during the whole process and our opinion of the outcome. So thanks for stopping by…and let’s dive in to this week’s recipe shall we?

So first time for everything? I had to skip the Hummus that was actually scheduled for this week. Why? Because I waited til last minute and couldn’t find tahini anywhere. Don’t worry – I’m circling back and doing it next week! 🙂

Any who… to the cheese ball!

I feel like we say this every time, but this was super easy to make. The hardest part was the little bit of arm muscle that was required for mixing it all up with a spatula.

Because I was doing this last minute – I was a little concerned when I read that the ball needed to rest and set in the fridge for three house. I didn’t have that kind of time. Soo, like any battle worn procrastinator would do – I came up with an alternative and effective solution. I wrapped that bad boy in parchment paper and put it in the freezer for an hour (ish).

Some things I changed? I used red pepper flakes instead of cayenne powder. I also got to this point of chopping my onion –

And was lamenting the fact that I’d have to chop it up so finely when I suddenly remembered how much I hate raw onion. So – I substituted with onion powder. 🙂

I also partly burnt my almond silvers shortly after taking this picture. They weren’t a total loss and still very usable. Why did I burn them? Kids man. Kids. They called me away to do something…and I came back to partially burnt almonds. But really – let’s be honest: I probably still would have burnt them without a kid interruption.

I was really pleased with the end product. It tasted amazing and looked half decent. I cut off a chunk and plopped it on top of my bowl of roast that I was eating for dinner….and it was soooooo yummy. But obviously you could spread this on some veggies or almond meal pita chips or pork rinds – but if you have some roast handy…consider trying that combination. 🙂

Thank you guys so much for reading along! And as with all the recipes in Eat Happy – this one is grain and sugar free. Good in your mouth and good for your body!

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