Introduction to Eat Happy Cook Thru Series

Hey there! And happy Tuesday! We are incredibly glad to see you here at our happy place…this little corner of the internet that we call home. What are we doing around here today? Well, today we are introducing a new series that is going to be a regular Tuesday thing for….well…for a long time. Why? Well, we are cooking through one of our FAVORITE cook books…that has like 200 recipes…sooo dats a lot of Tuesdays! It’s going to be fun though!

Eat Happy is the cookbook in question. It was written by Anna Vocino and published in October of 2016. We know who Anna is because we both follow a way of eating called NSNG (no sugars no grains). Anna is close friends with and co hosts a podcast with the man who coined the phrase NSNG and started the revolution that is this way of eating, Vinnie Tortorich.

We could both literally write several blog posts detailing exactly what NSNG is, how we follow it on a daily basis, the million ways it has changed our lives and health for the better, BUT for now we’re going to give you the quick and short version. 😉 I mean, if you want to hear more please leave us a comment or drop an email or tune in to our Wine Wednesday Live Chats on our Facebook page…because NSNG has been a hot topic over there lately!

In short, eating NSNG means that you cut out all sugars and grains from your diet. The grain part is pretty easy for most people to understand and comprehend. Grains are obviously present in bread products and also things like rice. “Grains are peasant food.” – to quote a mutual friend of ours. They are filler foods that are not necessary to your survival and honestly don’t do anything to make you feel or function better on a daily basis. Wheat Belly is a great book to read if you are curious about the negative impact grains have on you. Sugars though? Most of us are running around as little sugar addicts and we are completely unaware.  And yes, obviously we are talking about cutting out sweets. Clearly, eating several cookies is not going to be good for you because there is obviously sugar involved in the process of making them. However, there are sugars hiding out in almost every form of processed food. We are talking SAVORY processed foods. Do you put prepared season packets in your food? There’s typically sugar added to those. Do you have a favorite salad dressing from the grocery store that you love to slather all over your leafy green salad? There’s likely sugar in that dressing. Do you crave a ready to go red sauce that is conveniently sold in a jar at your local supermarket? There’s added sugar in that. We could literally go on and on and on. Added and UNNECESSARY sugar is just sprinkled and dumped into processed foods like it’s the answer to everlasting life. But it isn’t. Sugar is an addictive killer. And all those sugar substitutes? The ones that companies use in order to put that “sugar free” label on their product. They’re still sugar. They taste like sugar. They act like sugar. The affect your body like sugar. And they will hurt you … just like ANY form of sugar will.

What does eating this way do for you? What has it done for us? We both feel so much better. We have more energy. We are able to ward of sickness more often than not. We don’t suffer from brain fog. We can control things like frequent migraines or headaches. We are able to truly taste things and appreciate the flavor of “just real food”. Our digestive systems function so much better than before. We’ve both lost a ton of weight. We are more happy with ourselves. We are no longer slaves to food. We can eat delicious food … as much of it as we like… without negative side effects.

Eat Happy has been an amazing resource for us to find new meals to prepare – and every single recipe in Eat Happy is void of sugars and grains. We just love it. We’ve cooked so many things from it. However, there are still a ton of recipes that we haven’t gotten to try yet! So, we thought a fun project would be to spend some time cooking all the way through the book…and to share that experience with you guys!

We are going to start with the very first recipe and plow through each one while alternating between the two of us. We won’t be sharing or posting the actual recipe on the blog, because we believe that you should purchase the book…but what we are going to share is our experience while making the meal – and introduce you to some meals that are super healthy and incredibly delicious!

Week In Review: Ashley

Soooo, let’s see… WHAT did we do this past week? Pretty much a lot of the same actually. Lol So! How about I just flood you with some pictures, and I’ll add in just a few words here and there? Sound good? Great! Let’s get to it!

What’s this?? Oh that’s just me cooking. And drinking wine. Did you know that wine makes any mundane task sooo much better? 😉 Why did I document my cooking? Well..I hate doing it. I avoid doing it at all costs. However, I decided I need to get better about cooking a home cooked meal for my babies at least four nights a week (one of those nights being left over night). So anyway, that’s me on one of those nights. Cooking it up like a boss. hahahaha

Some before bedtime playing with the babies. Sophie has been obsessed with wearing Cooper’s fireman costume, from last Halloween.

More playtime in the kids’ room. Wednesday we went to the trampoline park again. No pictures this time. I know. Bad blogger. What can I say? I was living in the moment. 🙂

I’m not sure which night this was. But again, more floor time play time.

Just look at that angel sleeping, with mom’s lipstick stain on her head. Why are sleeping kids/babies so stinking cute??? You work so hard to get them to sleep, then you just want to freaking stare at them while they do it. Even though you have a million other things to do.

When I got home Saturday evening – I had this beauty waiting on me! I spent a lot of time on Sunday pouring over it…marking things I was interested in.

Speaking of Sunday – that day we celebrated my brother’s (Shane) twenty-fourth birthday! I can’t believe it. His birthday kicks off a couple months of celebration. Spring was a popular time for births in our family. Mine is next – Then Cooper – Then Cooper’s Dad – Then Cooper’s MawMaw (his dad’s mom) – Then my sister’s. MY MawMaw’s birthday was also in April (the 4th actually), but she passed away a couple of years ago now. So yeah, LOTS of birthdays ahead of us. Cooper helped blow out Shane’s candles. Thanks to him we all had some birthday cake with a side of Cooper spit. LOL

And that’s about it folks. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading! What were you guys up to this past week and weekend? Hope y’all have an amazing week!