Easy Everyday “Natural” Makeup Look

Heeeeey you guys! So great to see you around here. 🙂 Today I wanted to share with you my go-to makeup look for the everyday. It’s my version of a “natural” look that is quick and easy. And just to preface this with a disclaimer…I said quick and easy – NOT minimal product or tools involved. That’s a challenge for another day. 😉 Ok! To the makeup look…

For my shadow I just used the two bronzer shades from this Physcian’s Formula Palette. I put the redish/orange one in my crease and the cool brown all over my lid. Easy Peasy peeps:

Alright, so next – when I am doing minimal makeup color correcting out all that redness on my skin is super important:

Now that I cancelled out all the redness on my face, I need to color correct those under eyes. I wipe off the fall out from my shadow application and apply my Pixie Pink CC:

All the color correcting is finished – now it’s time to put on some Tarte Shape Tape. I also added a little bit of the NYX Lavender HD Studio Concealer to further brighten my under eye. Apply – then blend it all out with your damp beauty sponge:

Ok – on to the finishing touches. I apply brown liner to my water line and tight line along my upper lashes. I smudge that bottom liner out with a small brush. After liner, I apply mascara to my top and bottom lashes:

The cheeks! My favorite part. I went back to that same Physcician’s Formula Bronzer Pallette and applied the cool tone brown to the hallow of my cheeks. I put some Colourpop SS highlight along the top of my cheek bones. Last, I put blush on my cheeks. Blend Blend Blend people. That is the key:

And now, last but certainly not least….brows and lip:

And there you have it guys! Quick and easy …right? 😉  If you are curious about the products and/or tools I used I’m including a pictures of them here:

You can use whatever you have on hand though. The point of this was to show you that you don’t really need these specific products or tools to create this easy look. Whenever I watch a makeup tutorial I think about the things I already have and pull from different palettes to put together what I just watched…or read. 😉

If you have any questions…drop me a comment and I will get back to you!





Ashley’s Current Beauty Product Faves

Hey there party people. 🙂 Hope your week is going well. I love watching YouTube makeup videos. Some of my current YT obsessions include: Jeffree Star, Manny MUA, Casey Holmes, Juicyjazz, Kathleen Lights, Thataylaa, and many many more… Anyway, the point is I love watching these guys. Some of my favorite videos to watch are their ‘monthly favorites’ videos. I like seeing which products they tried out..how those products worked for them…and even which products they didn’t like. It really helps me know what’s hot – what’s new – and gives me an idea of things I want to try – OR don’t want to try. You know, instead of going into Ulta or the drugstore and blindly choosing something.

So, why did I just tell you all that? Wellll, today I wanted to share with you some of MY current beauty products that I cannot live without. These are things that I reach for on a daily basis, because I do my makeup and take care of my skin every single day. I thought maybe this would help one of you if you are looking for something new to try and don’t know where to start.


  1. EyeshadowAnastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

I actually bought this palette from Rhonda…oh about a couple months ago now. I’ve been hooked to it ever since. I’ve definitely become a bit of an eyeshadow snob. Drug store shadows just don’t do it for me like the high end ones. The AMR palette is perfection. I’ve seriously used it every single day since I got it. If for nothing else I use ‘vermeer’ as my brow bone highlight. If you are looking into investing in a high end eyeshadow palette, I would HIGHLY suggest trying out the AMR. It’s got a great mix of neutrals and some pops of color to switch things up.


  1. Highlight/Bronzer/Contour Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight and Contour Palette

Y’all. This palette. I absolutely lurve it. I got it for Christmas…and I just can’t stop – won’t stop – using it. The bottom right shade is my everyday bronzer. It’s a powder. The bottom left is the only thing from this whole palette that I don’t use. It’s a cream contour shade, which is just not something I’ve dabbled into yet. I’ve used every single highlight. They alllll work beautifully on my pale pale skin. Strobe (top right) is my every day – go to highlight. Not only does it look pretty and work really well – it smells heavenly.

  1.  MascaraToo Faced: Better Than Sex [black] & L’Oreal:  Voluminous  Original Mascara   [black]

Both of these mascaras are amazing. I use them interchangeably. I do really love the smaller wand on the L’Oreal one for coating my bottom lashes – BUT the Too Faced wand isn’t sooo big that I can’t comfortably use it on my bottom lashes as well. Both mascaras lift and separate my lashes beautifully – and neither one flakes or wears off throughout the day.  I would say that the Too Faced one does give me slightly more volume.

  1. MoisturizerFormula 10.0.6 Picture Perfect day & Sheamoisture African Water Mint & Ginger Shea Butter Lip Balm

First and foremost all you fellow dry skinned ladies (and guys) DRINK A SHIT TON OF WATER. I promise…like pinky promise and cross my heart – drinking water is the most important thing you can do to ensure that your skin stays less dry than normal and allow for the products that you use to function with the utmost effectiveness. I fight dry skin on a daily basis. These two things are not the only products I use, BUT they are the only products I’m currently using that I love and would purchase/have purchased again. My parched skin always feels refreshed after I apply this moisturizer AND I’m happy because it is also my daily dose of sunscreen. Double duty! This lip balm…I can’t get enough. It has that Vaseline type consistency, but it doesn’t feel like it just sits on my lips – I can tell it’s soaking in. Also, it smells amazing and gives a slightly minty tingle to my lips. LOVE it. 🙂  

  1. Face: Maybelline MasterFix Concealer, L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer , Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream

As I just mentioned – I’ve got crazy dry skin. I do all the things to prevent it…well at least make it LESS dry. I am in love with the Magic Lumi Primer. This magical primer will give even the most matte of foundations or BB creams a nice dewy and luminous look. Most days I mix it with a pea sized amount of the MasterFix Concealer and just cover up a few trouble spots. On days that I need more full coverage I reach for the CG Clean Matte BB Cream – also mixing that with the magic lumi primer. I don’t do full on foundation – I just don’t need it AND that’s just usually too much on my dry dry dry dry as a desert skin. I promise, I’m not being dramatic.

  1. Cheeks: Wet N Wild Color Icon Blush – Rose Champagne

This blush is freaking dirt cheap – but it is amazing. The pigmentation is impressive, and this shade is just perfection. It is just that little bit of natural glow on my pale face. It goes with almost any look – because it is so neutral. I can’t live without it. For sure.

^^ That’s me…wearing all these products. 🙂

Ok – I think that is about it for now. I didn’t mention lips. I know. You see….I have this problem: there is no way I could narrow that section down to one or two lippies. Lips are a post in and of themselves. 😉
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed hearing about my current beauty favorites – and hopefully you found a few new things to try out for yourself!