2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Coworkers & Acquaintances

Basically this is the gift guide for “that person you don’t know so well”. Also, this list could be dubbed “buying for that hard to buy for person”. You know, that person that doesn’t know WHAT they want and you have no  clue what they could possibly want either…. what a mess huh? Well we’ve scoured the web and the deepest depths of our minds to come up with a list that should appeal to most anyone. So yeah, we hope you enjoy this and let us know if you decided to add any of these to your gift giving lists!

Also, I am aware that number eleven may seem a bit pricey for an ‘acquaintance’..but hey, we thought it was awesome and something most people would enjoy…and there may be someone reading this who wouldn’t blink once at spending $80 on an acquaintance. 😉 If that’s you tho – let’s be frands. 🙂 🙂

Alright – to the good stuff:

  1. Coffee Mugs – ‘You’re Awesome‘ or ‘Fox‘ – $14.99
  2. Amazon Gift Card – $1+
  3. Starbucks Gift Card – $10+
  4. Candle from Baths & Bliss – $15
  5. PopSocket – $9.99
  6. Pelican insulated tumbler – $29.95+
  7. Moon Lamp – $21.99
  8. Magnet Poetry Set – $19.95
  9. 5 Year One Line A Day Memory Book – $10.99
  10. Compliment Pencil Set – $10.00
  11. Giant Tumbling Timbers – $79.99
  12. NEET Cable Keeper 36′ – $19.06
  13. Home Tees – $19.99
  14. Cactus Coaster Set – $12.99
  15. Someecards Office Mad Libs – $4.99
  16. Knox Vintage Multifunction Business Shoulder Bag – $20.99

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Hope you guys have an amazing Friday and a Fabulous Weekend!