Life Lately

Hey hey!  Welcome back to our little corner of the web.  We are so grateful that some of you return time and time again.  If you’re new here, welcome!  Go back and read older posts to see what we are all about.

Twice a month, we like to tell you what’s been going on in our worlds.  Now, let’s take a look at life lately.


The last couple of weeks have been such a blur, but have been pretty good to me!  Really, I have been spending a lot of my time building my businesses and organizing the house….with a little shadow all up under me.

For once, we got an opportunity for a date night.  It’s getting easier now that Claudia has a couple friends on our street that she spends a lot of time with and the boys are old enough to fly solo for a couple of hours.  We went to Capital Grille in downtown Fort Worth.  I highly recommend eating there if you have one near you!.

Because Claudia has been super clingy lately, most of my activities involve her.  I have been making the most of it and enjoying my time with her.  We have spent time in the sun and have done our makeup together.  I wanted a girl for so long and boy, did I get it.  She is the girly girl I always wanted.

She has done all my work with me, helping me make videos on social media, packing orders, and “organizing” (that means she plays with her toys all up under me while I organize…and that I later am tripping on Barbies).

This past weekend, I took a super rare girls night out to the Stockyards with my friend Natalia.  We have never spent any time one-on-one and it was so much fun.  We went to a Terri Clark show, but I was really just there for the drinks.  Turns out Terri is pretty good, so that was a nice bonus.

Let’s see what Ashley has been up to!


Heeey you guys.  🙂 What’s been going on in my world? Well, we have for sure been enjoying the sun, sand, and water from wherever we can get it. We haven’t had a chance to go to the beach in a couple weeks, but we’ve been taking advantage of the park and my parents back yard!

Per usual, there has been lots and lots of shopping happening. We have been getting ready for our new house PLUS back to school shopping AND regular day to day shopping. Let’s just say Sophie and I have been in heaven. 😉

Speaking of back to school stuff, I took both kids to go get their hair cut. Cooper has been getting regular hair cuts since shortly after his first birthday, but this was little Soso’s FIRST hair cut ever. At the ripe ole age of 2 and three quarters I decided it was time to trim those scraggly ends. 😉 She was over joyed at finally getting a chance to sit in the chair. And she did really well with keeping still and not fussing. I mean, no one can compete with the perfection that is Cooper Grice in a hair cut chair BUT Sophie did really well. LOL Seriously though, Coop has always behaved so well during haircuts. Anyway, I almost teared up watching Soso get her hair cut – but we all escaped tear free and with two little babes who now have much more manageable hair!

This weekend we packed up and loaded up our house to move everything to our new forever home! It was sooo much work, but sooo worth it!

To say that we are exhausted from all the moving is a YUGE understatement, but we’re thoroughly enjoying our new bigger and better surroundings. Even if I had to yell no less than a million times,  ” STOP RUNNING ON THE STAIRS. GO SLOOOW.”


What about you guys? How has your summer been going?

A Rage Against The MOMachine MS Coast Weekend

Hello hello there! It’s Wednesday, but to be honest we didn’t have anything worthy of showing you guys in our typical What We Wore Wednesday post. I mean. We both totally got dressed and got dressed UP cause Rhonda was in town this weekend! Yet, we both failed at photographing all those fly outfits. I guess we were just living in the moment and enjoying each other which is way more important than remembering to capture outfit pictures!

SO, in light of all that … we thought we’d give you a little glimpse into our weekend together! 🙂

Rhonda drove down from Texas on Wednesday morning. She spent that afternoon and evening at her brother and sister in law’s house so that she could love up on her new little nephew, Nolan. I mean. What a stinking cutie!

On Thursday she made the trek down the the coast to do some shopping and spend that evening at my house! My kids were crazy excited to see her. As was I. 😉 We hung out at home while she played offense as my kids tried to consume her every moment. I think it’s pretty dang cute and sweet how she’s a part of our lives even though she doesn’t get to be here on the daily.

After the kids went to bed, we had some classic girl time filled with a couple of cocktails, doing our nails, catching up on gossip, and then falling asleep next to each other while we talked way to long into the night. It definitely took me back to high school sleep overs with my best friend.

Friday, I had to work but Rhonda shopped some more and got her hair touched up. As soon as Five hit I was out the door and we were ready to begin our favorite time of getting ready together while listening to music and chit chatting.

We hit up the Chill Bar and Lounge (our fave spot) at the IP Casino to see our friends, Dumm – play. It was really a blast. I wrote here about how much we enjoy doing this together.

Despite rolling in super late, we managed to wake up early (ish) Saturday morning and make our way to grab some day passes and enjoy time by the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. It was really nice, despite some not so stellar food and beverage service. Even though we got there around 10:40 am there were NO lounge chairs left vacant! We made the best of it and lounged in the shallow end of the pool until a couple became available.

After a long morning/afternoon at the pool indulging in some yummy tacos and margaritas, we packed up and ran by Target – cause duh – for some things we both needed before we started to get ready for another night at the Chill.

It was really a great weekend filled with so much quality time together – and we got to hang out with some of our friends that we don’t see too often. We even got to meet a new friend we made through our Wine Wednesday Facebook Live Broadcasts {{shout out JVW!}} which was really nice.

Long distance friendships are hard, but we try to make the best of it by getting together whenever possible – and living it up while we ARE together. 🙂

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