The Kids of RATMM

Hey hey! Happy Monday! 🙂 Since we just cruised through Mother’s Day Weekend, I got to thinking about how there’s so much emphasis during that time on the Mom. It’s all about us. What we want to do. Where we want to go. Etc. Etc. As it should be. We spend a lot of time as Moms doing things that go unappreciated or unnoticed. We pour ourselves into our children to take care of them and nurture them and try to give them happiness on the daily. So, you know. We deserve a day or weekend where we get catered to or at least lifted up for all the things we do. We deserve to be acknowledged.

However, the simple truth is that we wouldn’t be mothers without our children. I thought it would be a fun Monday post following Mother’s Day wherein we do a fun little re-introduction of our kiddos. You can read a little about them on our About Us page, but it occurred to me that we’d never done a full on post about these crazy little humans we call our children. There’s six of them between the two of us which I’m sure can be slightly confusing  to keep up with when you’re reading blog posts or watching a Wine Wednesday Live on Facebook when we talk about them. So yeah, here’s our six – some pictures and 3 fun facts about each of them.

Rhonda’s Littles:

Nick // 12 yrs old

Obsessed with gaming and computers, but can still appreciate a good live sporting event.

Totally  was the worst baby ever and NEVER slept, but now that we are entering the teen years, he’s a night owl content to sleep the morning away.

He is practically a carnivore, needing nothing out of life but a burger, juicy pork chop, good cut of beef, or a plate of bacon.


Harper // 8 yrs old

The most moody kid in the world, he can turn from happy and laughing to crying at any moment.

He is a repository for useless facts…. and wants to tell you ALL of them all day…

Because he is absolutely my most talkative child.  If you make eye contact, he takes it as an invitation for a one-sided conversation.

Quentin // 6 yrs old

This child is everyone’s best friend.  That is not an exaggeration – ask my kids’ friends who their best friend is and they will name him…. and so will my own kids.

Adults adore him.  He can carry on a conversation better than kids three times his age.  He loves to sit and listen to adult conversation.

He is genuinely kind and loving and can make you blush with his compliments.

Claudia // 4 yrs old

This little nut keeps life interesting, with her awareness of being the only girl.  She knows she can get what she wants the majority of the time, both from her parents and her brothers.

She is a super healthy eater (with a normal side of junk from time to time), loving her vegetables, cheese, and protein.  She often turns down frozen pizza in favor of what Stuart and I are eating.

She was born to be an entertainer, nonstop singing and dancing.  And she’s actually pretty talented.  She probably needs to be in some classes.


Ashley’s Littles:

Cooper // 5 yrs old

Currently obsessed with all things Rescue Bots including all related video games and TV shows

Has always and still does get up crazy early in the morning. He’s a total morning person and claims he doesn’t want to waste his day by sleeping when the sun is up.

Has an INCREDIBLE memory. This dude remembers things from when he was a baby that I have forgotten! 


Sophie // 2 yrs old

Basically a hot mess express with all the sass mixed up in there. She keeps us on our toes and laughing at all times. 

She’s knee deep in the ‘Whyyyyy?’ phase and it’s killing me slowly. 😉

This girl LOVES her sleep. She gets that from her mama. 🙂 🙂 

There you have it guys – our six littles all lined up with their quirks exposed for the world to read. I’m sure they will greatly appreciate this one day. 😉 What about y’all? Tell us about your babies! 🙂