Wedding Planning: The Venue

When I last wrote a wedding planning post, we had only a date.  Then changed it – twice.  At some point, I even decided maybe I just didn’t need to get married at all.  You see, my crippling anxiety truly comes up with some idiotic problems sometimes.  Making decisions is really hard for me so sometimes I decide to just eliminate the process altogether.  That is what I did with wedding planning…just quit thinking about it.

One night, with drinks flowing, Stuart and I had a serious conversation that made me realize my hesitance to plan a wedding had led to him wondering if I wanted to be with him at all.  I quickly understood where he was coming from and immediately decided to plan a surprise for him.

Back in late summer of 2017, we had visited a craft brewery to check them out as a venue.  We loved the event coordinator, the atmosphere, the location, the aesthetics…it just felt right.  We didn’t book on the spot, but only because we wanted to make sure it was what we wanted.  Looking back, we probably should have just gone for it.

Since then, I changed the date several times and researched venues so much that I couldn’t remember a thing.  I created spreadsheets to track the information I got.  Then one day, in a moment of super appreciation for this man who puts up with me, I thought, I should just book the venue without telling him.  I told my closest friends and they all agreed that it would mean so much and, in the end, put me at ease to know that I at least have that much figured out.

As soon as I had the money together, I chose a date, paid the deposit on the brewery, signed the contract, and put together a card to tell Stuart.  I printed a portion of the contract and put it into a card.  I bought beers from the brewery for us to toast with.  When he got home and settled in, I gave him the card.  It took him a minute to process what was happening.  He was absolutely shocked and delighted.  We are now FULL SPEED planning this wedding, since it’s in November this year!


Next up, finalizing guest list, making wedding party official, and booking photography and catering!  I plan to update here along the way, because it should be interesting!


Week In Review: Rhonda

I kicked the week off by working my ass off, as I tend to do.  My day ended on a high note when I was able to welcome my best friend to my team!  I am so excited to build our beauty empires together!

Tuesday, I worked and shopped….and shopped some more.  AND added another team member!  Target has some super cute shit right now, by the way…not that anybody would be at all surprised by that.  Now I am looking at this and wondering why I didn’t buy any of it.

After some shopping and errands on Wednesday, I enjoyed the late afternoon early evening hours at the pool with a drink.  Then Ashley and I did our weekly Wine Wednesday LIVE – together this time!  If you aren’t joining those, you better go follow our Facebook page and get on it.  It’s a great time.

I started Thursday by getting some blogging done at Starbucks before heading home for another hot as fuck afternoon by the pool.  Can’t complain about any of that for sure!  I am literally soaking up these easy days while my kids are out of town!

Friday morning, I went to Target for a mommy juice box and a new raft.  I then spent the rest of the day at the pool.  Triple digits can’t keep me out of the sun.

We started our lovely weekend by going to an open house for a rental we are interested in.  Then we went to Legal Draft Brewing Company’s 1st anniversary bash.  That Impeachment IPA is to die for.  I had some yummy food truck food but unfortunately got really overheated and had to go home and lie down in front of a fan.  Once I got up, I sipped wine while we grilled.

After a Sunday morning of relaxing and coloring, Stuart went to work and I went to….yep, the pool.  He joined me after work and eventually we left and …..yep, grilled.

I’m not even a little bit sorry about how predictable our weekends are.  Do you have a weekend routine?