What We Wore Wednesday

Hey you guys! How is it Wednesday again? I swear I was JUST typing this intro for last week’s WWW! But anyway, it is indeed Wednesday again which means we are here showing you some of the things we wore this past week. We do this for us so that we have a little bit of accountability when it comes to choosing outfits, and we also do this for you guys to maybe introduce you to some pieces or styles you might like to try. ūüôā Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget that Wednesday also means we do our weekly Wine Wednesday Live Broadcast over on our Facebook page at 9pm!

Rhonda –

Tee: Not sure РI won it.  Shorts: Mixtape. Shoes: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Top: Mixtape. Shorts: Target, not available. Boots: Coconuts by Matisse. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Top: Mixtape. Shorts: Mixtape. Shoes: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Ashley –

I’ve just got two for ya this week, and one outfit has no linkable items. Oops. That’s life though. ūüôā

Button up: Old Target from clearance sometime this past winter Earrings: N&S Gray Mosaic [not available]

Shirt: Ash top from Mixtape Boutique Earrings: N&S Black

Updated Easy Everyday ‘Natural’ Makeup Look

Hey hey you guys! Happy Friday Junior! Today I’ve got an updated everyday makeup look. I originally did one several months ago, but since then I’ve converted most of my makeup to Senegence Products. Sooo, I thought it was time to show y’all what my everyday face of the day routine looks like. ūüôā

I do my makeup every single day. Even if I have the once in a blue moon ‘no makeup day day’ , I will still do my brows and lashes. Cause…as you can see in that before picture – I’m seriously lacking in those two departments.

Since I do my makeup everyday and have to rangle two little children and be out the door all before 7:15 am – I tend to do the same thing most days. I like this look. It’s a noticeable enhancement of my natural features, but it’s not too much.

Alright – so first things first…and not pictured : moisturize and prime your face. I use a moisturizer that also has SPF and a pore filling primer.

Next, I slather my face in CCTM which is Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer in Light from Senegence. CCTM is life. It evens my skin tone without giving me a heavy layer of product all over my face. Also, it doesn’t transfer or come off until I remove it at the end of the night!

Then I put some color on those non existent brows. Cause: brow lives matter. I use a powder. I like a natural bushy looking brow – so that’s what I go for.

Once my brows are poppin, I use two shades from my Shadowsense collection: candlelight and moca java. Candlelight is a nude light skin tone. I use a domed fluffy brush to apply candlelight all over my lid and up to my brows. I use a smaller fluffy brush to apply moca java (a cool toned brown) all over my lid and lower lash line. Continual and repeated blending is key in this step. Make sure you buff and blend out those edges so that there are no harsh unnatural looking lines. Side note: Shadowsense is phenomenal. There is never any fall out…and it stays put alllll day.

When my shadow is blended to perfection I grab more Shadowsense in the shade Onyx to use as liner. I use a small flat brush to apply Onyx to the outer third of my upper and lower lash line. I usually smudge/smoke out the bottom lash line.

Mascara is next! Right now my current mascara obsession is the black fiber mascara from the Maybelline X Gigi Hadid collab. It really gives my wispy little lashes some volume. [I don’t have it on yet in the picture below.]

The next two parts are my absolute fave when doing my makeup: Cheeks and Lips. Why? Because they just really finish and pull together your whole look. I’m pretty sure I used this same blush in my last everyday makeup tutorial. I love it that much. It’s the Physician’s Formula Butter Blush in Plum Rose. For me, it is just the perfect cool toned natural flush for my face.

Lips are Senegence Lipsense … of course. ūüėČ Lipsense is the only lippie that I wear now, because it is incredibly long lasting and has healed my dry chappy lips. For my everyday, I always reach for Goddess. It is a great subtle pinky shade on me.

Anddddd, that is it you guys! This whole process usually takes me about 20 minutes from start to finish in the morning. Give or take a few minutes to account for the usual kid interruptions. ūüėČ

I’m linking my previous everyday makeup tutorial here…if you’re curious to revisit how things have changed.

Easy Everyday ‚ÄúNatural‚ÄĚ Makeup Look

If you have any questions, please drop them in the comment section!


Week In Review: Rhonda

It’s a lovely day to recap a lovely week!¬† I had such a fun-filled, busy week and party-licious weekend.¬† Let’s get to it!

On Monday, we did Art class for school, learning about how to use the color wheel to mix paints into a blood red shade, perfect for making handprints on the windows and mirrors.

We had such a crazy jam-packed week.  Workouts, school, Halloween party planning and decorating.

Friday, I packaged up orders, ran more errands, then came home to enjoy some time with my latest Baths and Bliss order.¬† I can’t get enough of these high quality, handcrafted products!

Then.  Then it was the weekend and holy moly was it wild!  We had our first annual Halloween party that evening, after making a booze run.

We throw a lot of parties, but this one was by far my favorite.  We had a wonderful turnout and the food got destroyed, which tickled me beyond anything you can imagine.  There is nothing worse than pouring your time and money into a party and nobody showing up or nobody really eating.  I will be posting party details another day!

I absolutely drank so much that night and felt every bit of it for most of Sunday.¬† I got better just in time to head to the wedding of one of Stuart’s coworkers.¬† The wedding was absolutely lovely and the bride stunning.¬† We had a good meal, plenty of drinks, and so much fun dancing with our friends.

I can’t imagine a better weekend!

Did you get into any Halloween festivities this weekend?


Week In Review: Rhonda

Well another week has gone by and my kid-free time is OVER.  The kids are back and they came in like a wrecking ball.  Sheesh.

During this week, I started decorating our house for Halloween, meet my mom group for drinks at one of their houses, and shipped out a shitload of orders.

Friday was a freaking exciting day.  My company was holding its Leaders Conference and I eagerly watched groups to see what was announced.  Two new limited edition colors came out, along with reformulated concealers and a new blush.  Pretty much the entire company collectively freaked the fuck out.  All this was happening while I wandered around the Halloween store, staring at my phone watching updates.  That was also the day that I received my first three-figure commission check, so it was a good one.

Saturday, Stuart and I had brunch at home then ran a few errands while we waited on his friend Ben to arrive from Germany.  Then I ran out to do some quick shopping while they caught up.  When I got back, we grilled some steaks and had a lovely dinner together before going out.  We went to the Stockyards to see Justin Moore and Dylan Scott.  What a freaking AMAZING show they both put on.  Justin is especially a super talented entertainer.

Sunday we made brunch for Ben and sat outside in the lovely weather for awhile with him. Then went and got the darling children before coming home to grill.

I think the best part of my week was Saturday night. What was yours?

Five First Date Must-Haves

I am a huge fan of first dates – choosing an outfit, getting ready, that nervous first moment when you meet up or are picked up, hopefully great conversation, the awkwardness of whether to hug or kiss. ¬†I don’t necessarily enjoy wondering if he will text back, but it’s all part of it.

I haven’t been on a first date (or any date for that matter) in a long time, but I have a lot of experience and am happy to share my expertise.

So what do you need for a first date? ¬†There are five essentials I wouldn’t dare go on a date without.

  1. Your good underwear. ¬†Now, I know what you’re thinking. ¬†“I don’t do that on the first date.” ¬†That’s fine. ¬†I don’t either, in theory. ¬†But I did once or twice. ¬†It happens. ¬†The thing is, wearing pretty and well-fitting underwear isn’t just in case you get undressed during your date. ¬†Wearing nice and pretty matching underwear that fits like it was made for you boosts your confidence and makes you feel and act sexy. ¬†I started wearing Soma Intimates exclusively last year and it changed the way I carry myself, whether I’m out running errands in cutoff shorts, out on a date in a lace dress, or getting naked.
  2. A Kiss-Proof Lipstick. ¬†With any luck, you’ll get a first date kiss. ¬†Don’t try to tell me you don’t kiss on the first date. ¬†It’s a must. ¬†Don’t waste a second date with a bad kisser. ¬†Gross. ¬†Anyway, I personally feel sexy in confident in a red lip, but don’t want to smear it on my partner’s face (or neck or…. anywhere). ¬†Luckily, I’ve been using Lipsense most of this year and that problem is GONE. ¬†You can ask my fiance, we are both big fans. ¬†It doesn’t transfer to him (or on my glass). ¬†You can hit me up on my Facebook group. ¬†Our readers get 10% of their first orders!
  3. Breath Strips. ¬†If you’re anything like me, you’re going to eat a nice steak with a garlic butter and your breath may not be amazing when the meal is done. ¬†Or maybe you’re just on a date to a hole in the wall bar. ¬†Beer breath is no bueno either. ¬†No worries – excuse yourself to the restroom while the two of you are waiting for the check. ¬†Pop a breath strip in your mouth and by the time you have washed your hands, it will have dissolved and your breath will be kissably fresh!
  4. A pre-date drink. ¬†It doesn’t matter how much I am looking forward to a date or other event – I have ridiculous situational anxiety. ¬†I will literally get sick in anticipation of things to come. ¬†It’s not necessarily the alcohol that calms me as I do my hair and makeup, it’s the ritual. ¬†Sipping on a drink (I tend to do bubbly or wine) while you blend your eyeshadow can really calm your nerves. ¬†And well, if you do choose an alcoholic drink, you’re more likely to be yourself and a little more receptive to flirtation. ¬†Just don’t go overboard. ¬†You certainly don’t want to start a date drunk.
  5. A friend on SOS duty. ¬†Look, you never know when a date is going to be a bust. ¬†We should all be ladylike and mature enough to sit through and end a date that is a little awkward and boring, but never “tough out” a date with someone who is disrespectful or makes you truly uncomfortable. ¬†You need a game plan. ¬†Have a friend you can slip to the bathroom to text, who will text or call you in a few minutes with an emergency. ¬†Be prepared with code words in case you should ever feel unsafe. ¬†Dating is supposed to be fun, but never take for granted that your date is going to be a good guy.


What are your first date musts?  And I need to know, have you ever had to utilize an SOS text?

What We Wore Wednesday

**This post may contain affiliate links.**

Welcome back to this riveting weekly installment.  Before we get to the outfits, let me remind you that we have a weekly LIVE show over on Facebook РWine Wednesday.  Do not miss it; a giveaway is happening this week!

Rhonda –

Top: Harper Avery Boutique. Shorts: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Tee: Target. Shorts: Target. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Ashley –

Shirt: Amazon Pants: Jordache High Rise Skinnies Shoes: Everlast from Kmart Earrings: N&S Signature Silver

Jacket: Burke’s Outlet [similar] Shirt: Target Merona¬†Pants: Target Denizen Skinnies Choker: Target¬† (charm)¬†Earrings: N&S White Cut Outs – not on the website right now

Glasses: Friday L from Coastal Kimono: Amazon Tank Top: Target Mossimo  Leggings: Walmart Daniskan Fitted Skinnies Earrings: N&S Teal Рnot on the website right now

And there you have it guys! Hope you enjoyed checking out our ensembles this week. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Week In Review: Rhonda

Fuck, y’all….like fuuuuuuuck. ¬†It has been a hell of a week. ¬†You’ll see.

Monday was another day of my usual Рworking my ass of during the day and working while sipping adult beverages at night.  It was National Tequila Day, so I celebrated accordingly.

Tuesday, I finally met in person a friend of mine from a healthy eating group.  His granddaughter was in town and curious about LipSense and I met up with her and demoed some products.  He cooked us an amazing meal of unstuffed cabbage rolls and though I had a migraine, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there before I went home to lie down.

Wednesday, though. ¬†For fuck’s sake. ¬†I always liked Wednesdays. ¬†Then this. ¬†I woke with a start at about 7:10, which is earlier than I typically get up when the kids are home. ¬†I was foggy and not sure of what was going on around me, but I could hear SOMETHING that just didn’t sound right. ¬†It suddenly occurred to me that it was the sound of water…and I was alone in the apartment. ¬†I looked around and saw water in the bathroom and at first, couldn’t tell WHERE or HOW. ¬†I leapt up and ran and then screamed…and shrieked…cursed…and flipped the FUCK OUT. ¬†Because everywhere, there was water. ¬†Turns out a pipe had burst behind the cabinet. ¬†I tried to cut off the sink water, but of course the break was on the other side of the wall. ¬† I ran around throwing towels about with one hand and texting and calling Stuart with the other. ¬†He came home as quickly as he could after calling the apartment complex emergency maintenance line. ¬†Within an hour there was 2 inches of downstairs because water had begun to pour through the ceiling. ¬†Half our bedroom carpet was sopping wet. ¬†I had run downstairs when I realized I heard water there and screamed like something out of a movie when I saw that Elizabeth, my beautiful golden best friend (MacBook), was on the kitchen table, directly underneath the water pouring through the ceiling. ¬†Stuart and I spend all day picking shit up off the floor, moving furniture out of the house for the workers to come handle shit, and moving furniture back. ¬†We took the Macbook to Best Buy, who recommended we put it in rice. ¬†Um, ok, cool. ¬†Then we gave up on life and went on a spontaneous date to Buffalo Wild Wings. ¬†What a fucking mess.

Thursday I took care of some errands and treated myself to some coffee, then came home to work some more and cook dinner.

I decided that after the week I had, some pool time was certainly warranted.  I spent a lot of time over there, soaking up the rays and the hot ass weather.

Saturday, we went to look at some houses with our agent and we absolutely fell in DEEP love with one in particular. ¬†It was such a nice time planning for the future with my guy. ¬†We invited Stuart’s coworker over for grilling and we had such a great time sipping on drinks (SOME of us got drunk) and enjoying some good eats.

Sunday, we went to get the kids after two weeks of them away. ¬†It made for a long day, as we made some stops on the way home. ¬†It was lovely to have them back though! ¬†It’s never dull around here.



Week In Review: Rhonda

Another week behind us. ¬†It was a really good one, y’all. ¬†There were some very, very bad moments, but overall it was amazing. ¬†Isn’t it weird though how short weeks actually feel extremely long?!

Stuart had to work on Monday, but was able to get out early enough to grill for us again.  We live for that shit.

Independence Day has always been my absolute favorite holiday. ¬†There is nothing better than spending time outdoors with sunshine, family, grilled meats, and all things ‘Merica. ¬†It was a lovely one! ¬†Stuart even took a plain supermarket cake and put berries on it. ¬†He’s the cutest!

Jonathan did my makeup live for Wine Wednesday over on our Facebook page (make sure you’re tuning in for those because we are just getting started).


Sadly, Jonathan left Thursday and I wanted to cry.  However, I rallied and got my ass to work.  I worked so much on Thursday and Friday, that it all blurred together.  Being your own boss is amazing, but there is NOTHING easy about it.

Saturday, we went to the pool.  It was a great time for all of us, but my favorite parts of the day are always when we come home and grill.

After working over mimosas, we spent Sunday doing our usual things – going to work with Stuart and grilling.



Week In Review: Rhonda

Another week behind us and ready to get some shit done this week!  I am one of those people who actually likes Mondays.  I love a fresh start to the week!  Full of possibility.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty typical Рsuper busy and productive.  Wednesday I worked an online Facebook party for my Lippie Biz.  And the boys wanted mustaches.  Yep, typical.

Then Wednesday, I was excited for some customer orders to come in….then stressed AF to discover that the AC was leaking and leaving water under the floorboards. ¬†However, thankfully we rent so it wasn’t really my problem – just inconvenient.

Thursday and Friday were more Facebook parties, target, and cupcake baking.

Weekends are for relaxing, hanging with the family, and grilling.  we rock at it.

I hope your week had the perfect mix of productivity and relaxation!

Week In Review – Rhonda

Hey, hey! We decided to delay the week in review posts to enjoy our Memorial Day events.  Just kidding, we totally forgot it was Monday until after 5 pm. So anyway, on to my week.

I hit the ground running on Monday. ¬†I kicked its ass and sold a lot of toothpaste and lipsense. ¬†That’s always a good thing! ¬†Claudia made sure to be a big help for me all day, but especially when it was time to do dishes, her favorite task.

I had lots of errands to run on Tuesday, so after trying a new hairstyle (obsessed with this iron that gave me fast and easy messy waves), we hit the road.  Shipped some orders and went to the grocery store.  Then came home to make dinner, which ended up being fun and relaxing.

Wednesday, I took the kids to the playground.  It was absolutely perfect weather and they really needed to run off some energy.  We had a great time.

I took the kids to Target Thursday in an attempt to get some birthday stuff done.  It was a fail.  However, I did come home and make a successful and healthy dinner and Stuart brought home a bust form he bought for my resale shop, which was really exciting!

With one day left before Harper’s birthday party, I had last-minute shopping to do on Friday. ¬†After that, the kids helped me get some decorating done. ¬†And by “helped,” I mean got in my way.

Saturday was party day and we had a guest cancel last minute leaving us with an intimate family party, which are my favorite anyway.  It was perfect and Harper was happy, which is all that matters.  We grilled in the evening and had a great time just catching up with Dustin and drinking too much.

Sunday, before Dustin headed back home, we had him stay with the kids while we went to look at a house. ¬†It was an absolutely perfect home (sadly though, we didn’t have our funding worked out yet and someone else has already put in an offer) and it was exciting to start looking at houses. ¬†In the evening, I stepped on a piece of glass with BOTH feet, because I am freakishly talented. ¬†It was extremely painful and bloody. ¬†We ended the day with grilling again and just enjoying the less-humid weather.

Memorial Day was absolutely lovely. ¬†You know you’re having a good day when you totally forget it’s Monday. ¬†We did what most people do and grilled and drank. ¬†Which also happens to be what we do every weekend lately. ¬†I also cut the boys’ hair in the afternoon. ¬†It was just the perfect day at home.