Growing Up On Glendale

If you’ve been following along at all, you guys know that we recently moved. Like last weekend – recent. It was a much need and long anticipated move. We needed more space and to be in an area of town where we could plant roots and prepare to see the kiddos grow for years to come. Also, we just needed more space. Our house was TINY!

I’m so happy to have this new chapter of our lives laying out before us, but I am feeling a little nostalgic for all the memories that we left behind on Glendale Road.

Cooper was just six months old when we moved in there in August of 2013. Sophie came home from the hospital to our little house on Glendale. And even though Cooper is now just five and Sophie is only almost three, these two will have solid memories of our time spent on Glendale. I wanted to celebrate all those memories and make a little milestone post showing how they’ve grown up over the years that we lived there.

I tried to find a picture from the beginning of each year and one from the end. All these pictures were taken in or outside our house. I will always look back on them and treasure our time there.

6 Month old Coop!
First Birthday and Second Christmas at this house!
The year my bubs became a BIG BROTHER! Look how much he changed that year!
I mean, can you even handle how he puts his little protective hand on her??
Little Ms Sass Pants! 2017 was also the year that Coop started giving me a hard time taking pictures.
See? Coop still wasn’t feeling the whole group picture vibe. You can read his feelings all over his face. However, by this summer he was starting to get better. Sophie has always been up for a photo opportunity!

I can’t with these babies and the way they insist on growing older. Please excuse me while I cry over here. And thank you so much for going down memory lane with me.

We had a blast living on Glendale….but I can’t wait to see and experience life in our new home!

Twelve Years

It has been 12 years (TWELVE!) since I became a mother…. since I became a better person.

Nicholas Grant came into my life at a time that I was completely rudderless.  I had a new boyfriend and was living in a haze of cocktails and late nights at work.  When I became pregnant, I instantly knew and was scared but excited to become a mother.  I never expected to be a single mom but it was the greatest learning adventure of my life.  My ex-husband entered my life before Nick turned one, so my single mom life was short but important.  It taught me how to be self-sufficient, the importance of letting your village help you, how self-care is so vital.

I was not prepared for all that motherhood would bring to me – both good and bad- but I couldn’t have asked for a better child to make me a mama.

Nicholas Grant didn’t sleep through the night until he was three, has ADHD and sensory issues, is the pickiest eater on earth, never wanted to give up a bottle, had awful reflux as a baby, and is such an extreme introvert that I wonder how he is my child.  He really set me up to know how to deal with parenting problems.

He has taught me so much, among those being grace, patience, and unconditional love.  I can’t think of a better way to be taught life lessons than for a small child to literally hurl them at you.

Happy Birthday to my nerdy little hermit!  Your mama loves you beyond!


Week In Review: Ashley

Welll hey there party people. Yup it is week in review time…on a Tuesday…and super LATE on a Tuesday. But hey. That gave you guys all day to revel in Rhonda’s WIR…now it’s time to spend your night with me. 😉 Anyhow – let’s get to it!

I worked five days this past week. Shocker. I know. So there wasn’t too much going on throughout the week. Waking up. Surviving the tornado that is the everyday grind of getting myself and two kids ready to leave the house on time. One day I will be that mom that wakes up hours before her children and is all calm and collected as I allow them to leisurely wake up, eat a big relaxed breakfast, and get dressed in a calm and cool manner….. JK That will never be me. I mean. I aim to get close to that – but I’ll never be that mom. #notamorningperson This is what a lot of our evenings looked like…chill:

And there was some lego playing…

So yeah. To the weekend. The THREE DAY weekend. Saturday we woke up and lounged around the house.  Did some chores. Played with the wildlings. We went outside for a bit and blew some bubbles. How an innocent activity like bubble blowing could turn into something that involved baths afterwards…I have not clue. But it did. There were screaming kids – and hair washing … THEN they took a nap. After the nap, we got dressed and headed to the park in downtown OS. We ended the day with a trip to Target.

OH! And on Saturday these beauties came in the mail. {{all the heart eyes}}

Sunday started out much like Saturday. Chores and chilling – then we got dressed and went over to Grammy and Ppop’s!! They had been on vacation and the kids hadn’t seen them in two weekends…so needless to say those two littles were over the moon with excitement to get over there. As soon as Coopy found out where we were going – he started asking to stay the night. LOL He did. Of course. 🙂 And so that night Sophie and I went out to eat with Daddy at Patio 44 in Biloxi. It was so good.

Memorial Day we went back over to my parent’s. There was lots of relaxing. Forcing an unwilling daughter to take selfies with me. Some pool time. Grilling that resulted in yummy food. Chilling. Shopping. Naps. You know. The best of times. 🙂

What did you guys do this past week? How was your Memorial Day? I hope you got to spend the day with loved ones…and also spend a little time remembering those military service members who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. We may not all always agree on the political state of our country. Things are in turmoil here on the home front lately. BUT I feel like we can always agree – that under whatever circumstances – those men and women who died while in active duty serving our country in the military are worth being remembered for that. Because I know I’d never sign up for that. I know that life is a big sacrifice. And losing your life in the process – well that is an unimaginable sacrifice.

And now to end on a lighter note…I will leave you with some of my meme spoils from the week. It was hard to narrow them down to just four. But you know. I don’t want to overload you. 😉


Week In Review – Rhonda

Another week has passed and I have to say, it was a damn good one for me.  I felt great and got a lot done.

Monday was a little bit of a rocky start, as Mondays tend to be.  My kids were cranky and fought half the day.  I did get some work done though, thanks to the power of music to motivate me.  We ran to the post office, which my kids love to do for some reason.

Tuesday, we started a solar system unit, which the kids have really been enjoying.  It’s one of those topics that every age can understand, which makes teaching them much easier.  During their naptime, I had beer and Fritos and tried to relax but I had so much work to do that I really just wore myself out trying to speed-work.

In the evening, I made a stop for some wine and cranked up the music while I cleaned the kitchen.  I got all up in my emotions thanks to music, but it was all very therapeutic. Sometimes you just need a good cry.

Lil’ Mama and I hit up Target on Wednesday, after I successfully placed a highly coveted Lipsense inventory order.  We had a lot of fun checking out their new carnival-inspired toddler girl clothes.  They are to die for.  In the evening, I looked at houses and wedding venues until my eyes were crossing.  Both wedding planning and house hunting are exhausting.

Stuart had the car Thursday, so I did a lot of housework after school.  I also cleaned my makeup brushes and made a lovely margarita to go with the taco salad I cooked.  Stuart came home with a big surprise – my first ever bouquet of flowers.  I have had flowers in the past, just not from a significant other.  It was such a simple gesture, but it meant everything to me.  So did the tequila he brought me.

Friday, we went grocery shopping once Claudia finally woke up.  Food shopping is one of those things I really enjoy, so it’s always a good day when I can do that.  Throw in some beautiful weather and making a few sales and it really was just a lovely day.

Sweet, sweet weekend.  No matter how good my week is, I am always excited for the weekend.  There is nothing better than boozy brunches, time with Stuart, and having help with the kids.  Saturday, we did our usual brunch routine and I played with makeup while Stuart handled some work stuff.  When he got back, we spent time outside grilling and listening to music.

Sunday was a lot like Saturday – brunch, makeup, grilling and hanging outside.  I started the day out by opening my Mother’s Day gifts though.  A stack of birthstone bangles to add to my Alex and Ani collection – PERFECT. They also brought me more flowers!  I got spoiled.

I mean, I don’t think my weekend could have been any better.  It was amazing.  Tell me about your Mother’s Day!


Week In Review: Ashley

Hey guys! Welcome back to another Monday…and another WIR over here at RATMM. 🙂 Rhonda is still on vacay ( lucky lady ) so today you’ll just get me for a WIR. Don’t worry though, she’ll be posting her vacation recap when she gets back. 🙂 Anyway….let’s get on with it. 🙂 🙂

Monday – Monday , I know that we chilled at the house for the majority of the day. I told Coop I just wanted to relax. After we relaxed and took our time getting ready – we headed out for a little park time. And I also cooked this delicious Indian flavored dish from Eat Happy.

Tuesday – We went to the Davis Bayou area of the Gulf Islands National Seashore Park in Ocean Springs. I took the kids on the nature trail. It was a lot of fun. The trail wasn’t too long. There was a lot of steep parts and some stairs that I had to carry Sophie through, but I would say that overall and 1.5 and 4 year old handled that trail with ease.

Wednesday – Aunt Grace was off, so she joined us for a day at Dauphin Island. It was a really nice day. The kids LOVED the beach…especially the water. We just chilled. Ate. Played in the sand. And loaded up around two to head back home. The kids promptly passed out in the car. It was overcast that day and super windy. We all managed to come home with some sun damage. 🙁 Lesson learned though. The wind was intense…as you can see from Soso’s hair in these pictures. hahaha

Thursday – We had planned to go hang out with Ppop and chill at the pool, but since we’d been in the sun the day before I especially was pretty burnt – I wanted to keep the kids indoors mainly for the day. So we called Ppop and arranged a little lunch/bowling date. We had lunch at Newk’s then went to the bowling alley. Coop loved bowling. An hour was not long enough though. He wasn’t ready to go home. Sophie wasn’t too much into the bowling…she really enjoyed the concessions though. 😉

Friday –  I got caught up on house chores and packing for my upcoming weekend away in Orange Beach with Rhonda and Nicole. The kids actually took naps at the same time that day…which was super nice. 🙂

Saturday & Sunday – I spent the weekend with Rhonda and Nicole. We beached it up all day Saturday…and had a great night out Saturday. Sunday I slept late…and managed to forget half my belongings at the condo. Of course. I also somehow managed to not take one selfie with Rhonda…well except of our accidental matching nail and toe paint colors. Nicole and I did take a selfie. 🙂



And that was my week folks. Now it’s back to work on Monday morning. I hope you guys had a fabulous week/weekend. What were y’all up to?


Week In Review: Ashley

Heeeeey Guys! Happy Monday Morning. 🙂 Thanks for coming back to see what we’ve been up to the past week.

Let’s see. Wednesday I was off work. My dad (or more commonly known as Ppop…or PopPop ..these days) decided to come get Coop for the day. That left me and Sophie alone for a girl’s day with Aunt Grace. 🙂 🙂 Sophie took a morning nap, and Grace came over. So she and I got a little alone adult time to have a conversation that wasn’t continually interrupted by a toddler or baby. 😉 We just hung out and talked while I spent a long and leisurely amount of time applying my makeup. Around 12:30 I checked on SoSo – and she was already awake! So we headed to Newk’s for lunch and then to Maurice’s and Target. Coop came back later that afternoon, and we just had a typical night after that.

Friday night I had a kid free evening. I got to spend  some more time with my Seeester. We did Chili’s for dinner and drinks. She hosted a bridal shower this weekend – so, after dinner we went back to my house and foraged my decorative household goods hoard collection for some things that she could use to decorate the room with.


Saturday afternoon the kids and I lounged at my parents house. The weather was so eery and gloomy and SUPER windy most of the day. Despite that it was actually a nice day to be outside. Late that afternoon the bottom fell out. We’d gone to check out the house my brother is in the process of buying and ended up getting caught in the downpour as we were leaving to head back home. Cooper stayed the night with his Grammy and Ppop Saturday night while Sophie and I headed home.

Race Track contraption that Ppop helped Coop build.

She slept amazingly that night. Like…from 8:00 pm to 9:00 am. It was great. Because I’d had a couple of glasses of wine that night and didn’t go to sleep until 12 myself. Haha

AND thanks to the heads up from Grace, I found out Downton Abbey is on Amazon Video (for Prime Subscribers)!! I’ve never watched it, but I have been wanting to for forever – but I didn’t have access to it…you know besides downloading it..and I don’t have time for that. 😉 So anyway, I may or may not have watched it Saturday night…and Sunday morning. 

A little glimpse into Cooper’s life while he stays with Grammy and Ppop. 😉 Cracker Barrel breakfast….Walmart trips with powder donuts…and some relaxing coloring time.

Yes, I am about to include a picture of my child on the potty. Sophie is a year and a half old – and she’s showing interest in going potty. So, I’ve started to put her on it when she asks. Because – training Coop has been such a bitch…I figured why not get a head start. Especially while she’s interested and does it willingly.

Sunday, Sophie and I headed back to my parent’s house around noon. We picked up Grammy and decided to take a spontaneous shopping trip to Hattiesburg. Cooper’s birthday is next weekend, so I thought I would look for some things for him. Also, I just wanted a change in routine and scenery for the day. 🙂 We ended up at the mall – and spent a couple hours just browsing. I did find a cute new outfit for Coop, which I’m sure he will very much appreciate. 😉 I feel so uninspired to buy him toys. I feel like he has way too many.

We stayed later than usual at my parents. Sophie was over being in the car. She pretty much cried the entire hour back home while we drove from Hattiesburg to Gulfport. So that was fun. I decided to chill at my parents and let her get out and stretch her legs. We ate dinner there and headed home around 7. I have to say, here, how much I love longer days. I don’t feel like we have to rush to get the kids in, because it will be dark soon.

That night we got home – the kids played a little…and then it was bath and bedtime! Now, I’m in bed by 8:30 – ready to call it a night. 😉

Getting some baby love from my girl before bedtime. She gives the best kisses….when you catch her in the right mood. 😉
Hope you guys had a fantastic week! What were y’all up to?

Don’t be an Entitled Working Parent

The other day my sister and I were having a conversation about working – more specifically we were talking about taking time off from work. I made the offhanded comment that I didn’t want to be that person … that parent … who made non parents ( or even older parents with grown children that were no longer as dependent upon them like my tiny babes are on me ) feel like my time off from work is more valuable than theirs. Her immediate response was, “Oh yes, please don’t be that person.”

That conversation made me really sit back and think. I honestly don’t ever want to be that parent. I’ve been on the opposite end of that situation, as a non parent, way too many times. And I’m here to say, as the mother of two babies, that MY need for time off from work is no more important than anyone else’s just because I have children. Maybe you’re reading this as a parent and are thinking it’s strange that I think this is even issue, because you are so not that parent that makes non parents feel less important. If so, go you. But MAYBE you are that parent. OR maybe you are that non parent whose priorities were pushed to the wayside in favor of a parent’s priorities for time off from work. Either way. What I have to say is for you. All of you. 😉


I didn’t have my first child until I was 28 years old. Prior to that I’d worked in management since I was 19 years old. So pretty much a solid ten years in management as a non parent. I’ve had to referee my employees who were parents and the ones who were not parents as they fought over days off. I’ve dealt with having to sacrifice my own desire to be off because a parent that I worked with played their parent card. One of the very first instances that comes to mind when I think about how parents are often prioritized when it comes to time off occurred when I was the assistant manager of a clothing store. I was in my early twenties. My store manager was probably around my age now. She had two small children. It was summertime and the Fourth of July was coming up. We were discussing who should get that holiday off. She said that she felt like she should get the holiday off. Not because she was the store manager. Not because she had worked some previous holiday while I was off. She said that she should get that holiday off, because of her children. Y’all. The Fourth of July? Yup. It had always been a holiday that was special between her and her children. They had faithfully attended the town’s local firework display the years prior. So. Because she was a mom. And I wasn’t. She said she should have that day off. Now, the Fourth of July is not a big deal to me. And I am super passive. So, I didn’t put up a fight. BUT that memory has always stuck with me. I find it to be a ridiculous reason. She didn’t even have to play the mom card. All she had to do was ask if I cared or had any 4th of July traditions, which I didn’t, and that would have been the end of the story.


Another holiday most often claimed by parents? (Mom’s specifically) : Mother’s Day. Ok. Maybe at this point…you’re thinking…hey now Ashley. That’s a legitimate holiday for a mom to stake her claim on. And yeah. You have a tiny point. However, guess what? Maybe your coworker isn’t a mom….BUT she has a mom of her own, who would probably love to spend that day with her daughter and vice versa.


Some other holidays that parents try to man handle their control over ( as far as time off is concerned ) ? Thanksgiving and Christmas. And – the same concept applies. Yes. You are a parent. You want to celebrate all your winter holiday traditions with your children…on the actual holiday days. You think, “these non parents I work with just don’t understand – they don’t need to be off as much as I do.” Wrong again. Those non parents. They have family too. They have special people in their lives that they want to see during the holidays. Stop infringing on their right to enjoy a holiday off.


What is my point?? Take your turn. If you have to work on Christmas Day… move your Christmas Day celebration to another day. Put this little sacrifice in your back pocket. And pull THAT out when you want a different day off. Not your parent card.


Bottom line…we chose to become parents. We have a choice not to become parents…every step of the way, from before to after conception. That’s the truth. You are not more important or more special just because you have children. Don’t use your kids as an excuse to get to the front of a line that you do not deserve to be at the front of. Wait your turn … just like everyone else.


I’m not saying emergencies don’t happen. They’ve happened to me. We have these little human beings that cannot take care of themselves. Sometimes, situations occur where childcare falls through – and you HAVE to leave work or take off work to look after them. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the blatant disregard for the value of a non parent’s time off or need to have time off in favor of a parent’s  –  simply because they are a parent.


Let’s not be that parent. Let’s be considerate of our co-workers. I’m an adult. If something happens and I can’t take off work (and I obviously have time to plan – talking NON emergency folks) to take care of my children when their typical childcare is not available to me – I’ll figure something out. I’ll make it work.


I’m not going to not show up to work, because I failed to plan ahead when I had plenty of opportunity to find alternate childcare. I’m not going to be late for work, because I just spent a sleepless night up with a sick kid and expect my non parent coworkers to just understand and forgive me and pick up my slack. I’m going to wise up and learn when to distinguish legitimate kid sicknesses or injuries that require me to actually leave work early vs something that can wait until I get off.


My kids are my responsibility. I do the best that I can to take care of them, be their mom, and still be me – and not let areas of my life, like work, suffer because I’m trying to be the best mom that I can be.
Ok, getting off my soap box now. 😉 Thanks again for listening….and maybe nodding your head in agreement? Or even rolling your eyes at me. It’s cool. You do you man. But…maybe when you aren’t all infuriated in the moment of your self righteous parenthood feelings of entitlement…you’ll be able to step back and see the value of my point. 😉


Let Him Wear a Bow


When my son was a baby and toddler I used to do my makeup everyday while sitting on the floor in front of a large mirror that I leaned against the wall. These days I do my makeup standing up, with everything stored at a height above where two little curious arms and hands can reach. I also have a much larger makeup collection and more extensive daily routine now, compared to back then. But, when Coop was very young my makeup routine was relatively fast and every piece of product and tool I owned fit securely in one little bag. If Cooper was awake – he was right there with me: In my lap, sitting next to me, watching me, reaching for things, and requesting that I put makeup on him too.


I always wanted my first child to be a boy. Why? I don’t know. I’m fairly certain that it stems from my desire to have had a big brother. Ha. But somehow, my first baby was a boy, and I was over the moon with excitement. I said lots of “I told you-s!” and “I just KNEW it was a boy-s!” I didn’t. I just wanted him to be a boy. 😉 Don’t get me wrong. I love being a girl mom. BUT I always knew that I was meant to be a boy mom. Again why? Oh – let’s be honest. For all those social cliche reasons. I wanted him to be a protective big brother if he were to have younger siblings. Watching my little boy geek out over comic books and/or video games. Seeing him play baseball…or some kind of sport. Girl clothes are cute. I die for Soso in pink and flowers. However, I do really really like dressing boys. Button down shirts. Converse tennis shoes with black skinny jeans. Toddlers in bow ties and mulligan hats. Shorts paired with suspenders.  All of it. I was head over heels in love with the idea of what a boy was supposed to and what I thought he would look like.

It was in those early moments – when I would apply my makeup, and Cooper wanted to be a part of that – that I knew I had been terribly wrong about how I thought I would raise my boy.

I was watching a speech that Emma Watson gave wherein she said that “we need to perceive gender as a spectrum – not as two opposing sides.” Now that was loosely paraphrased from my memory, BUT I think the point still rings loud and clear. Gender is and always has been a social classification. Gender has nothing to do with your sex. Your sex is determined by the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women. Gender is the socially constructed roles, behaviors, attributes, and activities that a given society considers appropriate for a man or woman. Did you hear that? SOCIALLY constructed.

Boys don’t just like blue, and girls don’t just like pink. My son, he always has and still does show an interest in the clothes I’m wearing, the makeup I’m applying, and many other ‘girly’ things that I do on a daily basis. You know what else he is obsessed with? Tractors. Wood chippers. Garbage trucks. 18 wheelers. Making the sounds associated with a running weed eater or flying plane. If his dad is playing a video game, Cooper wants to know all about what’s going on – sometimes he even wants to play too. Cooper loves to play outside. He is most happy when his hands are dirty from doing some form of hard labor. 


There are a lot of things that I do as a parent – A lot of things that I allow my children to do because I’m saying fuck conventional expectations. I’m doing this the way I want. I’m not going to traumatize my child by insisting that he (or she) do something the way it is expected by society when that expectation has no bearing on the well being of my child. Want to know an expectation that has absolutely no bearing on the well being of my child? The expectation that he can’t be excited to play with mommy’s makeup brushes or wear some of her lipstick. The expectation that he shouldn’t recognize that his sister is wearing the cutest dress and looks pretty “like a princess”, because he appreciates and loves the dress just as much as she does.

I decided a while ago that I wouldn’t limit my son’s interests. I’m not going to tell him, “No you can’t do that because that’s for girls.” “No, you can’t play with that baby doll, because girls play with baby dolls.” And on and on and on.

When it comes to things like makeup? Yes. I will tell him, “No, you can’t wear this foundation – because you are too young.” That’s what I would tell my daughter. There have been days that he has left the house wearing just the faintest application of blush on his cheeks and a crap ton of chap stick on his lips. Several times, I’ve let him dig into my translucent face powder and watched as he expertly tapped the brush to remove the excess powder – then he proceeded to load his face up with the stuff. I didn’t wash it off. He spent the day like that.

I will treat them equally. There are and will be things that I restrict them from doing at separate times due to age, intellectual ability, and physical ability. For instance, Sophie is not allowed to hold my makeup brushes. Why? Well – She’s 1 and a half. She’ll just put them in her mouth. Which is not cool. Not cool at all man.

The other day, as Cooper and Sophie were preparing to leave with their dad – Sophie asked for a bow to be put in her hair. This is a new request that she’s started doing. It always makes me giddy. Cooper notices that. So that day, he asked for a bow too. I didn’t think twice. Honestly. I really didn’t. We went straight to the big basket of bows. I picked one out for Sophie, and I picked one out for Cooper. He left the house that way. I know that not everyone in my son’s life will support this stance. This commitment of mine. And that’s ok. We are all entitled to our own opinions and viewpoints. And that’s a little lesson in real life. To hear different ideas. For even your closest loved ones to be at odds when it comes to subject like gender equality, religion, politics, and so many other important topics – is not uncommon. 

But, I. I will let my son wear a bow ,if he wants to. And Cooper, he will see that. I’m his mom. I grew him inside me. I raise him everyday.  A lot of times I feel like being a mom to this growing boy is not so hard. Sometimes I get it all wrong. Sometimes we both end up in tears of sadness and regret. But with this? With gender equality? With teaching him – and demonstrating to him…even in the smallest of actions…I’m doing my damndest to get it right.

It’s not about the bow. It’s not about the makeup. It’s not about any of that superficial stuff. It’s about the way we treat each other. It’s about the way we respect each other’s life choices. It’s about the fact that my son notices the things that I fawn over and dote about concerning my daughter. He notices when she does things that make me happy. He wants to make me happy too. He’s three – He’s not asking to wear the bow in order to make some sort of life statement.  He just wants to be a part of our world. I’m not going to shut him out. I’m not going tell him that thinking that way is wrong. Because there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be a part of and contribute to the things that make your loved ones happy. There is nothing wrong with taking joy in the things that your loved ones take joy in.

So, I say – Let the boys wear bows. 🙂

Week In Review: Ashley

Hey Guys! I’m so glad to see you back here today! Yup. It’s Monday, and I’m back spilling the beans on exactly what we were up to the past week and weekend. So, without further adieu ….


Wednesday, we went to the trampoline park. I’m sure you’re shocked. No park by the beach visit?? Don’t be. This place is also a staple in our what we do on Mom’s day off repertoire. We just hadn’t done it since I started blogging about our on-goings.  So yeah, we went to the Mullet Hop. We love this place. Weekday mornings/early afternoons are the best time to go to places like this. All the big kids are in school, and my little babies have free reign of the place. Cooper got a lot of attention and time from one of the workers. He really went above and beyond – taking time to play with Coop. They built a huge foam block … tower? .. and then promptly knocked it down. Because. duh. 😉 Anyway, we love it there. The kids always have a blast, and nap HARD when we get home. And let’s be honest. That’s a major motivating factor for going…on my part. 😉

Wednesday night I dyed my hair. And besides that exciting event…the rest of the time between Wednesday and Friday night was the usual work day to day stuff. Friday night I got to have dinner with a couple of my favorites: my sister and our good friend Michael. Did I get any pictures from the night? No. I mean I did Snapchat about it..but I forgot to save it. Soo all I’m left with to show you are these ^^^  two selfies from before the night commenced.

Saturday we hung out at my parents. Lots of enjoying the pretty pretty day. Watching my kids exhaust my siblings. Ingesting trenta cups of coffee. Oh, and getting a kite stuck in a tree. Not my fault. I should have never been handed the kite. Also, I told my dad (after it happened) “See, this is why people fly kites at the beach. No trees.” 😉

Saturday night was pretty chill. I enjoyed most of a bottle of wine. I have a serious problem with leaving the cork intact when I open a bottle of wine. I managed to break my streak of breaking the cork on Saturday night. So yeah, I indulged in some wine and YouTube makeup video watching. I’m currently obsessed with watching Jeffree Star.

Sunday, we were back outside again. That morning we lounged around the house. Sophie took a nice long THREE HOUR nap. Then we loaded up and went back to Grammy and Ppops to visit for a little bit and convince brother that he now HAD to come home. He thinks his grandparents’ house is his weekend home. Seriously.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Amazing weather. Fantastic company. BUT…it went by waaay to quickly.

^^ That was my Sunday night mood.

And then…..Monday. Haha

Ok guys, that’s it for now! Thanks for sticking around…what were you all up to this weekend. If you’re local, did you check out any of the parades?? Because, if you aren’t – and you didn’t now – it’s Mardi Gras season y’all. 😉

Anyway, hope you have a fabulous week!