Eat Happy: Broccoli Dip

Hi there.  Welcome back! We’re doing a weekly series that publishes every Tuesday wherein we are cooking through one of our FAVE cookbooks : Eat Happy! If you missed the intro post you can click on over here to read that.

We are starting with the very first recipe and working our way all the way through to the end. We will not be sharing with you the actual recipes that we cook. We WILL be sharing our experience during the whole process and our opinion of the outcome. So thanks for stopping by…and let’s dive in to this week’s recipe shall we?

Sooo this week I made Anna’s Broccoli Dip, and let me just tell you that liking broccoli is not required to like this dip. Cause ya know…per usual – I don’t really care for broccoli. It’s honestly really just a texture thing. All those little balls… I just don’t care for a bunch of tiny balls in my mouth. It reminds of grits. I never like grits for that very reason.

But yeah – enough ball talk. Let’s get to the dip!

Dips are my fave. I love a dip. I could eat a dip for an entire meal. In fact, I did that with this dip.

I did have some mishaps while making this dip which actually have nothing to do with the dip itself, just me needing to get my life together. Want to indulge me and let me rant for a bit? I mean. Thank goodness this is a one sided conversation, because I’m gonna do it anyway. 😉

  • Obviously this is Wednesday…and these posts are supposed to go up on Tuesdays. Can we say blogger fail?
  • Broccoli seriously stinks when you steam it. Like my whole house smelled terrible. HOWEVER, I am super glad it stunk because I went to throw out the offending left over broccoli florets and remembered that I had forgotten to take the trash to the curb! So I mean, thank you Anna for helping me to remember to get that full trash can out.
  • Instead of pre mincing my shallot before throwing it in the food processor, I just threw it in there and let the food processor do the work. People. Then my house smelled like raw onion and steamed broccoli. Not a great combination. I lived through it though and got a delicious dip as a result.
  • Prior to getting this post up, I got hit with one of those “throw everything out, clean everything up” moods. Like, I couldn’t function unless I went through the fridge and pantry, mopped my floors, got all the sheets and blankets stripped from the bed for washing….etc. I almost slipped and busted my ass on my freshly mopped floors. So that was fun.

So ANYWAY – despite all those things I made it here to my computer with the most yummy broccoli dip I have ever tasted. I had planned on sharing this with my mom….but it may not make it to work tomorrow. Sorry mom! 🙂

It’s super easy to whip up. Mine turned out more green than the one pictured in Eat Happy, but I kind of like it that way. I thought about how it would make a cute festive Christmas Holiday dip since it was so green. I also added some chili flakes to the top for a little more heat. As Anna suggested in Eat Happy, this dip would be great with fresh veggies, but all I had on hand were pork rinds which are also serving as the perfect vessel for this dip!

So good.  You guys so need to purchase this book and make this dip! It is seriously yummy and seriously good for you. Why? Cause: no sugars and no grains! 🙂 🙂

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Basic Girl (and Boy) Life Hacks

Happy Friday! I hope you guys are having a great day, and are excited for the weekend to come. Today I figured we’d keep it light and breezy. I wanted to share with you guys some of my most coveted life hacks. So, grab your Starbucks and  prepare yourself for some revolutionary ways to improve your everyday Basic Girl or Boy life. 🙂

  1. Cut your bacon with scissors.

Let me tell you. Discovering this precious life hack was a game changer for me. Have you ever tried to cut bacon with a knife? I mean, unless you are a kitchen knife fanatic and have the best knives that you keep sharpened on the regular, you’re going to struggle like a mother to cut that bacon. So, put down the knife and pick up your kitchen scissors and watch in awe as they slice through your bacon like butta. Do it..then comment here and thank me later.

2. Spray dry shampoo on the roots of your hair BEFORE you go to bed.

Why? Why would you do this? Well, it’s like a preventative measure. That dry shampoo will soak up the oil while it is forming throughout the night. Then BOOM – you wake up the next morning with fresh hair. Unless, this is night four or five without washing….then well…you’re going to need dry shampoo in the pm and am my friend.

3. Are you struggling with getting the cork out of your wine bottle for Wine Wednesday…or Thursday…or Friday?

I used to have a horrible time when trying to open wine bottles. I’d break the cork in half like 99% of the time. The struggle was so real. Now, that I’ve become a seasoned wine drinker I have the perfect cork removing strategy to share with you guys…… buy wine bottles with screw on caps.

4. Don’t care to take the time to develop mad cooking skills, because you’re one of those progressive millennials who spends all their time on the internets doing nothing but ranting and doing things like starting a blog or viral social media account that enables you to simultaneously making a living while reaching millions across the world to help spread your message/ideals to fight for a change??

You are…cool. But really..becoming an amazing cook? Let’s just say that is not on my to do list. Want to know the secret to better tasting food?  Let me just quote the ever so wise and sexy Nick Jones, “Throw some bacon on it.” Seriously. Bacon makes the world go round and it makes ANYTHING taste good/better. I hear you calorie counters out there gasping and putting your hand to your chest. Chill. Also, stop counting freaking calories. Eat a high fat/ zero grain and sugar diet…and put all the freaking bacon on whatever you want. You’ll be skinny, healthy, AND happy. I pinky promise swear.

5. Personalize your read receipts on your Iphone.

If you do not have an Iphone…well. #blessit Honestly, I suggest you go get one as soon as you can. Especially if you plan on texting me. Anyway, to my Iphone users out there. Do you love a read receipt? I know I do. I like that little typing bubble too. However, sometimes you have to be a shady bitch OR you need to save a friendship – and there may be a few people with whom you text that you don’t really want to be as open as sharing read receipts. For their protection, obviously. Guess what? You don’t have cut off everyone on your contact list from those precious read receipts just for those few individuals who are not worthy…or just can’t handle it. Open someone’s text message thread (like you are going to text them something)  click that little “i” with the circle on it. On the next screen you’ll see the option to turn on or off read receipts for that specific person. You’re welcome.

6. Get that essential regular  Starbucks visit in without depleting your bank account.

Every basic Girl and Boy knows that getting in regular SB visits is key. However, as we also all know SB can get Hella expensive. So, I’ve got two tips for you.  First, sign up for and download their app. You’ll earn stars at every visit that will eventually add up to free drinks. Second, go sign up for Harris Poll Online. They send you surveys to your email inbox that you can take to earn points for taking them. You then redeem those points for different gift cards… Starbucks gift cards to be exact. I promise within a week of using this service you’ll be able to redeem your points and get some free coffee. The gift cards are electronic so you can download them straight to your SB app and use them immediately.

I hope you guys learned something new today – or just had a good time laughing along with me…at me?  🙂 What are your essential life hacks??