(Tell Me Something) Good Friday

It’s Fri-Yay!  Good Friday, in particular.  Maybe for you, that means a sacred day, a day off work, or business as usual.  For us, it’s a lead-up to Easter (which, for the most part, is a celebration of spring around here and not a religious holiday).  We thought it would be fun today to bring you a list of good things about this time of year!*

*If you’re wondering what could possibly be bad about Spring, I present to you my friends Seasonal Allergies and Bugs, for starters*

1. Wardrobe updates.  This is the time of year when it’s necessary and more comfortable to sport shorter hemlines and sleeves, airy fabrics, and (mostly if you’re Rhonda) brighter patterns.  Who doesn’t love an excuse to go shopping?

2. Extended outdoors time.  With more daylight, we are transitioning into a time where kids can just run out alllll the pent-up energy on into the evening.  Parents everywhere, rejoice!  Entertainment now becomes less digital and, more importantly, less your responsibility.

3. Skin that is no longer translucent.  Now that people can be outside more frequently and for longer periods, the skin can gain a little color.  We aren’t talking Tanorexia here, but just a natural flush to the skin.  Amen.

4. Alll the blooming flowers. I just love seeing pretty flowers pop up randomly. Azaleas are one of my favorite to see come to life. These little pretties just consume and cover their bushes. How can you NOT smile when flowers start to bloom?

5. Sun dresses.  Goodbye pants and winter tights. HELLO easy breasy sun dresses. Who doesn’t love the ease of throwing on one piece of clothing that makes you look put together and is incredibly cool and comfortable? We love them for ourselves and for our little girls.

6. Sandal Life.  Searching around for matching pairs of socks is one of the biggest annoyances and bummers when you’re trying to get ready in the morning. Waking up on any given morning in the spring and knowing that the weather is going to be perfect for sandals is such a relief.

7. Beach Trips.  Any trip to the beach is something that we definitely look forward to during Spring. Spontaneous weekday trips to the beach for Ashley. Planned beach trips to Orange Beach, AL for Rhonda. We love it all. Beach Please.

8. Light and Fresh Foods.  While there’s never a bad time to eat a loaded-up salad or some grilled veggies, some of the healthiest and yummy foods are in heavy rotation for most people this time of year.  Grilling a juicy steak or burger and pairing with some fresh fruits and vegetables?  Don’t mind if we do!

9. Yes way, Rosè. Pink wine.  We’re here for it and we don’t even care if it’s Basic and cliché.  Sometimes, so are we.

What would make YOUR list?

Vacationing RATMM Style

As you know, I have been on vacation while Ashley held down the blog (she did an amazing job!).  You see, my best friend from Nebraska and I see each other only once a year, when we head to Orange Beach and shake the place up.

Every year, we somehow take it to another level and this year was no exception.  Some things can’t be discussed here, in order to allow for some discretion and keep a few things sacred.

On Thursday morning, I had to go hang out at the airport for several hours before my flight, because Stuart needed to go to work and I would rather hang out at the airport than Uber.  I love airports.  As luck would have it, I ended up flying out of the international terminal at DFW, which is one of the best places you could ever hope to be.  It is seriously like a luxury mall where planes land.  I had too much coffee and people watching.

I flew first class (and am now spoiled and don’t think I can fly coach ever again) and enjoyed my free drinks on the plane.  My flight attendant wouldn’t even let my glass get empty.  I arrived in Pensacola tipsy and grabbed my bags.  Nicole was flying into Pensacola as well, but not for a couple of hours, so I posted up at the bar of course.  My bartender was lovely.  My other BFF Chrissy was picking us up, so we decided to just all gather at the airport bar for a drink.  By time we left the airport, I was feeling fine.  We grabbed groceries and booze on the way to our condo.

We have a tradition of popping open bubbly as soon as we set foot in the condo.  I pour, Nicole photographs, we toast and sip.  Then we always take a walk on the beach after we unpack.  After those traditions, we got ready and headed out to the Flora Bama.  If you’ve never been there, you’re missing out.  We made some new friends, which happens every year.  And seriously, every year those friends get better quality.  I still talk to Thad* after meeting him many years ago and very close friends with Kanye* after meeting him last year.  I feel this year’s friends will be no different.  There’s just something about going to paradise and meeting people in a similar vacation frame of mine.  Everyone’s walls go down and as the drinks flow, people open up and connect on deep levels.  It’s a beautiful thing.

We found out a few weeks prior to the trip that we had accidentally scheduled it during Mullet Toss (if you aren’t familiar, it’s a ridiculous beach party and I think you’d have to attend to understand).  We were super frustrated with that oversight, because it meant that we would be in the midst of chaos and crowds, with which we don’t usually have to deal.  It turned out to be a positive thing, because without Mullet Toss, we wouldn’t have met some of the people we did this year – not Connor*, Trey*, or Roger*.  Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Thursday night at the Flora Bama, we had a Bushwacker, their signature drink, and then some vodkas.  We listened to bands and danced and just had a great time enjoying our time together.  We met Connor and Trey that night, which was great.  Really cool people.

We got up Friday morning and headed down to the beach after coffee.  The Mullet Toss was slowly gearing up and the beach steadily filled.  It was a great day of hanging out and watching the waves roll in.  We ventured over to Trey’s tent and met some of his friends.  I was excited to meet his friend who has Boston Red Sox tattoos.  Turns out, his dad was a player for Boston!  He has a really super cool girlfriend too.

Chrissy met up with us in the evening to go out with us.  We all went out to Flora Bama, where we ran into Trey and Connor again.  Such a fun night, with the bar vibrating with energy.  I love it when the atmosphere is like that.  I danced my ass off after we had to put Nicole to bed with a migraine.

I woke up Saturday with no voice and a little hangover.  But the beach was waiting.  Ashley drove in to meet up with us and we had so much fun on the beach together.  Chrissy joined us a little bit later.  Having all of them with me was a little overwhelming, with all these very different personalities.  The water was super rough and we witnessed a few rescues by lifeguards.  We explored the Mullet Toss tents a little more, where Ashley and I decided to conduct a very important survey.  You see, we discovered that a couple of the guys were wearing underwear under their trunks (not because we were in their trunks, mind you.  We could see the waistband).  We were horrified and they challenged us to ask around.  They were certain most were wearing underwear.  There were a couple, but overall, NOPE.  Most men don’t do that nonsense.

After a long day at the beach, we went back to the condo to sip on some wine and get ready to go back out.  That night turned out so weird, but fun at the same time.  I had planned on Connor coming out with us again, but he was missing.  We found out he had gone to another bar to sing karaoke, and we decided to just go ahead and tag along.  We have never gone out anywhere other than the Flora Bama on these trips, so figured what the hell?!  It was fun, but not so much fun having to get rides back and forth.  Half the appeal of our trip is that we never have to leave once we arrive.  Our bar is next door to our building.  It was great watching Connor (and later, with Trey) sing (he’s quite talented).

Sunday though…. I’ll be damned if I didn’t have the worst hangover ever.  I was a little later than usual getting out to the beach and our condo was looking like a frat house (I would say sorority house because it also looked like an Ulta exploded, but women aren’t typically this messy) from it being the party hub of Orange Beach.

Ashley and Chrissy left and Nicole and I spent the day on the beach again, before getting ready to go out yet again.  We got ready as a storm system rolled in and made it out to the bar.  It was a much more quiet night at the Flora Bama, with it being stormy AND a Sunday.  It honestly was my favorite night thought.  I drank way too much and danced and sang to the band.  We met Roger, who was there with his friends for a bachelor party.  Seriously, we meet a bachelor party just about every year.  He was fun and really hilarious, and I’m sure his friends were too, I just don’t really remember.  Oops.  So much vodka.

Well, as the storm really rolled in hardcore, the lights went out and everyone was kicked out of the bar.  It was really chaotic and a little scary, with drunk people stumbling around in the dark (like me).  We all ran next door to our condo to wait out the storm, since Roger’s condo was several buildings away.  We all watched the storm from the balcony.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty scared of severe weather.  Turns out enough vodka alleviates that.  I’ll keep that in mind.

Monday morning, I woke up with another epic hangover, but with beautiful weather.  We eventually found our way outside for our final beach day.  We really soaked up the sun and I got super fried.  In the evening, we packed some of our stuff and geared up for our final night out.  It was dead at the bar, but we still managed to make new friends and Trey came out to see us one last time.  We stayed out way too late for people who were leaving the next morning, then came back to have corn dogs and fries (and wine for me).

Then it was Tuesday and all over.  We packed in a frenzy and went to the airport feeling like 30-something women who partied all weekend.  Imagine that.  It was great to be back home, but I always miss the beach and certainly always miss Nicole.

I hope to see my new friends again and in the meantime, I have the memories.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Week In Review: Ashley

Hey guys! Welcome back to another Monday…and another WIR over here at RATMM. 🙂 Rhonda is still on vacay ( lucky lady ) so today you’ll just get me for a WIR. Don’t worry though, she’ll be posting her vacation recap when she gets back. 🙂 Anyway….let’s get on with it. 🙂 🙂

Monday – Monday , I know that we chilled at the house for the majority of the day. I told Coop I just wanted to relax. After we relaxed and took our time getting ready – we headed out for a little park time. And I also cooked this delicious Indian flavored dish from Eat Happy.

Tuesday – We went to the Davis Bayou area of the Gulf Islands National Seashore Park in Ocean Springs. I took the kids on the nature trail. It was a lot of fun. The trail wasn’t too long. There was a lot of steep parts and some stairs that I had to carry Sophie through, but I would say that overall and 1.5 and 4 year old handled that trail with ease.

Wednesday – Aunt Grace was off, so she joined us for a day at Dauphin Island. It was a really nice day. The kids LOVED the beach…especially the water. We just chilled. Ate. Played in the sand. And loaded up around two to head back home. The kids promptly passed out in the car. It was overcast that day and super windy. We all managed to come home with some sun damage. 🙁 Lesson learned though. The wind was intense…as you can see from Soso’s hair in these pictures. hahaha

Thursday – We had planned to go hang out with Ppop and chill at the pool, but since we’d been in the sun the day before I especially was pretty burnt – I wanted to keep the kids indoors mainly for the day. So we called Ppop and arranged a little lunch/bowling date. We had lunch at Newk’s then went to the bowling alley. Coop loved bowling. An hour was not long enough though. He wasn’t ready to go home. Sophie wasn’t too much into the bowling…she really enjoyed the concessions though. 😉

Friday –  I got caught up on house chores and packing for my upcoming weekend away in Orange Beach with Rhonda and Nicole. The kids actually took naps at the same time that day…which was super nice. 🙂

Saturday & Sunday – I spent the weekend with Rhonda and Nicole. We beached it up all day Saturday…and had a great night out Saturday. Sunday I slept late…and managed to forget half my belongings at the condo. Of course. I also somehow managed to not take one selfie with Rhonda…well except of our accidental matching nail and toe paint colors. Nicole and I did take a selfie. 🙂



And that was my week folks. Now it’s back to work on Monday morning. I hope you guys had a fabulous week/weekend. What were y’all up to?