Updated Easy Everyday ‘Natural’ Makeup Look

Hey hey you guys! Happy Friday Junior! Today I’ve got an updated everyday makeup look. I originally did one several months ago, but since then I’ve converted most of my makeup to Senegence Products. Sooo, I thought it was time to show y’all what my everyday face of the day routine looks like. 🙂

I do my makeup every single day. Even if I have the once in a blue moon ‘no makeup day day’ , I will still do my brows and lashes. Cause…as you can see in that before picture – I’m seriously lacking in those two departments.

Since I do my makeup everyday and have to rangle two little children and be out the door all before 7:15 am – I tend to do the same thing most days. I like this look. It’s a noticeable enhancement of my natural features, but it’s not too much.

Alright – so first things first…and not pictured : moisturize and prime your face. I use a moisturizer that also has SPF and a pore filling primer.

Next, I slather my face in CCTM which is Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer in Light from Senegence. CCTM is life. It evens my skin tone without giving me a heavy layer of product all over my face. Also, it doesn’t transfer or come off until I remove it at the end of the night!

Then I put some color on those non existent brows. Cause: brow lives matter. I use a powder. I like a natural bushy looking brow – so that’s what I go for.

Once my brows are poppin, I use two shades from my Shadowsense collection: candlelight and moca java. Candlelight is a nude light skin tone. I use a domed fluffy brush to apply candlelight all over my lid and up to my brows. I use a smaller fluffy brush to apply moca java (a cool toned brown) all over my lid and lower lash line. Continual and repeated blending is key in this step. Make sure you buff and blend out those edges so that there are no harsh unnatural looking lines. Side note: Shadowsense is phenomenal. There is never any fall out…and it stays put alllll day.

When my shadow is blended to perfection I grab more Shadowsense in the shade Onyx to use as liner. I use a small flat brush to apply Onyx to the outer third of my upper and lower lash line. I usually smudge/smoke out the bottom lash line.

Mascara is next! Right now my current mascara obsession is the black fiber mascara from the Maybelline X Gigi Hadid collab. It really gives my wispy little lashes some volume. [I don’t have it on yet in the picture below.]

The next two parts are my absolute fave when doing my makeup: Cheeks and Lips. Why? Because they just really finish and pull together your whole look. I’m pretty sure I used this same blush in my last everyday makeup tutorial. I love it that much. It’s the Physician’s Formula Butter Blush in Plum Rose. For me, it is just the perfect cool toned natural flush for my face.

Lips are Senegence Lipsense … of course. 😉 Lipsense is the only lippie that I wear now, because it is incredibly long lasting and has healed my dry chappy lips. For my everyday, I always reach for Goddess. It is a great subtle pinky shade on me.

Anddddd, that is it you guys! This whole process usually takes me about 20 minutes from start to finish in the morning. Give or take a few minutes to account for the usual kid interruptions. 😉

I’m linking my previous everyday makeup tutorial here…if you’re curious to revisit how things have changed.

Easy Everyday “Natural” Makeup Look

If you have any questions, please drop them in the comment section!


Currently Obsessing and Detesting


**This Post May Contain Affiliate Links**

Hey hey party people … happy Friday Eve! Ashley here. 🙂 Today is kind of like my ‘Friday in theory’,  because I have a lovely three day weekend this week that starts on Friday. So yes. While you’re reading this I’m reveling in the fact that I have the next three days off.

But anywaaaay now that we’ve discussed my schedule – what are we here for today? Well, I wanted to share with you guys some products/things that  I’m obsessed with and regarding with great detest as of late. You know. Because we just love to buy shit around here. Try out things. Talk about said things. Rhonda and I do it constantly through text. I figured – why not include you all in on the loop.

Alright let’s get to it. I’m going to break it down into a few categories and list the things I’m obsessing over and detesting within each category.


Obsessing –

Physician’s Formula Butter Blush in Plum Rose –  If you read my easy everyday ‘natural’  makeup tutorial blog post ,  then you got a little preview of my love for this blush. I seriously reach for this blush every single day. It just gives a natural flush to my cheeks. The formula is smooth and surprise! Buttery. 😉 It blends out really well on top of powdered and unpowdered foundation. The fact that it smells like summertime is just icing on the cake. I love it. You should go try some.

Detesting –

L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Voluminous Lash Paradise – I saw this mascara ALLLLL over YouTube. People were saying that it was a Better Than Sex (Too Faced Mascara) dupe, and that they were basically dying for it. I’m pretty sure even Jaclyn Hill praised this mascara. Me though? Eh. I don’t really care for it. And I gave it a fair try. It’s just too clumpy and gives no volume.


Obsessing –

I’m having a serious Imagine Dragons moment. Specifically their Evolve Album . Some of my favorite songs are, Believer, Thunder, and Whatever It Takes.

Detesting –

So, in general I will skip past any Katy Perry or Ariana Grande song. However, lately I just cannot stand the DJ Khaled song with Rhianna  & Bryson Tiller called Wild Thoughts .


Obsessing –

When I like something I tend to wear it over and over and over again. As of late my newest favorite clothing purchase is my basic girl Adidas shirt . I bought it in blue, but I need to order one in black as well.

Detesting –

Ok, so I got this Not Your Bae shirt from JcPenny’s not to long ago, and I do really love the shirt. BUT when I washed it the first time, according to instructions,  and the black part on the top of the shirt still bled to the white lower part. 🙁 🙁 🙁 So mad.


Obsessing –

I cannot get enough of the Milani Keep It Smooth Luxe Lip Treatment. I’m on my second tub. I use this everyday. Night and Day. It lasts a long time on my lips and seriously does keep them smooth.

Detesting –

I bought this gold mask from WalMart the other day. I cannot remember the brand and I can’t find it on their site. It was in black packaging. I still have to mention it, and if you follow our SnapChat you already know how I felt about it. It was supposed to be a sheet mask – but it was super flimsy and in two pieces. AND it made my chin break out. I will find out the brand and come back to edit this post. Just you know. Stay away from collagen boosting gold sheet masks in black packaging that cost around $2.50 from WalMart. 😉


Obsessing –

I’m currently binging on Elementary. It’s my go to show when I want something to watch. And obviously, I’m tuning in to GoT weekly.

Detesting –

I mean, detest may be a strong word in this instance BUT I haven’t been loving Big Brother. I’m usually glued to it…but I just can’t get into it this season which is sad.  🙁


And there you have it. Short and sweet. What have you guys been obsessing over or detesting lately?