That’s okay, you’re not my kind of fun

So we are back with another week of gossip and drama.  The ‘wives are still in Mexico and let me tell you – Kameron is still snooty as fuck.  Cary is pulling out her bikini for the day and Kameron says it is a very skimpy suit but cute “for you.”  Backhanded compliments are kind of her thing.

Brandi and Stephanie decide to put a dildo into D’Andra’s bag as a joke.

While the ladies are consuming tacos and tequila, D’Andra pulls out the dildo from her bag.  Naturally Kameron says it’s disgusting and it’s not funny to her at all.  She literally runs away from it and is super offended by the whole ordeal.  She says that is just not her idea of fun and Brandi says “that’s okay, you’re not my kind of fun.” BOOM!

Later while they are getting ready for the evening, LeeAnne tells D’Andra about her engagement.  Tears and shit.  I’m still over here, not caring.

At dinner, Brandi says of Kameron, “She seems to be offended by a lot of things.”  So then Kameron has to say that she is not a person who would go to a strip club (as the others did before).  So Stephanie calls her out for judging.  Kameron naturally says she isn’t judgmental but that other people judge her…. to which Brandi replies, “I’m not the one who judges someone because I don’t have a Highland Park fucking zip code.”  This is true.

LeeAnne breaks the tension by announcing her engagement to everyone.

The next day, Stephanie and Brandi take an extra-sudsy bubble bath with champagne while LeeAnne, D’Andra, and Kameron are at the spa.  I will tell you, Stephanie and Brandi definitely have my type of fun.  I would have much rather when over my head in all things bubbly.

At dinner, they of course get tequila shots.  What is a Mexico trip (or a night at the Stockyards, for that matter) without tequila shots?  Brandi starts a game of two truths and a lie, but when it comes up to be Cary’s turn, she decides to confront LeeAnne about how she threatened Cary’s life to Brandi.  This then leads to Cary and Brandi arguing over whether or not Cary said Brandi’s plastic surgeon has killed people.  Cary denies she said that and that she had told Brandi to be careful and do her research.  But I could slap the fucking smug off LeeAnne’s face.  She is absolutely LOVING that Brandi and Cary are fighting.  What kind of person delights in other friends fighting?  Oh, right, LeeAnne.


Are you still not watching this season?  You have to!  Next week looks incredible!

All the Awkwardness

So much unnecessary stuff keeps being shown this season.  Kameron adds nothing to the cast.  I am tired of watching her just be a snobby ass.  Over it already.  I only want to watch Stephanie, Brandi, and Cary.  Luckily, I got plenty of that this week.

Cary had cooked a nice dinner and Mark came home being weird about the wine not being served to him the second he walks in the door. He then proceeded to complain about how small the dinner is.  This isn’t some major event, but it sets up the tension between them for the episode.  Cary has been spending less time at work and more time with their daughter.  They go to the Plastic Surgery Channel offices to film a promo video.  The entire video is about how they work together.  Holy shit though, it was awkward.  Cary with her eye rolling at Mark was giving me life.  I love seeing strong couples having bad days.  It’s real life.

LeeAnne is still determined to make everything about her. As she and Brandi are discussing Stephanie and Brandi’s upcoming meeting to talk through things, she tells Brandi how we can’t forget that Stephanie has done things to LeeAnne too.  Insert eye roll.

Brandi and Stephanie meet up at Brandi’s house. So we finally get an understanding of what actually went down to cause a rift between them.  Stephanie had posted on her blog that Brandi’s marriage was like watching a car crash.  Ouch.  That obviously hurt Bryan and Brandi…but Brandi agrees that was a long time ago and she should have already brought it up. Brandi brings up how much it hurt her when Cary posted on IG, calling Stephanie her ride or die.  And then.  And THEN Brandi tells Stephanie she had a miscarriage. Stephanie’s crying, Brandi’s crying, I’m crying. They vow to never fight again.  Please don’t.

LeeAnne is back to see her therapist and tells her what she is planning to dress as for Halloween – Stephanie.  And by “Stephanie,” she means “two-face.”  Her therapist really is not pleased that she wants to do that and pleads with her not to, but LeeAnne is fucking crazy and does it anyway.

So at this Halloween party, Cary is dressed as a tiger.  She is wearing only body paint and a thong.  Ok, girl.  If I looked like that, I would too.  LeeAnne shows up as two-face and it isn’t well received by Travis.  He comes to tell Stephanie that LeeAnne’s stupid costume is a dig at Stephanie and he wants to kick her out. Stephanie says to just ignore her. Stephanie chooses to not react to her, since that’s what LeeAnne wants.  Smart girl and a better person than me, for sure.  Once again, we hear how much LeeAnne is worried that Stephanie and Brandi are friends again.  Of course…I almost forgot this is about LeeAnne.


Did you watch this week?