Ashley’s Top 5 Must Have Sandals

My absolute favorite thing is to slip on a pair of sandals after having had to confine my toes to closed toe shoes for the two bitter weeks of winter that we typically get down here in South Mississippi. It’s rough man. I love living in a warmer climate. I like swimming through air so rich in humidity that you can feel the moisture on your skin. Winter air is terrible for my dry lizard skin, and my naturally cold cold feet. SO, when those blessed 70-80 degree temps return – I am overjoyed to get my feet in a pair of sandals.

Why am I telling you this? Well, in honor of the approaching Spring/Summer weather headed our way – I thought I’d share with you my top picks for some sandal staples you should get in your closet asap.

Women’s Mala Shield Espadrille Wedge Sandals – Universal Thread™

I actually already bought this sandal which is why I feel like it is worthy of making the list. Yeah, it’s pretty high, but they are actually super comfortable. I didn’t wear them hiking or anything – but for a normal the day to day life of an office worker or a warm and breezy summer afternoon day date – these guys would be perfect.

Women’s Michaela Block Heel Quarter Strap Sandals – Who What Wear™

Now, these beauties – I do not own, but will shortly. The block heel is so so hot right now. If you don’t own a pair of shoes with this block heel, what are you doing with your life?? Seriously though, I think these would be great for nights out with your best girls for some dranks and dancing.

***edit: I didn’t realize that these are unavailable for shipping and sold out in most locations…so I found some similar on the Nordstrom Website. They are definitely more expensive – but super cute and almost identical look.**

Women’s Maribella Toe Wrap Gladiator Sandal – Universal Thread™

These little pretties also already have taken up residence in my closet. I love them. I’ve worn them several times. I think you need a classic but cute pair of flat sandals that are versatile and can go with several different outfits.

Women’s Kerina Leather Braided Heeled Huarache Sandals – Merona™

I really think that the design of these sandals are another classic staple. That braided leather detail is everything.

Women’s dv Kylisa Two Band Slide Sandal

And last, but certainly not least – a pair of slides are essential in your sandal collection. Sometimes you just want/need to be able to quickly slip into your shoes and hit the road, or go check the mail, or bring the garbage can in from the road, or run out to the car for something you forgot in it. Slides are important, but definitely don’t fall into the rubber flip flop trap. These particular slides will give you the convenience of a rubber flip flop but will leave you looking a little more put together.

Anddd that is it y’all – do you revamp your shoe choices for each season? What is your must-have sandal for Spring and Summer?