Don’t Hide My Packages, Thanks

Recently, there was a story making rounds on Facebook about an Amazon delivery driver.  He happened upon a home with a “Please Hide Packages From Husband” doormat.  He noticed it and proceeded to do just that – hide the package.  The homeowner’s doorbell camera captured it on video and it was shared repeatedly.  My friends hailed him as a hero.  Not all heroes wear capes and shit.

For a couple of years now, I had been seeing boutiques telling customers to let them know if they need a “congrats for winning!” sticker on their paid orders.

There’s also been variations on the offer to provide a receipt that matches what your partner thinks you paid for an item.

Brilliant, people say.  Is it?

Is it brilliant to encourage people to lie about or hide financial decisions from their partner?  Sure, you’ll get business from someone who needs that service or just appreciates the humor.  This just isn’t how I operate my business.

It’s not uncommon for me to make a purchase quietly and without fanfare and just hope Stuart doesn’t notice.  Although he wouldn’t care if he did notice, I am conditioned from my first marriage that I will be in trouble for spending money.  That marriage didn’t work for many reasons, our financial interactions being one of them.  Lessons learned the hard way.

I realize that these things are just a joke for most of these businesses and homeowners – a little “wink wink.”  It really just isn’t funny to me because of the culture it breeds.  Finances may not be fun to discuss, but having open and honest communication about money stuff is crucial to not only financial security, but to the health of a relationship.

On top of that, if we could stop perpetuating the stereotype that women are shopaholics and men are trying tame their women, that would be great.


5 Things You Need To Order From Amazon Right Now

I am an absolute freak for Amazon!  They aren’t paying me to write this, but I sure wish they were.  Anyway, if I can get something on Amazon, I usually do.  These are the top 5 things I’ve ordered from there.

TONYMOLY Changing U Magic Foot Peeling Shoes. These magical plastic booties contain an amazing solution that causes the rough skin to peel off the foot within a few days.  It is gross and oddly satisfying to watch your feet shed.

Skinfood Egg White Peel Off Pack.  These babies are so neat.  You put them on your wet nose, chin, and forehead.  When they dry, you peel them off and blackheads and sebum come right out onto the strip!

SojoS Sunglasses.  They come in many styles and colors and look designer.  Buuuuuuut inexpensive.  I can get behind a stylish pair of sunnies I can afford to lose.

Kimonos.  You can search for “kimonos” and get SO many hits!  I’ve ordered from several sellers and always had a good experience….for a fraction of boutique prices.

Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate.  This stuff is amazing.  It dissolves in any drink without smell or flavor.  Supports joint health and I feel best when I’m using it daily.


What are your Amazon must-haves?


Week In Review: Ashley

Hey there! So glad to see you guys on this lovely Monday morning. Whaaat? I’m not hating on MONDAY?! Yup. You read that correctly. I’m actually kinda in love with this Monday, because this Monday is the start to my vacation! A super fancy vacation that I will mostly spend at home with my babies..but a vacation nonetheless. 😉 But really – I think we are going to really enjoy ourselves.

Ok anyway..enough with the here and now…what did we do this past week?? Leeet’s see. Wednesday we started out with a beach day. We woke up pretty early that morning to start getting ready.

Look at those cuties. 🙂 Their swimsuits are from Target. Sophie’s is this from this year, but Coop’s is from last year. I like getting the sets with actual shirts because it decreases the areas that I have to worry about applying and reapplying sunscreen. Also, they are very cute. 😉

I tried to pack as minimally as possible for the day. We just brought towels, a blanket, some sand toys, a few drinks, and sunscreen. The beach is literally five miles from our house so it’s not a long trip and completely worth it even if we only spend a couple hours there. It ended up being a really great day in general, but the morning at the beach really fun. The kids had a blast. After they were ready to go we loaded up (Soso was NOT happy about that – there was lots of screaming and whining on her part to stay…. ) and we headed to Chick-Fil-A to grab some lunch. They ate their lunch and Sophie took a nap while Coop basically rested in the bed. I got a ton of laundry and chores done. After naps….we hit up the car wash and did a quick half hour trip to a park near our house.

That night was pretty typical….playing…eating dinner…the bath and bed time. 🙂

Thursday night I cooked the Moracaan Chicken Stuffed Acorn Squash recipe from Eat Happy.

It smelled DELICIOUS while it was cooking…and tasted pretty good too! If you have this cookbook and are interested – I added chili pepper flakes to the chicken/squash filling and melted some cheese on top of the finished stuffed squash halves. What can I say..cheese makes everything better and well I add chili pepper flakes to basically everything I cook. lol

The weekend was pretty jam packed. We had skating birthday party to attend on Saturday afternoon, and Sunday was filled with swimsuit shopping ( for mommy ) and a playdate that afternoon for Coop.

The skating party was a lot of fun. That was the first time Cooper had ever skated, and I fully expected him to be to timid to try. However he surprised the heck out of me! He used the walker for help for a bit, but ended up going all over the rink on his own! It was so cute to watch him…and definitely a very proud mommy moment. He even went out and did the birthday limbo with the other kids. AND he ate an entire piece of pizza when everyone gathered back for food and cake. That’s pretty miraculous because this kid NEVER eats. Sophie had fun too. She was dieing to get out on the floor and skate too…of course…but she’s just a little to small for that still.

And Sunday. We had a good day. Successful play dates….solo time with Daddy for Coop…and some girl shopping for Mommy, Sophie, and Aunt Grace. 🙂 My swimsuit tops are from Old Navy…all their swimsuit pieces are 40% off currently.

What were YOU GUYS up to last week?

Week In Review: Rhonda

Another week in the books, folks.  Holiday weeks always fly by for me and this was no exception.  What’s super exciting is that I am now TEN DAYS from my vacation, which means I can NOT let this week fly by.  I have so much prep to do for the trip!

I had a typical Monday.  Lots of stress, clowning kids, and work.  Restocked the shop and now I have so much in stock!

We studied moon phases on Tuesday, which was a hit for all four kids.  I was incredibly impressed that even Quentin fully understood and retained the information.  I got a great workout in, even doing my planks with two children on my back.  In the afternoon, I made Nick help me out with the shop.  He hated every second.

The littles went to Ulta with me on Wednesday.  They were obsessed with the lighted wall portions and wanted to take like fifteen pictures in front of it.  I didn’t get anything super exciting, just some pore cleansers and stuff.

Thursday was playground day, mostly due to the fact that we had a plumbing issue and waiting around on the maintenance guy to come was annoying.  We decided to just get the hell out of the house.  I somehow always forget that the playground we like is overrun by school kids between 12 and 1 every day.  We ended up ditching it and trying a new park.  It was a hit and I am glad, because it is super close to home!

I also started working on my vacation wardrobe, trying to figure out what I am taking and what I need to buy.  All the color and pattern in my closet and I chose a bunch of black and olive green.  Typical.

Friday, we did some watercolor painting for school, then Claudia and I went in search of some things for my vacation. I am a romper lover and seriously over half of what I tried on was rompers and that was not intentional.  I just gravitate toward them.

On Saturday, I got the rare opportunity to go shop solo after brunch.  I was determined to find a swimsuit for my trip, but not surprisingly, that was a fail.  You know what wasn’t a fail?  Restocking my sparkling water supply.

Easter Sunday was lovely, but really not much different from any other Sunday.  We didn’t leave the house and I stayed in my robe all day.  Nobody wore pants.  I lived vicariously through everyone on Facebook in their Easter outfits.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, I busted my ass carrying Claudia down the stairs.  I now have a gnarly bruise on my ass.  It is super painful and I can’t even sit normally or lie on my back.  A group I am in on Facebook completely imploded when I took shit to a petty and dramatic level.  I was just all done with it.

Did you have a good Easter?  What do you do for the holiday

Week In Review: Ashley

Heeeeey Guys! Happy Monday Morning. 🙂 Thanks for coming back to see what we’ve been up to the past week.

Let’s see. Wednesday I was off work. My dad (or more commonly known as Ppop…or PopPop ..these days) decided to come get Coop for the day. That left me and Sophie alone for a girl’s day with Aunt Grace. 🙂 🙂 Sophie took a morning nap, and Grace came over. So she and I got a little alone adult time to have a conversation that wasn’t continually interrupted by a toddler or baby. 😉 We just hung out and talked while I spent a long and leisurely amount of time applying my makeup. Around 12:30 I checked on SoSo – and she was already awake! So we headed to Newk’s for lunch and then to Maurice’s and Target. Coop came back later that afternoon, and we just had a typical night after that.

Friday night I had a kid free evening. I got to spend  some more time with my Seeester. We did Chili’s for dinner and drinks. She hosted a bridal shower this weekend – so, after dinner we went back to my house and foraged my decorative household goods hoard collection for some things that she could use to decorate the room with.


Saturday afternoon the kids and I lounged at my parents house. The weather was so eery and gloomy and SUPER windy most of the day. Despite that it was actually a nice day to be outside. Late that afternoon the bottom fell out. We’d gone to check out the house my brother is in the process of buying and ended up getting caught in the downpour as we were leaving to head back home. Cooper stayed the night with his Grammy and Ppop Saturday night while Sophie and I headed home.

Race Track contraption that Ppop helped Coop build.

She slept amazingly that night. Like…from 8:00 pm to 9:00 am. It was great. Because I’d had a couple of glasses of wine that night and didn’t go to sleep until 12 myself. Haha

AND thanks to the heads up from Grace, I found out Downton Abbey is on Amazon Video (for Prime Subscribers)!! I’ve never watched it, but I have been wanting to for forever – but I didn’t have access to it…you know besides downloading it..and I don’t have time for that. 😉 So anyway, I may or may not have watched it Saturday night…and Sunday morning. 

A little glimpse into Cooper’s life while he stays with Grammy and Ppop. 😉 Cracker Barrel breakfast….Walmart trips with powder donuts…and some relaxing coloring time.

Yes, I am about to include a picture of my child on the potty. Sophie is a year and a half old – and she’s showing interest in going potty. So, I’ve started to put her on it when she asks. Because – training Coop has been such a bitch…I figured why not get a head start. Especially while she’s interested and does it willingly.

Sunday, Sophie and I headed back to my parent’s house around noon. We picked up Grammy and decided to take a spontaneous shopping trip to Hattiesburg. Cooper’s birthday is next weekend, so I thought I would look for some things for him. Also, I just wanted a change in routine and scenery for the day. 🙂 We ended up at the mall – and spent a couple hours just browsing. I did find a cute new outfit for Coop, which I’m sure he will very much appreciate. 😉 I feel so uninspired to buy him toys. I feel like he has way too many.

We stayed later than usual at my parents. Sophie was over being in the car. She pretty much cried the entire hour back home while we drove from Hattiesburg to Gulfport. So that was fun. I decided to chill at my parents and let her get out and stretch her legs. We ate dinner there and headed home around 7. I have to say, here, how much I love longer days. I don’t feel like we have to rush to get the kids in, because it will be dark soon.

That night we got home – the kids played a little…and then it was bath and bedtime! Now, I’m in bed by 8:30 – ready to call it a night. 😉

Getting some baby love from my girl before bedtime. She gives the best kisses….when you catch her in the right mood. 😉
Hope you guys had a fantastic week! What were y’all up to?