Ipsy Reveal : October 2017

Thanks for coming back to see what we got in our bags this month.  We described Ipsy to you last month:

What is ipsy? It is a monthly subscription service. You pay ten dollars a month and get a cute bag and five makeup/beauty related products. They are usually deluxe sample sized – sometimes you get a full sized product. When you sign up you do a little ‘get to know you’ type of survey that the ipsy peeps use to determine what types of products to send you. Also, as you receive the products each month you get to review each one individually. If ipsy sends you something you absolutely hate…all you have to do is let them know in the review and they won’t send it again. For instance, say you get some nail polish in your first bag, and you don’t really care for nail polish. Let them know in the review that you’d like to not receive it again. And voila! They won’t send it in your bag anymore!

We both look forward, with great anticipation, each month to receiving our ipsy bags. Ipsy is a great way to try out all kinds of different beauty brands and products without investing in the full size version – not knowing if you will like it or not. You don’t get to hand pick what comes in your bag, but we are pretty sure that there won’t be many times that you regret trying what they send you. 😉

Ipsy rewards you points for referrals, purchasing through their website, and reviewing.  The points can be redeemed in the rewards shop toward products.

You can sign up to receive Ipsy by clicking here (we may receive credit if you sign up). Ok ! On to this month’s goodies:

Ashley –

Let me first say that I’m really pleased with my bag this time around. I’ve literally been using the items I received every single day since I opened the package. For about a week straight now. For me, that’s worth my ten dollars – more than worth ten dollars actually. 🙂

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion : This eyeliner is great. The pigmentation is on point, and I am pleased with the staying power. The liner lasts about four solid hours on my water line which is better than most eyeliners I’ve tried. It glides on easily and stands out with just one swipe. It is also really easy to blend out for a more smokey eye look. I’m fairly confident that I’ll be picking this one up in brown soon.

Tarte deluxe lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara :  This is a great everyday mascara. I like it. I’m not IN LOVE with it but I was not disappointed in the coverage and lasting wear – I just usually like a mascara that offers a move voluminous look.

Hanalei Papaya Enzyme Powder Cleanser : This cleanser claims to be an ultra gentle exfoliator and I 100% agree with that claim. You just pour a dime sized amount of powder into your palm, mix with a few drops of water, and then massage it all over your face. The powder particles exfoliate your skin, but they eventually all dissolve away which is a major plus for me. I hate cleansers with exfoliating beads that are hard to remove completely from your face during rinsing.

Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Bronzed : To be honest, I was not excited about receiving this shadow. I didn’t need another bronze eye shadow shade – I have a billion. BUT when I swatched and wore this shadow it read more army green. I don’t know if that’s because of my skin tone or if it was actually mislabeled? Either way – I adore it. I’ve worn it several times and can’t get enough. It blends like a dream and is uber pigmented.

Firma Beauty 201 Tall Blender Brush : What can I say? Another brush from Ipsy = another love story. This brush is soft and the bristles are just the right length. I like that the bristles are a little bit of an oval shape rather than a circle, because it allows for more control when doing precise deep crease blending.

Rhonda –

I love love love the design of this bag!  It has a subtle lace brocade and a pretty little bat zipper pull.  It really had good contents, but I won’t be actually trying all of them.  I have decided that November will be my last ipsy bag.  It’s not because I don’t love ipsy, because I totally DO.  However, I work for a skincare and cosmetics brand and am in the process of switching to all their products.  Instead, I’ll take the $10 I spend on the subscription to buy a new brush every month, since that’s my favorite thing anyway!

tarte deluxe lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara – I have previously tried this mascara and as much as I am a fan of all things tarte, this one really misses the mark for me.  I didn’t feel like it did much of anything for my lashes.

Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Bronzed – I didn’t open this because I want to be able to sell it since I won’t be using it.  I was tempted though because I love this deep bronze hue!  However, Ashley gave more info on this product in her reveal.

JM Solution Water Luminous Jelly Cleanser – I’m already on a skincare regimen and not introducing new products, but the description of it makes it sound lovely and refreshing.  I love products with hyaluronic acid!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation – I would have flipped out over receiving this foundation, because I’ve heard such good things.  However, I once again am just needing to transition to all one brand.  I did swatch it though because I am going to keep it and try it until I order foundation from my company.  When I swatched, I was impressed with the coverage for what is supposed to be a more sheer and natural look.  It doesn’t feel gross and heavy either.

Firma Beauty 201 Tall Blender Brush – Another month, another brush.  And I am not complaining!  I can’t get enough brushes in my life.  The bristles on this one are so soft and have a perfect shape for really defining the crease.


Have you enjoyed your October ipsy?  Have you tried any of the products we received?

Ulta/Colourpop Haul Review: Ashley

Hey y’all hey! Happy FRIDAY!! I hope you guys are having a fabulous day so far…and are excited for the weekend ahead. Today, I wanted to share with you my review of some products I purchased at the end of last month. I did an unboxing and first impressions of these products on our snapchat (RAtheMOMachine) when I first received them. Now that I’ve had them for about a month, I feel like I can give my final thoughts on most of them. 🙂 Let’s get to it, shall we?

So apparently I bought several concealers. 🙂

NYX HD Concealer (in lavender) – I got this to use as a brightener with my darker concealers ( like the Maybeline Fit Me ), and it does a great job. I just apply it first – then put the Fit Me on top and use a damp beauty sponge to blend it all out.

Maybeline Fit Me (in fair) –  This was a repurchase for me. I absolutely love this concealer for days that I don’t want heavy coverage. It’s definitely an affordable option in comparison to high end concealers like NARS or Tarte Shape Tape. It doesn’t look cakey or creasy and blends out easily.

Maybelline Face Studio Master Concealer (in fair) – This was another repurchase for me. I use this to spot conceal when I have pimples I need to disguise…or just red bumps. It is a thick concealer, but it blends out well with a damp sponge and it has amazing coverage. Some days I just use this with some under eye concealer and skip out on foundation completely.

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer (in fair) –  First, that name. Woah. This is a multi use concealer. You can use it for everything. I typically use it to conceal my under eye and brighten the center of my face. Another repurchase. It is full coverage, but you can lessen the amount you apply for a lighter coverage if you want. It lasts all day. It actually brightens my pale skin. The coverage is phenomenal. Bottom line, if you use concealer and this is not in your makeup arsenal…you are missing out my friend.

NYX Honey Dew Me Up Skin Serum and Primer –  I’ve use this once…and wasn’t blown away. I definitely need to give it some more use to really talk about my full opinion.

L.A. Girl Pro Coverage Liquid Foundation (in fair) –  Sooo I haven’t even used this. The color was all wrong when I swatched it. I just noticed they have a porcelain color option. I probably should have bought that. And I should for sure return this. lol

L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint (in blushing) –  I added this to my cart because I bought the L.A. Girl foundation and there was a buy one get one 50% off. It’s horrible. It smells like paint. The applicator is plastic. It’s insanely liquidy. It is so so so bad. But it was super cheap…soo I definitely got what I paid for. Why haven’t I returned this yet??

IT Cosmetics No Tug Water Proof Gel Liner (in brown) –  I purchased this because I’d received the black version of this liner in an Ipsy bag and I absolutely love it. I just don’t wear black liner on a regular basis. I don’t know if I agree with the waterproof claim, because my watery eye line dissolves this stuff by the middle of the day. However, I still think it’s great. I have really watery eyes. It for sure is the longest lasting liner that I’ve ever used.

Double Play – Pressed Powder Face Duo –  So I love the highlight in this palette. That shade to the left is supposedly a blush. It’s more like a bronzer for me. I mainly just the highligher..on the regular. 🙂 It’s stunning.

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer (in bronzer) – As you can see from the dint I’ve made in the product…I love this. There are only two shades in this bronzer and “bronzer” is the darkest shade. It works really great with my skin tone for a natural bronzed look.

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation (in fair neutral) – The first several times I wore this, I used it as a finishing powder. It ended looking to dry on my face. Again, like my watery eye line..dry skin is my problem – not this product’s. I now use it on days that I don’t do foundation. I’ll set my undereye and lightly brush it on the rest of my face. Using it that way (which is more of what it is intended for ) I don’t experience any over dryness looks.

Blow Me Away Pressed Powder Shadow Palette –  I really love this palette. I didn’t have any shadows in those colors. The quality is top notch, of course. They blend really well. I’ve used this entire palette for one look ..but I mainly grab it and use the colors individually with other shadows I own.

MARIO BADESCU Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea –  As you can see from the amount of product left in this bottle…I LOVE this spray. I use it everyday after I finish my makeup. I’ll spray a generous amount all over my face, then use the damp beauty sponge to just put it into my skin. It refreshes my skin and helps melt all my powders into it so that I achieve that dewy look I’m always searching for. 🙂


WHEW! We made it to the end. At least I hope you made it to the end. haha Thanks for reading today. I hope I gave you some insight to these products. Do you guys use any of these? What are YOUR thoughts on them? 🙂

Week In Review: Ashley

Hey guys! And so another week has passed us by…and we here we are again – To share the thrilling details of exactly WHAT me and my crew have been up to… 🙂

Wednesday was my off day…and we got into all kinds of fun…and had a few too many crying/tantrum moments. Wednesday was also the Baby Daddy’s birthday soo the kids and I set out to get him a few treats.

This is Cooper trying to negotiate why his dad needs these bubble gloves. In reality, he wanted them for himself. After much crying, whining, and convincing, I was able to get Cooper to pick out an appropriate Star Wars themed toy for his dad. Of course he also wanted a toy for himself – I reminded him how he’d just had a birthday. Coop pleaded “Please can it just keep going???” lol

We also went to WalMart for a few essentials/non essentials. 😉 Sophie needed a new big girl car seat, and we just also needed some food for the house. After we dropped off all of our purchases at home, we headed to the trampoline park. I’d wanted to do a beach day but the weather was threatening with rain for most of the day. SO to the trampoline park we went. The kids were tired so it was a short and sweet visit. And yes. No pictures. Did it actually happen though?? 😉 haha It did.  I DID snap some videos. So – if you aren’t following us on all forms of our social media…you should definitely get on that!

Speaking of social media outlets…while the kids napped that afternoon, I unboxed and swatched my most recent Ulta order that came in that day. I’m for sure going to do a follow up blog post where I talk about my first impressions and how those have stayed or evolved over several times of trying these products.

Friday night, I dropped my entire wine bottle just mere minutes after coming home with it. :(:(:(:(:( It was ok though – Shaun bought more AND my kitchen floor got a nice unexpected and thorough cleaning as a result. 🙂

Saturday was just a lot of chilling. We hung out at my parent’s house. My dad started putting up the pool and filling it with water. The kids LOVED that. The water was sooo cold but they played in it for a while. Especially Sophie. She was in heaven. Aunt Grace came over after work and hung with us. And of course Uncle Shane was there 🙂

Oh! and Saturday morning I did another unboxing/swatching on our snapchat. That time it was of a little colourpop order that I’d gotten Friday night.

I will also be talking about these products in a future blog post follow up. 🙂 The left arm are swatches from an eye shadow palette (Blow Me Away) and the right are swatches from a blush/highlight palette (Double Play).

On Sunday we decided to spend a little time outside and hit up a local nature trail: The Tuxachanie National Recreation Trail The trail is 12 miles long – but we only did two miles because: kids. AND to go the complete 12 mile round trip you’d definitely need an entire day that started early in the morning planned out. There is supposed to be an abandoned WWII POW camp at the end of it – so I for sure would like to check it out in it’s entirety one day. 🙂

So yeah, that was our week/weekend. 🙂 Thanks for coming by and seeing what we were up to! What did you guys do last week?

5 Lippie Brands You Need To Try

I have a long-standing obsession with lip products.  Before I regularly wore lipstick, I was addicted to lip balms.  I had them in my car, bedside drawer, purse, kitchen….anywhere I was going to be.  Once I started wearing lipstick daily, my obsession got deeper and now?  Well, I can’t stop buying it, whether I need it or not.  I have come to rely on five brands more than any others and I just have to share the love with you!

Clockwise from top left: NYX Kitten Heels, Colourpop Molly, Colourpop Marshmallow, Lipsense Purple Reign, Tarte fomo, Colourpop Mugshot, Urban Decay Disobedient, Colourpop Sunday; Center: Colourpop Moment of Weekness set
  1. Colourpop. This brand has a cult-like following and it’s absolutely warranted.  All of their lip products are great.  I have 20-30 of them and my favorite formula is the Ultra Matte.  They go on smoothly and evenly and wear well through some drinks.  Some colors transfer more than others, but for $6 a pop, you can collect and wear the hell out of them.
  2. Lipsense.  You would just about have to live under a rock to not know what this is at this point.  It is sold through independent distributors and it is hot hot hot right now.  There’s a good reason for that.  I am not kidding you when I tell you it lasts all day.  I can make out with my fiance, neatly.  It’s life-changing for someone like me, who is always kissing, eating, and drinking.  The price tag can throw some off.  $55 for a starter kit seems like a lot, but I have been wearing mine several days a week and it looks like there is plenty of product left.  And when you’re ready to buy another color, it’s only $20.  Totally worth it.
  3. NYX.  Another bargain brand, NYX is also a cult favorite.  I have every shade of the liquid suede, which is there most popular product for a reason.  It is not transfer proof, but will last for at least a couple of hours of normal wear.  My favorite thing about it is that I don’t feel it on my lips like some other liquid mattes.  Also, the color selection is to die for!  There is something for everyone and $6.99 price tag means you can collect them all!
  4. Tarte.  I have shared my love for Tarte before.  I am completely obsessed with their lip paints.  They recently launched quick dry lip paints, which I have not tried, but their creamy matte lip paints are amazing.  Colors are on-trend and the formula is creamy and comfortable on.  They are worth the $20 for the smell and comfort alone.
  5. Urban Decay.  I have never been a huge fan of Urban Decay.  In general, I find them highly overrated.  However, they have a couple of standout items and one of those is their Vice lipsticks.  Sometimes I want something creamy and nourishing instead of a liquid matte.  In that case, I reach for Vice lipsticks.  They come in different finishes and I tend to gravitate toward the creams.  They are priced at a reasonable $17.

Are any of these your favorites?  What lip brands do you love that I haven’t mentioned?

Ashley’s Current Beauty Product Faves

Hey there party people. 🙂 Hope your week is going well. I love watching YouTube makeup videos. Some of my current YT obsessions include: Jeffree Star, Manny MUA, Casey Holmes, Juicyjazz, Kathleen Lights, Thataylaa, and many many more… Anyway, the point is I love watching these guys. Some of my favorite videos to watch are their ‘monthly favorites’ videos. I like seeing which products they tried out..how those products worked for them…and even which products they didn’t like. It really helps me know what’s hot – what’s new – and gives me an idea of things I want to try – OR don’t want to try. You know, instead of going into Ulta or the drugstore and blindly choosing something.

So, why did I just tell you all that? Wellll, today I wanted to share with you some of MY current beauty products that I cannot live without. These are things that I reach for on a daily basis, because I do my makeup and take care of my skin every single day. I thought maybe this would help one of you if you are looking for something new to try and don’t know where to start.


  1. EyeshadowAnastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

I actually bought this palette from Rhonda…oh about a couple months ago now. I’ve been hooked to it ever since. I’ve definitely become a bit of an eyeshadow snob. Drug store shadows just don’t do it for me like the high end ones. The AMR palette is perfection. I’ve seriously used it every single day since I got it. If for nothing else I use ‘vermeer’ as my brow bone highlight. If you are looking into investing in a high end eyeshadow palette, I would HIGHLY suggest trying out the AMR. It’s got a great mix of neutrals and some pops of color to switch things up.


  1. Highlight/Bronzer/Contour Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight and Contour Palette

Y’all. This palette. I absolutely lurve it. I got it for Christmas…and I just can’t stop – won’t stop – using it. The bottom right shade is my everyday bronzer. It’s a powder. The bottom left is the only thing from this whole palette that I don’t use. It’s a cream contour shade, which is just not something I’ve dabbled into yet. I’ve used every single highlight. They alllll work beautifully on my pale pale skin. Strobe (top right) is my every day – go to highlight. Not only does it look pretty and work really well – it smells heavenly.

  1.  MascaraToo Faced: Better Than Sex [black] & L’Oreal:  Voluminous  Original Mascara   [black]

Both of these mascaras are amazing. I use them interchangeably. I do really love the smaller wand on the L’Oreal one for coating my bottom lashes – BUT the Too Faced wand isn’t sooo big that I can’t comfortably use it on my bottom lashes as well. Both mascaras lift and separate my lashes beautifully – and neither one flakes or wears off throughout the day.  I would say that the Too Faced one does give me slightly more volume.

  1. MoisturizerFormula 10.0.6 Picture Perfect day & Sheamoisture African Water Mint & Ginger Shea Butter Lip Balm

First and foremost all you fellow dry skinned ladies (and guys) DRINK A SHIT TON OF WATER. I promise…like pinky promise and cross my heart – drinking water is the most important thing you can do to ensure that your skin stays less dry than normal and allow for the products that you use to function with the utmost effectiveness. I fight dry skin on a daily basis. These two things are not the only products I use, BUT they are the only products I’m currently using that I love and would purchase/have purchased again. My parched skin always feels refreshed after I apply this moisturizer AND I’m happy because it is also my daily dose of sunscreen. Double duty! This lip balm…I can’t get enough. It has that Vaseline type consistency, but it doesn’t feel like it just sits on my lips – I can tell it’s soaking in. Also, it smells amazing and gives a slightly minty tingle to my lips. LOVE it. 🙂  

  1. Face: Maybelline MasterFix Concealer, L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer , Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream

As I just mentioned – I’ve got crazy dry skin. I do all the things to prevent it…well at least make it LESS dry. I am in love with the Magic Lumi Primer. This magical primer will give even the most matte of foundations or BB creams a nice dewy and luminous look. Most days I mix it with a pea sized amount of the MasterFix Concealer and just cover up a few trouble spots. On days that I need more full coverage I reach for the CG Clean Matte BB Cream – also mixing that with the magic lumi primer. I don’t do full on foundation – I just don’t need it AND that’s just usually too much on my dry dry dry dry as a desert skin. I promise, I’m not being dramatic.

  1. Cheeks: Wet N Wild Color Icon Blush – Rose Champagne

This blush is freaking dirt cheap – but it is amazing. The pigmentation is impressive, and this shade is just perfection. It is just that little bit of natural glow on my pale face. It goes with almost any look – because it is so neutral. I can’t live without it. For sure.

^^ That’s me…wearing all these products. 🙂

Ok – I think that is about it for now. I didn’t mention lips. I know. You see….I have this problem: there is no way I could narrow that section down to one or two lippies. Lips are a post in and of themselves. 😉
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed hearing about my current beauty favorites – and hopefully you found a few new things to try out for yourself!

Week In Review: Rhonda

Monday, I really hit the ground running, but perhaps it was too much, because in the afternoon I hit a wall and really didn’t feel well – chills, achy muscles, and sore throat.  I think my body was trying to fight off an illness.  I got my workout and hair washing and drying all done early.  We got school done early and I got fun mail!  There is nothing better than makeup in the mail, especially a poppin’ highlight.  I also love when a seller or company really steps up the game in shipping out packages.  I ordered a Texas koozie and patch and Bryan threw in postcards and a sticker!  Great service.

I had the most productive day on Tuesday!  I couldn’t even begin to name all that I got done, but among those was a killer workout, quality time with my kids, and bathrooms cleaned.  Hell yes!

Claudia and I got our exercise on Wednesday, ran some errands, and brought a stack of packages from the mailboxes.  Who doesn’t love happy mail?!  We shipped off some happy mail too.  I love sending items to their new owners.  I think it’s the best part of running a resale shop.  I made a delicious dinner and enjoyed some quality time with Stuart after the kids went to bed.

I worked my tail off Thursday, prepping for something major I am planning and dropping prices in my resale shop.

Friday was spent doing little tasks like washing rugs and cleaning my ring, then a target outing for my mini and me.  She helped me make the kids’ dinner while I simmered chili for Stuart and me.

Y’all know I love my Saturdays. I kicked things off this week with my squats (booty is starting to pop!) and then was rewarded with a mimosa (or 4).  We had an amazing afternoon nap, then got groceries.  Stuart made us some phenomenal tuna steaks and I drank WAY too much vodka.

Sunday was much like all our Sundays… did my nails, had some adult beverages, and kicked it with my family.  Claudia did what she does best and “helped” Stuart cook and eat his dinner.  It was of course the start of Daylight Saving Time, which is always such a damn treat.  The entire day seemingly disappeared with the omission of a single hour.

How are you adjusting to the time change? Do you feel like you lose the entire day instead of a single hour?

Week in Review: Rhonda

Dang.  Like, where did the week go??  It went by in such a blur.

Claudia woke up Monday deciding so absolutely follow me around all day.  That’s always a challenge when it comes to getting thing accomplished in a timely manner.

Tuesday was one of those days to get stuff done.  The realization that my annual beach trip is so soon motivated me to really buckle down my diet and exercise.  I had a great workout and ate perfectly between helping Quentin with his numbers and running errands with my little Minnie.

Wednesday was super amazing weather in the DFW, so we got the hell out of the house as quickly as we could finish school.  I even shortened the lessons, because I needed that fresh air in the worst way.  We had a great time at our favorite playground.  When I started dinner in the evening, everyone was TURNT and I had to retreat to the bathroom to drink my wine.  Bless.

Thursday, I got a lot done around the house and we had a longer school day than usual. Claudia helped me out on naming my future business and the highlight of the week – I GOT MY NEW MACBOOK!  I am loving it so much.  My old MacBook Pro was so worn out.  Big thanks to Stuart for spoiling me so good.  I also placed an Ulta order, which I hadn’t done in a long time.  I had to get on those 5x Tarte points while I had them.  If you aren’t in the rewards program at Ulta, you’re really missing out.

Friday, the kids and I went to Target.  This is legit one of my least favorite things to do.  Target is my happy place and they totally mess it up for me.  I spent too much, didn’t get everything on my list, and was all kids of frazzled when we left.  It exhausted Claudia though and she passed the fuck out at our late nap time.  When she woke up at 7:30, she was still cranky, but got much happier when Stuart came home and played with her.

I am just gonna go ahead and say that Saturday was the best day this week.  I put on my highlighter Chris Crocker “paintbrush” style (watch here if you aren’t familiar) and it was amazing.   I also gave stamping in my journal a try after hating it previously.  It turned out better.  But most of Saturday was spent just soaking up some Stuart time, which I don’t get nearly enough of.

Sunday was lovely, as Sundays tend to be.  We didn’t do much other than go to work with Stuart for a couple of hours and organize my underwear drawer.  Fancy.

It felt great to own the fact that I am never going to wear the tights in my collection and toss them out.  Did you do anything this weekend that just felt good?

I Heart Tarte


It is no secret that I am absolutely obsessed with makeup.  Over the last few years, I moved from all drugstore makeup to mostly prestige products.  I still have a few favorite drugstore standouts and use them when I can, to lessen the impact of my beauty habit on my wallet.

There is one brand that never lets me down.  That would be Tarte.  Some brands really have a lot of misses sprinkled in with the hits.  Tarte seriously never fails me.  I have never purchased anything from them that I didn’t absolutely love.  Let me just rattle off some reasons I love Tarte.

  1. They are cruelty-free.  For a brief period, I tried to go 100% cruelty-free, then I found that there was so much grey area.  Then I worked for a beauty brand that is not cruelty-free and half my arsenal suddenly wasn’t.  I still try to buy cruelty-free when the product is just as good as similar items being offered.
  2. The smell.  The intoxicating, lightly sweet fragrance of the tarte palettes and lip products draws me in.  I love the luxurious feeling of opening a palette and smelling what I can only describe as pure love.
  3. The wearability.  I love an edgy, funky, colorful, or all-out sparkly look at times, but the majority of the products can be worn to a conservative office or at home with the kids.  That isn’t to say I don’t get funky at home sometimes, but you get the idea.  You can also build up a day look to a night look using the same products.
  4. The people behind the brand.  I follow Tarte on snapchat and IG and they are totally relatable people who really just want to help you!  They aren’t afraid to go on camera without makeup either.
  5. The packaging.  The products are just beautiful and so well-made.  The palettes always have pretty prints and nice little phrases like “throw kindness around like confetti.”
  6. The quality of the product.  Everything they make does what it promises.  Because of this, I always have complete confidence in placing an order on a product I haven’t even swatched in the store.  For the price, you really get a great value.  The shadows and cheek colors are totally blendable and buildable.

Today, I decided to do a 100% Tarte look.  When I got started though, I realized that there were a few items I don’t have from Tarte.  So, I pulled out a few “supporting cast.”  Guess I know what’s next on my Tarte wish list!

The stars of the show: limited edition tarteist Live.Laugh.Love.Dream. blush palette (no longer available), limited edition maneater palette, rainforest of the sea foundation, shape tape concealer, smolderEYES amazonian clay waterproof eyeliner, tarteist lash paint mascara, lights camera splashes waterproof mascara, park avenue princess bronzer, creamy matte lip paint in FOMO

The supporting cast: bellapierre banana setting powder, Benefit Ka-Brow, Benefit porefessional primer

Do you use any of these products?  What’s your never-fail makeup brand?

*I am in no way sponsored by Tarte (but better believe I would accept such an offer).  They have no idea who I am.  I received no compensation for this post and bought everything with mine or my fiance’s hard-earned money.*