What We Wore Wednesday

Welcome back to another week of what we’ve been wearing.  Life has been so crazy lately with family occasions, the end of the school year, and the holiday.  Come join us on our Facebook page at 9pm tonight for our weekly Wine Wednesday broadcast where we chat it up unfiltered.


Look, I’ve spent most of the week in the bikini and decided y’all probably don’t want to see that.  So you get 2 outfits.

Jersey and Hat: Texas Rangers Pro Shop at Globe Life Park. Shorts: Mixtape. Sandals: Old Navy, not available. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Tank: Mixtape. Shorts: Mixtape. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.


I broke my streak of having just two outfits…i have FOUR today! Woot! I mean. They are nothing out of the ordinary. Black/gray/white…you know the drill around here. 😉

Shirt: From some online boutique that I honestly can’t remember the name of now…it’s been a while Jeans: Stitchfix Earrings: N&S Gray Mosaic [not available]

Tshirt: Old Navy Jeans: Denizen Jeggings Earrings:N&S Gray Mosaic [not available]

Shirt: Nothing Nowhere Merch Shop Shorts: Denizen High Rise Earrings: N&S Leopard 

Tshirt: Mixtape Boutique Shorts: Denizen High Rise Earrings: N&S Black

What We Wore Wednesday

Hey hey hey! Happy Wednesday. 😉 Wednesday around these parts means that we show you guys a few of the things we’ve been wearing for a little fashion accountability for ourselves and maybe to throw some inspiration your way. It’s also Wine Wednesday! So make sure you go like our Facebook Page so that you can tune in for our weekly live chat at 9pm on our page! 🙂

Alright to the outfits:

Ashley –

Shirt: Mixtape Boutique Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar Skinnies Earrings: N&S Minty Fresh

Shirt: Target clearance (not available) Shorts: Denizen Earrings: N&S Black

Rhonda –

I went to baseball games and cleaned for the last week.  So ya get what ya get.  And yes, I was rooting for both teams this weekend so my wardrobe was wonky.

Jersey and hat: Pro Shop at Globe Life Park. Tank: Super old. Shorts: Mixtape. Shoes: Converse. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Tank: Old.  Jacket: Target, Not available. Jeans: Old Navy, not available. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.  Hat: Pro Shop at Globe Life Park.

Tee: Light Up the Moon merch shop. Shorts: Mixtape. Shoes: Converse. Earrings: Nickel & Suede.

Life Lately

Hey guys! It’s that time again where we share with y’all what’s been going on in each of our lives as of late. 🙂

Ashley –

Soooo, life lately eh? We’re like one week into May and looking at my calendar – this introvert gets overwhelmed. May is the end of the school year which has brought an influx of activities for us. We’ve got school functions, meetings about Cooper’s speech/kindergarten needs for next year, dead lines I need to remember to meet concerning turning in documents and money…just you know – alll the things. PLUS throw in a couple of friend birthday parties. We’re enjoying it immensely though – and we will for sure be sad when the school year is over. It’s a bitter sweet thing. I will personally be relieved to not have to worry about alllll the daily school things, but I’ll be sad because it’s just another reminder of my baby getting bigger and bigger. 🙁

Last week Coop had field day and we went to a birthday party the following Saturday. His dad and I decided to divide and conquer this whole morning event. I was there for the beginning of field day before I needed to head to work, and his dad came to be there to eat lunch with Coop. Unfortunately, Cooper had other ideas. Between the time I left and when his dad showed up, Coop had somehow gotten it in his head that he was going to get to go home. There were lots of tears, and his dad ended up leaving early to avoid a full blown melt down that was reminiscent of Coop’s first several weeks transitioning to school.

Looking back on the school year though – we are so incredibly proud of the progress he has made. He’s seemed to master his separation anxiety when it comes to staying at school, because he is just so incredibly comfortable there!  Not only has his emotional and social development been superb, but he’s advanced scholastically as well.  🙂

I got to see TWO movies this past weekend. That’s cray, because I can’t even vividly remember the last time I’ve been to the movies before then…. I saw  the new Avengers movie and Tully. They were both really great. You need to get your booty in a theater and see them both.

What about Sophie you ask? Well, we did a big thing almost two weeks ago now….we took away the baba (aka  – the bottle). Yes. Yes. My two and a half year old was still using a bottle.  Listen. It wasn’t hurting anyone and she LOVED it. Ok. Correction: she probably STILL loves it. I’m not that mom that is going to force my child to give up something just because everyone else is saying that should stop doing this or that by a certain age. I honestly believe it needs to come down to what’s best for YOUR child and YOUR family life. Why now for us? I was over it. Over having to keep up with all the parts of the bottles. Also, she’d bitten through most the nipples and I definitely didn’t want to go out and buy more.  It was just time. So we did it…and besides a couple times of asking for one to soothe her when she was upset or wanting to sleep – she was totally fine with it! Now all we have to do is potty train. #sendallthehelp

But yeah – that’s my life lately. What about you Rhonda?

Rhonda –

I have to say, it has been spectacular over my way.  We have been completely overhauling the house we have lived in since August 2017 and enjoying what is essentially the start of summer around here.

This is our backyard that we actually already love, but are now re-doing.  Honestly, it already looks nothing like this and I can’t wait to share when it’s done.

We started pool season and the first day it was SO cold….like probably a bit pre-mature.  But it got better.  We learned that this early in the year, we need to fill it up a couple of hours before we plan to get in.

Good ole baseball.  It really is America’s pastime.  I have been a fan for many years and I was really excited to go this past weekend, when the Red Sox – my favorite team – were in town.

Cinco de Mayo rolled around. I headed to the store to get some margarita mix and there was a mariachi band in Walmart…cause Texas, y’all.

I had every intention of just chilling in my backyard paradise with a margarita…but 2:00 Cinco Drunk Rhonda decided it was time for a party…. Several of our besties came over and we actually had the best time ever.  I drank a tad bit more than I prefer to when we are hosting, but it’s one of those things where I intentionally invited only our closest friends because I didn’t want to have to entertain really.

Clay took my phone (that I lost right within reach several times) and took some super cute selfies.

We went to yet another ballgame and had the greatest time.  Fuck, it was SO hot, but we still really enjoyed our time as a family.

Stuart enjoys the circus enough that he actually bought more baseball tickets while we were at the game.  Bless it all.

Life Lately

Happy Monday, party people!  It’s time for a check in, where we fill you in on the last couple of weeks in our lives and you tell us what’s new with you!

Rhonda –

It has been an amazing couple of weeks over at my house.  Holy moly, what a busy month.  And to think, Stuart and I thought April was going to be boring and quiet.  HA!  We don’t know how to do boring; that’s for damn sure.

We hosted a 30th birthday party for our friend Jenn.  It was a nice laid-back cookout with friends and I think she really enjoyed herself, which is all we wanted.

We dined out a couple of times.  We don’t do that often, but make sure to do take them out as much as we can.  It’s important to me that my kids don’t grow up the way I did, afraid to even order from a server.  We make them order themselves and teach them to be patient waiting for their food to arrive.  They definitely still need practice.  Lawd.

We also are working on decorating and upgrading some furnishings in the house.  We hit up IKEA and loaded as much stuff into the Flex as possible.  What you’re looking at is a bookshelf, a dresser, a dining table, six chairs, and a sideboard!  Holy moly.  I’ll be so glad when we are done putting it all together.  We have been so busy doing other stuff, that we haven’t been able to dedicate enough time to assembly.  We will get there though!

As usual, we have spent a lot of time outdoors and Harper, Quentin, and I all got new bikes!  I was completely surprised by mine and I am also surprised by how much I enjoy riding it!

We wrapped up this past weekend by taking the kids to their first professional baseball game.  The Rangers defeated the Mariners and we had a great family time!

Ashley –

Gosh. I feel the same as Rhonda…seems like so much has happened over the past couple of weeks.

Obviously the usual of work and school took place. We’ve been having hit and miss Spring weather (like most everywhere…) so whenever we can we are outside enjoying the sunny days.

The weekend before last we had my Papa’s funeral which was super sad but it was also really nice to get to see family that I don’t get to see often. My cousin has a son who is only a month younger than Sophie, so it’s always really cute to see the two of them interact in person. We do a lot of snapchatting to each other about the two of them. 🙂 Sophie is SO tall though. She’s a good five inches taller than Krystal’s son and weighs 12 pounds more!

That Saturday after the funeral, I hopped in my car and headed to Destin, Fl to see friends of mine who are in the band, Light Up the Moon, play at Aj’s in Destin. It was so much fun. They aren’t local – they’re based in PA – so it was really nice to get to see them again!

Cooper got this bubble gun for his birthday from his Aunt Marie and her crew, and it has just been a huge hit around here. I went out and got a similar one for Sophie to use in order to curb and fights over whose turn it is to use it, BUT we are just loving playing with them. We’ve taken them to the park a couple of times and all the other children really enjoy it too. So, if you’re looking for an easy and relatively cheap form of entertainment, go to Walmart and get a bubble gun…or two! We’ve always played with bubble…but having this little battery powered bubble blower has made the whole experience even more enjoyable AND less messy. Those are two major wins in my book.

And then this past weekend the weather was beautiful. Things were back to routine after three weekends of dealing with deaths and funerals. The kids got to go stay with Grammy and Ppop on Friday night. And Saturday night I got to hang out with some of my fave adults, my sister – her husband – and our friend Michael. We did dinner and drinks followed by a night at the Chill Bar at the IP Casino. 🙂 A wee bit too much wine was consumed, but it was lots of fun. 🙂

Anddd that’s about it! What have you guys been up to?