Thinking of Vegas

Today, we felt like we couldn’t just go on with life without saying something. Without acknowledging the horrific shooting that happened in Las Vegas. Both of us woke up in the wee hours of the morning to news of this awful and unnecessary tragedy.

We’re postponing our WIR post – because. Well… this is what is on our minds today. The ‘deadliest mass shooting in modern US history’ is not something any of us thought we’d wake up to today – and it is not something any of us should ignore.

I am sad
Because I don’t even know
What words to think
What words to say
And terror
Get in the way of
Forming a coherent

I feel guilty
Guilty that I even  dare
To steal your emotion
Your fear
Your terror
Your sadness
Your devastation..

I can’t help but feel
I can’t help but hate
I can’t help but cry

Over you.
Over your many
For your families
And loved ones
For those awful moments
You, and they lived through
For the moments to come
The ones that stretch before you in uncertainty.

I won’t pray.
I don’t pray.
I’ll think of you
I’ll speak of you

This thing – I can’t imagine why
I can’t imagine the reason
I can’t imagine a way to justify
Except to blame 

the Depravity that is oftentimes human nature.

We must teach each other
We must urge each other
We must exemplify to each other


Because – those things don’t come hard wired within us.

We are just human beings fighting for survival,
But we can be more than that.
We must be more than that.

I don’t know you.

I’m thinking of you.
I’m hurting for you.
I’m hoping for you to gain



It is incredibly baffling to us that you can’t even feel safe at an event like a concert. Our thoughts go out to you Vegas. That seems like a futile thing to say in the wake of what has happened. How does that even help? But. We can’t not say anything. We can learn from this. We can each strive to be better because of this. We can make a more deliberate effort to be good to each other because of this.