Eat Happy: Sesame Crusted Seared Ahi

Hi there.  Welcome back! We’re doing a weekly series that publishes every Thursday wherein we are cooking through one of our FAVE cookbooks : Eat Happy! If you missed the intro post you can click on over here to read that.

We are starting with the very first recipe and working our way all the way through to the end. We will not be sharing with you the actual recipes that we cook. We WILL be sharing our experience during the whole process and our opinion of the outcome. So thanks for stopping by…and let’s dive in to this week’s recipe shall we?

So, I was super intimidated when I realized that I’d be cooking this recipe. Mainly because I’ve never ever cooked tuna. Ok so all because I’ve never ever cooked tuna. My only experience with tuna besides the stuff that comes in the can was eating it on sushi.

I was also very much so prepared to dislike this. Spoiler alert: I was very much wrong about that. 😉

I literally stood in front of the oven with my arms crossed staring at the tuna while it seared thinking – ” this is going to be so gross.” LOL Like a child!

The thing is – I’m just not into big slabs of meat. And then the idea of the texture of raw tuna on the inside that was part of a big slab of meat. All that had my brain going, “No thank you ma’am.” I’ve had raw tuna on sushi, but it was sliced super thin.

One thing this recipe had that I was SUPER excited about was the wasabi paste. I love wasabi paste. I’ll eat as much of it as I can handle, because the flavor is just phenomenal to me. I ended up adding some extra paste to my soy sauce for dipping which took the whole dish to another level for me. Anna suggests that you dip the finished tuna in soy sauce which is good in and of itself. BUT if you like wasabi paste like me…whisk a big dallop of that into your soy sauce for some extra yumminess.

This is a great substitute for conventional soy sauce. You can get it from Amazon. 

I totally overcooked my tuna, cause I was being extra cautious. It still tasted pretty dang delicious in my opinion! Going into this I definitely thought this would just be a one time dish for me – but after trying it, I can confidently say I will for sure be making this again!

This was such a yummy meal and as always I could feel great about putting it into my body because there are no sugars or grains in it!

What about y’ any of you have Eat Happy and have made this recipe? What about tuna steaks in general? Any big fans out there? What’s your favorite way to cook them?

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