Week In Review: Ashley

Let’s see shall we?

Monday & Tuesday – We did the whole school/grandparent drop off, work, coffee, kid pick up, make dinner the kids won’t eat, play, chores, wine for mommy, bath/bedtime routine. Cooper cried every single day at drop off this week. Like. Screaming and crying. That was fun and definitely not emotionally exhausting for both of us. We survived though. Sophie seems ready to stay at school in a moment’s notice. On Wednesday I have to pry her away.. You know. While Cooper is screaming for me to stay with him.  🙁

Wednesday – Oh glorious day off in the middle of the week. I love it. Sophie and I took Cooper to school and then hit up Target. We got all of Cooper’s fall school supplies. I love school supplies shopping. Except for the hot minute that I thought I’d have to spend $30 for 300 paper plates. Thankfully, I found a 300 ct Target brand pack that was only $10.  We also went to Chick Fil A so that the kids could play and get some energy out. That afternoon they both had a doctor’s appointment. They’ve both had colds for about a month now that I can’t get rid of. However, according to Dr. Harper – they are suffering from intense allergies. So we got some medicine and I did some deep cleaning of their room to help cut down on the allergen inducing things. That night Rhonda and I went live on our Facebook Page for Wine Wednesday. Make sure you guys head over and like our page so that you won’t miss the next video! We’re hosting a giveaway for this week.

Thursday & Friday – So much sameness for Thursday. Sweet time with my babies and a job to go to. 🙂 I got a lot of great mail this week. Some new Nickel & Suede earrings arrived Thursday along with new glasses and contacts that I ordered. Inexplicably my current pair of glasses went missing Friday morning.  So the arrival of my new glasses was perfect. I may or may not be obsessed with them. I’ve taken way too many selfies in them. Oh well. Friday night I got to hang out with my Sister and her husband. We had a great dinner. It’s really nice to get to talk to the adults in my life without two little children underfoot begging you to stop talking and pay attention to them. 😉

Saturday – We hung out with Grammy and Ppop. Uncle Shane came over also. It was pretty much just a chill and relaxing day of hanging out…watching Shane wash his boat and my dad mow the whole neighborhood’s yards (ok that’s an exaggeration…just the neighbor across the street- but still…don’t you wish he was your neighbor?? I know I do!) eating delicious food cooked on the grill…and then the fun time of tearing away a very disappointed four year old who had to come home with Mommy instead of staying the night with his Ppop. That same four year old spent most of the rest of the night telling me how he wanted to go live with his Ppop, because he has a big yard and a pool and a pond and a lawn mower. You know. Unlike us. LOL

Sunday – We went to the park…came home for naps…and then just lounged the rest of the day. I ended the night with the latest Game of Thrones episode which was super great and of course ended way too soon.

What have y’all been up to?

Week In Review: Ashley

Well well…look who’s late to the party? Anyway, I made it…with a few hours to spare! So, let’s see what we were up to last week….

Monday & Tuesday – Usualness allll around over here. Per usual. 😉 Work, school, pick up kids, play time, make dinner (that they don’t eat), break up fights, threaten them with time out, sneak in some kisses and sweet cuddles…then bath and bed time at 7:30.

Wednesday – We were up bright and early to take Coop to school. I told him that after school we’d have to come straight home for naps. However, after Sophie and I met up with Aunt Grace at Target, after school drop off, I decided that we’d surprise Coop and go straight to the Trampoline Park after I picked him up. Wednesday night was Wine Wednesday on our Facebook page. Rhonda and I went live to discuss life…and whatever else came to mind with a glass of wine in hand. It was a lot of fun…make sure you’re there next week to catch the fun!

Friday night there was some shopping…Marshall’s has some super cute home decor stuff out right now. I also stopped by Kohl’s. These two songs are my current obsessions: Jule Vera Bad Company and Imagine Dragons Believer

Saturday – There was actually not another trip to Target. That picture is from Wednesday….. 😉 There was wine and catching up on West World…and some face masks…and as always..meme searching.  I spent Saturday Day at my parents.

Sunday – I had tentative plans to take the kids to the beach BUT of course it rained. Again. Like almost every other day since the beginning of May. So we went back to Grammy and Ppop’s for some family time …and yummy food.  And of course Sunday night was Game of Thrones. 🙂

What were YOU guys up to this past week???

Week In Review: Ashley

Hey hey! So great to see all of you back for another WIR post. 🙂 Just what were up to this past week? Let’s see…

Monday & Tuesday – The usual business of school, work, drop the kids off…pick the kids up…come home, make dinner, play, break up fights, distract the children with screen time ..then bath and bed.

Wednesday – I didn’t have work, but Cooper still had school. After Sophie and I dropped Coop off at school, we headed to Target for a few essentials and non essentials. I snapped about my Target haul that afternoon so make sure you are following our Snapchat so that you don’t miss a thing! (RAtheMOMachine) Cooper had a dentist appointment scheduled for the afternoon at two. So, instead of our usual – head home for naps – I decided we’d go to CVS. You know. To look around. Plus it was the closest place to pull over at when Cooper announced that he had to pee “RIGHT NOW!”. We lasted about 15 minutes in CVS before all hell broke loose and my children lost their minds. I got to be that mom dragging two screaming children from a store. Lots of scolding followed said incident – THEN we called Aunt Grace to seek a place to chill while killing time before the appointment. Thankfully, she and Dejan were home and willing to take us in. 😉

Cooper’s appointment went well. He’d hit his two front teeth the weekend prior, so I’d gotten the appointment to have them looked at. Sure enough they are loose and will most likely fall out prematurely. Nothing major going on though! 🙂

Thursday & Friday – These days were much of the same usualness that went on during Monday & Tuesday. Friday night we spent an inordinate amount of time playing with Snapchat filters. We laughed so hard at a couple of them! I also opened some makeup brushes that I’d bought during Amazon Prime Day.

Saturday – We were up early… of course, because why would you sleep in on a Saturday morning??? I took care of some chores around the house while the kids chilled and played. Around mid morning though we were dressed and walking out the door to go play at the park.

I had some kid free time that night so I spent a glorious hour alone in Target and Ulta before getting ready to meet up with my sister and our friend Michael for dinner and drinks. We surprisingly broke with tradition and did not eat at Chili’s OR a Mexican restaurant! We went to the Fillin’ Station in Biloxi. Grace’s husband joined us when he got off from work. After dinner, we took Michael back to his car – and Grace and Dejan and I spent the rest of the night drinking and dancing (ok so Dejan didn’t dance.. lol ) and just having a good time between the Beau Rivage Casino and the Hardrock Casino.

Sunday – Oh man, Sunday was ANOTHER rainy day here on the coast. The kids and I spent the day at Grammy and Ppop’s. Grammy and I snuck away with Soso for a little bit for some shopping. When we got back to the house Ppop had already let Cooper play in the mud (a result of all that rain…) so I figured I’d let Sophie have at it too! They had a blast. 🙂 Around five we got all cleaned up and headed back home. That night we just hung out..watched a little of the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie before bath and bed time. Sunday night was also the premier of the newest season of Game of Thrones!

And that’s it you guys…what were y’all up to?

Week In Review: Ashley

Hey hey guys! Welcome back to another WIR by yours truly. 😉 Hope you all had an amazing week and weekend…wanna know what we did? I mean. I’m going to tell you even if you don’t. 😉

Monday- Ooh, Monday. This Monday was super weird feeling to me. Work was extremely quiet…and overall felt like a Friday. I did have the upcoming Tuesday and Wednesday off from work .. sooo that may have had something to do with it. 😉 That evening the kids were lit. Cooper whined to go the park. They had so much energy and seemed to be dying cooped up in the house. (eye roll here..) So yeah. We did an impromptu after work trip to the park that evening. It was still super hot, so we didn’t stay long, but they thoroughly enjoyed the extra time outside. And were significantly less whiney, which I loved.

Tuesday – was the Fourth of July. As I said, I had the day off. We had plans to go to my brother’s house later in the afternoon and evening for a little get together. However, we started the morning bright and early. I decided to go ahead and get all of us dressed and hit the park. We also made a quick trip to WalMart for some food supplies. At home the kids napped while I cooked a few dishes to take to my brother’s. Around 2:30 the kids were up and we were in the car headed to Uncle Shane’s. There was lots of good food, a controversial game of Family Fued, great company, and firework fun galore.

Wednesday – I was once again off from work, but Cooper had school that day. So, Sophie and I took him to school and then went back home to take care of some chores. After school the kids napped and Aunt Grace came over to visit/eat lunch with me. 🙂 I got a lot of daily chores finished as well as some much needed closet organizing. Jealous of that TP hoard?? 😉 We also went to the park for a little bit when Soso and Coop woke up from their longggg naps. They were both tired. We’d stayed up past ten the night before because of 4th celebrations…normally they are both in bed shortly after eight.

Thursday & Friday – were back to work for me. Nothing too noteworthy happened on those days. My kid free Friday night consisted of some running around at Walmart and Target for household essentials…then a couple glasses of wine..and an early bed time for this tired momma.

Saturday – we hung out at Grammy and Ppop’s for most of the day. That evening Cooper stayed the night with my parents while Soso and I went to hang out at Aunt Grace’s house for most the evening. We rolled into the driving right at bath time .. Sophie’s bath time to be exact 😉 I put that tired baby promptly into the bath and on to bed … I stayed up way too late that night.

Sunday – I was determined to get to the beach on Sunday. Thankfully, the weather held out all morning and we enjoyed lots of sunshine…and high temps BUT I’ll take hawt temps over rain any day of the week. We went to our favorite spot in Ocean Springs – the Fort Maurepas area. We were able to enjoy the beach, walk across the street to the splash pad, do a quick change to dry clothes, and spend some time at the playground area. It’s really great kid/family/anyone friendly area of Ocean Springs. The beaches have these really great wide sidewalks, and I’ve never had trouble finding a parking spot.

And that is it y’all! What did you do this past week? How was your 4th?