This is Ashley: 20 Facts

Hey Hey 🙂 So, if you read this blog on the regular – you probably already know a lot about me. If you are my mom (Hey Mom!) and you read this blog – then you probably know MOST everything about me. However, I think I may have just gathered a few new…not so well known facts about myself that you guys..and even mom..may be surprised to find out. Either way, and without further adieu …. Here are 20 Facts about me, Ashley. 🙂

  1. Being a writer is my ultimate dream job and lifetime goal. And here I am. Writing a blog, with my best friend. A blog that I really feel like has limitless potential…and is going to be a big thing one day. But really. I’ve always loved to write. Rhonda would say the same thing about herself – I’m sure.
  2. Speaking of writing. One of my favorite ways to express myself through writing, is to write poetry. I’ve written, and still do, write a lot of it. For me, it is one of the best ways to get emotions out of me. And I love that poetry doesn’t have to always be coherent or blatantly tell you what the author is trying to say. It’s just. It’s one of my favorite things to do.
  3. And I mean. Since we’re still on the subject of writing: Can we talk about my grammar/spelling pet peeves? Of course we can. I’m the one writing. Anyhow. I completely understand typos or the ongoing battle with autocorrect while texting. Or artistic freedom when using punctuation in a blog post. I get that. I do that. I’m not going to judge you for mistakes in those instances. BUT when you repeatedly confuse the use of words like: your vs you’re or there vs their … Well, I’m going to judge you. Also, now this is just me being silly, but I hate when people say ‘pics’ – you know, instead of ‘pictures’. Yeah. That’s like nails on a chalkboard, to me.
  4. My favorite color is red. It makes me happy. 🙂 So I’m editing this post … and yes I love red. But the truth. The truth that I apparently wasn’t ready to admit to myself two days ago? Well the truth is that black is my favorite color. I wear it all the time. I like buying things in black. I’ve been known to say, “OH! I love that…BUT in black.”  I was doing laundry earlier, and got excited because I saw a black hanger – I didn’t realize I even had any black hangers. My next thought was that how awesome it would look in the closet if ALL the hangers were black….
  5. I read really fast. I  sometimes get annoyed with audio books for that reason. I tried to listen to “The Girl on the Train”, but I had to go buy the physical book and read it instead. Why? Well that book is super depressing – so listening to the person reading it so slowly that it felt like .. man it felt like we were just wallowing in the sadness and darkness. It felt like we were in a black tar pit of despair from which I could see no hope for a rescue. I needed to read that book myself. I needed to move things along – just a wee bit faster. So yeah. I read it myself…and it was a really good book. Still depressing. But it was really entertaining and thought provoking. And I finished it at a much quicker pace. 😉
  6. On the subject of all time favorites are 1984 and Fahrenheit 451. But I will also throw down a trashy romance novel with the best of ‘em.
  7. I’m a judgy bitch. Really. I will screenshot something from social media and send it to one of my nearest and dearest to cast some shade. #sorrynotsorry
  8. Oh, and speaking of screenshots and social media – my phone camera roll is mainly selfies, screenshots, and memes.
  9. If I love something – I can experience it over and over again with no feelings of “Oh man, THIS again??” For instance, I can eat the same meal every single day…for an indefinite period of time. I love mexican food. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everyday. Literally. For real. Ask my mom or sister. Leftovers, in general, are also my jam. I’ll eat on a leftover meal for the remainder of the week. If I find a pair of jeans or an outfit combination I like – I could comfortably repeat them over and over again.
  10. Speaking of repetition. I love routine. I feel most at home within a routine. I’m not spontaneous. I think it would be nice to be spontaneous, but I’m so not. And now that I’m writing this down – I realize I may have projected some of these feelings onto my son. His first response to trying ANYTHING new is “no”. Same here. I am an adult so I do know how to discern when I’m being presented with a fantastic opportunity that I should say “yes” to even though my entire being is radiating “no”.
  11. As an introverted introvert – I don’t get and am annoyed by the phrase “extroverted introvert”.
  12. Oreos are my sweet treat kryptonite.
  13. I am the biggest fucking overthinker. I obsessively think through EVERYTHING. If I am talking to you – or say something to you – or send you a text – and we are not already talking on a regular basis or we are not super close friends…then that attempt at conversation took a lot of effort. If I commented on your FB post or even just LIKED your FB post and we don’t have everyday interaction…well just know I considered that like or comment with meticulous and ridiculous caution. I just think about everything. I wonder about the response. I wonder about my reaction to the response…or the non response. I hardly ever even buy things on a whim. I can really really want something, but I’ll think about it for a few days before I actually do it. Things that are limited edition or that will sell out quickly stress me the F out. I can’t commit that quickly.
  14. I hate confrontation. I will avoid it all costs. I will quietly suffer to avoid it which is not always super healthy BUT it’s what I do sometimes.
  15. I shave my legs at least every other day…if not every day. No matter if it is spring, summer, winter, fall…whatever…I shave them. I hate the feeling of hair on my legs.
  16. I wear makeup every single day. Some days, which are few and far in between, I will just do the bare minimum i.e. brows, mascara, lips.
  17. I am not a hugger. Or a shower of physical affection in any sense to other human beings..besides my offspring. A lot of that is I just feel awkward doing it. I think too much about if it’s wanted. I don’t worry about any of those things with my kids. I know that they want my love always. I know that they always need physical demonstrations of my love toward them. But my friends? Even my family? I can’t remember the last time I hugged my mom or dad…or brother or sister. People who will hug hello or goodbye with someone they just met…that’s not me. I don’t get that.
  18. I am extremely long winded. I am a quiet person. I don’t talk a lot…but if I am talking…well just settle in for the long haul. As demonstrated by this and well, all of my other posts.
  19. As a quiet and sometimes awkward individual, I despise small talk and I can’t stand when someone says things like, “Why are you so quiet?” “Why don’t you talk more?”
  20. I thought writing 20 “not so known” things about myself was going to be hard. It actually wasn’t that hard. … What does that say about me????

And that is it folks! I hope you enjoyed it…do we have any characteristics in common? Are we completely different?

2 thoughts on “This is Ashley: 20 Facts”

  1. For the record, I am Ashley’s aunt. I did find several things in common reading over your list, but the one that stood out for me was not liking it when people ask why I am so quiet or mention that I don’t talk very much. This is a huge pet peeve of mine, and I always fantasize about asking someone why do they talk too much, but of course I never do. 😊

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