What We Wore Wednesday: Justin McCafferty Guest Post

Hey y’all! We have a super special treat for you guys today. Normally on Wednesdays we strut our stuff and show y’all some of the outfits WE chose to wear over the past week. However, today …well today we are shaking things up a bit.

Today we’ve got a guest post by one of our mutual friends, Justin McCafferty. We met Justin through the NSNG Facebook Group that we all belong to. We bonded over a similar way of eating, and then Rhonda and I became obsessed with his artwork and flare for taking a great selfie. 😉 

But why are we dragging Justin over to the blog today, on What We Wore Wednesday? Well, as you guys know we have always wanted this to be a place for everyone. Not just Moms. And, you know,  a little bit of diversity never hurt anyone!

Justin IS a dad which means he’s got that whole cool parenting thing going for him,  but he’s also a pretty stylish human being. We thought it would be fun for our male readers, and for our female readers with boys to dress – to hear him talk about how he shops, where he shops, why he chooses the pieces he does, anddd whatever else he wants to share about his style choices.

So yeah. Take it away Justin …


Shopping as a man can be difficult. There are a lot of (poor) options out there, and navigating the waters can get you into trouble. Don’t feel like you need to shop at the upscale (insert fancy french name for ‘shirt’ here) clothing store. Most of my wardrobe comes from TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Wal-Mart, Target, and Amazon. Usually if I visit all of the aforementioned places, I’ll find 2 or 3 things. Most of the time they’ll be a bust, so make sure you have a variety of places to visit. Thrift stores are great also, many people donate items brand new, and some are from stores that just have too much inventory. Thrifting is good for shirts and pants, but please don’t buy thrift shoes, underwear or socks because…gross.

When it comes to shirts…

Shirts are what you should have the most of and lots of variety within your collection. T-shirts are fine to wear around the house, but when you go out in public, it’s nice to change it up. If you’re addicted to t-shirts, got a butt load of *great* fitting,neutral, plain (non-graphic) tees. Also, those work well as undershirts for polos and button ups. Don’t be afraid to wear a red undershirt with a nice black button up.

Make sure you’re not mixing and matching navy, black, and brown. If your button up is more monochrome (black, grey, white), don’t wear a navy or earth tone undershirt, and vice versa. If it’s something like a flannel, look at all the pattern and detail and choose your undershirt based on that. Long sleeve tees and henley (long sleeve shirt, usually thermal, with buttons at the neck) are great to have in your arsenal. If you can find the non-thermal versions, those work well in most weather because you can easily roll the sleeves up if it gets to warm. Same goes for long sleeve button up shirts, as long as the fit isn’t too tight.

Everything else is basically going to come down to a few rules so you can rotate around your shirts. Choose your shirt, then pick everything from there.

Pants: Style, Fit, and Situation Appropriateness

For your jeans, you basically want a light pair and a dark pair. Make sure not to get the plastic looking Hank Hill version from Walmart. I prefer the slightly ‘distressed’ wash, and more on the neutral side. Make sure you get your correct waist size so they’re not hanging off you, and length so you’re not stepping on them. Chinos/khakis are nice to have in formal situations, so make sure you have a nice pair in khaki and black or navy if you prefer it (just don’t mix with black, of course).

Building a Shoe Choice Baseline

People put a lot of thought into their shoes, sometimes unnecessarily so. You really only need four pair, aside from fancy wedding/funeral shoes and exercising sneakers. Two pair of boots, one neutral (brown, beige, navy), and one black.

Tennis shoes are basically the same, get a pair that will blend with neutral tones, and also a black pair. I prefer white shoes for my ‘neutral’ pair. They have lots of white shoes with pops of color, which is great if you have a wardrobe that fits that particular color. For instance, if you have a black button up with a green undershirt, feel free to wear a pair of white sneakers with hints of green, as long as the green is a match.

I stay away from really bright shoes, unless I’m shooting my new mixtape cover. If bright shoes are your thing, get those bad boys as your exercise/play shoes.  Also, when you get finished wearing your shoes, stick a dryer sheet in them to keep them fresh.

The Accessory Breakdown

Accessories can be a great way to compliment your wardrobe, but they are easy to over do.

For shades, I stick by my neutral/black rule. One pair of black sunglasses, and a neutral pair. Unless you’re actually participating in a sport, please don’t buy those weird yellow/green lens sport sunglasses. I usually choose wood frames for mine either way, they’re light and float.  Aviators are dead (give them to your dad), go with a nice simple frame that fit your face.

Belts are the same, in fact, you can get reversible belts that are black on one side, and brown on the other. Guys tend to hang on with belts for too long. Once they start to fray and fall apart, get a new one. Same goes with underwear and socks, you nasties.

I have no positive thoughts on necklaces, so we’re just going to skip that.

When it comes to the wrist, keep it simple with a nice watch or simple leather band. Don’t go crazy with the leather wrist cuffs, unless you’re auditioning to play bass with Nickelback. The best thing to put on your wrist is a watch. Watches are inexpensive on Amazon, and they have lots of variety. Get some casual ones and some nicer ones, black and neutral (or stainless steel), as always.

Rings are great if you keep it simple, don’t put too many on one hand and make sure they’re reasonably sized.

The Thing is ….

Your wardrobe won’t mean much if you’re not taking care of what you’re actually putting it on. Make sure you clean your nails, keep them trimmed, use as much lotion on as many places as you’re comfortable with. If you’re a man with a large beard, make sure it’s well taken care of and your neck area is kept under control. If you have hair issues, please don’t cling to your horse shoe or cul de sac. Embrace your baldness and shave it down to almost nothing. Smelling good is always a positive, but be easy with your cologne. Subtle is always the best avenue. You’ll never have too much deodorant, keep some with you at all times. At work, in the car, a few places at home. If you’re worried about it melting in the car, opt for the spray version (just not Axe, unless you go to the gym just to take selfies and say ‘bro’ all the time). Don’t be afraid to trim your body hair if it bothers you, a hairy back has never been anyone’s friend. It won’t make you less of a man, I do it and I only have half a vagina.


And, if that wasn’t enough Justin for you, you can click this handy dandy little link for access to all things Justin on Social Media. Make sure you peruse his shops – because, he is a fantastic artist as well as a fashion forward dude.  😉

Ludwig Van Bacon Art



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