What’s In Our Bags?

Happy Friday, y’all!  Among our favorite posts from bloggers are always the “What’s in my bag?” posts.  Here we are to show you what’s in OURS today.  In the spirit of transparency and keeping it real, we did not hide anything or clean it out before photographing.


Mine is a bit horrifying.  I don’t even know how all of this shit fit into that medium-sized purse.

(Purse is Betsey Johnson, Wallet is thirty-one)

Huge wallet is full of credit cards, my ID, and a couple rewards cards that I need to scan onto my phone. There is some change as well.

Spare key to my ex’s van.  I have been carrying it around to give it to him when I see him, but I always forget.

Sunnies from Amazon.  I have these in 6 colors.

Rewetting drops for my contacts.

Antibacterial gel.

Ponytail holder for my daughter.

Lip products galore.  The shiny palette is the Vice lipstick palette from Urban Decay.  I carry it around sometimes just to have lots of lippie options in one place.  Then there’s two Colourpop, a Rimmel, a NYX, a Milani and two lip balms.

Cashews.  Keeping a snack in my purse keeps me from grabbing something bad when I’m hangry.

A rogue Skittle.

Receipts.  I am not sure how these ended up in my purse, as I have a very specific method of dealing with them.  I check and scan them for rebates, then toss them.

Papers. There is a used grocery list and my temporary license, which is no longer needed.


Pen.  I seriously have never seen this pen.

Shout wipes.  I sometimes dribble coffee or wine on myself when out and about.  Plus, four kids.

Medications.  There is Advil and some intestinal stuff, because my anxiety literally makes me sick.


The Purse – This is a CATO purse that was actually part of a two for one type thing. It is a little cross body that was inside a larger shoulder bag. I’ve had it for over a year now, and I JUST pulled it out about a week or so ago to use.

Inside Pocket – This is my little area where I stash check stubs and other important documents I need close at hand. Secret ish stuff you know. 😉

Wallet – Target wallet. It’s pretty simple in design. On the other side is just the pocket for my DL. There is one little zipper that holds cash/coins (on the RARE occasion that I have any…tip money?? Not me ma’am…can’t I swipe my card???)

Lippies –  This is normal..right? Ha. So on the left are all the current lippies that are chilling in my purse. The right are ones that LIVE there.

So starting with the top left I have my EOS hand lotion. A must for this dry skinned lady. Top right is a random pair of janky head phones (yes that is scotch tape on them). And the bottom are my current pair of sunglasses.

And last, we have my emergency bag. It’s one of my Ipsy bags (obviously). I keep extra feminine products, contact case, and a ziplock bag with one dose of Ibuprofen.  The essentials man. 😉



And that’s it ladies and gentlemen! Hope you enjoyed checking out what we stash in our purses. TGIF!!!

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